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1 - 8 A comparative study of different binders and their effects on electrochemical properties of LiMn2O4 cathode in lithium ion batteries
Zhang Z, Zeng T, Lai YQ, Jia M, Li J
9 - 19 Liquid water quantification in the cathode side gas channels of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell through two-phase flow visualization
Banerjee R, Kandlikar SG
20 - 25 Li[Li0.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13]O-2-MoO3 composite cathodes with low irreversible capacity loss for lithium ion batteries
Wu F, Wang Z, Su YF, Yan N, Bao LY, Chen S
26 - 31 Electrochemistry of lithium-oxygen batteries using microelectrode voltammetry
Nemanick EJ
32 - 39 MnO2-modified hierarchical graphene fiber electrochemical supercapacitor
Chen Q, Meng YN, Hu CG, Zhao Y, Shao HB, Chen N, Qu LT
40 - 48 Influence of cell temperature on sulfur dioxide contamination in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Zhai Y, Bender G, Bethune K, Rocheleau R
49 - 56 High lithium storage capacity and rate capability achieved by mesoporous Co3O4 hierarchical nanobundles
Xiao Y, Hu CW, Cao MH
57 - 69 Significant impact on cathode performance of lithium-ion batteries by precisely controlled metal oxide nanocoatings via atomic layer deposition
Li XF, Liu J, Meng XB, Tang YJ, Banis MN, Yang JL, Hu YH, Li RY, Cai M, Sun XL
70 - 77 Pd and PdCo alloy nanoparticles supported on polypropylenimine dendrimer-grafted graphene: A highly efficient anodic catalyst for direct formic acid fuel cells
Hosseini H, Mahyari M, Bagheri A, Shaabani A
78 - 83 Magnetic sputtered amorphous Si/C multilayer thin films as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Tong YF, Xu Z, Liu C, Zhang GA, Wang J, Wu ZG
84 - 89 Effect of pre-oxidation on the oxidation resistance of spinel-coated Fe-Cr ferritic alloy for solid oxide fuel cell applications
Ou DR, Cheng MJ
90 - 94 Carbon nanotube-wired and oxygen-deficient MoO3 nanobelts with enhanced lithium-storage capability
Ni JF, Wang GB, Yang J, Gao DL, Chen JT, Gao LJ, Li Y
95 - 104 Hierarchical functional layers on high-capacity lithium-excess cathodes for superior lithium ion batteries
Zhao JQ, Aziz S, Wang Y
105 - 111 The potential and challenges of thin-film electrolyte and nanostructured electrode for yttria-stabilized zirconia-base anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells
Noh HS, Yoon KJ, Kim BK, Je HJ, Lee HW, Lee JH, Son JW
112 - 116 Compatibility of poly(bisAEA4)-LiTFSI-MPPipTFSI ionic liquid gel polymer electrolyte with Li4Ti5O12 lithium ion battery anode
Stepniak I
117 - 126 Synthesis and electrochemical performance of LiV3O8/polythiophene composite as cathode materials for lithium ion batteries
Guo HP, Liu L, Shu HB, Yang XK, Yang ZH, Zhou M, Tan JL, Yan ZC, Hu H, Wang XY
127 - 133 Selective separation of nickel and cadmium from sulfate solutions of spent nickel-cadmium batteries using mixtures of D2EHPA and Cyanex 302
Babakhani A, Rashchi F, Zakeri A, Vahidi E
134 - 141 Free-standing and mechanically flexible mats consisting of electrospun carbon nanofibers made from a natural product of alkali lignin as binder-free electrodes for high-performance supercapacitors
Lai CL, Zhou ZP, Zhang LF, Wang XX, Zhou QX, Zhao Y, Wang YC, Wu XF, Zhu ZT, Fong H
142 - 150 PtSn/C catalysts for ethanol oxidation: The effect of stabilizers on the morphology and particle distribution
Ma YJ, Wang H, Ji S, Linkov V, Wang RF
151 - 155 Syntheses and electrochemical properties of layered Li0.95Na0.05Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 and LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2
Gong CX, Lv WX, Qu LM, Bankole OE, Li GH, Zhang R, Hu M, Lei LX
156 - 162 Sequential Monte Carlo filter for state estimation of LiFePO4 batteries based on an online updated model
Li JH, Barillas JK, Guenther C, Danzer MA
163 - 169 A general approach for MFe2O4 (M = Zn, Co, Ni) nanorods and their high performance as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Wang NN, Xu HY, Chen L, Gu X, Yang J, Qian YT
170 - 177 Improved microstructure and performance of Ni-based anode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Hua B, Zhang WY, Li M, Wang X, Chi B, Pu J, Li J
178 - 183 Highly loaded SnO2/mesoporous carbon nanohybrid with well-improved lithium storage capability
Chen L, Wu P, Wang H, Ye Y, Xu B, Cao GP, Zhou YM, Lu TH, Yang YS
184 - 188 Fast sodiation/desodiation reactions of electrochemically delithiated olivine LiFePO4 in aerated aqueous NaNO3 solution
Vujkovic M, Mentus S
189 - 196 Evaluation of mechanical abuse techniques in lithium ion batteries
Lamb J, Orendorff CJ
197 - 203 Mesoporous polyaniline film on ultra-thin graphene sheets for high performance supercapacitors
Wang Q, Yan J, Fan ZJ, Wei T, Zhang ML, Jing XY
204 - 212 Activation of electrochemical lithium and sodium storage of nanocrystalline antimony by anchoring on graphene via a facile in situ solvothermal route
Zhang YD, Xie J, Zhu TJ, Cao GS, Zhao XB, Zhang SC
213 - 218 Facile synthesis of porous Pt-Pd nanospheres supported on reduced graphene oxide nanosheets for enhanced methanol electrooxidation
Li SS, Lv JJ, Hu YY, Zheng JN, Chen JR, Wang AJ, Feng JJ
219 - 227 Optimal microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of nanosized xLi(2)MnO(3)center dot(1-x)LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/O2 cathode materials for lithium ion battery
Miao XW, Yan Y, Wang CG, Cui LL, Fang JH, Yang G
228 - 234 Effects of carbon brush anode size and loading on microbial fuel cell performance in batch and continuous mode
Lanas V, Ahn Y, Logan BE
235 - 242 High figure of merit for electrokinetic energy conversion in Nafion membranes
Kilsgaard BS, Haldrup S, Catalano J, Bentien A
243 - 248 Glass coated compressible solid oxide fuel cell seals
Rautanen M, Thomann O, Himanen O, Tallgren J, Kiviaho J
249 - 255 Facial synthesis of SnO2 nanoparticle film for efficient fiber-shaped dye-sensitized solar cells
Peng M, Cai X, Fu YP, Yu X, Liu SQ, Deng B, Hany K, Zou DC
256 - 263 Passive hydrogen recovery schemes using a vacuum ejector in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell system
Hwang JJ
264 - 272 Stabilization of the cubic perovskite in the system La1-xBaxCo1-yFeyO3-delta (0.7 <= x <= 0.9) and its electrochemical performance as cathode materials for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Setevich C, Prado F, de Florio DZ, Caneiro A
273 - 279 Increasing the high rate performance of mixed metal phospho-olivine cathodes through collective and cooperative strategies
Ding B, Ji G, Ma Y, Xiao PF, Lu L, Lee JY
280 - 285 Single-stage temperature-controllable water gas shift reactor with catalytic nickel plates
Park JW, Lee SW, Lee CB, Park JS, Lee DW, Kim SH, Kim SS, Ryi SK
286 - 293 Highly proton-conductive thermally rearranged polybenzoxazole for medium-temperature and low-humidity polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Lee CH, Lee YM
294 - 306 4E analysis and multi objective optimization of a micro gas turbine and solid oxide fuel cell hybrid combined heat and power system
Sanaye S, Katebi A
307 - 313 A new approach to surface properties of solid electrolyte interphase on a graphite negative electrode
Lee SH, You HG, Han KS, Kim J, Jung IH, Song JH
314 - 321 Impedance spectroscopy of the oxide films formed during high temperature oxidation of a cobalt-plated ferritic alloy
Velraj S, Zhu JH, Painter AS, Du SW, Li YT
322 - 326 Characterization of pore network structure in catalyst layers of polymer electrolyte fuel cells
El Hannach M, Soboleva T, Malek K, Franco AA, Prat M, Pauchet J, Holdcroft S
327 - 331 Carboxymethyl chitosan: A new water soluble binder for Si anode of Li-ion batteries
Yue L, Zhang LZ, Zhong HX
332 - 338 Production caused variation in capacity aging trend and correlation to initial cell performance
Baumhofer T, Bruhl M, Rothgang S, Sauer DU
339 - 345 Influence of air contaminants on planar, self-breathing hydrogen PEM fuel cells in an outdoor environment
Biesdorf J, Zamel N, Kurz T
346 - 353 Air-breathing direct formic acid microfluidic fuel cell with an array of cylinder anodes
Zhu X, Zhang B, Ye DD, Li J, Liao Q
354 - 359 Performance degradation studies on an poly 2,5-benzimidazole high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell using an accelerated degradation technique
Jung GB, Chen HH, Yan WM
360 - 364 A CO-tolerant PtRu catalyst supported on thiol-functionalized carbon nanotubes for the methanol oxidation reaction
Guo L, Chen SG, Li L, Wei ZD
365 - 376 Simulation and analysis of stress in a Li-ion battery with a blended LiMn2O4 and LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 cathode
Dai YL, Cai L, White RE
377 - 383 Unexpected performance of layered sodium-ion cathode material in ionic liquid-based electrolyte
Chagas LG, Buchholz D, Wu LM, Vortmann B, Passerini S
384 - 390 Repetitive hot-press approach for performance enhancement of hydrogen fuel cells
Glassman M, Omosebi A, Besser RS
391 - 395 Discharge/charge reaction mechanism of a pyrite-type FeS2 cathode for sodium secondary batteries
Kitajou A, Yamaguchi J, Hara S, Okada S
396 - 401 Multilayer super-short carbon nanotube/reduced graphene oxide architecture for enhanced supercapacitor properties
Zeng FY, Kuang YF, Zhang NS, Huang ZY, Pan Y, Hou ZH, Zhou HH, Yan CL, Schmidt OG
402 - 405 In operando X-ray diffraction study of Li7MnN4 upon electrochemical Li extraction-insertion: A reversible three-phase mechanism
Emery N, Panabiere E, Crosnier O, Bach S, Brousse T, Willmann P, Pereira-Ramos JP
406 - 411 High performance solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells based on poly(acrylonitrile-co-vinyl acetate)/TiO2 nanoparticles redox electrolytes
Chen CL, Chang TW, Su SC, Teng HS, Lee YL
412 - 422 Capacity fade of LiNi(1-x-y)CoxAlyO2 cathode for lithium-ion batteries during accelerated calendar and cycle life test. I. Comparison analysis between LiNi(1-x-y)CoxAlyO2 and Li CoO2 cathodes in cylindrical lithium-ion cells during long term storage test
Watanabe S, Kinoshita M, Nakura K
423 - 427 Electrochemical synthesis of a three-dimensional porous Sb/Cu2Sb anode for Na-ion batteries
Nam DH, Hong KS, Lim SJ, Kwon HS
428 - 436 Ni-B amorphous alloy nanoparticles modified nanoporous Cu toward ethanol oxidation in alkaline medium
Zhang SJ, Zheng YX, Yuan LS, Zhao LH
437 - 443 Two-step oxalate approach for the preparation of high performance LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode material with high voltage
Liu ZS, Jiang YM, Zeng XY, Xiao G, Song HY, Liao SJ
444 - 451 Clean and time-effective synthesis of anatase TiO2 nanocrystalline by microwave-assisted solvothermal method for dye-sensitized solar cells
Shen PS, Tai YC, Chen P, Wu YC
452 - 459 Controlled Li+ conduction pathway to achieve enhanced ionic conductivity in polymer electrolytes
Wang Y, Li B, Ji JY, Zhong WH
460 - 466 On-line equalization for lithium-ion battery packs based on charging cell voltages: Part 2. Fuzzy logic equalization
Zheng YJ, Ouyang MG, Lu LG, Li JQ, Han XB, Xu LF
467 - 474 On the analytical approach for modeling photovoltaic systems behavior
Cubas J, Pindado S, Victoria M
475 - 480 Analysis of dye-sensitized solar cells with current collecting electrodes using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, with a finite element method
Shitanda I, Inoue K, Hoshi Y, Itagaki M
481 - 488 Computationally-efficient hybrid strategy for mechanistic modeling of fuel cell stacks
Sharma AK, Birgersson E, Khor SH
489 - 496 Effects of flow cell design on charge percolation and storage in the carbon slurry electrodes of electrochemical flow capacitors
Dennison CR, Beidaghi M, Hatzell KB, Campos JW, Gogotsi Y, Kumbur EC
497 - 502 Lithium deficient mesoporous Li2-xMnSiO4 with significantly improved electrochemical performance
Wang HY, Hou TL, Sun D, Huang XB, He HN, Tang YG, Liu YN
503 - 516 Characterizing and modeling mechanical properties and onset of short circuit for three types of lithium-ion pouch cells
Sahraei E, Meier J, Wierzbicki T
517 - 526 X-ray absorption measurements on nickel cathode of sodium-beta alumina batteries: Fe-Ni-Cl chemical associations
Bowden ME, Alvine KJ, Fulton JL, Lemmon JR, Lu X, Webb-Robertson BJ, Heald SM, Balasubramanian M, Mortensen DR, Seidler GT, Hess NJ
527 - 533 A study of lithium ion batteries cycle aging by thermodynamics techniques
Maher K, Yazami R
534 - 538 Mosaic-shaped cathode for highly durable solid oxide fuel cell under thermal stress
Joo JH, Jeong J, Kim SY, Yoo CY, Jung DW, Park HJ, Kwak C, Yu JH
539 - 544 Sensorless battery temperature measurements based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Raijmakers LHJ, Danilov DL, van Lammeren JPM, Lammers MJG, Notten PHL
545 - 550 Facile synthesis of large-area CeO2/ZnO nanotube arrays for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zeng CH, Xie SL, Yu MH, Yang YY, Lu XH, Tong YX
551 - 555 Hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of high value metals from spent lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide based lithium-ion batteries
Joulie M, Laucournet R, Billy E
556 - 561 Metal-supported solid oxide fuel cells with impregnated SrFe0.75Mo0.25O3 cathodes
Zhou YC, Meng X, Ye XF, Li JL, Wang SR, Zhan ZL
562 - 571 First-principles study on surface structure, thickness and composition dependence of the stability of Pt-skin/Pt3Co oxygen-reduction-reaction catalysts
Escano MCS, Kasai H
572 - 578 Durability of nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery cathode using nickel-aluminum layered double hydroxide/carbon (Ni-Al LDH/C) composite
Beleke AB, Higuchi E, Inoue H, Mizuhata M
579 - 586 Performance of non-compartmentalized enzymatic biofuel cell based on buckypaper cathode and ferrocene-containing redox polymer anode
Bunte C, Hussein L, Urban GA
587 - 593 Effect of the co-spun anode functional layer on the performance of the direct-methane microtubular solid oxide fuel cells
Meng XX, Gong X, Yin YM, Yang NT, Tan XY, Ma ZF
594 - 604 A model of the effects of automatic generation control signal characteristics on energy storage system reliability
Campbell T, Bradley TH
605 - 611 Combinatorial discovery of Ni-based binary and ternary catalysts for hydrazine electrooxidation for use in anion exchange membrane fuel cells
Sakamoto T, Asazawa K, Sanabria-Chinchilla J, Martinez U, Halevi B, Atanassov P, Strasser P, Tanaka H
612 - 617 Recovery of zinc and manganese from spent batteries by reductive leaching in acidic media
Buzatu M, Saceanu S, Petrescu MI, Ghica GV, Buzatu T
618 - 628 Temperature-dependent electrochemical heat generation in a commercial lithium-ion battery
Bandhauer TM, Garimella S, Fuller TF
629 - 635 Sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) membranes containing pendent carboxylic acid groups and their application in vanadium flow battery
Chen DJ, Li XF
636 - 642 Microbial fuel cell energy harvesting using synchronous flyback converter
Alaraj M, Ren ZJ, Park JD
643 - 654 Analysis and optimization of hybrid electric vehicle thermal management systems
Hamut HS, Dincer I, Naterer GF
655 - 659 Air humidity and water pressure effects on the performance of air-cathode microbial fuel cell cathodes
Ahn YT, Zhang F, Logan BE
660 - 666 N- and O-doped carbonaceous nanotubes from polypyrrole for potential application in high-performance capacitance
Guo CX, Li N, Ji LL, Li YW, Yang XM, Lu Y, Tu YF
667 - 675 Analytical modeling and simulation of electrochemical charge/discharge behavior of Si thin film negative electrodes in Li-ion cells
Jagannathan M, Chandran KSR
676 - 686 On-line equalization for lithium-ion battery packs based on charging cell voltages: Part 1. Equalization based on remaining charging capacity estimation
Zheng YJ, Ouyang MG, Lu LG, Li JQ, Han XB, Xu LF
687 - 691 Crystal orientation of epitaxial LiCoO2 films grown on SrTiO3 substrates
Nishio K, Ohnishi T, Akatsuka K, Takada K
692 - 702 Electrochemical energy storage behavior of Sn/SnO2 double phase nanocomposite anodes produced on the multiwalled carbon nanotube buckypapers for lithium-ion batteries
Alaf M, Akbulut H
703 - 711 Copper sulfides for rechargeable lithium batteries: Linking cycling stability to electrolyte composition
Jache B, Mogwitz B, Klein F, Adelhelm P
712 - 720 Effect of heat treatment on the activity and stability of carbon supported PtMo alloy electrocatalysts for hydrogen oxidation in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Hassan A, Carreras A, Trincavelli J, Ticianelli EA
721 - 728 Improved electrochemical performance of spinel LiMn2O4 in situ coated with graphene-like membrane
Zhuo HT, Wan S, He CX, Zhang QL, Li CH, Gui DY, Zhu CZ, Niu HB, Liu JH
729 - 737 Extraction of battery parameters of the equivalent circuit model using a multi-objective genetic algorithm
Brand J, Zhang ZM, Agarwal RK
738 - 748 Modeling of cold start processes and performance optimization for proton exchange membrane fuel cell stacks
Zhou YB, Luo YQ, Yu SH, Jiao K
749 - 755 Performance and stability of a liquid anode high-temperature metal-air battery
Otaegui L, Rodriguez-Martinez LM, Wang L, Laresgoiti A, Tsukamoto H, Han MH, Tsai CL, Laresgoiti I, Lopez CM, Rojo T
756 - 769 Modeling the performance of an ideal NaBH4-H2O2 direct borohydride fuel cell
Stroman RO, Jackson GS
770 - 777 Preparation and characterization of carbon-coated NaVPO4F as cathode material for rechargeable sodium-ion batteries
Lu Y, Zhang S, Li Y, Xue LG, Xu GJ, Zhang XW
778 - 785 Enhanced rate performance of molybdenum-doped spinet LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode materials for lithium ion battery
Yi TF, Chen B, Zhu YR, Li XY, Zhu RS
786 - 793 Sequential effect and enhanced conductivity of star-shaped diblock liquid-crystalline copolymers for solid electrolytes
Tong YF, Chen L, He XH, Chen YW
794 - 798 Porous hollow LiCoMnO4 microspheres as cathode materials for 5 V lithium ion batteries
Hu M, Tian Y, Wei JP, Wang DG, Zhou Z
799 - 806 Membrane divided soluble lead battery utilising a bismuth electrolyte additive
Wallis LPJ, Wills RGA
807 - 812 Transfer and assembly of large area TiO2 nanotube arrays onto conductive glass for dye sensitized solar cells
Zhang J, Li SQ, Ding H, Li QT, Wang BY, Wang XN, Wang H
813 - 820 Boron-based anion receptors in lithium-ion and metal-air batteries
Reddy VP, Blanco M, Bugga R
821 - 823 Building a "smart nail" for penetration tests on Li-ion cells
Hatchard TD, Trussler S, Dahn JR
824 - 830 Flexible alpha-MnO2 paper formed by millimeter-long nanowires for supercapacitor electrodes
Yao W, Wang J, Li H, Lu Y
831 - 839 Characterization of Ni-YSZ anodes for solid oxide fuel cells fabricated by solution precursor plasma spraying with axial feedstock injection
Metcalfe C, Lay-Grindler E, Kesler O
840 - 844 Double liquid electrolyte for primary Mg batteries
Du JL, Wang ZJ, Niu YQ, Duan WY, Wu Z
845 - 851 Improved electrochemical performance by doping cathode materials Sr2Fe1.5Mo0.5-xTaxO6-delta (0.0 <= x <= 0.15) for Solid State Fuel Cell
Meng JL, Liu XJ, Han L, Bai YJ, Yao CG, Deng XL, Niu XD, Wu XJ, Meng J
852 - 857 Optimising heat treatment environment and atmosphere of electrolytic manganese dioxide for primary Li/MnO2 batteries
Dose WM, Donne SW
858 - 864 Compositionally continuously graded cathode layers of (Ba0.5Sr0.5)(Fe0.91Al0.09)O3-delta-Gd0.1Ce0.9O2 by wet powder spraying technique for solid oxide fuel cells
Jiang TZ, Wang ZH, Ren BY, Qiao JS, Sun W, Sun KN
865 - 875 A study of tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBA) as a flame retardant additive for Li-ion battery electrolytes
Belov DG, Shieh DT
876 - 882 Crystal and magnetic structure of the Bi2RuMnO7 pyrochlore: A potential new cathode for solid oxide fuel cells
Martinez-Coronado R, Alonso JA, Cascos V, Fernandez-Diaz MT
883 - 889 Composite anodes based on nanotube titanium oxide from electro-oxidation of Ti metal substrate
Pozio A, Carewska M, Mura F, D'Amato R, Falconieri M, De Francesco M, Appetecchi GB
890 - 895 Photo-enhanced activity of Pt and Pt-Ru catalysts towards the electro-oxidation of methanol
Arulmani DV, Eastcott JI, Mavilla SG, Easton EB
896 - 905 Fabrication of large-scale nanoporous nickel with a tunable pore size for energy storage
Qiu HJ, Kang JL, Liu P, Hirata A, Fujita T, Chen MW
906 - 914 Insights into the co-sensitizer adsorption kinetics for complementary organic dye-sensitized solar cells
Lin LY, Yeh MH, Lee CP, Chang J, Baheti A, Vittal R, Thomas KRJ, Ho KC
915 - 919 Fabrication of In2O3@In2S3 core-shell nanocubes for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
Li HH, Chen C, Huang XY, Leng Y, Hou MN, Xiao XG, Bao J, You JL, Zhang WW, Wang YK, Song J, Wang YP, Liu QQ, Hope GA
920 - 931 Spark plasma sintered/synthesized dense and nanostructured materials for solid-state Li-ion batteries: Overview and perspective
Kali R, Mukhopadhyay A
932 - 938 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell performance of poly(arylene ether ketone)-graft-crosslinked-poly(sulfonated arylene ether sulfone)
Hara R, Endo N, Higa M, Okamoto K, Zhang X, Bi HP, Chen SS, Hu ZX, Chen SW
939 - 946 New fabrication process of long-life dye-sensitized solar cells by in situ gelation of quasi-solid polymer electrolytes
Chen KF, Liu CH, Hsieh CK, Lin CL, Huang HK, Tsai CH, Chen FR
947 - 960 A study of gadolinia-doped ceria electrolyte by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Zhang L, Liu F, Brinkman K, Reifsnider KL, Virkar AV
961 - 966 Accurate determination of battery discharge characteristics - A comparison between two battery temperature control methods
Chen KW, Li XG
967 - 974 Sulphonated polyether ether ketone diaphragms used in commercial scale alkaline water electrolysis
Otero J, Sese J, Michaus I, Maria MS, Guelbenzu E, Irusta S, Carrilero I, Arruebo M
975 - 980 An all-solid state NASICON sodium battery operating at 200 degrees C
Lalere F, Leriche JB, Courty M, Boulineau S, Viallet V, Masquelier C, Seznec V
981 - 990 Analysis of solid electrolyte interface formation reaction and surface deposit of natural graphite negative electrode employing polyacrylic acid as a binder
Ui K, Fujii D, Niwata Y, Karouji T, Shibata Y, Kadoma Y, Shimada K, Kumagai N
991 - 998 Improved anode materials for lithium-ion batteries comprise non-covalently bonded graphene and silicon nanoparticles
Ye YS, Xie XL, Rick J, Chang FC, Hwang BJ
999 - 1004 Surfactant-free synthesis of graphene-functionalized carbon nanotube film as a catalytic counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cells
Ma J, Zhou L, Li C, Yang JH, Meng T, Zhou HM, Yang MX, Yu F, Chen JH
1005 - 1010 Maximum power point tracking control of direct methanol fuel cells
Zhang MB, Yan T, Gu JG
1011 - 1017 Thermal and overcharge abuse analysis of a redox shuttle for overcharge protection of LiFePO4
Lamb J, Orendorff CJ, Amine K, Krumdick G, Zhang ZC, Zhang L, Gozdz AS
1018 - 1025 The effect of thermal gradients on the performance of lithium-ion batteries
Troxler Y, Wu B, Marinescu M, Yufit V, Patel Y, Marquis AJ, Brandon NP, Offer GJ
1026 - 1032 Proposal of simple and novel method of capacity fading analysis using pseudo-reference electrode in lithium ion cells: Application to solvent-free lithium ion polymer batteries
Shono K, Kobayashi T, Tabuchi M, Ohno Y, Miyashiro H, Kobayashi Y
1033 - 1039 Image based modelling of microstructural heterogeneity in LiFePO4 electrodes for Li-ion batteries
Cooper SJ, Eastwood DS, Gelb J, Damblanc G, Brett DJL, Bradley RS, Withers PJ, Lee PD, Marquis AJ, Brandon NP, Shearing PR
1040 - 1051 Cost and performance model for redox flow batteries
Viswanathan V, Crawford A, Stephenson D, Kim S, Wang W, Li B, Coffey G, Thomsen E, Graff G, Balducci P, Kintner-Meyer M, Sprenkle V
1052 - 1052 Fabrication of highly porous platinum electrodes for micro-scale applications by pulsed electrodeposition and dealloying (vol 242, pg 255, 2013)
Kohler C, Kloke A, Drzyzga A, Zengerle R, Kerzenmacher S
1053 - 1053 Examining temporal and spatial variations of internal temperature in large-format laminated battery with embedded thermocouples (vol 241, pg 536, 2013)
Li Z, Zhang JB, Wu B, Huang J, Nie ZH, Sun Y, An FQ, Wu NN
1054 - 1054 Ultrahigh methanol electro-oxidation activity of PtRu nanoparticles prepared on TiO2-embedded carbon nanofiber support (vol 242, pg 280, 2013)
Ito Y, Takeuchi T, Tsujiguchi T, Abdelkareem MA, Nakagawa N
1055 - 1055 Design of experiments and principal component analysis as approaches for enhancing performance of gas-diffusional air-breathing bilirubin oxidase cathode (vol 245, pg 389, 2014)
Babanova S, Artyushkova K, Ulyanova Y, Singhal S, Atanassov P