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1 - 5 A novel solvent-free thermal reaction of ferrocene and sulfur for one-step synthesis of iron sulfide and carbon nanocomposites and their electrochemical performance
Fei L, Jiang YF, Xu Y, Chen G, Li YL, Xu X, Deng SG, Luo HM
6 - 13 Reactivity at the Ln(2)NiO(4+delta)/electrolyte interface (Ln = La, Nd) studied by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy
Montenegro-Hernandez A, Soldati A, Mogni L, Troiani H, Schreiber A, Soldera F, Caneiro A
14 - 19 Characteristics of Li2S8-tetraglyme catholyte in a semi-liquid lithium-sulfur battery
Agostini M, Lee DJ, Scrosati B, Sun YK, Hassoun J
20 - 29 Coking suppression in solid oxide fuel cells operating on ethanol by applying pyridine as fuel additive
Wang W, Wang F, Ran R, Park HJ, Jung DW, Kwak C, Shao ZP
30 - 35 Effects of catalyst layer on the structural change of a membrane electrode assembly under humidity cycle tests
Hashimasa Y, Numata T, Yoshimura N
36 - 39 The Na[FSA]-[C(2)C(1)im][FSA] (C(2)C(1)im(+):1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium and FSA(-):bis(fluorosulfonyl)amide) ionic liquid electrolytes for sodium secondary batteries
Matsumoto K, Hosokawa T, Nohira T, Hagiwara R, Fukunaga A, Numata K, Itani E, Sakai S, Nitta K, Inazawa S
40 - 44 Co-sinterable lithium garnet-type oxide electrolyte with cathode for all-solid-state lithium ion battery
Ohta S, Seki J, Yagi Y, Kihira Y, Tani T, Asaoka T
45 - 49 Paradox phenomena of proton exchange membrane fuel cells operating under dead-end anode mode
Jiang D, Zeng R, Wang SM, Jiang LJ, Varcoe JR
50 - 56 Hydrogen generation from the hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane using electrolessly deposited cobalt-phosphorus as reusable and cost-effective catalyst
Rakap M
57 - 61 Acrylonitrile-contamination induced enhancement of formic acid electro-oxidation at platinum nanoparticles modified glassy carbon electrodes
El-Nagar GA, Mohammad AM, El-Deab MS, Ohsaka T, El-Anadouli BE
62 - 66 Facile solution-based fabrication of ZnIn2S4 nanocrystalline thin films and their photoelectrochemical properties
Xie YA, Liu YF, Cui HL, Zhao W, Yang CY, Huang FQ
67 - 74 Effect of surfactants on the electrochemical behavior of LiFePO4 cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Bazzi K, Mandal BP, Nazri M, Naik VM, Garg VK, Oliveira AC, Vaishnava PP, Nazri GA, Naik R
75 - 80 Structural study of monoclinic Li2FeSiO4 by X-ray diffraction and Mossbauer spectroscopy
Jugovic D, Milovic M, Ivanovski VN, Avdeev M, Dominko R, Jokic B, Uskokovic D
81 - 90 A novel slurry concept for the fabrication of lithium-ion battery electrodes with beneficial properties
Bitsch B, Dittmann J, Schmitt M, Schaffer P, Schabel W, Willenbacher N
91 - 96 Electrocatalytic performances of LaNi1-xMgxO3 perovskite oxides as bi-functional catalysts for lithium air batteries
Du ZZ, Yang P, Wang L, Lu YH, Goodenough JB, Zhang J, Zhang DW
97 - 103 Current density mapping and optical flow visualisation of a polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolyser
Dedigama I, Angeli P, van Dijk N, Millichamp J, Tsaoulidis D, Shearing PR, Brett DJL
104 - 109 Nano-Li3V2(PO4)(3) enwrapped into reduced graphene oxide sheets for lithium-ion batteries
Cheng B, Zhang XD, Ma XH, Wen JW, Yu Y, Chen CH
110 - 117 Platinum nanoworms self-assemble on beta-cyclodextrin polymer inclusion complexes functionalized reduced graphene oxide as enhanced catalyst for direct methanol fuel cells
Chen M, Meng Y, Zhou J, Diao GW
118 - 124 Submicron lithium nickel manganese oxide spinel with long cycling stability and high rate performance prepared by a facile route
Wang GQ, Xie J, Wu CY, Zhang SC, Cao GS, Zhao XB
125 - 131 Performance of Gd0.2Ce0.8O1.9 infiltrated La0.2Sr0.8TiO3 nanofiber scaffolds as anodes for solid oxide fuel cells
Fan LQ, Xiong YP, Liu LB, Wang YW, Kishimoto H, Yamaji K, Horita T
132 - 139 Effect of organic solvent addition to PYR13FSI + LiFSI electrolytes on aluminum oxidation and rate performance of Li(Ni1/3Mn1/3Co1/3)O-2 cathodes
Evans T, Olson J, Bhat V, Lee SH
140 - 148 In-situ investigation of solid-electrolyte interphase formation on the anode of Li-ion batteries with Atomic Force Microscopy
Wang LX, Deng D, Lev LC, Ng S
149 - 159 Improving long-term operation of power sources in off-grid hybrid systems based on renewable energy, hydrogen and battery
Garcia P, Torreglosa JP, Fernandez LM, Jurado F
160 - 165 Microstructural evolution induced by micro-cracking during fast lithiation of single-crystalline silicon
Choi YS, Pharr M, Kang CS, Son SB, Kim SC, Kim KB, Roh H, Lee SH, Oh KH, Vlassak JJ
166 - 173 Current-driven flow instabilities in large-scale liquid metal batteries, and how to tame them
Weber N, Galindo V, Stefani F, Weier T
174 - 181 Design, synthesis, and performances of double-shelled LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 as cathode for long-life and safe Li-ion battery
Hou PY, Wang XQ, Song DW, Shi XX, Zhang LQ, Guo J, Zhang J
182 - 191 Ti(Ni,Cu) pseudobinary compounds as efficient negative electrodes for Ni-MH batteries
Emami H, Cuevas F, Latroche M
192 - 200 Methanothermal reduction of mixtures of PbSO4 and PbO2 to synthesize ultrafine alpha-PbO powders for lead acid batteries
Gao PR, Liu Y, Lv WX, Zhang R, Liu W, Bu XF, Li GH, Lei LX
201 - 213 Experimental advances and preliminary mathematical modeling of the Swiss-roll mixed-reactant direct borohydride fuel cell
Aziznia A, Oloman CW, Gyenge EL
214 - 222 Synthesis of microsphere silicon carbide/nanoneedle manganese oxide composites and their electrochemical properties as supercapacitors
Kim M, Yoo Y, Kim J
223 - 230 A surfactant-assisted synthesis route for scalable preparation of high performance of LiFe0.15Mn0.85PO4/C cathode using bimetallic precursor
Zhou X, Deng YF, Wan LN, Qin XS, Chen GH
231 - 238 A simple one-pot strategy to platinum-palladium@palladium core-shell nanostructures with high electrocatalytic activity
Lv JJ, Zheng JN, Wang YY, Wang AJ, Chen LL, Feng JJ
239 - 245 Ultrathin carbon nanopainting of LiFePO4 by oxidative surface polymerization of dopamine
Ding B, Tang WC, Ji G, Ma Y, Xiao PF, Lu L, Lee JY
246 - 253 Hierarchical porous iron and nitrogen co-doped carbons as efficient oxygen reduction electrocatalysts in neutral media
Su YH, Jiang HL, Zhu YH, Zou WJ, Yang XL, Chen JD, Li CZ
254 - 261 Battery internal temperature estimation by combined impedance and surface temperature measurement
Richardson RR, Ireland PT, Howey DA
262 - 272 Experimental investigation on heat pipe cooling for Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Electric Vehicle lithium-ion battery
Tran TH, Harmand S, Sahut B
273 - 281 A facile electrochemical fabrication of hierarchically structured nickel-copper composite electrodes on nickel foam for hydrogen evolution reaction
Yin ZW, Chen FY
282 - 290 Analytical solutions for extended surface electrochemical fin models
Cassenti BN, Nelson GJ, DeGostin MB, Peracchio AA, Chiu WKS
291 - 298 Bivariate quadratic method in quantifying the differential capacitance and energy capacity of supercapacitors under high current operation
Goh CT, Cruden A
299 - 308 Modified carbon-free silver electrodes for the use as cathodes in lithium-air batteries with an aqueous alkaline electrolyte
Wittmaier D, Wagner N, Friedrich KA, Amin HMA, Baltruschat H
309 - 316 Spiro-(1,1')-bipyrrolidinium tetrafluoroborate salt as high voltage electrolyte for electric double layer capacitors
Yu XW, Ruan DB, Wu CC, Wang J, Shi ZQ
317 - 324 Increasing the energy density of the non-aqueous vanadium redox flow battery with the acetonitrile-1,3-dioxolane-dimethyl sulfoxide solvent mixture
Herr T, Fischer P, Tubke J, Pinkwart K, Elsner P
325 - 334 Glucose-assisted synthesis of Na3V2(PO4)(3)/C composite as an electrode material for high-performance sodium-ion batteries
Li GQ, Jiang DL, Wang H, Lan XZ, Zhong HH, Jiang Y
335 - 344 Ce0.8Sn0.2O2-delta-C composite as a co-catalytic support for Pt catalysts toward methanol electrooxidation
Gu Y, Liu CT, Li YB, Sui XL, Wang K, Wang ZB
345 - 355 New bio-polymeric membranes composed of alginate-carrageenan to be applied as polymer electrolyte membranes for DMFC
Cabello SDP, Molla S, Ochoa NA, Marchese J, Gimenez E, Compan V
356 - 362 Failure analysis of pinch torsion tests as a thermal runaway risk evaluation method of Li-ion cells
Xia YZ, Li TL, Ren F, Gao YF, Wang H
363 - 369 Effect of electrode compression on the wettability of lithium-ion batteries
Lee SG, Jeon DH
370 - 390 A review of composite and metallic bipolar plates in proton exchange membrane fuel cell: Materials, fabrication, and material selection
Taherian R
391 - 396 Enhanced electricity generation for microbial fuel cell by using electrochemical oxidation to modify carbon cloth anode
Liu J, Liu JF, He WH, Qu YP, Ren NQ, Feng YJ