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247 - 260 Recent anode advances in solid oxide fuel cells
Sun CW, Stimming U
261 - 267 Porous nickel MCFC cathode coated by potentiostatically deposited cobalt oxide III. Electrochemical behaviour in molten carbonate
Escudero MJ, Ringuede A, Cassir M, Gonzalez-Ayuso T, Daza L
268 - 274 Effect of cathode gas diffusion layer on water transport and cell performance in direct methanol fuel cells
Xu C, Zhao TS, He YL
275 - 281 Microbial fuel cell performance with non-Pt cathode catalysts
HaoYu E, Cheng S, Scott K, Logan B
282 - 293 Experimental and modelling studies of CO poisoning in PEM fuel cells
Farrell CG, Gardner CL, Ternan M
294 - 301 Enhancing PEM fuel cell performance by introducing additional thin layers to sputter-deposited Pt catalysts
Gruber D, Muller J
302 - 309 Pt/carbon nanofibers electrocatalysts for fuel cells Effect of the support oxidizing treatment
Zaragoza-Martin F, Sopena-Escario D, Morallon E, de Lecea CSM
310 - 320 From macro- to micro-single chamber solid oxide fuel cells
Buergler BE, Ochsner M, Vuillemin S, Gauckler LJ
321 - 330 Transient response of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Weydahl H, Moller-Holst S, Hagen G, Borresen B
331 - 339 Effect of carbon black support corrosion on the durability of Pt/C catalyst
Wang JJ, Yin GP, Shao YY, Zhang S, Wang ZB, Gao YZ
340 - 347 Cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol) and poly(styrene sulfonic acid-co-maleic anhydride)-based semi-interpenetrating network as proton-conducting membranes for direct methanol fuel cells
Lin CW, Huang YF, Kannan AM
348 - 354 Enhanced Coulombic efficiency and power density of air-cathode microbial fuel cells with an improved cell configuration
Fan YZ, Hu HQ, Liu H
355 - 362 Enhanced ethanol oxidation on PbOx-containing electrode materials for fuel cell applications
Suffredini HB, Salazar-Banda GR, Avaca LA
363 - 372 Effect of morphological properties of ionic liquid-templated mesoporous anatase TiO2 on performance of PEMFC with Nafion/TiO2 composite membrane at elevated temperature and low relative humidity
Chen SY, Han CC, Tsai CH, Huang J, Chen-Yang YW
373 - 380 Methanol oxidation reaction on Ti/RuO2(x)Pt(1-x) electrodes prepared by the polymeric precursor method
Freitas RG, Marchesi LR, Oliveira RTS, Mattos-Costa FI, Pereira EC, Bulhoes LOS, Santos MC
381 - 387 RuxCrySez electrocatalyst loading and stability effects on the electrochemical performance in a PEMFC
Suarez-Alcantara K, Rodriguez-Castellanos A, Duron-Torres S, Solorza-Feria O
388 - 395 High proton-conducting Nafion (R)/-SO3H functionalized mesoporous silica composite membranes
Lin YF, Yen CY, Ma CCM, Liao SH, Lee CH, Hsiao YH, Lin HP
396 - 403 Development of preform moulding technique using expanded graphite for proton exchange membrane fuel cell bipolar plates
Heo SI, Oh KS, Yun JC, Jung SH, Yang YC, Han KS
404 - 411 Preparation of PtRu nanoparticles on various carbon supports using surfactants and their catalytic activities for methanol electro-oxidation
Kim C, Kwon HH, Song IK, Sung YE, Chung WS, Lee HI
412 - 423 A lumped parameter model of the polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Chu K, Ryu J, Sunwoo M
424 - 432 Electrical properties of carbon-based polypropylene composites for bipolar plates in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)
Dweiri R, Sahari J
433 - 440 Cathode structure optimization for air-breathing DMFC by application of pore-forming agents
Reshetenko TV, Kim HT, Kweon HJ
441 - 447 Comparison of solid oxide fuel cell anode coatings prepared from different feedstock powders by atmospheric plasma spray method
Kwon O, Kumar S, Park S, Lee C
448 - 456 Screening of electrocatalysts for direct ammonia fuel cell: Ammonia oxidation on PtMe (Me : Ir, Rh, Pd, Ru) and preferentially oriented Pt(100) nanoparticles
Vidal-Iglesias FJ, Solla-Gullon J, Montiel V, Feliu JM, Aldaz A
457 - 463 Direct water balance analysis on a polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC): Effects of hydrophobic treatment and micro-porous layer addition to the gas diffusion layer of a PEFC on its performance during a simulated start-up operation
Nakajima H, Konomi T, Kitahara T
464 - 470 Cycle analysis of low and high H-2 utilization SOFC/gas turbine combined cycle for CO2 recovery
Araki T, Taniuchi T, Sunakawa D, Nagahama M, Onda K, Kato T
471 - 476 Synthesis and characterization of Pt-Se/C electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and its tolerance to methanol
Wang RF, Liao SJ, Liu HY, Meng H
477 - 482 Performance of metal-supported SOFCs with infiltrated electrodes
Tucker MC, Lau GY, Jacobson CP, DeJonghe LC, Visco SJ
483 - 488 Effect of pyrophosphates as supporting matrices on proton conductivity for NH4PO3 composites at intermediate temperatures
Matsui T, Kazusa N, Kato Y, Iriyama Y, Abe T, Kikuchi K, Ogumi Z
489 - 494 Effects of anode surface modification on the performance of low temperature SOFCs
Ai N, Lu Z, Chen KF, Huang XQ, Du XB, Su WH
495 - 498 Improvement of the performances of tubular solid oxide fuel cells by optimizing co-sintering temperature of the NiO/YSZ anode-YSZ electrolyte double layers
Dong DH, Liu MF, Dong YC, Lin B, Yang JK, Meng G
499 - 505 Ni catalyst wash-coated on metal monolith with enhanced heat-transfer capability for steam reforming
Ryu JH, Lee KY, La H, Kim HJ, Yang JI, Jung H
506 - 510 Ionic conductivity of Sm, Gd, Dy and Er-doped ceria
Kuharuangrong S
511 - 516 Influence of patterned electrode geometry on performance of co-planar, single-chamber, solid oxide fuel cell
Ahn SJ, Kim YB, Moon J, Lee JH, Kim J
517 - 523 The use of the heteropoly acids, H5PMo10V2O40, H-7[P2W17O61(Fe-III center dot OH2) or H-12[(P2W15O56)(2)Fe-4(III)(H2O)(2)], in the anode catalyst layer of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Kuo MC, Limoges BR, Stanis RJ, Turner JA, Herring AM
524 - 529 Stability of platinum particles on a carbon substrate investigated by atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy
Siroma Z, Ishii K, Yasuda K, Inaba M, Tasaka A
530 - 534 Proton conduction in Nafion composite membranes filled with mesoporous silica
Tominaga Y, Hong IC, Asai S, Sumita M
535 - 539 Novel composite electrolyte membranes consisting of fluorohydrogenate ionic liquid and polymers for the unhumidified intermediate temperature fuel cell
Lee JS, Nohira T, Hagiwara R
540 - 545 CO-tolerant electrodes developed with PhosphoMolybdic acid for polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFCs) application
Gatto I, Sacca A, Carbone A, Pedicini R, Urbani F, Passalacqua E
546 - 551 Saccharide-based graphitic carbon nanocoils as supports for PtRu nanoparticles for methanol electrooxidation
Sevilla M, Lota G, Fuertes AB
552 - 557 Fe-substituted (La,Sr)TiO3 as potential electrodes for symmetrical fuel cells (SFCs)
Canales-Vazquez J, Ruiz-Morales JC, Marrero-Lopez D, Pena-Martinez J, Nunez P, Gomez-Romero P
558 - 566 Understanding and approaches for the durability issues of Pt-based catalysts for PEM fuel cell
Shao YY, Yin GP, Gao YZ
567 - 574 SnO2 : F coated austenite stainless steels for PEM fuel cell bipolar plates
Wang H, Turner JA, Li X, Bhattacharya R
575 - 584 Fabrication of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell MEAs utilizing inkjet print technology
Towne S, Viswanathan V, Holbery J, Rieke P
585 - 600 Two-dimensional dynamic simulation of a direct internal reforming solid oxide fuel cell
Li J, Cao GY, Zhu XJ, Tu HY
601 - 609 3D modeling of anode-supported planar SOFC with internal reforming of methane
Nikooyeh K, Jeje AA, Hill JA
610 - 616 Electrochemical impedance investigation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells experienced subzero temperature
Hou JB, Song W, Yu HM, Fu Y, Shao ZG, Yi BL
617 - 625 Experimental analysis and modeling for a circular-planar type IT-SOFC
Bedogni S, Campanari S, Iora P, Montelatici L, Silva P
626 - 633 Voltage instability in a simulated fuel cell stack correlated to cathode water accumulation
Owejan JP, Trabold TA, Gagliardo J, Jacobson DL, Carter RN, Hussey DS, Arif M
634 - 643 A dynamic 1D model of a solid oxide fuel cell for real time simulation
Cheddie DF, Munroe NDH
644 - 651 Visualization study on the dynamics of CO2 bubbles in anode channels and performance of a DMFC
Liao Q, Zhu X, Zheng XY, Ding YD
652 - 662 Metallic interconnects for SOFC: Characterisation of corrosion resistance and conductivity evaluation at operating temperature of differently coated alloys
Fontana S, Amendola R, Chevalier S, Piccardo P, Caboche G, Viviani M, Molins R, Sennour M
663 - 669 An efficient ceramic-based anode for solid oxide fuel cells
Fu QX, Tietz F, Sebold D, Tao SW, Irvine JTS
670 - 677 Diagnosis of PEM fuel cells through current interruption
Rubio MA, Urquia A, Dormido S
678 - 687 Quantitative MRI study of water distribution during operation of a PEM fuel cell using Teflon (R) flow fields
Dunbar Z, Masel RI
688 - 695 Adhesion of oxide scales grown on ferritic stainless steels in solid oxide fuel cells temperature and atmosphere conditions
Chandra-Ambhorn S, Wouters Y, Antoni L, Toscan F, Galerie A
696 - 705 A mathematical model of a tubular solid oxide fuel cell with specified combustion zone
Jia JX, Abudula A, Wei LM, Jiang RQ, Shen SQ
706 - 717 Determination of transport parameters for multiphase flow in porous gas diffusion electrodes using a capillary network model
Markicevic B, Bazylak A, Djilali N
718 - 727 Effects of temperature on the location of the gas-liquid interface in a PEM fuel cell
Lee CI, Chu HS
728 - 737 Operation-relevant modeling of an experimental proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Hung AJ, Sung LY, Chen YH, Yu CC
738 - 746 Numerical investigation of transient responses of a PEM fuel cell using a two-phase non-isothermal mixed-domain model
Meng H
747 - 753 Structure and impedance spectroscopy of La0.6Ca0.4Fe0.8Ni0.2O3-delta thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
de Larramendi IR, Ortiz N, Lopez-Anton R, de Larramendi JIR, Rojo T
754 - 762 PEM fuel cell model representing steady-state, small-signal and large-signal characteristics
Wingelaar PJH, Duarte JL, Hendrix MAM
763 - 777 A single-phase model for liquid-feed DMFCs with non-Tafel kinetics
Vera M
778 - 782 Corrosion protection of 304 stainless steel bipolar plates using TiC films produced by high-energy micro-arc alloying process
Ren YJ, Zeng CL
783 - 788 Electrochemical characterization of YSZ thick films deposited by dip-coating process
Mauvy F, Lenormand P, Lalanne C, Ansart F, Bassat JM, Grenier JC
789 - 792 Characterisation of Ni-cermets SOFCs with varying anode densities
Haanappel VAC, Mertens J, Malzbender J
793 - 801 Development and experimental characterization of a fuel cell powered aircraft
Bradley TH, Moffitt BA, Mavris DN, Parekh DE
802 - 810 A systems approach for sizing a stand-alone residential PEMFC power system
Selamogullari US, Willemain TR, Torrey DA
811 - 817 Regeneration of an n-decanethiol-poisoned nickel catalyst
Oudghiri-Hassani H, Abatzoglou N, Rakass S, Rowntree P
818 - 825 The effect of coal syngas containing AsH3 on the performance of SOFCs: Investigations into the effect of operational temperature, current density and AsH3 concentration
Trembly JP, Gemmen RS, Bayless DJ
826 - 834 Feasibility of hydrogen production from coal electrolysis at intermediate temperatures
Jin X, Botte GG
835 - 841 Electrochemical separation of hydrogen from reformate using PEM fuel cell technology
Gardner CL, Ternan M
842 - 849 K(Na)-promoted Ni,Al layered double hydroxide catalysts for the steam reforming of methanol
Qi CX, Amphlett JC, Peppley BA
850 - 855 Inhibition of carbon formation during steam reforming of methane using thiol-coated nickel catalysts
Oudghiri-Hassani H, Rakass S, Abatzoglou N, Rowntree P
856 - 860 Direct oxidation of waste vegetable oil in solid-oxide fuel cells
Zhou ZF, Kumar R, Thakur ST, Rudnick LR, Schobert H, Lvov SN
861 - 869 Solvent-free, PYR1A TFSI ionic liquid-based ternary polymer electrolyte systems I. Electrochemical characterization
Kim GT, Appetecchi GB, Alessandrini F, Passerini S
870 - 878 Electrochemical properties of electrodeposited nicked phosphide thin films in lithium cells
Cruz M, Morales J, Sanchez L, Santos-Pena J, Martin F
879 - 885 New freeze-drying method for LiFePO4 synthesis
Palomares V, Goni A, de Muro LG, de Meatza I, Bengoechea M, Miguel O, Rojo T
886 - 893 Practical silicon-based composite anodes for lithium-ion batteries: Fundamental and technological features
Dimov N, Xia Y, Yoshio M
894 - 903 Structural and electrochemical properties of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2: Calcination temperature dependence
Fujii Y, Miura H, Suzuki N, Shoji T, Nakayama N
904 - 907 Effect of Cu2O coating on graphite as lithium ion battery in PC-based anode material of electrolyte
Fu L, Gao J, Zhang T, Cao Q, Yang LC, Wu YP, Holze R
908 - 912 Effect of Mg-doping on the structural and electronic properties of LiCoO2: A first-principles investigation
Shi S, Ouyang C, Lei M, Tang W
913 - 916 Novel polymer electrolytes based on triblock poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide) with ionically active SiO2
Wang XL, Mei A, Li XL, Lin YH, Nan CW
917 - 921 Effect of carbon coating on LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 cathode material for lithium secondary batteries
Kim HS, Kong M, Kim K, Kim IJ, Gu HB
922 - 927 Influence of Mg doping on the performance of LiNiO2 matrix ceramic nanoparticles in high-voltage lithium-ion cells
Sathiyamoorthi R, Shakkthivel P, Ramalakshmi S, Shul YG
928 - 931 An electrochemical investigation of a Sn-Co-C ternary alloy as a negative electrode in Li-ion batteries
Hassoun J, Panero S, Mulas G, Scrosati B
932 - 937 Charge/discharge behavior of plasma-fluorinated natural graphites in propylene carbonate-containing solvent
Achiha T, Shibata S, Nakajima T, Ohzawa Y, Tressaud A, Durand E
938 - 943 Properties of the graphite-lithium anode in N-methyl-N -propylpiperidinium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl) imide as an electrolyte
Lewandowski A, Swiderska-Mocek A
944 - 947 New lithium salts with croconato-complexes of boron for lithium battery electrolytes
Xue ZM, Wu KN, Liu B, Chen CH
948 - 952 Solvothermal synthesis and ex situ XRD study of nano-Ni3Sn2 used as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Qin HY, Zhao XB, Jiang NP, Li ZP
953 - 959 Electrochemical recycling of cobalt from cathodes of spent lithium-ion batteries
Freitas MBJG, Garcia EM
960 - 965 Desulphurization of damped battery paste by sodium carbonate and sodium hydroxide
Lyakov NK, Atanasova DA, Vassilev VS, Haralampiev GA
966 - 980 Advances in Fe(VI) charge storage part I. primary alkaline super-iron batteries
Yu XW, Lich S
981 - 989 Effects of surface coating of Y(OH)(3) on the electrochemical performance of spherical Ni(OH)(2)
Fan J, Yang Y, Yu P, Chen W, Shao H
990 - 998 Nanocrystalline TiO2 film with textural channels: Exhibiting enhanced performance in quasi-solid/solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells
Chen ZA, Tang YW, Yang H, Xia YY, Li FY, Yi T, Huang CH
999 - 1009 A new powder morphology for making high-porosity nickel structures
Cormier E, Wasmund EB, Renny LV, Yang QM, Charles D
1010 - 1022 Advances in Fe(VI) charge storage Part II. Reversible alkaline super-iron batteries and nonaqueous super-iron batteries
Yu XW, Licht S
1023 - 1032 Dynamic electrochemical model of an alkaline fuel cell stack
Duerr M, Gair S, Cruden A, McDonald J
1033 - 1039 High-power nickel/metal-hydride battery using new micronetwork substrate: Discharge rate capability and cycle-life performance
Yao M, Okuno K, Iwaki T, Tanase S, Harada K, Kato M, Emura K, Sakai T
1040 - 1045 Characterization of 109 Ah Ni-MH batteries charging with hydrogen sensing termination
Viera JC, Gonzalez M, Liaw BY, Ferrero FJ, Alvarez JC, Campo JC, Blanco C
1046 - 1053 Causes of supercapacitors ageing in organic electrolyte
Azais P, Duclaux L, Florian P, Massiot D, Lillo-Rodenas MA, Linares-Solano A, Peres JP, Jehoulet C, Beguin F
1054 - 1061 The electrochemical capacitance of nanoporous carbons in aqueous and ionic liquids
Liu HT, Zhu GY
1062 - 1068 Electrochemical performance of polyaniline nanofibres and polyaniline/multi-walled carbon nanotube composite as an electrode material for aqueous redox supercapacitors
Sivakkumar SR, Kim WJ, Choi JA, MacFarlane DR, Forsyth M, Kim DW