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1677 - 1686 Micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cells and stacks
Howe KS, Thompson GJ, Kendall K
1687 - 1693 In situ proton exchange membrane fuel cell durability of poly(vinylidene fluoride)/polyelectrolyte blend Arkema M43 membrane
Zhang T, He WS, Goldbach J, Mountz D, Yi J
1694 - 1703 Crosslinked sulfonated poly(arylene ether ketone) membranes bearing quinoxaline and acid-base complex cross-linkages for fuel cell applications
Chen XB, Chen P, An ZW, Chen K, Okamoto K
1704 - 1711 Effects of rapid process on the conductivity of multiple elements doped ceria-based electrolyte
Chang HY, Wang YM, Lin CH, Cheng SY
1712 - 1716 Electrochemical performance of La-1 6Sr0 4NiO4-Ag composite cathodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Li QA, Sun LP, Huo LH, Zhao H, Grenier JC
1717 - 1722 Non-precious metal catalysts synthesized from precursors of carbon, nitrogen, and transition metal for oxygen reduction in alkaline fuel cells
Li XG, Popov BN, Kawahara T, Yanagi H
1723 - 1729 Mesoporous Pt and Pt/Ru alloy electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation
Franceschini EA, Planes GA, Williams FJ, Soler-Illia GJAA, Corti HR
1730 - 1737 Ethanol oxidation reaction activity of highly dispersed Pt/SnO2 double nanoparticles on carbon black
Higuchi E, Miyata K, Takase T, Inoue H
1738 - 1743 Sr2CoMoO6 anode for solid oxide fuel cell running on H-2 and CH4 fuels
Zhang P, Huang YH, Cheng JG, Mao ZQ, Goodenough JB
1744 - 1749 Novel hybrid polymer electrolyte membranes with high proton conductivity prepared by a silane-crosslinking technique for direct methanol fuel cells
Lin HD, Zhao CJ, Jiang YN, Ma WJ, Na H
1750 - 1761 Study of geometric stability and structural integrity of self-healing glass seal system used in solid oxide fuel cells
Liu WN, Sun X, Khaleel MA
1762 - 1768 Carbonate resilience of flowing electrolyte-based alkaline fuel cells
Naughton MS, Brushett FR, Kenis PJA
1769 - 1775 Quantifying the water content in the cathode of enzyme fuel cells via neutron imaging
Aaron DS, Borole AP, Hussey DS, Jacobson DL, Yiacoumi S, Tsouris C
1776 - 1794 Liquid water flooding process in proton exchange membrane fuel cell cathode with straight parallel channels and porous layer
Wang XC, Zhou BA
1795 - 1801 Non-noble metal oxygen reduction electrocatalysts based on carbon nanotubes with controlled nitrogen contents
Geng DS, Liu H, Chen YG, Li RY, Sun XL, Ye SY, Knights S
1802 - 1807 Effect of cathode micro-porous layer on performance of anion-exchange membrane direct ethanol fuel cells
Li YS, Zhao TS, Xu JB, Shen SY, Yang WW
1808 - 1817 The electrical properties of microwave sintered gadolinia doped ceria-alumina nano-composite electrolyte
Chockalingam R, Chockalingam S, Amarakoon VRW
1818 - 1825 Investigation of degradation behavior of membrane electrode assembly with polytetrafluoroethylene/Nafion composite membrane
Jao TC, Jung GB, Chi PH, Ke ST, Chan SH
1826 - 1832 Nanostructured La0 6Sr0 4Co0 8Fe0 2O3/Y0 08Zr0 92O1 96/La0 6Sr0 4Co0 8Fe0 2O3 (LSCF/YSZ/LSCF) symmetric thin film solid oxide fuel cells
Lai BK, Kerman K, Ramanathan S
1833 - 1839 Estimation of hydrogen crossover through Nafion (R) membranes in PEMFCs
Francia C, Ijeri VS, Specchia S, Spinelli P
1840 - 1846 Order-disorder transformation and enhanced oxide-ionic conductivity of (Sm1-xDyx)(2)Zr2O7 ceramics
Xia XL, Liu ZG, Ouyang JH
1847 - 1854 Water transport characteristics in the gas diffusion media of proton exchange membrane fuel cell - Role of the microporous layer
Nishiyama E, Murahashi T
1855 - 1863 A novel, effective and low cost catalyst for methanol oxidation based on nickel ions dispersed onto poly(o-toluidine)/Triton X-100 film at the surface of multi-walled carbon nanotube paste electrode
Raoof JB, Ojani R, Hosseini SR
1864 - 1871 A mixture design approach to optimizing the cathodic compositions of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Do JS, Liou BC
1872 - 1879 High performance praseodymium nickelate oxide cathode for low temperature solid oxide fuel cell
Ferchaud C, Grenier JC, Zhang-Steenwinkel Y, van Tuel MMA, van Berkel FPF, Bassat JM
1880 - 1885 Effect of methanol on plasticization and transport properties of a perfluorosulfonic ion-exchange membrane
Jung B, Moon HM, Barona GNB
1886 - 1893 Modification of NI-based cathode material for molten carbonate fuel cells using Co3O4
Kim YS, Yi CW, Choi HS, Kim K
1894 - 1898 A polytetrafluoroethylene/quaternized polysulfone membrane for high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Li MQ, Scott K
1899 - 1903 Study on the membrane electrode assembly fabrication with carbon supported cobalt triethylenetetramine as cathode catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Gan T, Jiang QZ, Zhang HJ, Wang WL, Liao XZ, Ma ZF
1904 - 1908 Carbon-nanosphere-supported Pt nanoparticles for methanol and ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline media
Wang X, Hu CG, Xiong YF, Liu H, Du GJ, He XS
1909 - 1914 An analysis of the performance of an anaerobic dual anode-chambered microbial fuel cell
Kim MH, Iwuchukwu IJ, Wang Y, Shin DL, Sanseverino J, Frymier P
1915 - 1919 Analysis of the three-dimensional microstructure of a solid-oxide fuel cell anode using nano X-ray tomography
Guan Y, Li WJ, Gong YH, Liu G, Zhang XB, Chen J, Gelb J, Yun WB, Xiong Y, Tian YC, Wang HQ
1920 - 1931 Numerical assessment of dependence of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell performance on cathode catalyst layer parameters
Obut S, Alper E
1932 - 1939 High performance metal-supported intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells fabricated by atmospheric plasma spraying
Hwang CS, Tsai CH, Yu JF, Chang CL, Lin JM, Shiu YH, Cheng SW
1940 - 1947 Effects of a microporous layer on the performance degradation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells through repetitive freezing
Lee Y, Kim B, Kim Y, Li XG
1948 - 1954 Voltage loss and fluctuation in proton exchange membrane fuel cells The role of cathode channel plurality and air stoichiometric ratio
Siefert NS, Litster S
1955 - 1966 Chemical degradation of five elastomeric seal materials in a simulated and an accelerated PEM fuel cell environment
Lin CW, Chien CH, Tan JZ, Chao YJ, Van Zee JW
1967 - 1974 Coke formation and performance of an intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cell operating on dimethyl ether fuel
Su C, Ran R, Wang W, Shao ZP
1975 - 1982 Oxidation of ferritic stainless steel interconnects Thermodynamic and kinetic assessment
Dheeradhada VS, Cao HB, Alinger MJ
1983 - 1991 Random-packing model for solid oxide fuel cell electrodes with particle size distributions
Zhang YX, Wang YL, Wang Y, Chen FL, Xia CR
1992 - 2004 Predicting current density distribution of proton exchange membrane fuel cells with different flow field designs
Chen YS, Peng HE
2005 - 2012 High-temperature tensile and creep properties of a ferritic stainless steel for interconnect in solid oxide fuel cell
Chiu YT, Lin CK, Wu JC
2013 - 2019 Automatic control of load increases power and efficiency in a microbial fuel cell
Premier GC, Kim JR, Michie I, Dinsdale RM, Guwy AJ
2020 - 2026 Impact of gas-phase reactions in the mixing region upstream of a diesel fuel autothermal reformer
Kang IY, Carstensen HH, Dean AM
2027 - 2036 Electrolytic effect in solid oxide fuel cells running on steam/methane mixture
Ni M
2037 - 2045 Interface reactivity study between La0 6Sr0 4Co0 2Fe0 8O3-delta (LSCF) cathode material and metallic interconnect for fuel cell
Ardigo MR, Perron A, Combemale L, Heintz O, Caboche G, Chevalier S
2046 - 2054 Microstructure of porous composite electrodes generated by the discrete element method
Liu XX, Martin CL, Delette G, Laurencin J, Bouvard D, Delahaye T
2055 - 2060 Efficiency of poly-generating high temperature fuel cells
Margalef P, Brown T, Brouwer J, Samuelsen S
2061 - 2065 Flash-sintering of Co2MnO4 spinet for solid oxide fuel cell applications
Prette ALG, Cologna M, Sglavo V, Raj R
2066 - 2069 Sulfur-poisoned Ni-based solid oxide fuel cell anode characterization by varying water content
Li TS, Wang WG
2070 - 2074 Studies on the fabrication of metallic bipolar plates-Using micro electrical discharge machining milling
Hung JC, Yang TC, Li KC
2075 - 2079 Stable and easily sintered (Pr0 5Nd0 5)(0 7)CaO0 3CrO3-delta/Sm0 2Ce0 8O1 9 composite interconnect materials for IT-solid oxide fuel cells
Ding YZ, Lu XY, Chen YH, Lin B, Liu XQ, Meng GY
2080 - 2093 Modelling of solid oxide steam electrolyser Impact of the operating conditions on hydrogen production
Laurencin J, Kane D, Delette G, Deseure J, Lefebvre-Joud F
2094 - 2097 Direct three-dimensional reconstruction of a nanoporous catalyst layer for a polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Ziegler C, Thiele S, Zengerle R
2098 - 2108 Understanding the design and economics of distributed tri-generation systems for home and neighborhood refueling-Part I Single family residence case studies
Li XP, Ogden JM
2109 - 2114 A comparative study on the low-temperature performance of LiFePO4/C and Li3V2(PO4)(3)/C cathodes for lithium-ion batteries
Rui XH, Jin Y, Feng XY, Zhang LC, Chen CH
2115 - 2121 Polypropylene-supported and nano-Al2O3 doped poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene)-based gel electrolyte for lithium ion batteries
Liao YH, Li XP, Fu CH, Xu R, Zhou L, Tan CL, Hu SJ, Li WS
2122 - 2127 Mechanical stability for nanostructured Sn- and Si-based anodes
Aifantis KE, Hackney SA
2128 - 2134 Water-soluble binders for MCMB carbon anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Courtel FM, Niketic S, Duguay D, Abu-Lebdeh Y, Davidson IJ
2135 - 2142 Stabilizing lithium plating-stripping reaction between a lithium phosphorus oxynitride glass electrolyte and copper thin film by platinum insertion
Okita K, Ikeda K, Sano H, Iriyama Y, Sakaebe H
2143 - 2148 Anode properties of thick-film electrodes prepared by gas deposition of Ni-coated Si particles
Usui H, Shibata M, Nakai K, Sakaguchi H
2149 - 2154 Vanadium-substituted porous manganese oxides with Li-ion intercalation properties
Gulbinska MK, Suib SL
2155 - 2163 More on the reactivity of olivine LiFePO4 nano-particles with atmosphere at moderate temperature
Martin JF, Cuisinier M, Dupre N, Yamada A, Kanno R, Guyomard D
2164 - 2170 Iron oxide porous nanorods with different textural properties and surface composition Preparation, characterization and electrochemical lithium storage capabilities
Tartaj P, Amarilla JM
2171 - 2178 Improved synthesis of a highly fluorinated boronic ester as dual functional additive for lithium-ion batteries
Weng W, Zhang ZC, Schlueter JA, Redfern PC, Curtiss LA, Amine K
2179 - 2186 Cyclic stability and C-rate performance of amorphous silicon and carbon based anodes for electrochemical storage of lithium
Ahn D, Raj R
2187 - 2194 Use of natural binders and ionic liquid electrolytes for greener and safer lithium-ion batteries
Kim GT, Jeong SS, Joost M, Rocca E, Winter M, Passerini S, Balducci A
2195 - 2201 SnO2 nanoparticles@polypyrrole nanowires composite as anode materials for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Cui LF, Shen JA, Cheng FY, Tao ZL, Chen J
2202 - 2210 Preparation and ion transport properties of NaY zeolite-ionic liquid composites
Ntais S, Moschovi AM, Paloukis F, Neophytides S, Burganos VN, Dracopoulos V, Nikolakis V
2211 - 2220 Lithium diffusion in Li4Ti5O12 at high temperatures
Vijayakumar M, Kerisit S, Rosso KM, Burton SD, Sears JA, Yang ZG, Graff GL, Liu J, Hu JZ
2221 - 2226 Precipitated nanosized titanium dioxide for electrochemical applications
Kirillov SA, Lisnycha TV, Chernukhin SI
2227 - 2240 Discrimination of Li-ion batteries based on Hamming network using discharging-charging voltage pattern recognition for improved state-of-charge estimation
Kim J, Lee S, Cho BH
2241 - 2245 Preparation and electrochemical investigation of Li2CoPO4F cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
Wang DY, Xiao J, Xu W, Nie ZM, Wang CM, Graff G, Zhang JG
2246 - 2250 The improved discharge performance of Li/CFx batteries by using multi-walled carbon nanotubes as conductive additive
Li Y, Chen YF, Feng W, Ding F, Liu XJ
2251 - 2254 Inorganic additives for passivation of high voltage cathode materials
Yang L, Markmaitree T, Lucht BL
2255 - 2259 A study of tri(ethylene glycol)-substituted trimethylsilane (1NM3)/LiBOB as lithium battery electrolyte
Dong JA, Zhang ZC, Kusachi Y, Amine K
2260 - 2263 Thermal stability and kinetics of delithiated LiCoO2
Furushima Y, Yanagisawa C, Nakagawa T, Aoki Y, Muraki N
2264 - 2268 Limiting current density in bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)amide-based ionic liquid for lithium batteries
Park JW, Yoshida K, Tachikawa N, Dokko K, Watanabe M
2269 - 2273 Microstructural controls of titanate nanosheet composites using carbon fibers and high-rate electrode properties for lithium ion secondary batteries
Suzuki S, Miyayama M
2274 - 2278 Synthesis by Spark Plasma Sintering A new way to obtain electrode materials for lithium ion batteries
Dumont-Botto E, Bourbon C, Patoux S, Rozier P, Dolle M
2279 - 2282 Li3V2(PO4)(3)/C composite as an intercalation-type anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Rui XH, Yesibolati N, Chen CH
2283 - 2288 Novel lithium titanate hydrate nanotubes with outstanding rate capabilities and long cycle life
Xu R, Li JR, Tan A, Tang ZL, Zhang ZT
2289 - 2297 Simplified calculation of the area specific impedance for battery design
Gallagher KG, Nelson PA, Dees DW
2298 - 2310 Energy use, cost and CO2 emissions of electric cars
van Vliet O, Brouwer AS, Kuramochi T, van den Broek M, Faaij A
2311 - 2318 Impact of different utilization scenarios of electric vehicles on the German grid in 2030
Hartmann N, Ozdemir ED
2319 - 2331 Recursive approximate weighted total least squares estimation of battery cell total capacity
Plett GL
2332 - 2339 In situ X-ray diffraction of prototype sodium metal halide cells Time and space electrochemical profiling
Russenbeek J, Gao Y, Zhong Z, Croft M, Jisrawi N, Ignatov A, Tsakalakos T
2340 - 2345 Zinc morphology in zinc-nickel flow assisted batteries and impact on performance
Ito Y, Nyce M, Plivelich R, Klein M, Steingart D, Banerjee S
2346 - 2350 Performance of Mg-14Li-A-1Al-0 1Ce as anode for Mg-air battery
Ma YB, Li N, Li DY, Zhang ML, Huang XM
2351 - 2359 An innovative optimal power allocation strategy for fuel cell, battery and supercapacitor hybrid electric vehicle
Yu ZH, Zinger D, Bose A
2360 - 2363 Transient-boundary voltage method for measurement of equivalent circuit components of rechargeable batteries
Norian KH
2364 - 2372 Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of an alternating phenylenevinylene copolymer with substituted-triphenylamine units along the backbone for bulk heterojunction and dye-sensitized solar cells
Mikroyannidis JA, Tsagkournos DV, Balraju P, Sharma GD
2373 - 2379 Template-free prepared micro/nanostructured polypyrrole with ultrafast charging/discharging rate and long cycle life
Wang J, Xu YL, Yan F, Zhu JB, Wang JP
2380 - 2386 High energy density capacitor using coal tar pitch derived nanoporous carbon/MnO2 electrodes in aqueous electrolytes
Tomko T, Rajagopalan R, Lanagan M, Foley HC
2387 - 2392 Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of crystalline WO3-WO3 0 5H(2)O mixtures for pseudocapacitors of the asymmetric type
Chang KH, Hu CC, Huang CM, Liu YL, Chang CI
2393 - 2397 Chemically grown, porous, nickel oxide thin-film for electrochemical supercapacitors
Inamdar AI, Kim Y, Pawar SM, Kim JH, Im H, Kim H
2398 - 2402 Nanoporous MnOx thin-film electrodes synthesized by electrochemical lithiation/delithiation for supercapacitors
Xia H, Lai MO, Lu L
2403 - 2409 Electrochemically activated carbon micro-electrode arrays for electrochemical micro-capacitors
Beidaghi M, Chen W, Wang CL
2410 - 2415 Novel agarose polymer electrolyte for quasi-solid state dye-sensitized solar cell
Yang Y, Hu H, Zhou CH, Xu S, Sebo B, Zhao XZ
2416 - 2421 Co-sensitization promoted light harvesting for plastic dye-sensitized solar cells
Lee KM, Hsu YC, Ikegami M, Miyasaka T, Thomas KRJ, Lin JT, Ho KC
2422 - 2426 Electrophoretic deposition of Pt nanoparticles on plastic substrates as counter electrode for flexible dye-sensitized solar cells
Yin XO, Xue ZS, Liu B
2427 - 2428 Fabrication and performance of a proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cell based on a thin BaZr0 8Y0 2O3-delta electrolyte membrane (vol 15, pg 4727, 2010)
Sun WP, Yan LT, Shi Z, Zhu ZW, Liu W
2429 - 2429 Anodic deposition of manganese oxide electrodes with rod-like structures for application as electrochemical capacitors (vol 7, pg 2110, 2010)
Babakhani B, Ivey DG
2430 - 2431 Evolution of stress within a spherical insertion electrode particle under potentiostatic and galvanostatic operation (vol 190, pg 453, 2009)
Cheng YT, Verbrugge MW