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1 - 9 Dead-ended anode polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack operation investigated using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, off-gas analysis and thermal imaging
Meyer Q, Ashton S, Curnick O, Reisch T, Adcock P, Ronaszegi K, Robinson JB, Brett DJL
10 - 17 Supercapacitive performance of hierarchical porous carbon microspheres prepared by simple one-pot method
Zhao QL, Wang XY, Wu C, Liu J, Wang H, Gao J, Zhang YW, Shu HB
18 - 28 Self-assembled mesoporous TiO2/carbon nanotube composite with a three-dimensional conducting nanonetwork as a high-rate anode material for lithium-ion battery
Wang J, Ran R, Tade MO, Shao ZP
29 - 32 Organosilicon compounds containing nitrile and oligo(ethylene oxide) substituents as safe electrolytes for high-voltage lithium-ion batteries
Yong TQ, Wang JL, Mai YJ, Zhao XY, Luo H, Zhang LZ
33 - 38 One-dimensional SiOC/C composite nanofibers as binder-free anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Li Y, Hu Y, Lu Y, Zhang S, Xu GJ, Fu K, Li SL, Chen C, Zhou L, Xia X, Zhang XW
39 - 47 Electron microscopy analysis of Ti-substituted Li2MnO3 positive electrode before and after carbothermal reduction
Akita T, Tabuchi M, Nabeshima Y, Tatsumi K, Kohyama M
48 - 54 Insights into CO poisoning in high performance proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells
Yan N, Fu XZ, Chuang KT, Luo JL
55 - 61 Low surface area graphene/cellulose composite as a host matrix for lithium sulphur batteries
Patel MUM, Luong ND, Seppala J, Tchernychova E, Dominko R
62 - 72 Orbital-free density functional theory study of crystalline Li-Si alloys
Xia JC, Carter EA
73 - 79 Non-crystalline oligopyrene as a cathode material with a high-voltage plateau for sodium ion batteries
Han SC, Bae EG, Lim H, Pyo M
80 - 87 Nondestructive detection, characterization, and quantification of lithium plating in commercial lithium-ion batteries
Petzl M, Danzer MA
88 - 97 Facile preparation of [Bi6O4] (OH)(4)(NO3)(6)center dot 4H(2)O, [Bi6O4](OH)(4)(NO3)(6)center dot H2O and [Bi6O4](OH)(4)(NO3)(6)center dot H2O/C as novel high capacity anode materials for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Wu KQ, Shao LY, Jiang XX, Shui M, Ma R, Lao MM, Lin XT, Wang DJ, Long NB, Ren YL, Shu J
98 - 105 Efficient quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells employing polyaniline and polypyrrole incorporated microporous conducting gel electrolytes
Yuan SS, Tang QW, He BL, Yang PZ
106 - 111 Sb2O3-modified LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 material with enhanced thermal safety and electrochemical property
Han ZH, Yu JP, Zhan H, Liu XJ, Zhou YH
112 - 118 Fast measurement of proton exchange membrane fuel cell impedance based on pseudo-random binary sequence perturbation signals and continuous wavelet transform
Debenjak A, Boskoski P, Musizza B, Petrovcic J, Juricic D
119 - 125 Simple synthesis of hollow Pt-Pd nanospheres supported on reduced graphene oxide for enhanced methanol electrooxidation
Li SS, Yu JY, Hu YY, Wang AJ, Chen JR, Feng JJ
126 - 136 Fuel cell-gas turbine hybrid system design part II: Dynamics and control
McLarty D, Brouwer J, Samuelsen S
137 - 147 Functionalized ionic liquids based on quaternary ammonium cations with two ether groups as new electrolytes for Li/LiFePO4 secondary battery
Jin YD, Zhang JH, Song JZ, Zhang ZX, Fang SH, Yang L, Hirano S
148 - 152 Interaction of La0.58Sr0.40Co0.20Fe0.80O3-delta cathode with volatile Cr in a stack test Scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy investigations
Menzler NH, Sebold D, Wessel E
153 - 160 In situ hydrothermal growth of hierarchical ZnO nanourchin for high-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Zheng YZ, Ding HY, Liu Y, Tao X, Cao GZ, Chen JF
161 - 167 Development of a novel cost effective methanol electrolyzer stack with Pt-catalyzed membrane
Sethu SP, Gangadharan S, Chan SH, Stimming U
168 - 182 A review of lithium deposition in lithium-ion and lithium metal secondary batteries
Li Z, Huang J, Liaw BY, Metzler V, Zhang JB
183 - 189 Preparation and characterizations of highly dispersed carbon supported PdxPty/C catalysts by a modified citrate reduction method for formic acid electrooxidation
Li ZP, Li MW, Han MJ, Zeng JH, Li YX, Guo YQ, Liao SJ
190 - 197 Unexpected high power performance of atomic layer deposition coated Li[Ni1/3Mn1/3Co1/3]O-2 cathodes
Kim JW, Travis JJ, Hu EY, Nam KW, Kim SC, Kang CS, Woo JH, Yang XQ, George SM, Oh KH, Cho SJ, Lee SH
198 - 203 Superior cycle stability of graphene nanosheets prepared by freeze-drying process as anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Cai DD, Wang SQ, Ding LX, Lian PC, Zhang SQ, Peng F, Wang HH
204 - 208 Transport properties of LiCoPO4 and Fe-substituted LiCoPO4
Allen JL, Thompson T, Sakamoto J, Becker CR, Jow TR, Wolfenstine J
209 - 217 Coarse-grained molecular dynamics investigation of nanostructures and thermal properties of porous anode for solid oxide fuel cell
Wang YF, Yuan JL, Sunden B, Hu YL
218 - 223 Characterization and kinetic study of a nanostructured rhodium electrode for the hydrogen oxidation reaction
Montero MA, Fernandez JL, de Chialvo MRG, Chialvo AC
224 - 231 Characterisation of embroidered 3D electrodes by use of anthraquinone-1,5-disulfonic acid as probe system
Aguilo-Aguayo N, Bechtold T
232 - 240 Comparing shut-down strategies for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Oyarce A, Zakrisson E, Ivity M, Lagergren C, Ofstad AB, Boden A, Lindbergh G
241 - 248 Enhancement in cycle life of metallic lithium electrodes protected with Fp-silanes
Neuhold S, Vaughey JT, Grogger C, Lopez CM
249 - 257 In situ growth of NiCo2S4 nanotube arrays on Ni foam for supercapacitors: Maximizing utilization efficiency at high mass loading to achieve ultrahigh areal pseudocapacitance
Chen HC, Jiang JJ, Zhang L, Xia DD, Zhao YD, Guo DQ, Qi T, Wan HZ
258 - 267 Improved adaptive state-of-charge estimation for batteries using a multi-model approach
Fang HZ, Zhao X, Wang YB, Sahinoglu Z, Wada T, Hara S, de Callafon RA
268 - 276 Low-temperature charging of lithium-ion cells Part II: Model reduction and application
Remmlinger J, Tippmann S, Buchholz M, Dietmayer K
277 - 286 Experimental testing procedures and dynamic model validation for vanadium redox flow battery storage system
Baccino F, Marinelli M, Norgard P, Silvestro F
287 - 292 Local impedance spectroscopic and microstructural analyses of Al-in-diffused Li7La3Zr2O12
Ahn JH, Park SY, Lee JM, Park Y, Lee JH
293 - 297 Charge transfer in Li/CF silver vanadium oxide hybrid cathode batteries revealed by solid state Li-7 and F-19 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Sideris PJ, Yew R, Nieves I, Chen KM, Jain G, Schmidt CL, Greenbaum SG
298 - 305 Synthesis of size-selected Pt nanoparticles supported on sulfonated graphene with polyvinyl alcohol for methanol oxidation in alkaline solutions
Yang JM, Wang SA, Sun CL, Ger MD
306 - 315 Energetic and exergetic investigation of novel multi-flash geothermal systems integrated with electrolyzers
Ratlamwala TAH, Dincer I
316 - 322 Three-dimensional electrode microbial fuel cell for hydrogen peroxide synthesis coupled to wastewater treatment
Chen JY, Li N, Zhao L
323 - 328 Chemical synthesis of PbO2 particles with multiple morphologies and phases and their electrochemical performance as the positive active material
Fan N, Sun CH, Kong DL, Qian YT
329 - 337 Portable ammonia-borane-based H-2 power-pack for unmanned aerial vehicles
Seo JE, Kim Y, Kim Y, Kim K, Lee JH, Lee DH, Kim Y, Shin SJ, Kim DM, Kim SY, Kim T, Yoon CW, Nam SW
338 - 344 Evaluation of thermal stability in Li0.2NixMn(1-x)/2Co(1-x)/2_O-2 (x=1/3),0.6, and 0.8) through X-ray absorption fine structure
Konishi H, Yoshikawa M, Hirano T, Hidaka K
345 - 352 Hydrogen generation by the hydrolysis reaction of ball-milled aluminium lithium alloys
Chen XY, Zhao ZW, Liu XH, Hao MM, Chen AL, Tang ZY
353 - 359 Enhanced performance of lithium sulfur battery with polypyrrole warped mesoporous carbon/sulfur composite
Ma GQ, Wen ZY, Jin J, Lu Y, Rui K, Wu XW, Wu MF, Zhang JC
360 - 360 Corrigendum to "Electrodeposition of manganese oxide nanosheets on a continuous three-dimensional nickel porous scaffold for high performance electrochemical capacitors" (vol 245, pg 1027, 2013)
Xiao JW, Yang SX, Wan L, Xiao F, Wang S
361 - 361 Corrigendum to "Polythiophene coordination complexes as high performance lithium storage materials" (vol 248, pg 343, 2014)
Mao Y, Kong QY, Shen L, Wang ZX, Chen LQ