Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.112, No.42 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1520-6106 (Print) 

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13167 - 13171 Ultrafast N-H Vibrational Dynamics of Cyclic Doubly Hydrogen-Bonded Homo- and Heterodimers
Petersen PB, Roberts ST, Ramasesha K, Nocera DG, Tokmakoff A
13172 - 13176 The Intrinsic Stiffness of Polyglutamine Peptides
Singh VR, Lapidus LJ
13177 - 13180 Free Solution Electrophoresis of Homopolyelectrolytes
Hsiao PY, Wu KM
13181 - 13183 Ab Initio Prediction of the Emission Color in Phosphorescent Iridium(III) Complexes for OLEDs
De Angelis F, Santoro F, Nazeruddin MK, Barone V
13184 - 13187 Visualization of Long Human Telomere Mimics by Single-Molecule Fluorescence Imaging
Pomerantz AK, Moerner WE, Kool ET
13188 - 13192 A Vibrational Probe for Local Nucleic Acid Environments: 5-Cyano-2'-deoxyuridine
Watson MD, Gai XS, Gillies AT, Brewer SH, Fenlon EE
13193 - 13196 Attractions, Water Structure, and Thermodynamics of Hydrophobic Polymer Collapse
Goel G, Athawale MV, Garde S, Truskett TM
13197 - 13200 Supercoiling and Local Denaturation of Plasmids with a Minimalist DNA Model
Trovato F, Tozzini V
13201 - 13217 Insights into Melanosomes and Melanin from Some Interesting Spatial and Temporal Properties
Simon JD, Hong L, Peles DN
13218 - 13224 Finer Structures of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Reflected by Solution H-1 NMR
Lo MY, Lay CL, Lu XH, Liu Y
13225 - 13230 Induced Smectic Phase in Mixtures of Hyperbranched Polyester and Liquid Crystal Mesogens
Kim N, Huang TM, Kyu T, Nosaka M, Kudo H, Nishikubo T
13231 - 13237 Investigating the Polymorphism in PR179: A Combined Crystal Structure Prediction and Metadynamics Study
Zykova-Timan T, Raiteri P, Parrinello M
13238 - 13244 Temperature-Controlled Photosensitization Properties of Benzophenone-Conjugated Thermoresponsive Copolymers
Koizumi H, Shiraishi Y, Hirai T
13245 - 13251 Scaling Law of Poly(ethylene oxide) Chain Permeation through a Nanoporous Wall
Choudhury RP, Galvosas P, Schonhoff M
13252 - 13257 First-Principles-Based Calculations of Vibrational Normal Modes in Polyatomic Materials with Translational Symmetry: Application to PETN Molecular Crystal
Velizhanin KA, Kilina S, Sewell TD, Piryatinski A
13258 - 13262 Encapsulation of Uncharged Water-Insoluble Organic Substance in Polymeric Membrane Capsules via Layer-by-Layer Approach
Manna U, Patil S
13263 - 13272 Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer in Polydiacetylene Liposomes
Li XL, Matthews S, Kohli P
13273 - 13284 Comparison of the Hydration and Diffusion of Protons in Perfluorosulfonic Acid Membranes with Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Cui ST, Liu JW, Selvan ME, Paddison SJ, Keffer DJ, Edwards BJ
13285 - 13291 Fast Stochastic Librations and Slow Rotations of Spin Labeled Stearic Acids in a Model Phospholipid Bilayer at Cryogenic Temperatures
Isaev NP, Dzuba SA
13292 - 13299 Heterogeneous Electron Transfer Kinetics at the Ionic Liquid/Metal Interface Studied Using Cyclic Voltammetry and Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
Taylor AW, Qiu FL, Hu JP, Licence P, Walsh DA
13300 - 13309 Thermal Properties and Mixing State of Diol-Water Mixtures Studied by Calorimetry, Large-Angle X-Ray Scattering, and NMR Relaxation
Takamuku T, Tsutsumi Y, Matsugami M, Yamaguchi T
13310 - 13315 Crystallization Behaviors of n-Octadecane in Confined Space: Crossover of Rotator Phase from Transient to Metastable Induced by Surface Freezing
Xie BQ, Liu GM, Jiang SC, Zhao Y, Wang DJ
13316 - 13325 Nanostructural Organization and Anion Effects in the Optical Kerr Effect Spectra of Binary Ionic Liquid Mixtures
Xiao D, Rajian JR, Hines LG, Li SF, Bartsch RA, Quitevis EL
13326 - 13334 Anatomy of an Energy Transfer Event in a Liquid: The High-Energy Rotational Relaxation of OH in Solution
Savitzky BH, Stratt RM
13335 - 13343 Synthesis and Characterization of New Pyrrolidinium Based Protic Ionic Liquids. Good and Superionic Liquids
Anouti M, Caillon-Caravanier M, Dridi Y, Galiano H, Lemordant D
13344 - 13348 Chemical Potentials in Aqueous Solutions of Some Ionic Liquids with the 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Cation
Kato H, Nishikawa K, Murai H, Morita T, Koga Y
13349 - 13354 Detergent-Associated Solution Conformations of Helical and beta-Barrel Membrane Proteins
Mo Y, Lee BK, Ankner JF, Becker JM, Heller WT
13355 - 13358 Raman Spectroscopic Study on the Coordination Behavior of Rare Earth Ions in N-Methylacetamide
Takekiyo T, Yoshimura Y, Ikeji Y, Hatano N, Koizumi T
13359 - 13366 Estimation of the Persistence Length of DNA from the Torsion Elastic Constant and Supercoiling Free Energy: Effect of Ethylene Glycol
Rangel DP, Fujimoto BS, Schurr JM
13367 - 13380 A Structural Transition in Duplex DNA Induced by Ethylene Glycol
Brewood GP, Aliwarga T, Schurr JM
13381 - 13390 Mechanism of H-2 Production by the [FeFe](H) Subcluster of Di-Iron Hydrogenases: Implications for Abiotic Catalysts
Sbraccia C, Zipoli F, Car R, Cohen MH, Dismukes GC, Selloni A
13391 - 13400 Insight into the Phosphoryl Transfer of the Escherichia coli Glucose Phosphotransferase System from QM/MM Simulations
Jardin C, Horn AHC, Schurer G, Sticht H
13401 - 13410 Simulating the Proton Transfer in Gramicidin A by a Sequential Dynamical Monte Carlo Method
Till MS, Essigke T, Becker T, Ullmann GM
13411 - 13417 Calculation of Absolute Ligand Binding Free Energy to a Ribosome-Targeting Protein as a Function of Solvent Model
Lee MS, Olson MA
13418 - 13423 Kinetic Modeling of Charge-Transfer Quenching in the CP29 Minor Complex
Cheng YC, Ahn TK, Avenson TJ, Zigmantas D, Niyogi KK, Ballottari M, Bassi R, Fleming GR
13424 - 13432 Ultrafast Infrared Spectroscopy of Riboflavin: Dynamics, Electronic Structure, and Vibrational Mode Analysis
Wolf MMN, Schumann C, Gross R, Domratcheva T, Diller R
13433 - 13442 Density Functional Theory-Based Conformational Analysis of a Phospholipid Molecule (Dimyristoyl Phosphatidylcholine)
Krishnamurty S, Stefanov M, Mineva T, Begu S, Devoisselle JM, Goursot A, Zhu R, Salahub DR
13443 - 13452 Exploring the Effects of Intramolecular Vibrational Energy Redistribution on the Operation of the Proton Wire in Green Fluorescent Protein
Vendrell O, Gelabert R, Moreno M, Lluch JM
13453 - 13459 Systematic Kinetics Study of FoF1-ATPase: Analytic Results and Comparison with Experiments
Shu YG, Lai PY
13460 - 13464 Heme Electron Transfer in Peroxidases: The Propionate e-Pathway
Guallar V
13465 - 13466 Comment on "A Theoretical Investigation of the Interactions between Water Molecules and Ionic Liquids"
Rodriguez-Otero J, Cabaleiro-Lago EM, Pena-Gallego A
13467 - 13468 Synthesis and Structure - Activity Relationship Exploration of Carbon-Supported PtRuNi Nanocomposite as a CO-Tolerant Electrocatalyst for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (vol 110B, pg 7828, 2006)
Liang YM, Zhang HM, Tian ZQ, Zhu XB, Wang XL, Yi BL