Journal of Power Sources

Journal of Power Sources, Vol.227 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Supercapacitive performance of nitrogen-enriched carbons from carbonization of polyaniline/activated mesocarbon microbeads
Wu C, Wang XY, Ju BW, Jiang LL, Wu H, Zhao QL, Yi LH
8 - 14 Mixtures of ionic liquid - Alkylcarbonates as electrolytes for safe lithium-ion batteries
Lombardo L, Brutti S, Navarra MA, Panero S, Reale P
15 - 23 Investigation of several graphite-based electrodes for vanadium redox flow cell
Di Blasi A, Di Blasi O, Briguglio N, Arico AS, Sebastian D, Lazaro MJ, Monforte G, Antonucci V
24 - 30 Capacitance property of carbon material derived from starch mixed with guanidine phosphate as electrochemical capacitor
Tsubota T, Yamaguchi T, Wang CS, Miyauchi Y, Murakami N, Ohno T
31 - 34 Triclinic Na2-xFe1+x/2P2O7/C glass-ceramics with high current density performance for sodium ion battery
Honma T, Ito N, Togashi T, Sato A, Komatsu T
35 - 40 Fabrication of structured anode-supported solid oxide fuel cell by powder injection molding
Faes A, Girard H, Zryd A, Wuillemin Z, Van Herle J
41 - 47 Development of carbon coated membrane for zinc/bromine flow battery with high power density
Zhang LQ, Zhang HM, Lai QZ, Li XF, Cheng YH
48 - 52 Sm0.5Sr0.5CoO3-delta - A new bi-functional catalyst for rechargeable metal-air battery applications
Velraj S, Zhu JH
53 - 59 Electrochemical properties of electrospun polyindole nanofibers as a polymer electrode for lithium ion secondary battery
Cai ZJ, Shi XJ, Fan YA
60 - 64 High-performance graphite negative electrode in a bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide-based ionic liquid
Yamagata M, Matsui Y, Sugimoto T, Kikuta M, Higashizaki T, Kono M, Ishikawa M
65 - 71 Structural and comparative electrochemical study of M(II) oxalates, M = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn
Lopez MC, Tirado JL, Vicente CP
72 - 79 In situ measurement of temperature distribution in proton exchange membrane fuel cell I a hydrogen-air stack
Pei HC, Liu ZC, Zhang HN, Yu Y, Tu ZK, Wan ZM, Liu W
80 - 85 Cathode properties of Na3M2(PO4)(2)F-3 [M = Ti, Fe, V] for sodium-ion batteries
Chihara K, Kitajou A, Gocheva ID, Okada S, Yamaki J
86 - 93 Scaled-up synthesis of nanostructured Mg-based compounds and their hydrogen storage properties
Liu T, Shen HL, Liu Y, Xie L, Qu JL, Shao HY, Li XG
94 - 100 Wetting of sodium on beta''-Al2O3/YSZ composites for low temperature planar sodium-metal halide batteries
Reed D, Coffey G, Mast E, Canfield N, Mansurov J, Lu XC, Sprenkle V
101 - 105 Facile synthesis of hollow Co3O4 boxes for high capacity supercapacitor
Du W, Liu RM, Jiang YW, Lu QY, Fan YZ, Gao F
106 - 110 An electrochemically compatible and flame-retardant electrolyte additive for safe lithium ion batteries
Wu BB, Pei F, Wu Y, Mao RJ, Ai XP, Yang HX, Cao YL
111 - 117 Na2V6O16 center dot 0.14H(2)O nanowires as a novel anode material for aqueous rechargeable lithium battery with good cycling performance
Zhou DH, Liu SQ, Wang HY, Yan GQ
118 - 122 Easy synthesis of honeycomb hierarchical porous carbon and its capacitive performance
Han Y, Dong XT, Zhang C, Liu SX
123 - 130 Synchrotron X-ray radiographic investigations of liquid water transport behavior in a PEMFC with MPL-coated GDLs
Lee J, Hinebaugh J, Bazylak A
131 - 136 A new method for determining the characteristics of solar cells
Peng LL, Sun YZ, Meng Z, Wang YL, Xu Y
137 - 144 Decreasing contact resistance in proton-exchange membrane fuel cells with metal bipolar plates
Netwall CJ, Gould BD, Rodgers JA, Nasello NJ, Swider-Lyons KE
145 - 152 Effect of samarium content on onset of minor p-type conductivity in ceria-based electrolytes
Perez-Coll D, Nunez P, Frade JR
153 - 160 Synthesis of electro-deposited ordered mesoporous RuOx using lyotropic liquid crystal and application toward micro-supercapacitors
Makino S, Yamauchi Y, Sugimoto W
161 - 170 Model-based simultaneous optimization of multiple design parameters for lithium-ion batteries for maximization of energy density
De S, Northrop PWC, Ramadesigan V, Subramanian VR
171 - 176 A coupled nonlinear equivalent circuit - Thermal model for lithium ion cells
Hariharan KS
177 - 184 Improvement in self-discharge of Zn anode by applying surface modification for Zn-air batteries with high energy density
Lee SM, Kim YJ, Eom SW, Choi NS, Kim KW, Cho SB
185 - 190 Electrocatalytic activity of nitrogen-doped graphene synthesized via a one-pot hydrothermal process towards oxygen reduction reaction
Wu JJ, Zhang D, Wang Y, Hou BR
191 - 198 Battery cell arrangement and heat transfer fluid effects on the parasitic power consumption and the cell temperature distribution in a hybrid electric vehicle
Park S, Jung DH
199 - 203 Li2NaV2(PO4)(3): A novel composite cathode material with high ratio of rhombohedral phase
Tang YH, Wang CY, Zhou JJ, Bi YJ, Liu Y, Wang DY, Shi SQ, Li GB
204 - 210 Importance of binder compositions to the dispersion and electrochemical properties of water-based LiCoO2 cathodes
Li CC, Wang YW
211 - 217 Surface and structural stabilities of carbon additives in high voltage lithium ion batteries
Zheng JM, Xiao J, Xu W, Chen XL, Gu M, Li XH, Zhang JG
218 - 228 High power supercap electrodes based on vertical aligned carbon nanotubes on aluminum
Dorfler S, Felhosi I, Marek T, Thieme S, Althues H, Nyikos L, Kaskel S
229 - 236 Improvement of proton exchange membrane fuel cells performance by coating hygroscopic zinc oxide on the anodic catalyst layer
Huang RH, Chiu TW, Lin TJ, Sun CH, Chao WK, Tsai DC, Hsueh KL, Shieu FS
237 - 242 Nanoscale compositional changes during first delithiation of Si negative electrodes
Gauthier M, Danet J, Lestriez B, Roue L, Guyomard D, Moreau P
243 - 253 Modelling the micro-macro homogeneous cycling behaviour of a lithium-air battery
Sahapatsombut U, Cheng H, Scott K
254 - 259 MnO2-coated graphitic petals for supercapacitor electrodes
Xiong GP, Hembram KPSS, Reifenberger RG, Fisher TS
260 - 266 Modelling the water distribution within a hydrophilic and hydrophobic 3D reconstructed cathode catalyst layer of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Hutzenlaub T, Becker J, Zengerle R, Thiele S
267 - 274 Three-dimensional morphological measurements of LiCoO2 and LiCoO2/Li (Ni1/3Mn1/3Co1/3)O-2 lithium-ion battery cathodes
Liu Z, Cronin JS, Chen-Wiegart YCK, Wilson JR, Yakal-Kremski KJ, Wang J, Faber KT, Barnett SA
275 - 283 Cell performance modeling of direct methanol fuel cells using proton-exchange solid electrolytes: Effective reactant diffusion coefficients in porous diffusion layers
Wang BY, Lin HK, Liu NY, Mahesh KPO, Lue SJ
284 - 290 Electrospun NiO nanofibers as high performance anode material for Li-ion batteries
Aravindan V, Kumar PS, Sundaramurthy J, Ling WC, Ramakrishna S, Madhavi S
291 - 299 High durable poly(vinyl alcohol)/Quaterized hydroxyethylcellulose ethoxylate anion exchange membranes for direct methanol alkaline fuel cells
Zhou TC, Jing Z, Qiao JL, Liu LL, Jiang GP, Zhang J, Liu YY
300 - 308 Differentiate the pseudocapacitance and double-layer capacitance contributions for nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide in acidic and alkaline electrolytes
Lee YH, Chang KH, Hu CC
309 - 317 The role of the Co2+/Co3+ redox-pair in the properties of La2-xSrxCoTiO6 (0 <= x <= 0.5) perovskites as components for solid oxide fuel cells
Gomez-Perez A, Yuste M, Perez-Flores JC, Ritter C, Azcondo MT, Canales-Vazquez J, Galvez-Sanchez M, Boulahya K, Garcia-Alvarado F, Amador U
318 - 326 Formation of spinel reaction layers in manganese cobaltite - coated Crofer22 APU for solid oxide fuel cell interconnects
Magdefrau NJ, Chen L, Sun EY, Yamanis J, Aindow M