Journal of Power Sources

Journal of Power Sources, Vol.196, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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4873 - 4885 An overview of graphene in energy production and storage applications
Brownson DAC, Kampouris DK, Banks CE
4886 - 4904 Electrospinning materials for energy-related applications and devices
Dong ZX, Kennedy SJ, Wu YQ
4905 - 4910 A comparative study of Pt/C cathodes in Sn0.9In0.1P2O7 and H3PO4 ionomers for high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Jin YC, Okada M, Hibino T
4911 - 4922 Electrochemical, structural and surface characterization of nickel/zirconia solid oxide fuel cell anodes in coal gas containing antimony
Marina OA, Pederson LR, Coyle CA, Thomsen EC, Nachimuthu P, Edwards DJ
4923 - 4933 Effects of property variation and ideal solution assumption on the calculation of the limiting current density condition of alkaline fuel cells
Zhou G, Chen LD, Seaba JP
4934 - 4942 Sulfonated titania submicrospheres-doped sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) hybrid membranes with enhanced proton conductivity and reduced methanol permeability
Xu T, Hou WQ, Shen XH, Wu H, Li XC, Wang JT, Jiang ZY
4943 - 4949 Bulk conduction and relaxation in [(ZrO2)(1-x)(CeO2)(x)](0.92)(Y2O3)(0.08) (0 <= x <= 1) solid solutions at intermediate temperatures
Yang F, Zhao XF, Xiao P
4950 - 4956 Cathode development for alkaline fuel cells based on a porous silver membrane
Bidault F, Kucernak A
4957 - 4964 Immobilization of Trametes hirsuta laccase into poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) and polyaniline polymer-matrices
Wang XJ, Sjoberg-Eerola P, Immonen K, Bobacka J, Bergelin M
4965 - 4971 Influence of operational parameters and of catalytic materials on electrical performance of Direct Glycerol Solid Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells
Ilie A, Simoes M, Baranton S, Coutanceau C, Martemianov S
4972 - 4979 Oxygen reduction reaction via the 4-electron transfer pathway on transition metal hydroxides
Liu ZX, Li ZP, Qin HY, Liu BH
4980 - 4986 Understanding the electrocatalytic activity of PtxSny in direct ethanol fuel cells
Wang Y, Song SQ, Andreadis G, Liu H, Tsiakaras P
4987 - 4991 Sm-0.2(Ce1-xTix)(0.8)O-1.9 modified Ni-yttria-stabilized zirconia anode for direct methane fuel cell
Chen Y, Chen FL, Wang WD, Ding D, Gao JF
4992 - 4995 LaNi0.8Co0.2O3 as a cathode catalyst for a direct borohydride fuel cell
Yang XD, Li S, Liu Y, Wei XZ, Liu YN
4996 - 4999 Electrical conductivity of Ce0.8Gd0.2-xDyxO2-delta (0 <= x <= 0.2) co-doped with Gd3+ and Dy3+ for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Park K, Hwang HK
5000 - 5006 Ionic conductivity, sintering and thermal expansion behaviors of mixed ion conductor BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.1Yb0.1O3-delta prepared by ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid assisted glycine nitrate process
Zhou XL, Liu LM, Zhen JM, Zhu SC, Li BW, Sun KN, Wang P
5007 - 5011 Solubilities of NiO and LaNiO3 in Li/Na eutectic carbonate with rare-earth oxide
Matsuzawa K, Akinaga Y, Mitsushima S, Ota K
5012 - 5020 Impact of channel geometry on two-phase flow in fuel cell microchannels
Steinbrenner JE, Lee ES, Hidrovo CH, Eaton JK, Goodson KE
5021 - 5026 Preparation of nano-sized nickel as anode catalyst for direct urea and urine fuel cells
Lan R, Tao SW
5027 - 5034 The interaction of biomass gasification syngas components with tar in a solid oxide fuel cell and operational conditions to mitigate carbon deposition on nickel-gadolinium doped ceria anodes
Mermelstein J, Milian M, Brandon NP
5035 - 5044 Novel fabrication technique of hollow fibre support for micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cells
Othman MHD, Droushiotis N, Wu ZT, Kelsall G, Li K
5045 - 5052 Diagnosis of MEA degradation under accelerated relative humidity cycling
Vengatesan S, Fowler MW, Yuan XZ, Wang HJ
5053 - 5063 A semi-empirical model for efficiency evaluation of a direct methanol fuel cell
Chiu YJ, Yu TL, Chung YC
5064 - 5069 Solid oxide fuel cells with Sm0.2Ce0.8O2-delta electrolyte film deposited by novel aerosol deposition method
Wang SF, Hsu YF, Wang CH, Yeh CT
5070 - 5076 Numerical analysis of the effect of different gas feeding modes in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with serpentine flow-field
Sierra JM, Moreira J, Sebastian PJ
5077 - 5083 Comparison of degradation behaviors for open-ended and closed proton exchange membrane fuel cells during startup and shutdown cycles
Yu Y, Tu ZK, Zhang HN, Zhan ZG, Pan M
5084 - 5090 Performance of (La,Sr)(Co,Fe)O3-x double-layer cathode films for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell
Marinha D, Hayd J, Dessemond L, Ivers-Tiffee E, Djurado E
5091 - 5094 Preparation of Cu-Ni/YSZ solid oxide fuel cell anodes using microwave irradiation
Islam S, Hill JM
5095 - 5101 Enhanced hydrogen generation by hydrolysis of LiBH4 doped with multiwalled carbon nanotubes for micro proton exchange membrane fuel cell application
Weng BC, Wu Z, Li ZL, Yang H, Leng HY
5102 - 5108 Aging of LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 cathode material upon exposure to H2O
Zhang XY, Jiang WJ, Zhu XP, Mauger A, Qilu, Julien CM
5109 - 5114 Low Li+ binding affinity: An important characteristic for additives to form solid electrolyte interphases in Li-ion batteries
Park MH, Lee YS, Lee H, Han YK
5115 - 5121 Modelling the thermal behaviour of a lithium-ion battery during charge
Kim US, Yi J, Shin CB, Han T, Park S
5122 - 5127 Nickel-tin foam with nanostructured walls for rechargeable lithium battery
Jung HR, Kim EJ, Park YJ, Shin HC
5128 - 5132 A study on lithium/air secondary batteries-Stability of the NASICON-type lithium ion conducting solid electrolyte in alkaline aqueous solutions
Shimonishi Y, Zhang T, Imanishi N, Im D, Lee DJ, Hirano A, Takeda Y, Yamamoto O, Sammes N
5133 - 5137 Synthesis of carbon-coated TiO2 nanotubes for high-power lithium-ion batteries
Park SJ, Kim YJ, Lee H
5138 - 5142 Large scale synthesis of nickel oxide/multiwalled carbon nanotube composites by direct thermal decomposition and their lithium storage properties
Xu CH, Sun J, Gao LA
5143 - 5146 Preparation of LiFePO4/C in a reductive atmosphere generated by windward aerobic decomposition of glucose
Wang SP, Zhou CG, Zhou QA, Ni G, Wu JP
5147 - 5154 Investigation of battery end-of-life conditions for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Wood E, Alexander M, Bradley TH
5155 - 5167 Influence of carbons on the structure of the negative active material of lead-acid batteries and on battery performance
Pavlov D, Nikolov P, Rogachev T
5168 - 5173 On the decrepitation mechanism of MgNi and LaNi5-based electrodes studied by in situ acoustic emission
Etiemble A, Idrissi H, Roue L
5174 - 5185 Characterization of a zinc-cerium flow battery
Leung PK, Ponce-de-Leon C, Low CTJ, Shah AA, Walsh FC
5186 - 5190 Discharge reaction mechanism of room-temperature sodium-sulfur battery with tetra ethylene glycol dimethyl ether liquid electrolyte
Ryu H, Kim T, Kim K, Ahn JH, Nam T, Wang G, Ahn HJ
5191 - 5196 Fabrication of a thin walled beta''-alumina electrolyte cells
Mali A, Petric A
5197 - 5204 Model-based fault detection of hybrid fuel cell and photovoltaic direct current power sources
Zhang LY, Huang AQ
5205 - 5208 Equivalent circuit components of nickel-cadmium battery at different states of charge
Norian KH
5209 - 5214 Enhanced capacitance in partially exfoliated multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Wang GM, Ling YC, Qian F, Yang XY, Liu XX, Li Y
5215 - 5222 Capacitance studies of cobalt compound nanowires prepared via electrodeposition
Asano Y, Komatsu T, Murashiro K, Hoshino K
5223 - 5230 Electrolyte infiltration in phosphazene-based dye-sensitized solar cells
Fei ST, Lee SHA, Pursel SM, Basham J, Hess A, Grimes CA, Horn MW, Mallouk TE, Allcock HR