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Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.114, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1520-6106 (Print) 

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2549 - 2564 Current Status of the AMOEBA Polarizable Force Field
Ponder JW, Wu CJ, Ren PY, Pande VS, Chodera JD, Schnieders MJ, Haque I, Mobley DL, Lambrecht DS, DiStasio RA, Head-Gordon M, Clark GNI, Johnson ME, Head-Gordon T
2565 - 2571 Orientational Imaging of Single Molecules by Using Azimuthal and Radial Polarizations
Ishitobi H, Nakamura I, Hayazawa N, Sekkat Z, Kawata S
2572 - 2577 Variations in the Spatial Distribution of Sonoluminescing Bubbles in the Presence of an Ionic Surfactant and Electrolyte
Lee J, Vakarelski IU, Yasui K, Tuziuti T, Kozuka T, Towata A, Iida Y
2578 - 2585 Nanostructured Multifunctional Electromagnetic Materials from the Guest-Host Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Ternary System of a Polyaniline-Clay-Polyhydroxy Iron Composite: Preparation and Properties
Reena VL, Pavithran C, Verma V, Sudha JD
2586 - 2592 Proton Spin-Lattice Relaxation in Silkworm Cocoons: Physisorbed Water and Serine Side-Chain Motions
Geppi M, Mollica G, Borsacchi S, Cappellozza S
2593 - 2601 Hollow Polymer Particles with Nanoscale Pores and Reactive Groups on Their Rigid Shells: Preparation and Application as Nanoreactors
Deng JP, Yu Y, Dun S, Yang WT
2602 - 2606 Spatial Conformation and Charge Recombination Properties of Polythiophene Deriatives with Thienylene-Vinylene Side Chains Investigated by Static and Femtosecond Spectroscopy
Meng K, Ding Q, Wang SF, He YJ, Li YF, Gong QH
2607 - 2616 Alternating Oligo[(2,3-O-isopropylidene-L-threitol)]-co-[(E,E)-1,4-bis(styryl)benzen e]s: The Linear Chirality Transmisson Additivity Relationship in Nematic Liquid Crystals
Kuo LC, Huang WT, Yang KH, Hsu HF, Jin BY, Leung MK
2617 - 2626 Inhibiting Intramolecular Electron Transfer in Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide by Host-Guest Interaction: A Fluorescence Study
Kandoth N, Choudhury SD, Mohanty J, Bhasikuttan AC, Pal H
2627 - 2634 DNA Melting in Small-Molecule-DNA-Hybrid Dimer Structures: Experimental Characterization and Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Prytkova TR, Eryazici I, Stepp B, Nguyen SB, Schatz GC
2635 - 2643 Transformation of Stable Glasses into Supercooled Liquids: Growth Fronts and Anomalously Fast Liquid Diffusion
Swallen SF, Windsor K, McMahon RJ, Ediger MD, Mates TE
2644 - 2649 Brillouin Scattering Study of Polyethylene Glycol/Water System below Crystallization Temperature
Pochylski M, Gapinski J
2650 - 2659 Conformations of Some Large-Ring Cyclodextrins Derived from Conformational Search with Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Principal Component Analysis
Ivanov PM
2660 - 2666 Electrochemistry of Conductive Polymers. 45. Nanoscale Conductivity of PEDOT and PEDOT:PSS Composite Films Studied by Current-Sensing AFM
Lee HJ, Lee J, Park SM
2667 - 2675 Ability to Adapt: Different Generations of PAMAM Dendrimers Show Different Behaviors in Binding siRNA
Pavan GM, Albertazzi L, Danani A
2676 - 2684 On the Antibacterial Action of Cyclic Peptides: Insights from Coarse-Grained MD Simulations
Khalfa A, Tarek M
2685 - 2694 Tetrakis(dimethylamino)ethylene Chemiluminescence (TDE CL) Characterization of the CMC and the Viscosity of Reversed Microemulsions
Huang CC, Hohn KL
2695 - 2703 Monolayer and Brewster Angle Microscopy Studies of Poly(methyl methacrylate)-Monopalmitin Mixed Systems at the Air-Water Interface
Conde MM, Trillo JM, Conde O, Minones J
2704 - 2711 Effects of DPH on DPPC-Cholesterol Membranes with Varying Concentrations of Cholesterol: From Local Perturbations to Limitations in Fluorescence Anisotropy Experiments
Franova M, Repakova J, Capkova P, Holopainen JM, Vattulainen I
2712 - 2718 Micellization Activity of the Natural Lipopeptide [Glu(1), ASP(5)] Surfactin-C15 in Aqueous Solution
Zou AH, Liu J, Garamus VM, Yang Y, Willumeit R, Mu BZ
2719 - 2727 Dominant Conformation of Valsartan in Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Micelle Environment
Li F, Wang LY, Xiao N, Yang MH, Jiang L, Lin ML
2728 - 2737 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Surfactin Derivatives at the Decane/water Interface at Low Surface Coverage
Gang HZ, Liu JF, Mu BZ
2738 - 2748 Effect of Polymer Grafting on the Bilayer Gel to Liquid-Crystalline Transition
Thakkar FM, Ayappa KG
2749 - 2754 Thermodynamics of Charged Nanoparticle Adsorption on Charge-Neutral Membranes: A Simulation Study
Li Y, Gu N
2755 - 2759 Elucidating Solvent Contributions to Solution Reactions with Ab Initio QM/MM Methods
Hu H, Yang WT
2760 - 2765 Electron Spin Resonance Studies of the Reorientational Motion of Ni(mnt)(2)(-)
Kowert BA, Thurman-Keup EM, Stemmler AJ, Stemmler TL, Fehr MJ, Caldwell CVC, Gentemann SJ
2766 - 2778 Diffusiophoresis of a Charge-Regulated Spherical Particle Normal to Two Parallel Disks
Hsu JP, Liu KL, Hsu WL, Yeh LH, Tseng S
2779 - 2789 Probing the Interaction of 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Ethyl Sulfate ([Emim][EtSO4]) with Alcohols and Water by Solvent and Rotational Relaxation
Sarkar S, Pramanik R, Ghatak C, Setua P, Sarkar N
2790 - 2797 Free Energy Profile of the Interaction between a Monomer or a Dimer of Protegrin-1 in a Specific Binding Orientation and a Model Lipid Bilayer
Vivcharuk V, Kaznessis Y
2798 - 2806 Natural Cyclodextrins as Efficient Boosters of the Chemiluminescence of Luminol and Isoluminol: Exploration of Potential Applications
Maeztu R, Tardajos G, Gonzalez-Gaitano G
2807 - 2813 Study of the Soret Effect in Monosaccharide Solutions
Blanco P, Wiegand S
2814 - 2819 Considerable Change of Fluorescence Properties upon Multiple Binding of Coralyne to 4-Sulfonatocalixarenes
Megyesi M, Biczok L
2820 - 2827 Density Functional Theory for Adsorption of Gas Mixtures in Metal-Organic Frameworks
Liu Y, Liu HL, Hu Y, Jiang JW
2828 - 2833 Probing Electron Density of H-Bonding between Cation-Anion of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids with Different Anions by Vibrational Spectroscopy
Gao Y, Zhang LQ, Wang Y, Li HR
2834 - 2839 Deuterated Water Effect in a Room Temperature Ionic Liquid: N,N-Diethyl-N-methyl-N-2-methoxyethyl Ammonium Tetrafluoroborate
Abe H, Imai Y, Takekiyo T, Yoshimura Y
2840 - 2845 Dynamics in Organic Ionic Liquids in Distinct Regions Using Charged and Uncharged Orientational Relaxation Probes
Fruchey K, Fayer MD
2846 - 2851 Calorimetric and Computational Study of 2-and 3-Acetyl-1-methylpyrrole Isomers
da Silva MAVR, Santos AFLOM
2852 - 2855 Simple Geometrical Interpretation of the Linear Character for the Zeno-Line and the Rectilinear Diameter
Kulinskii VL
2856 - 2868 What Determines the Miscibility of Ionic Liquids with Water? Identification of the Underlying Factors to Enable a Straightforward Prediction
Klahn M, Stuber C, Seduraman A, Wu P
2869 - 2875 Diameter Selectivity of Protein Encapsulation in Carbon Nanotubes
Kang Y, Wang Q, Liu YC, Shen JW, Wu T
2876 - 2885 DNA Duplex Stability: The Role of Preorganized Electrostatics
Bren U, Lah J, Bren M, Martinek V, Florian J
2886 - 2893 Balancing Simulation Accuracy and Efficiency with the Amber United Atom Force Field
Hsieh MJ, Luo R
2894 - 2900 Spatially Resolved Quantification of E-Cadherin on Target hES Cells
Li ZX, Qiu DL, Sridharan I, Qian XP, Zhang HH, Zhang CB, Wang R
2901 - 2909 Ion Selectivity of alpha-Hemolysin with beta-Cyclodextrin Adapter. II. Multi-Ion Effects Studied with Grand Canonical Monte Carlo/Brownian Dynamics Simulations
Egwolf B, Luo Y, Walters DE, Roux B
2910 - 2919 Linker Formation in an Overcharged Complex of Two Dendrimers and Linear Polyelectrolyte
Larin SV, Darinskii AA, Lyulin AV, Lyulin SV
2920 - 2931 Low-Temperature FTIR Study of Multiple K Intermediates in the Photocycles of Bacteriorhodopsin and Xanthorhodopsin
Dioumaev AK, Wang JM, Lanyi JK
2932 - 2937 Multiphoton-Excited Luminescent Lanthanide Bioprobes: Two- and Three-Photon Cross Sections of Dipicolinate Derivatives and Binuclear Helicates
Eliseeva SV, Aubock G, van Mourik F, Cannizzo A, Song B, Deiters E, Chauvin AS, Chergui M, Bunzli JCG
2938 - 2943 Glass Matrix-Facilitated Thermal Reduction: A Tool for Probing Reactions of Met Hemoglobin with Nitrite and Nitric Oxide
Navati MS, Friedman JM
2944 - 2953 Water-Induced Relaxation of a Degenerate Vibration of Guanidium Using 2D IR Echo Spectroscopy
Vorobyev DY, Kuo CH, Kuroda DG, Scott JN, Vanderkooi JM, Hochstrasser RM
2954 - 2963 Kinetically Distinct Three Red Chlorophylls in Photosystem I of Thermosynechococcus elongatus Revealed by Femtosecond Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy at 15 K
Shibata Y, Yamagishi A, Kawamoto S, Noji T, Itoh S
2964 - 2970 An Acyl Group Makes a Difference in the Reactivity Patterns of Cytochrome P450 Catalyzed N-Demethylation of Substituted N,N-Dimethylbenzamides-High Spin Selective Reactions
Wang Y, Li DM, Han KL, Shaik S
2971 - 2979 Excited States of Fluorescent Proteins, mKO and DsRed: Chromophore-Protein Electrostatic Interaction Behind the Color Variations
Hasegawa J, Ise T, Fujimoto KJ, Kikuchi A, Fukumura E, Miyawaki A, Shiro Y
2980 - 2987 Extended Morse Function Model for Angle-Dependent Hydrogen Bond in Protein-Protein Interactions
Choi H, Kang H, Park H
2988 - 2996 Measuring, in Solution, Multiple-Fluorophore Labeling by Combining Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy and Photobleaching
Delon A, Wang I, Lambert E, Mache S, Mache R, Derouard J, Motto-Ros V, Galland R
2997 - 3004 Excited-State Intramolecular Hydrogen Atom Transfer of Curcumin in Surfactant Micelles
Adhikary R, Carlson PJ, Kee TW, Petrich JW
3005 - 3012 Interaction Studies of Coumaroyltyramine with Human Serum Albumin and Its Biological Importance
Neelam S, Gokara M, Sudhamalla B, Amooru DG, Subramanyam R
3013 - 3019 Thermodynamic and Hydrogen-Bonding Analyses of the Interaction between Model Lipid Bilayers
Eun CS, Berkowitz ML
3020 - 3027 Free Energy Calculations on Disulfide Bridges Reduction in Proteins by Combining ab Initio and Molecular Mechanics Methods
David C, Enescu M
3028 - 3037 Molecular Dynamics Analysis of the Conformations of beta-Hairpin Miniprotein
Hatfield MPD, Murphy RF, Lovas S
3038 - 3045 Photoselective Ultrafast Investigation of Xanthorhodopsin and Its Carotenoid Antenna Salinixanthin
Zhu JY, Gdor I, Smolensky E, Friedman N, Sheves M, Ruhman S
3046 - 3051 Deciphering Excited State Evolution in Halorhodopsin with Stimulated Emission Pumping
Bismuth O, Komm P, Friedman N, Eliash T, Sheves M, Ruhman S
3052 - 3059 Water Hydrogen Bond Dynamics in Aqueous Solutions of Amphiphiles
Stirnemann G, Hynes JT, Laage D
3060 - 3069 Crucial Roles of the Subnanosecond Local Dynamics of the Flap Tips in the Global Conformational Changes of HIV-1 Protease
Li DC, Ji BH, Hwang K, Huang YG
3070 - 3074 Nature of Molecular Rotation in Supercooled Glycerol under Nanoconfinement
Levchenko AA, Jain P, Trofymluk O, Yu P, Navrotsky A, Sen S
3075 - 3075 Characterization of Langmuir-Blodgett Film Using Differential Charging in X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (vol 112, pg 8528, 2008)
Islam AKMM, Mukherjee M
3076 - 3076 Dimers of Quadrupolar Chromophores in Solution: Electrostatic Interactions and Optical Spectra (vol 114, pg 882, 2010)
Sissa C, Terenziani F, Painelli A, Abbotto A, Bellotto L, Marinzi C, Garbin E, Ferrante C, Bozio R