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1 - 8 Fabrication of PtCu and PtNiCu multi-nanorods with enhanced catalytic oxygen reduction activities
Liu LC, Samjeske G, Takao S, Nagasawa K, Lwasawa Y
9 - 16 Encapsulation of SnO2 nanoparticles into hollow TiO2 nanowires as high performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Tian QH, Zhang ZX, Yang L, Hirano S
17 - 26 Fabrication of micro/nano-composite porous TiO2 electrodes for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Song XH, Wang MQ, Xing TY, Deng JP, Ding JJ, Yang Z, Zhang XY
27 - 34 Size effect of nickel oxide for lithium ion battery anode
Cheng MY, Ye YS, Chiu TM, Pan CJ, Hwang BJ
35 - 40 Effects of cathode materials on the characteristics of electrolyte supported micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cells
Hsieh WS, Lin P, Wang SF
41 - 47 Novel photoelectrochemical behaviors of p-SiC films on Si for solar water splitting
Ma QB, Kaiser B, Jaegermann W
48 - 54 Effect of additives on electrochemical performance of lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide at high temperature
Kang KS, Choi S, Song J, Woo SG, Jo YN, Choi J, Yim T, Yu JS, Kim YJ
55 - 63 Preparation of three-dimensional hybrid nanostructure-encapsulated sulfur cathode for high-rate lithium sulfur batteries
Xie J, Yang J, Zhou XY, Zou YL, Tang JJ, Wang SC, Chen F
64 - 73 Analysis of the electrochemical performance of MoNi-CeO2 cermet as anode material for solid oxide fuel cell. Part I. H-2, CH4 and H-2/CH4 mixtures as fuels
Escudero MJ, de Parada IG, Fuerte A, Serrano JL
74 - 79 Quantitative studies on thermal stability of a FeF3 cathode in methyl difluoroacetate-based electrolyte for Li-ion batteries
Zhou MJ, Zhao LW, Okada S, Yamaki J
80 - 89 Non-aqueous hybrid supercapacitors fabricated with mesoporous TiO2 microspheres and activated carbon electrodes with superior performance
Cai Y, Zhao BT, Wang J, Shao ZP
90 - 97 Post-mortem analysis of a long-term tested proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack under low cathode humidification conditions
Kim NI, Seo Y, Kim KB, Lee N, Lee JH, Song I, Choi H, Park JY
98 - 103 Nanowire Na0.35MnO2 from a hydrothermal method as a cathode material for aqueous asymmetric supercapacitors
Zhang BH, Liu Y, Chang Z, Yang YQ, Wen ZB, Wu YP, Holze R
104 - 113 Vertically aligned carbon nanotube electrodes for high current density operating proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Murata S, Imanishi M, Hasegawa S, Namba R
114 - 122 High performance Bi-layered electrolytes via atomic layer deposition for solid oxide fuel cells
Jee Y, Cho GY, An J, Kim HR, Son JW, Lee JH, Prinz FB, Lee MH, Cha SW
123 - 131 Three-dimensional study of compressed gas diffusion layers using synchrotron X-ray imaging
Totzke C, Gaiselmann G, Osenberg M, Bohner J, Arlt T, Markotter H, Hilger A, Wieder F, Kupsch A, Muller BR, Hentschel MP, Banhart J, Schmidt V, Lehnert W, Manke I
132 - 137 Percolative metal-organic framework/carbon composites for hydrogen storage
Xie SQ, Hwang JY, Sun X, Shi SZ, Zhang Z, Peng ZW, Zhai YC
138 - 142 Theoretical study on SmxSr1-xMnO3 as a potential solid oxide fuel cell cathode
Jia LC, Wang X, Li WL, Li K, Chi B, Pu J, Jian L, Yuan SL
143 - 149 Solvothermal synthesis of nano LiMn0.9Fe0.1PO4: Reaction mechanism and electrochemical properties
Ye FP, Wang L, He XM, Fang M, Dai ZJ, Wang JX, Huang CC, Lian F, Wang JL, Tian GY, Ouyang MG
150 - 166 Application of carbon materials in redox flow batteries
Chakrabarti MH, Brandon NP, Hajimolana SA, Tariq E, Yufit V, Hashim MA, Hussain MA, Low CTJ, Aravind PV
167 - 176 Effects of different alkyl chains on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells with different electrolytes
Zhang Y, Zhang YF, Wang ZH, Liang M, Jia DD, Wu QP, Xue S
177 - 180 Promotion of anodic electron transfer in a microbial fuel cell combined with a silicon solar cell
Ding HR, Li Y, Lu AH, Wang X, Wang CQ
181 - 186 Characterization of as-deposited Li4Ti5O12 thin film electrode prepared by aerosol deposition method
Inada R, Shibukawa K, Masada C, Nakanishi Y, Sakurai Y
187 - 192 Effect of Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 interlayer on the electrochemical performance of La0.75Sr0.25Cr0.5Mn0.5O3-delta-Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 composite anodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
He SC, Chen H, Li RF, Ge L, Guo LC
193 - 200 Nitrogen-doped carbon coated TiO2 nanocomposites as anode material to improve cycle life for lithium-ion batteries
Tan L, Pan L, Cao CY, Wang BF, Li L
201 - 204 Effects of Mo content on microstructure and corrosion resistance of arc ion plated Ti-Mo-N films on 316L stainless steel as bipolar plates for polymer exchange membrane fuel cells
Zhang M, Kim KH, Shao ZG, Wang FF, Zhao S, Suo N
205 - 213 Superior capacitive performances of binary nickel-cobalt hydroxide nanonetwork prepared by cathodic deposition
Chen JC, Hsu CT, Hu CC
214 - 223 Facile synthesis of morphology-controlled Co3O4 nanostructures through solvothermal method with enhanced catalytic activity for H2O2 electroreduction
Cheng K, Cao DX, Yang F, Xu Y, Sun GH, Ye K, Yin JL, Wang GL
224 - 229 Detecting and localizing failure points in proton exchange membrane fuel cells using IR thermography
Bender G, Felt W, Ulsh M
230 - 238 Star-shaped carbazole derivative based efficient solid-state dye sensitized solar cell
Michaleviciute A, Degbia M, Tomkeviciene A, Schmaltz B, Gurskyte E, Grazulevicius JV, Boucle J, Tran-Van F
239 - 250 A design optimization methodology for Li+ batteries
Golmon S, Maute K, Dunn ML
251 - 255 Hydrothermal synthesis and potential applicability of rhombohedral siderite as a high-capacity anode material for lithium ion batteries
Zhao SQ, Yu Y, Wei SS, Wang YX, Zhao CH, Liu R, Shen Q
256 - 262 Preparation and electrochemical performance of polyphosphazene based salt-in-polymer electrolyte membranes for lithium ion batteries
Jankowsky S, Hiller MM, Wiemhofer HD
263 - 268 Polysulfide shuttle control: Towards a lithium-sulfur battery with superior capacity performance up to 1000 cycles by matching the sulfur/electrolyte loading
Cheng XB, Huang JQ, Peng HJ, Nie JQ, Liu XY, Zhang Q, Wei F
269 - 275 Sugar apple-shaped TiO2 hierarchical spheres for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Lei BX, Zeng LL, Zhang P, Qiao HK, Sun ZF
276 - 281 Studies on the faradaic efficiency for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to formate on tin electrode
Lv WX, Zhang R, Gao PR, Lei LX
282 - 286 Nitridated Si-Ti-Ni alloy as an anode for Li rechargeable batteries
Song T, Kil KC, Jeon Y, Lee S, Shin WC, Chung B, Kwon K, Paik U
287 - 293 Periodic structures of Sn self-inserted between graphene interlayers as anodes for Li-ion battery
Zhou XY, Zou YL, Yang J
294 - 299 Mesoporous Li3V2(PO4)(3)@CMK-3 nanocomposite cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Wang SL, Zhang ZX, Jiang ZT, Deb A, Yang L, Hirano SI
300 - 304 High-performance polyaniline counter electrode electropolymerized in presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate for dye-sensitized solar cells
Qiu Y, Lu S, Wang SS, Zhang XH, He ST, He T
305 - 314 Quantitative contribution of resistance sources of components to stack performance for planar solid oxide fuel cells
Jin L, Guan WB, Ma X, Zhai HJ, Wang WG
315 - 331 Recent progress in the development of Li2MnSiO4 cathode materials
Gummow RJ, He Y
332 - 341 Corrosion behaviour of austenitic stainless steel as a function of methanol concentration for direct methanol fuel cell bipolar plate
Wang LX, Kang B, Gao N, Du X, Jia LN, Sun JC
342 - 348 Lithium dynamics in carbon-rich polymer-derived SiCN ceramics probed by nuclear magnetic resonance
Baek SH, Reinold LM, Graczyk-Zajac M, Riedel R, Hammerath F, Buchner B, Grafe HJ
349 - 359 Composite cathode based on doped vanadate enhanced with loaded metal nanoparticles for steam electrolysis
Li YX, Wu GJ, Ruan C, Zhou Q, Wang Y, Doherty W, Xie K, Wu YC
360 - 365 Solid state synthesis of Fe2P nanoparticles as high-performance anode materials for nickel-based rechargeable batteries
Wang YP, Zhang LL, Li HH, Wang YJ, Jiao LF, Yuan HT, Chen L, Tang H, Yang XF
366 - 372 Nanosized Ge@CNF, Ge@C@CNF and Ge@CNF@C composites via chemical vapour deposition method for use in advanced lithium-ion batteries
Li SL, Chen C, Fu K, White R, Zhao CX, Bradford PD, Zhang XW
373 - 380 Synthesis of high-performance MnOx/carbon composite as lithium-ion battery anode by a facile co-precipitation method: Effects of oxygen stoichiometry and carbon morphology
Lee RC, Lin YP, Weng YT, Pan HA, Lee JF, Wu NL
381 - 391 On the estimation of high frequency parameters of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells via Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Mainka J, Maranzana G, Dillet J, Didierjean S, Lottin O
392 - 396 The effect of ethanol concentration on the direct ethanol fuel cell performance and products distribution: A study using a single fuel cell/attenuated total reflectance - Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Assumpcao MHMT, Nandenha J, Buzzo GS, Silva JCM, Spinace EV, Neto AO, De Souza RFB
397 - 403 Development and characterization of a 280 cm(2) vanadium/oxygen fuel cell
Noack J, Cremers C, Bayer D, Tubke J, Pinkwart K
404 - 411 Optimization of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube based CFx electrodes for improved primary and secondary battery performances
Jayasinghe R, Thapa AK, Dharmasena RR, Nguyen TQ, Pradhan BK, Paudel HS, Jasinski JB, Sherehiy A, Yoshio M, Sumanasekera GU
412 - 418 Development of a voltage relaxation model for rapid open-circuit voltage prediction in lithium-ion batteries
Pei L, Wang TS, Lu RG, Zhu CB
419 - 423 Performance of Al-0.5 Mg-0.02 Ga-0.1 Sn-0.5 Mn as anode for Al-air battery in NaCl solutions
Ma JL, Wen JB, Gao JW, Li QN
424 - 430 Mass synthesis of high performance (La0.75Sr0.25)(0.95)MnO3 +/-delta nano-powder prepared via a low-carbon chemical solution method
Wang JX, Sun JL, He CR, Wang Q, Wang WG
431 - 431 Elastic moduli of polycrystalline Li15Si4 produced in lithium ion batteries (vol 242, pg 732, 2013)
Zeng ZD, Liu N, Zeng QS, Ding Y, Qu SX, Cui Y, Mao WL
432 - 432 Toward high capacity and stable manganese-spinel electrode materials: A case study of Ti-substituted system (vol 245, pg 570, 2014)
Wang SH, Yang J, Wu XB, Li YX, Gong ZL, Wen W, Lin M, Yang JH, Yang Y
433 - 434 Effects of precursor, synthesis time and synthesis temperature on the physical and electrochemical properties of Li(Ni1-x-yCoxMny)O-2 cathode materials (vol 248, pg 180, 2014)
Xu ZL, Xiao LL, Wang F, Wu KC, Zhao LT, Li MR, Zhang HL, Wu QG, Wang JB