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Journal of Power Sources, Vol.195, No.21 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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7129 - 7139 Seal glass for solid oxide fuel cells
Mahapatra MK, Lu K
7140 - 7145 Effect of nickel-phosphorus interactions on structural integrity of anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells
Liu WN, Sun X, Pederson LR, Marina OA, Khaleel MA
7146 - 7151 Hollow carbon hemispheres supported palladium electrocatalyst at improved performance for alcohol oxidation
Yan ZX, Hu ZF, Chen C, Meng H, Shen PK, Ji HB, Meng YZ
7152 - 7159 Effects of temperature and humidity on the cell performance and resistance of a phosphoric acid doped polybenzimidazole fuel cell
Chen CY, Lai WH
7160 - 7167 Direct ceramic inkjet printing of yttria-stabilized zirconia electrolyte layers for anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells
Tomov RI, Krauz M, Jewulski J, Hopkins SC, Kluczowski JR, Glowacka DM, Glowacki BA
7168 - 7175 Synthesis and characterization of quaternary PtRuIrSn/C electrocatalysts for direct ethanol fuel cells
Fatih K, Neburchilov V, Alzate V, Neagu R, Wang H
7176 - 7180 Effect of hydroxide and carbonate alkaline media on anion exchange membranes
Vega JA, Chartier C, Mustain WE
7181 - 7186 Applicability of extra low interstitials ferritic stainless steels for bipolar plates of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Kumagai M, Myung ST, Ichikawa T, Yashiro H
7187 - 7195 Assessment of PrBaCo2O5+delta + Sm0.2Ce0.8O1.9 composites prepared by physical mixing as electrodes of solid oxide fuel cells
Chen DJ, Ran R, Shao ZP
7196 - 7201 A liquid electrolyte alkaline direct 2-propanol fuel cell
Markiewicz MEP, Bergens SH
7202 - 7206 Study of CoO as an anode catalyst for a membraneless direct borohydride fuel cell
Li S, Liu YN, Liu Y, Chen YZ
7207 - 7212 Synthesis and characterization of Bi31Cr5O61.5, a new bismuth chromium oxide, potential mixed-ionic-electronic conductor for solid oxide fuel cells
Colmont M, Drache M, Roussel P
7213 - 7220 Effect of cations (Na+, Ca2+, Fe3+) on the conductivity of a Nafion membrane
Hongsirikarn K, Goodwin JG, Greenway S, Creager S
7221 - 7224 Methanol electrooxidation at aged PtRu electrodeposits as an approach to understand the effects of time
Glajchman P, Wordell DH, Giz MJ, Camara GA
7225 - 7229 Effect of Gd and Yb co-doping on structure and electrical conductivity of the Sm2Zr2O7 pyrochlore
Liu ZG, Ouyang JH, Sun KN, Xia XL
7230 - 7233 High performance solid oxide fuel cells based on tri-layer yttria-stabilized zirconia by low temperature sintering process
Liu Z, Zheng ZW, Han MF, Liu ML
7234 - 7237 Novel synthesis of PtRu/multi-walled carbon nanotube catalyst via a microwave-assisted imidazolium ionic liquid method for methanol oxidation
Guo DJ
7238 - 7242 Solid oxide fuel cell bi-layer anode with gadolinia-doped ceria for utilization of solid carbon fuel
Kellogg ID, Koylu UO, Dogan F
7243 - 7245 Hexadecacarbonylhexarhodium as a novel electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and hydrogen oxidation in the presence of fuel cell contaminants
Uribe-Godinez J, Hernandez-Castellanos R, Jimenez-Sandoval O
7246 - 7249 An ambient aqueous synthesis for highly dispersed and active Pd/C catalyst for formic acid electro-oxidation
Cheng NC, Lv HF, Wang W, Mu SC, Pan M, Marken F
7250 - 7254 Electrochemical reduction of CO2 in solid oxide electrolysis cells
Zhan ZL, Zhao L
7255 - 7258 Dependence on composition of electronic properties and stability of Pt-Fe/C catalysts for oxygen reduction
Malheiro AR, Perez J, Villullas HM
7259 - 7263 Electrochemical characterization of MnOOH-carbon nanocomposite cathodes for metal-air batteries: Impacts of dispersion and interfacial contact
Hu CC, Liao SC, Chang KH, Yang YL, Lin KM
7264 - 7267 Assessment of the performance of Ni-yttria-stabilized zirconia anodes in anode-supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells operating on H-2-CO syngas fuels
Ye XF, Wang SR, Zhou J, Zeng FR, Nie HW, Wen TL
7268 - 7277 Modeling and comparison to literature data of composite solid oxide fuel cell electrode-electrolyte interface conductivity
Martinez AS, Brouwer J
7278 - 7288 Three-dimensional numerical simulation of water droplet emerging from a gas diffusion layer surface in micro-channels
Ding Y, Bi HT, Wilkinson DP
7289 - 7294 Anionic-cationic bi-cell design for direct methanol fuel cell stack
Kim H, Unlu M, Zhou JF, Anestis-Richard I, Kohl PA
7295 - 7301 Stability of Ni-yttria stabilized zirconia anodes based on Ni-impregnation
Klemenso T, Thyden K, Chen M, Wang HJ
7302 - 7315 Numerical simulation and experimental validation of liquid water behaviors in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell cathode with serpentine channels
Le AD, Zhou BA, Shiu HR, Lee CI, Chang WC
7316 - 7322 In situ quantification of the in-plane water content in the Nafion (R) membrane of an operating polymer-electrolyte membrane fuel cell using H-1 micro-magnetic resonance imaging experiments
Wang MT, Feindel KW, Bergens SH, Wasylishen RE
7323 - 7331 Open circuit voltage durability study and model of catalyst coated membranes at different humidification levels
Kundu S, Fowler MW, Simon LC, Abouatallah R, Beydokhti N
7332 - 7337 Design, fabrication and performance evaluation of a miniature air breathing direct formic acid fuel cell based on printed circuit board technology
Hong P, Liao SJ, Zeng JH, Huang XJ
7338 - 7348 Development and performance analysis of a metallic micro-direct methanol fuel cell for high-performance applications
Zhang B, Zhang YF, He H, Li JM, Yuan ZY, Na CR, Liu XW
7349 - 7358 Passive cathodic water/air management device for micro-direct methanol fuel cells
Peng HC, Chen PH, Chen HW, Chieng CC, Yeh TK, Pan C, Tseng FG
7359 - 7369 High performance proton exchange membrane fuel cell electrode assemblies
Yang TF, Hourng LW, Yu TL, Chi PH, Su A
7370 - 7374 Oxidation behavior and electrical property of ferritic stainless steel interconnects with a Cr-La alloying layer by high-energy micro-arc alloying process
Feng ZJ, Zeng CL
7375 - 7379 A promising NiCo2O4 protective coating for metallic interconnects of solid oxide fuel cells
Hua B, Zhang WY, Wu JA, Pu JA, Chi B, Jian L
7380 - 7385 Improving solid-state hydriding and dehydriding properties of the LiBH4 plus MgH2 system with the addition of Mn and V dopants
Crosby K, Wan XF, Shaw LL
7386 - 7390 Investigation of activity losses of gold nanoparticles in the CO selective oxidation
Ribeiro NFP, Bonfim RPF, Souza MMVM, Schmal M
7391 - 7396 Influence of lithium content on high rate cycleability of layered Li1+xNi0.30Co0.30Mn0.40O2 cathodes for high power lithium-ion batteries
Santhanam R, Jones P, Sumana A, Rambabu B
7397 - 7402 LiPF6 and lithium oxalyldifluoroborate blend salts electrolyte for LiFePO4/artificial graphite lithium-ion cells
Zhang ZA, Chen XJ, Li FQ, Lai YQ, Li J, Liu P, Wang XY
7403 - 7408 A three-dimensional macroporous Cu/SnO2 composite anode sheet prepared via a novel method
Xu W, Canfield NL, Wang DY, Xiao J, Nie ZM, Zhang JG
7409 - 7414 KOH-activated multi-walled carbon nanotubes as platinum supports for oxygen reduction reaction
He CX, Song SQ, Liu JC, Maragou V, Tsiakaras P
7415 - 7425 Aging of the LiFePO4 positive electrode interface in electrolyte
Dupre N, Martin JF, Degryse J, Fernandez V, Soudan P, Guyomard D
7426 - 7431 A mixture of triethylphosphate and ethylene carbonate as a safe additive for ionic liquid-based electrolytes of lithium ion batteries
Lalia BS, Yoshimoto N, Egashira M, Morita M
7432 - 7437 Fabrication and lithium storage performance of three-dimensional porous NiO as anode for lithium-ion battery
Wang C, Wang DL, Wang QM, Chen HJ
7438 - 7444 Oxygen-selective immobilized liquid membranes for operation of lithium-air batteries in ambient air
Zhang J, Xu W, Liu W
7445 - 7451 Physical and electrochemical properties of LiMnPO4/C composite cathode prepared with different conductive carbons
Bakenov Z, Taniguchi I
7452 - 7456 The anode performance of the hard carbon for the lithium ion battery derived from the oxygen-containing aromatic precursors
Fujimoto H, Tokumitsu K, Mabuchi A, Chinnasamy N, Kasuh T
7457 - 7461 Improved thermal stability of lithium ion battery by using cresyl diphenyl phosphate as an electrolyte additive
Wang QS, Ping P, Sun JH, Chen CH
7462 - 7465 Liquid phase chemical synthesis of Co-S microspheres with novel structure and their electrochemical properties
Song DW, Wang QH, Wang YP, Wang YJ, Han Y, Li L, Liu GA, Jiao LF, Yuan HT
7466 - 7470 Sodium-ion transfer at the interface between ceramic and organic electrolytes
Sagane F, Abe T, Ogumi Z
7471 - 7479 Allyl-functionalized ionic liquids as electrolytes for electric double-layer capacitors
Orita A, Kamijima K, Yoshida M
7480 - 7483 Brushed-on flexible supercapacitor sheets using a nanocomposite of polyaniline and carbon nanotubes
Liu QA, Nayfeh MH, Yau ST
7484 - 7488 The effects of temperature on the performance of electrochemical double layer capacitors
Fletcher SI, Sillars FB, Carter RC, Cruden AJ, Mirzaeian M, Hudson NE, Parkinson JA, Hall PJ
7489 - 7493 Supercapacitive properties of hybrid films of manganese dioxide and polyaniline based on active carbon in organic electrolyte
Zou WY, Wang W, He BL, Sun ML, Yin YS