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5821 - 5821 Selected Papers Presented at 4th International Conference on Polymer Batteries and Fuel Cells Preface
Watanabe M
5822 - 5828 Proton conductivity and fuel cell property of composite electrolyte consisting of Cs-substituted heteropoly acids and sulfonated poly(ether-ether ketone)
Oh SY, Yoshida T, Kawamura G, Muto H, Sakai M, Matsuda A
5829 - 5839 Proton-conducting ionic liquid-based Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell membranes: The key role of ionomer-ionic liquid interaction
Martinez M, Molmeret Y, Cointeaux L, Iojoiu C, Lepretre JC, El Kissi N, Judeinstein P, Sanchez JY
5840 - 5847 Oxygen-reduction activity of silk-derived carbons
Iwazaki T, Yang HS, Obinata R, Sugimoto W, Takasu Y
5848 - 5855 Quantum-beam technology: A versatile tool for developing polymer electrolyte fuel-cell membranes
Yamaki T
5856 - 5861 Sulfonated polyimide hybrid membranes for polymer electrolyte fuel cell applications
Okamoto K, Yaguchi K, Yamamoto H, Chen KC, Endo N, Higa M, Kita H
5862 - 5867 Preparation of catalyst for a polymer electrolyte fuel cell using a novel spherical carbon support
Eguchi M, Okubo A, Yamamoto S, Kikuchi M, Uno K, Kobayashi Y, Nishitani-Gamo M, Ando T
5868 - 5874 Synthesis and properties of samaria-doped ceria electrolyte for IT-SOFCs by EDTA-citrate complexing method
Wu WC, Huang JT, Chiba A
5875 - 5881 H-2/air alkaline membrane fuel cell performance and durability, using novel ionomer and non-platinum group metal cathode catalyst
Piana M, Boccia M, Filpi A, Flammia E, Miller HA, Orsini M, Salusti F, Santiccioli S, Ciardelli F, Pucci A
5882 - 5888 Proton conductive inorganic-organic hybrid membranes functionalized with phosphonic acid for polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Umeda J, Suzuki M, Kato M, Moriya M, Sakamoto W, Yogo T
5889 - 5895 Functionalization of electrochemically prepared titania nanotubes with Pt for application as catalyst for fuel cells
Hassan FMB, Nanjo H, Venkatachalam S, Kanakubo M, Ebina T
5896 - 5901 Shape-controlled Pd nanostructure catalysts for highly efficient electrochemical power sources
Lee YW, Oh JK, Kim HS, Lee JK, Han SB, Choi W, Park KW
5902 - 5908 Fabrication of nanostructured titania on flexible substrate by electrochemical anodization
Nanjo H, Hassan FMB, Venkatachalam S, Teshima N, Kawasaki K, Aizawa T, Aida T, Ebina T
5909 - 5914 Fabrication of protic ionic liquid/sulfonated polyimide composite membranes for non-humidified fuel cells
Lee SY, Yasuda T, Watanabe M
5915 - 5921 Study on degradation process of polymer electrolyte by solution analysis
Akiyama Y, Sodaye H, Shibahara Y, Honda Y, Tagawa S, Nishijima S
5922 - 5928 High ion and lower molecular transportation of the poly vinylidene fluoride-hexa fluoro propylene hybrid membranes for the high temperature and lower humidity direct methanol fuel cell applications
Kumar GG, Kim AR, Nahm KS, Yoo DJ, Elizabeth R
5929 - 5933 Morphological features of electrodeposited Pt nanoparticles and its application as anode catalysts in polymer electrolyte formic acid fuel cells
Jeon H, Joo J, Kwon Y, Uhm S, Lee J
5934 - 5937 Effect of humidity and temperature on polymer electrolyte membrane (Nafion 117) studied by positron annihilation spectroscopy
Shibahara Y, Sodaye HS, Akiyama Y, Nishijima S, Honda Y, Isoyama G, Tagawa S
5938 - 5941 Electrocatalytic activity of iridium oxide nanoparticles coated on carbon for oxygen reduction as cathode catalyst in polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Chang CH, Yuen TS, Nagao Y, Yugami H
5942 - 5946 Percolated interface conductivity of sheet-like electrolyte prepared from poly(2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid)-deposited core-shell particles and effect of core particle size
Sakamoto H, Daiko Y, Katagiri K, Muto H, Sakai M, Matsuda A
5947 - 5951 Preparation of carbon alloy catalysts for polymer electrolyte fuel cells from nitrogen-containing rigid-rod polymers
Chokai M, Taniguchi M, Moriya S, Matsubayashi K, Shinoda T, Nabae Y, Kuroki S, Hayakawa T, Kakimoto M, Ozaki J, Miyata S
5952 - 5956 Enhancement of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell performance by boiling a membrane electrode assembly in sulfuric acid solution
Cho YH, Kim J, Yoo SJ, Jeon TY, Ahn M, Jung N, Cho YH, Lim JW, Lee JK, Yoon WS, Sung YE
5957 - 5961 Electrospun nanofibrous blend membranes for fuel cell electrolytes
Takemori R, Kawakami H
5962 - 5965 Modelling the Nafion (R) diffraction profile by molecular dynamics simulation
Brandell D, Karo J, Thomas JO
5966 - 5970 Anodic Pt dissolution in concentrated trifluoromethanesulfonic acid
Takizawa S, Nakazawa A, Inoue M, Umeda M
5971 - 5974 Measuring method for flow rate distribution between cells in a polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack
Sekine F, Eguchi M, Kobayashi Y, Tsutsumi Y
5975 - 5979 Development of a passive direct methanol fuel cell stack for high methanol concentration
Tsujiguchi T, Abdelkareem MA, Kudo T, Nakagawa N, Shimizu T, Matsuda M
5980 - 5985 Oxygen reduction catalytic ability of platinum nanoparticles prepared by room-temperature ionic liquid-sputtering method
Tsuda T, Yoshii K, Torimoto T, Kuwabata S
5986 - 5989 Effect of conditioning method on direct methanol fuel cell performance
Inoue M, Iwasaki T, Sayama K, Umeda M
5990 - 5995 About internal currents during start-up in proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Maranzana G, Moyne C, Dillet J, Didierjean S, Lottin O
5996 - 6000 Microelectrode-based hydrogen peroxide detection during oxygen reduction at Pt disk electrode
Kishi A, Fukasawa T, Umeda M
6001 - 6007 Development of a method to estimate the lifespan of proton exchange membrane fuel cell using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Lee JH, Lee JH, Choi W, Park KW, Sun HY, Oh JH
6008 - 6015 Development of the novel control algorithm for the small proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack without external humidification
Kim TH, Kim SH, Kim W, Lee JH, Cho KS, Park KW, Choi W
6016 - 6023 Catalytic gasification of automotive shredder residues with hydrogen generation
Lin KS, Chowdhury S, Wang ZP
6024 - 6030 Study on the dynamic behavior of Zn-based hydrogen generating cells as fuel storage for a PEM micro fuel cell system
Weiland M, Krumbholz S, Wagner S, Reichl H
6031 - 6036 Si-graphite composites as anode materials for lithium secondary batteries
Jo YN, Kim Y, Kim JS, Song JH, Kim KJ, Kwag CY, Lee DJ, Park CW, Kim YJ
6037 - 6042 Influence of post-casting treatments on sulphonated polyetheretherketone composite membranes
Carbone A, Gatto I, Ohira A, Wu LB, Passalacqua E
6043 - 6048 Synthesis and electrochemical performances of core-shell structured Li[(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)(0.8)(Ni1/2Mn1/2)(0.2)]O-2 cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Lee KS, Myung ST, Sun YK
6049 - 6054 Effect of slurry preparation process on electrochemical performances of LiCoO2 composite electrode
Lee GW, Ryu JH, Han W, Ahn KH, Oh SM
6055 - 6061 Lithium conducting ionic liquids based on lithium borate salts
Zygadlo-Monikowska E, Florjanczyk Z, Sluzewska K, Ostrowska J, Langwald N, Tomaszewska A
6062 - 6068 Oligo(ethylene glycol)-functionalized disiloxanes as electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang ZC, Dong JA, West R, Amine K
6069 - 6074 Functional binders for reversible lithium intercalation into graphite in propylene carbonate and ionic liquid media
Komaba S, Yabuuchi N, Ozeki T, Okushi K, Yui H, Konno K, Katayama Y, Miura T
6075 - 6080 Effect of gamma ray irradiation on thermal and electrochemical properties of polyethylene separator for Li ion batteries
Kim KJ, Kim YH, Song JH, Jo YN, Kim JS, Kim YJ
6081 - 6087 Benzimidazole and imidazole lithium salts for battery electrolytes
Scheers J, Johansson P, Szczecinski P, Wieczorek W, Armand M, Jacobsson P
6088 - 6094 Preparation and electrochemical characterization of polymer electrolytes based on electrospun poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene)/polyacrylonitrile blend/composite membranes for lithium batteries
Raghavan P, Zhao X, Shin C, Baek DH, Choi JW, Manuel J, Heo MY, Ahn JH, Nah C
6095 - 6100 New glyme-cyclic imide lithium salt complexes as thermally stable electrolytes for lithium batteries
Tamura T, Hachida T, Yoshida K, Tachikawa N, Dokko K, Watanabe M
6101 - 6107 Effects of synthesis temperature and precursor composition on the crystal structure, morphology, and electrode activity of 1D nanostructured manganese oxides
Kim IY, Lee SH, Ha HW, Kim TW, Han YS, Kang JK, Lee DH, Hwang SJ
6108 - 6115 The electrochemical property of ZrFx-coated Li[Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3]O-2 cathode material
Yun SH, Park KS, Park YJ
6116 - 6121 Effect of phase inversion on microporous structure development of Al2O3/poly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene)-based ceramic composite separators for lithium-ion batteries
Jeong HS, Kim DW, Jeong YU, Lee SY
6122 - 6129 Surface modification of Li[Ni0.3Co0.4Mn0.3]O-2 cathode by Li-La-Ti-O coating
Lee HJ, Park KS, Park YJ
6130 - 6137 UV cross-linked, lithium-conducting ternary polymer electrolytes containing ionic liquids
Kim GT, Appetecchi GB, Carewska M, Joost M, Balducci A, Winter M, Passerini S
6138 - 6142 Enhanced ionic conductivity of intrinsic solid polymer electrolytes using multi-armed oligo(ethylene oxide) plasticizers
Lee JI, Kim DW, Lee C, Kang Y
6143 - 6147 Electrochemical behavior of a silicon monoxide and Li-powder double layer anode cell
Seong IW, Yoon WY
6148 - 6152 Density functional theory (DFT) study on the effects of Li+ doping on electronic states of graphene
Tachikawa H, Nagoya Y, Fukuzumi T
6153 - 6156 Application of bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide-based ionic liquid electrolyte to silicon-nickel-carbon composite anode for lithium-ion batteries
Sugimoto T, Atsumi Y, Kono M, Kikuta M, Ishiko E, Yamagata M, Ishikawa M
6157 - 6161 Electrochemical characteristics of lithium vanadate, Li1+xVO2, new anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Song JH, Park HJ, Kim KJ, Jo YN, Kim JS, Jeong YU, Kim YJ
6162 - 6166 Lithium dope and undope reactions for tin in an ionic liquid electrolyte with some glymes
Katayama Y, Miyashita S, Miura T
6167 - 6171 Directed growth of nanoarchitectured LiFePO4 electrode by solvothermal synthesis and their cathode properties
Rangappa D, Sone K, Kudo T, Honma I
6172 - 6176 Carbon anode for dry-polymer electrolyte lithium batteries
Saito D, Ito Y, Hanai K, Kobayashi T, Imanishi N, Hirano A, Takeda Y, Yamamoto O
6177 - 6181 Cycling performance of a lithium-ion polymer cell assembled by in-situ chemical cross-linking with fluorinated phosphorous-based cross-linking agent
Choi JA, Kang Y, Shim H, Kim DW, Cha E, Kim DW
6182 - 6186 Synthesis of supramolecular solid polymer electrolytes via self-assembly of diborylated ionic liquid
Matsumi N, Kagata A, Aoi K
6187 - 6191 A study on lithium/air secondary batteries-Stability of NASICON-type glass ceramics in acid solutions
Shimonishi Y, Zhang T, Johnson P, Imanishi N, Hirano A, Takeda Y, Yamamoto O, Sammes N
6192 - 6196 Enhancement of thermal stability and cycling performance in lithium-ion cells through the use of ceramic-coated separators
Choi JA, Kim SH, Kim DW
6197 - 6201 Cycling performance of lithium-ion batteries assembled with a hybrid composite membrane prepared by an electrospinning method
Lee YS, Jeong YB, Kim DW
6202 - 6206 Mixture of LiBF4 and lithium difluoro(oxalato)borate for application as a new electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries
Zygadlo-Monikowska E, Florjanczyk Z, Kubisa P, Biedron T, Tomaszewska A, Ostrowska J, Langwald N
6207 - 6211 Electrolyte properties of 1-alkyl-2,3,5-trimethylpyrazolium cation-based room-temperature ionic liquids for lithium secondary batteries
Seki S, Kobayashi T, Serizawa N, Kobayashi Y, Takei K, Miyashiro H, Hayamizu K, Tsuzuki S, Mitsugi T, Umebayashi Y, Watanabe M
6212 - 6217 Fast redox of composite electrode of nitroxide radical polymer and carbon with polyacrylate binder
Komaba S, Tanaka T, Ozeki T, Taki T, Watanabe H, Tachikawa H
6218 - 6224 Modelling electrode material utilization in the trench model 3D-microbattery by finite element analysis
Zadin V, Kasemagi H, Aabloo A, Brandell D
6225 - 6231 Plastic dye-sensitized photo-supercapacitor using electrophoretic deposition and compression methods
Chen HW, Hsu CY, Chen JG, Lee KM, Wang CC, Huang KC, Ho KC
6232 - 6238 A dye-sensitized photo-supercapacitor based on PProDOT-Et-2 thick films
Hsu CY, Chen HW, Lee KM, Hu CW, Ho KC
6239 - 6244 Preparation and characterization of Ni-based positive electrodes for use in aqueous electrochemical capacitors
Inoue H, Namba Y, Higuchi E
6245 - 6249 High/low temperature operation of electric double layer capacitor utilizing acidic cellulose-chitin hybrid gel electrolyte
Yamazaki S, Takegawa A, Kaneko Y, Kadokawa J, Yamagata M, Ishikawa M
6250 - 6254 High-rate nano-crystalline Li4Ti5O12 attached on carbon nano-fibers for hybrid supercapacitors
Naoi K, Ishimoto S, Isobe Y, Aoyagi S