Journal of Power Sources

Journal of Power Sources, Vol.179, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Stable operation of air-blowing direct methanol fuel cells with high performance
Park JY, Lee JH, Kim J, Han S, Song I
9 - 16 Performance and stability of composite nickel and molybdenum sulfide-based anodes for SOFC utilizing H2S
Vorontsov V, An W, Luo JL, Sanger AR, Chuang KT
17 - 26 Electrocatalysis by nanocrystalline tungsten carbides and the effects of codeposited silver
Brady CDA, Rees EJ, Burstein GT
27 - 33 Electricity generation by a baffle-chamber membraneless microbial fuel cell
34 - 41 Polymer electrolytes based on sulfonated polysulfone for direct methanol fuel cells
Lufrano F, Baglio V, Staiti P, Arico AS, Antonucci V
42 - 49 Effect of the catalyst composition in the Pt-x(Ru-Ir)(1-x)/C system on the electro-oxidation of methanol in acid media
Eguiluz KIB, Salazar-Banda GR, Miwa D, Machado SAS, Avaca LA
50 - 59 High surface area synthesis, electrochemical activity, and stability of tungsten carbide supported Pt during oxygen reduction in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Chhina H, Campbell S, Kesler O
60 - 68 Properties and performance of Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta+Sm0.2Ce0.8O1.9 composite cathode
Wang K, Ran R, Zhou W, Gu HX, Shao ZP, Ahn JM
69 - 80 Synthesis and characterization of polyvinyl alcohol copolymer/phosphomolybdic acid-based crosslinked composite polymer electrolyte membranes
Anis A, Banthia AK, Bandyopadhyay S
81 - 86 A polyoxometalate-deposited Pt/CNT electrocatalyst via chemical synthesis for methanol electrooxidation
Seo MH, Choi SM, Kim HJ, Kim JH, Cho BK, Kim WB
87 - 91 Catalytic behavior of Co3O4 in electroreduction of H2O2
Cao DX, Chao JD, Sun LM, Wang GL
92 - 95 Direct ammonia solid oxide fuel cell based on thin proton-conducting electrolyte
Zhang LM, Yang WS
96 - 100 Substituted Sr2MnO4 as a possible cathode material in SOFC
Sun LP, Huo LH, Zhao H, Li Q, Pijolat C
101 - 105 Improved surface proton conduction of yttrium-stabilized zirconia via acidic modifications
Wang H, Li LP, Yang Y, Li GS
106 - 112 Thermophysical properties and devitrification of SrO-La2O3-Al2O3-B2O3-SiO2-based glass sealant for solid oxide fuel/electrolyzer cells
Mahapatra MK, Lu K, Reynolds WT
113 - 120 Portable power production from methanol in an integrated thermoeletric/microreactor system
Karim AM, Federici JA, Vlachos DG
121 - 131 Particle swarm optimization applied to the co-design of a fuel cell air circuit
Sari A, Espanet C, Hissel D
132 - 139 Water profile determination in a running PEMFC by small-angle neutron scattering
Gebel G, Diat O, Escribano S, Mosdale R
140 - 146 Physical degradation of membrane electrode assemblies undergoing freeze/thaw cycling: Diffusion media effects
Kim S, Ahn BK, Mench MM
147 - 154 Planar array stack design aided by rapid prototyping in development of air-breathing PEMFC
Chen CY, Lai WH, Weng BJ, Chuang HJ, Hsieh CY, Kung CC
155 - 163 Applications of one-cycle control to improve the interconnection of a solid oxide fuel cell and electric power system with a dynamic load
Auld AE, Mueller F, Smedley KM, Samuelsen S, Brouwer J
164 - 176 Transient air cooling thermal modeling of a PEM fuel cell
Adzakpa KP, Ramousse J, Dube Y, Akremi H, Agbossou K, Dostie M, Poulin A, Fournier M
177 - 185 High performance electrolyte-coated anodes for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells: Model and experiments
Ding D, Zhu W, Gao JF, Xia CR
186 - 199 A three-dimensional agglomerate model for the cathode catalyst layer of PEM fuel cells
Das PK, Li XG, Liu ZS
200 - 208 Analytic determination of the effective thermal conductivity of PEM fuel cell gas diffusion layers
Sadeghi E, Bahrami M, Djilali N
209 - 219 A comparison of different approaches to modelling the PEMFC catalyst layer
Harvey D, Pharoah JG, Karan K
220 - 231 Transient response of high temperature PEM fuel cell
Peng J, Shin JY, Song TW
232 - 239 Predictive control of SOFC based on a GA-RBF neural network model
Wu XJ, Zhu XJ, Cao GY, Tu HY
240 - 251 Effect of anisotropic thermal conductivity of the GDL and current collector rib width on two-phase transport in a PEM fuel cell
Bapat CJ, Thynell ST
252 - 264 Coolant controls of a PEM fuel cell system
Ahn JW, Choe SY
265 - 273 Evaluation of coated metallic bipolar plates for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Yoon W, Huang XY, Fazzino P, Reifsnider KL, Akkaoui MA
274 - 279 Scale-Lip of membrane-free single-chamber microbial fuel cells
Liu H, Cheng S, Huang LP, Logan BE
280 - 285 Efficient electrochemical oxidation of ethanol to carbon dioxide in a fuel cell at ambient temperature
Ghumman A, Pickup PG
286 - 291 Performance evaluation of several commercial alloys in a reducing environment
Liu Y
292 - 296 The voltage characteristics of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) under steady and transient states
Shen Q, Hou M, Yan XQ, Liang D, Zang ZM, Hao LX, Shao ZG, Hou ZJ, Ming PW, Yi BL
297 - 300 Electrokinetic energy conversion in slip nanochannels
Davidson C, Xuan XC
301 - 304 Effect of pressure for direct fuel cells using DME-based fuels
Im JY, Kim BS, Choi HG, Cho SM
305 - 309 Experimental study on clamping pressure distribution in PEM fuel cells
Wang XT, Song Y, Zhang B
310 - 316 Mechanism for electrochemical hydrogen insertion in carbonaceous materials
317 - 328 SOFC anodes for direct oxidation of hydrogen and methane fuels containing H2S
Grgicak CM, Green RG, Giorgi JB
329 - 334 Combustion synthesis of copper catalysts for selective CO oxidation
Ribeiro NFP, Souza MMVM, Schmal M
335 - 339 Sodium borohydride hydrolysis kinetics comparison for nickel, cobalt, and ruthenium boride catalysts
Walter JC, Zurawski A, Montgomery D, Thornburg M, Revankar S
340 - 346 Optimized solid-state synthesis of LiFePO4 cathode materials using ball-milling
Kang HC, Jun DK, Jin B, Jin EM, Park KH, Gu HB, Kim KW
347 - 350 Electrochemical and thermal characterization of AlF3-coated Li[Ni0.8Co0.15Al0.05]O-2 cathode in lithium-ion cells
Kim HB, Park BC, Myung ST, Amine K, Prakash J, Sun YK
351 - 356 Nonflammable electrolyte for 3-V lithium-ion battery with spinel materials LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 and Li4Ti5O12
Xiang HF, Jin QY, Wang R, Chen CH, Ge XW
357 - 360 MoO2 synthesized by reduction Of MoO3 with ethanol vapor as an anode material with good rate capability for the lithium ion battery
Yang LC, Gao QS, Tang Y, Wu YP, Holze R
361 - 366 Electrochemical synthesis of birnessite-type layered manganese oxides for rechargeable lithium batteries
Nakayama M, Kanaya T, Lee JW, Popov BN
367 - 370 A new SiO/C anode composition for lithium-ion battery
Doh CH, Park CW, Shin HM, Kim DH, Chung YD, Moon SI, Jin BS, Kim HS, Veluchamy A
371 - 380 Characterization of solid electrode materials using chronoamperometry: A study of the alkaline gamma-MnO2 electrode
Malloy AP, Donne SW
381 - 387 Study of zinc electrodes for single flow zinc/nickel battery application
Zhang L, Cheng J, Yang YS, Wen YH, Wang XD, Cao GP
388 - 394 Insights into the electrochemistry of layered double hydroxide containing cobalt and aluminum elements in lithium hydroxide aqueous solution
Su LH, Zhang XG, Mi CH, Liu Y
395 - 400 Electrochemical performance of ZnO nanoplates as anode materials for Ni/Zn secondary batteries
Ma M, Tu JP, Yuan YF, Wang XL, Li KF, Mao F, Zeng ZY
401 - 406 Heterogeneous electrolytes: Variables for and uncertainty in conductivity measurements
Kumar B
407 - 411 A novel high capacity, environmentally benign energy storage system: Super-iron boride battery
Yu XW, Licht S
412 - 416 In-situ study of the cracking of metal hydride electrodes by acoustic emission technique
Didier-Laurent S, Idrissi H, Roue L
417 - 423 Optimal battery/ultracapacitor storage combination
Henson W
424 - 429 Simulation of a thermal battery using Phoenics (R)
Freitas GCS, Peixoto FC, Vianna AS
430 - 434 Manganese oxide electrochemical capacitor with potassium poly(acrylate) hydrogel electrolyte
Lee KT, Wu NL
435 - 440 Ideal pseudocapacitive performance of the Mn oxide anodized from the nanostructured and amorphous Mn thin film electrodeposited in BMP-NTf2 ionic liquid
Chang JK, Huang CH, Tsai WT, Deng MJ, Sun IW
441 - 441 Fine cathode particles prepared by solid-state reaction method using nano-sized precursor particles (vol 174, pg 598, 2007)
Ju SH, Koo HY, Hong SK, Jo EB, Kang YC