Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.119, No.25 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1520-6106 (Print) 

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7761 - 7777 Particle and Energy Pair and Triplet Correlations in Liquids and Liquid Mixtures from Experiment and Simulation
Ploetz EA, Smith PE
7778 - 7790 Modeling the Histidine Phenylalanine Interaction: The NH...pi Hydrogen Bond of Imidazole(.)Benzene
Trachsel MA, Ottigeri P, Frey HM, Pfaffen C, Bihlmeier A, Klopper W, Leutwyler S
7791 - 7803 Atomistic and Coarse Grain Topologies for the Cofactors Associated with the Photosystem II Core Complex
de Jong DH, Liguori N, van den Berg T, Arnarez C, Periole X, Marrink SJ
7804 - 7815 Binding of Fatty Acid Amide Amphiphiles to Bovine Serum Albumin: Role of Amide Hydrogen Bonding
Ghosh S, Dey J
7816 - 7824 Insights into the Packing Switching of the EphA2 Transmembrane Domain by Molecular Dynamic Simulations
Sun F, Xu LD, Chen P, Wei P, Qu J, Chen JL, Luo SZ
7825 - 7836 Mechanism of Action of Sulforaphane as a Superoxide Radical Anion and Hydrogen Peroxide Scavenger by Double Hydrogen Transfer: A Model for Iron Superoxide Dismutase
Prasad AK, Mishra PC
7837 - 7845 Quantification of the Influence of Endotoxins on the Mechanics of Adult and Neonatal Red Blood Cells
Ito H, Kuss N, Rapp BE, Ichikawa M, Gutsmann T, Brandenburg K, Poschl JMB, Tanaka M
7846 - 7859 CHARMM Drude Polarizable Force Field for Aldopentofuranoses and Methyl-aldopentofuranosides
Jana M, Mackerell AD
7860 - 7873 Adaptation of Extremophilic Proteins with Temperature and Pressure: Evidence from Initiation Factor 6
Calligari PA, Calandrini V, Ollivier J, Artero JB, Hartlein M, Johnson M, Kneller GR
7874 - 7881 Charged Termini on the Trp-Cage Roughen the Folding Energy Landscape
English CA, Garcia AE
7882 - 7893 Capturing Spontaneous Membrane Insertion of the Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin Fusion Peptide
Baylon JL, Tajkhorshid E
7894 - 7901 Resonant Infrared Multiple Photon Dissociation Spectroscopy of Anionic Nucleotide Monophosphate Clusters
Ligare MR, Rijs AM, Berden G, Kabelac M, Nachtigallova D, Oomens J, de Vries MS
7902 - 7910 Conformational Dynamics of Two Natively Unfolded Fragment Peptides: Comparison of the AMBER and CHARMM Force Fields
Chen W, Shi CY, MacKerell AD, Shen J
7911 - 7921 Monte Carlo Modeling of Spectral Diffusion Employing Multiwell Protein Energy Landscapes: Application to Pigment-Protein Complexes Involved in Photosynthesis
Najafi M, Zazubovich V
7922 - 7930 Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Infrared Spectra of Crystalline Vitamin C with Analysis of Double Minimum Proton Potentials for Medium-Strong Hydrogen Bonds
Brela MZ, Wojcik MJ, Boczar M, Witek L, Yasuda M, Ozaki Y
7931 - 7943 Effect of Methylation on the Properties of the H-Bridges in DNA. A Systematic Theoretical Study on the Couples of Base Pairs
Villani G
7944 - 7956 A Method for Extracting the Free Energy Surface and Conformational Dynamics of Fast-Folding Proteins from Single Molecule Photon Trajectories
Ramanathan R, Munoz V
7957 - 7967 Time Scales of Conformational Gating in a Lipid-Binding Protein
Kaieda S, Halle B
7968 - 7974 Nature of the Surface-Exposed Cytochrome-Electrode Interactions in Electroactive Biofilms of Desulfuromonas acetoxidans
Alves A, Ly HK, Hildebrandt P, Louro RO, Millo D
7975 - 7984 Kirkwood-Buff Approach Rescues Overcollapse of a Disordered Protein in Canonical Protein Force Fields
Mercadante D, Milles S, Fuertes G, Svergun DI, Lemke EA, Grater F
7985 - 7993 Electric Dipole Transition Moments and Solvent-Dependent Interactions of Fluorescent Boron-Nitrogen Substituted Indole Derivatives
Saif M, Widom JR, Xu SM, Abbey ER, Liu SY, Marcus AH
7994 - 8000 How Does Guanine-Cytosine Base Pair Affect Excess-Electron Transfer in DNA?
Lin SH, Fujitsuka M, Majima T
8001 - 8012 Oxidation Dynamics of Methionine with Singlet Oxygen: Effects of Methionine Ionization and Microsolvation
Liu FW, Liu JB
8013 - 8023 An ONIOM and MD Investigation of Possible Monofunctional Activity of Human 8-Oxoguanine-DNA Glycosylase (hOgg1)
Kellie JL, Wilson KA, Wetmore SD
8024 - 8036 Structural Insights into Bound Water in Crystalline Amino Acids: Experimental and Theoretical O-17 NMR
Michaelis VK, Keeler EG, Ong TC, Craigen KN, Penzel S, Wren JEC, Kroeker S, Griffin RG
8037 - 8047 Modeling Protein-Micelle Systems in Implicit Water
Versace RE, Lazaridis T
8048 - 8053 H-1 NMR Analysis of Water Freezing in Nanospace Involved in a Nafion Membrane
Wakai C, Shimoaka T, Hasegawa T
8054 - 8062 Novel Guanidinium-Based Ionic Liquids for Highly Efficient SO2 Capture
Lu XX, Yu J, Wu JZ, Guo YS, Xie HJ, Fang WJ
8063 - 8071 Dielectric Relaxations of (Acetamide plus Electrolyte) Deep Eutectic Solvents in the Frequency Window, 0.2 <= v/GHz <= 50: Anion and Cation Dependence
Mukherjee K, Das A, Choudhury S, Barman A, Biswas R
8072 - 8079 Study of a Novel Method for the Thermolysis of Solutes in Aqueous Solution Using a Low Temperature Bubble Column Evaporator
Shahid M, Xue XK, Fan C, Ninham BW, Pashley RM
8080 - 8086 Ultrafast Energy Transfer from Solvent to Solute Induced by Subpicosecond Highly Intense THz Pulses
Mishra PK, Vendrell O, Santra R
8087 - 8095 Dangling OH Vibrations of Water Molecules in Aqueous Solutions of Aprotic Polar Compounds Observed in the Near-Infrared Regime
Sagawa N, Shikata T
8096 - 8103 Universality of Viscosity Dependence of Translational Diffusion Coefficients of Carbon Monoxide, Diphenylacetylene, and Diphenylcyclopropenone in Ionic Liquids under Various Conditions
Kimura Y, Kida Y, Matsushita Y, Yasaka Y, Ueno M, Takahashi K
8104 - 8114 Theoretical Study of Proton Coupled Electron Transfer Reactions: The Effect of Hydrogen Bond Bending Motion
Liu Y, Liu H, Song K, Xu Y, Shi Q
8115 - 8124 Correlating Infrared and X-ray Absorption Energies for Molecular-Level Insight into Hydrogen Bond Making and Breaking in Solution
Premont-Schwarz M, Schreck S, Iannuzzi M, Nibbering ETJ, Odelius M, Wernet P
8125 - 8134 Positive and Negative Contributions in the Solvation Enthalpy due to Specific Interactions in Binary Mixtures of C1-C4 n-Alkanols and Chloroform with Butan-2-one
Varfolomeev MA, Rakipov IT, Solornonov BN, Lodowski P, Marczak W
8135 - 8145 Effect of Pore Size and Interactions on Paracetamol Aggregation in Porous Polyethylene Glycol Diacrylate Polymers
Sharma M, Trout BL
8146 - 8153 Stability of the Liquid State of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids under High Pressure at Room Temperature
Yoshimura Y, Shigemi M, Takaku M, Yamamura M, Takekiyo T, Abe H, Hamaya N, Wakabayashi D, Nishida K, Funamori N, Sato T, Kikegawa T
8154 - 8164 Removal of Anionic Dyes from Water by Potash Alum Doped Polyaniline: Investigation of Kinetics and Thermodynamic Parameters of Adsorption
Patra BN, Majhi D
8165 - 8175 Model of Water Sorption and Swelling in Polymer Electrolyte Membranes: Diagnostic Applications
Safiollah M, Melchy PEA, Berg P, Eikerling M
8176 - 8183 Origin of Near-Infrared Absorption for Azulene-Containing Conjugated Polymers upon Protonation or Oxidation
Tang T, Lin TT, Wang FK, He CB
8184 - 8193 Interaction Forces and Aggregation Rates of Colloidal Latex Particles in the Presence of Monovalent Counterions
Ruiz-Cabello FJM, Trefalt G, Oncsik T, Szilagyi I, Maroni P, Borkovec M
8194 - 8200 Easy Tuning of Surface and Optical Properties of PDMS Decorated by Ag Nanoparticles
Lamberti A, Virga A, Rivolo P, Angelini A, Giorgis F
8201 - 8208 Cloud Point and Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Behavior of Thermosensitive Polymer L61 and Salt Aqueous Two-Phase System
Rao WW, Wang Y, Han J, Wang L, Chen T, Liu Y, Ni L
8209 - 8216 MARTINI Coarse-Grained Models of Polyethylene and Polypropylene
Panizon E, Bochicchio D, Monticelli L, Rossi G
8217 - 8222 Forced Phase Separation by Laser-Heated Gold Nanoparticles in Thermoresponsive Aqueous PNIPAM Polymer Solutions
Orlishausen M, Kohler W
8223 - 8224 Comment on "A Tensor-Free Method for the Structural and Dynamic Refinement of Proteins using Residual Dipolar Couplings"
Wirz LN, Allison JR
8225 - 8226 Reply to "Comment on'A Tensor-Free Method for the Structural and Dynamic Refinement of Proteins using Residual Dipolar Couplings'"
Camilloni C, Vendruscolo M