Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.119, No.17 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1520-6106 (Print) 

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5349 - 5355 Pursuit-and-Evasion Reaction-Diffusion Waves in Microreactors with Tailored Geometry
Zambrano A, Zadorin AS, Rondelez Y, Estevez-Torres A, Galas JC
5356 - 5366 Differential Interactions of Gelatin Nanoparticles with the Major Lipids of Model Lung Surfactant: Changes in the Lateral Membrane Organization
Daear W, Lai P, Anikovskiy M, Prenner EJ
5367 - 5375 Dominant Alcohol-Protein Interaction via Hydration-Enabled Enthalpy-Driven Binding Mechanism
Chong Y, Kleinhammes A, Tang P, Xu Y, Wu Y
5376 - 5385 NMR Analysis of Tuning Cross-Strand Phe/Tyr/Trp-Trp Interactions in Designed beta-Hairpin Peptides: Terminal Switch from L to D Amino Acid as a Strategy for beta-Hairpin Capping
Makwana KM, Mahalakshmi R
5386 - 5391 Redox Potentials of Protein Disulfide Bonds from Free-Energy Calculations
Li WJ, Baldus IB, Grater F
5392 - 5403 Theoretical Study on Reaction Mechanisms of Nitrite Reduction by Copper Nitrite Complexes: Toward Understanding and Controlling Possible Mechanisms of Copper Nitrite Reductase
Maekawa S, Matsui T, Hirao K, Shigeta Y
5404 - 5411 Energy Thresholds of DNA Damage Induced by UV Radiation: An XPS Study
Gomes PJ, Ferraria AM, do Rego AMB, Hoffmann SV, Ribeiro PA, Raposo M
5412 - 5421 Osmotic Compression of Anisotropic Proteins: Interaction Properties and Associated Structures in Wheat Gliadin Dispersions
Boire A, Menut P, Morel MH, Sanchez C
5422 - 5429 Direct 765 nm Optical Excitation of Molecular Oxygen in Solution and in Single Mammalian Cells
Bregnhoj M, Blazquez-Castro A, Westberg M, Breitenbach T, Ogilby PR
5430 - 5436 Free Energy Surface of the Michaelis Complex of Lactate Dehydrogenase: A Network Analysis of Microsecond Simulations
Pan XL, Schwartz SD
5437 - 5443 Random-Coil Behavior of Chemically Denatured Topologically Knotted Proteins Revealed by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
Shih PM, Wang I, Lee YTC, Hsieh SJ, Chen SY, Wang LW, Huang CT, Chien CT, Chang CY, Hsu STD
5444 - 5452 A Light-Induced Reaction with Oxygen Leads to Chromophore Decomposition and Irreversible Photobleaching in GFP-Type Proteins
Grigorenko BL, Nemukhin AV, Polyakov IV, Khrenova MG, Krylov AI
5453 - 5461 Adiabaticity of the Proton-Coupled Electron-Transfer Step in the Reduction of Superoxide Effected by Nickel-Containing Superoxide Dismutase Metallopeptide-Based Mimics
Shearer J, Schmitt JC, Clewett HS
5462 - 5466 Delocalized Hole Domains in Guanine-Rich DNA Oligonucleotides
Capobianco A, Caruso T, D'Ursi AM, Fusco S, Masi A, Scrima M, Chatgilialoglu C, Peluso A
5467 - 5474 Surfactant Aggregates Templated by Lateral Confinement
Suttipong M, Grady BP, Striolo A
5475 - 5486 Probing the Effect of miRNA on siRNA-PEI Polyplexes
Meneksedag-Erol D, Tang T, Uudag H
5487 - 5495 A Ring to Rule Them All: The Effect of Cyclopropane Fatty Acids on the Fluidity of Lipid Bilayers
Poger D, Mark AE
5496 - 5504 Density Functional Theory Study on the Cross-Linking of Mussel Adhesive Proteins
Matin MA, Chitumalla RK, Lim M, Gao XF, Jang J
5505 - 5517 Carboxylate Ion Pairing with Alkali-Metal Ions for beta-Lactoglobulin and Its Role on Aggregation and Interfacial Adsorption
Beierlein FR, Clark T, Braunschweig B, Engelhardt K, Glas L, Peukert W
5518 - 5530 Conformational Preadjustment in Aqueous Claisen Rearrangement Revealed by SITS-QM/MM MD Simulations
Zhang J, Yang YI, Yang LJ, Gao YQ
5531 - 5536 Linkage Isomerization via Geminate Cage or Bimolecular Mechanisms: Time-Resolved Investigations of an Organometallic Photochrome
DeWitt KM, To TT, Heilweil EJ, Burkey TJ
5537 - 5545 Dissociation of Equimolar Mixtures of Aqueous Carboxylic Acids in Ionic Liquids: Role of Specific Interactions
Shukla SK, Kumar A
5546 - 5557 Water Effect on Acid-Gas Capture Using Choline Lactate: A DFT Insight beyond Molecule-Molecule Pair Simulations
Garcia G, Atilhan M, Aparicio S
5558 - 5566 Hygroscopicity of Mixed Glycerol/Mg(NO3)(2)/Water Droplets Affected by the Interaction between Magnesium Ions and Glycerol Molecules
Wang Y, Ma JB, Zhou Q, Pang SF, Zhang YH
5567 - 5575 Surface Tension of Supercooled Water Determined by Using a Counterpressure Capillary Rise Method
Vins V, Fransen M, Hykl J, Hruby J
5576 - 5587 Hydration and Hydrogen Bond Network of Water during the Coil-to-Globule Transition in Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Aqueous Solution at Cloud Point Temperature
Shiraga K, Naito H, Suzuki T, Kondo N, Ogawa Y
5588 - 5597 Octanol-Water Partition Coefficient from 3D-RISM-KH Molecular Theory of Solvation with Partial Molar Volume Correction
Huang WJ, Blinov N, Koyalenko A
5598 - 5608 Gibbs Excess and the Calculation of the Absolute Surface Composition of Liquid Binary Mixtures
Bermudez-Salguero C, Gracia-Fadrique J
5609 - 5623 Accurate Measurements of Dielectric and Optical Functions of Liquid Water and Liquid Benzene in the VUV Region (1-100 eV) Using Small-Angle Inelastic X-ray Scattering
Hayashi H, Hiraoka N
5624 - 5638 Thermodynamic Profiles of Salt Effects on a Host-Guest System: New Insight into the Hofmeister Effect
Gibb CLD, Oertling EE, Velaga S, Gibb BC
5639 - 5644 Programmable DNA-Mediated Multitasking Processor
Shu JJ, Wang QW, Yong KY, Shao FW, Lee KJ
5645 - 5649 Configurational Entropy in Thermoset Polymers
Jensen M, Jakobsen J
5650 - 5661 Proton Transfer Dynamics of 4'-N,N-Dimethylamino-3-hydroxyflavone Observed in Hydrogen-Bonding Solvents and Aqueous Micelles
Ghosh D, Batuta S, Das S, Begum NA, Mandal D
5662 - 5670 Topographic Characterization of Cu-Ni NPs @ a-C:H Films by AFM and Multifractal Analysis
Talu S, Stach S, Ghodselahi T, Ghaderi A, Solaymani S, Boochani A, Garczyk Z
5671 - 5676 Isotropic-Nematic Phase Transition in Hard Platelets as Described by a Third-Virial Theory
Cinacchi G, Tani A
5677 - 5684 Reconsidering the Dynamics in Mixtures of Methyltetrahydrofuran with Tristyrene and Polystyrene
Ngai KL, Capaccioli S
5685 - 5692 Enhanced Charge-Transfer Emission in Polyimides by Cyano-Groups Doping
Sebastian MS, Martinez-Martinez V, Maceiras A, Vilas JL, Lopez-Arbeloa I, Leon LM
5693 - 5700 Mass and Charge Transport in the Polymer Ionic-Liquid System PEO-EMImI: From Ionic-Liquid-in-Polymer to Polymer-in-Ionic-Liquid Electrolytes
Kosters J, Schonhoff M, Stolwijk NA
5701 - 5715 Na/Ca Intermixing around Silicate and Phosphate Groups in Bioactive Phosphosilicate Glasses Revealed by Heteronuclear Solid-State NMR and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Mathew R, Stevensson B, Eden M
5716 - 5727 Shear-Induced Precursor Relaxation-Dependent Growth Dynamics and Lamellar Orientation of beta-Crystals in beta-Nucleated Isotactic Polypropylene
Chen YH, Fang DF, Lei J, Li LB, Hsiao BS, Li ZM
5728 - 5737 N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Catalyzed Ring Opening Polymerization of epsilon-Caprolactone with and without Alcohol Initiators: Insights from Theory and Experiment
Jones GO, Chang YA, Horn HW, Acharya AK, Rice JE, Hedrick JL, Waymouth RM
5738 - 5746 Supramolecular Polymerization: A Coarse Grained Molecular Dynamics Study
Bejagam KK, Balasubramanian S
5747 - 5753 Se-77 Nuclear Spin-Lattice Relaxation in Binary Ge-Se Glasses: Insights into Floppy Versus Rigid Behavior of Structural Units
Sen S, Kaseman DC, Hung I, Gan ZH