Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.109, No.47 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1520-6106 (Print) 

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22085 - 22088 Ultralow energy ion beam surface modification of low density polyethylene
Shenton MJ, Bradley JW, van den Berg JA, Armour DG, Stevens GC
22089 - 22091 Quantum delocalization of hydrogen in the Li2NH crystal
Zhang CJ, Dyer M, Alavi A
22092 - 22095 Large distinct diffusivity in binary mixtures confined to zeolite NaY
Kamala CR, Ayappa KG, Yashonath S
22096 - 22101 Electronic properties of n-type carbon nanotubes prepared by CF4 plasma fluorination and amino functionalization
Plank NOV, Forrest GA, Cheung R, Alexander AJ
22102 - 22111 Thermal characterization and sensor applications of one-dimensional nanostructures employing microelectromechanical systems
Shi L, Yu CH, Zhou JH
22112 - 22119 Structural and spectroscopic investigations of blue, vanadium-doped ZrSiO4 pigments prepared by a sol-gel route
Ardizzone S, Cappelletti G, Fermo P, Oliva C, Scavini M, Scime F
22120 - 22125 Electronic and ionic transports for negative charge carriers in smectic liquid crystalline photoconductor
Iino H, Hanna JI
22126 - 22130 Photoluminescence enhancement of PEG-modified YAG : Ce3+ nanocrystal phosphor prepared by glycothermal method
Kasuya R, Isobe T, Kuma H, Katano J
22131 - 22140 Spectroscopic characterization of polyaniline formed by using copper(II) in homogeneous and MCM-41 molecular sieve media
Izumi CMS, Constantino VRL, Temperini MLA
22141 - 22146 Factors influencing the transport of short-chain alcohols through mesoporous gamma-alumina membranes
Chowdhury SR, Blank DHA, ten Elshof JE
22147 - 22158 Electron paramagnetic resonance, scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersion X-ray spectrometry, X-ray powder diffraction, and NMR characterization of iron-rich fired clays
Presciutti F, Capitani D, Sgamellotti A, Brunetti BG, Costantino F, Viel S, Segre A
22159 - 22166 Double hydrophilic block copolymer monolayer protected hybrid gold nanoparticles and their shell cross-linking
Luo SZ, Xu J, Zhang YF, Liu SY, Wu C
22167 - 22174 Oxidation state of vanadium introduced in dealuminated beta zeolite by impregnation with (VOSO4)-O-IV solution: Influence of preparation parameters
Dzwigaj S, Che M
22175 - 22180 Self-assembly of two- and three-dimensional particle arrays by manipulating the hydrophobicity of silica nanospheres
Wang W, Gu BH
22181 - 22185 Decomposition kinetics of the AlH3 polymorphs
Graetz J, Reilly JJ
22186 - 22191 Excited-state dynamics of spiropyran-derived merocyanine isomers
Wohl CJ, Kuciauskas D
22192 - 22200 Mechanism of silver(I)-assisted growth of gold nanorods and bipyramids
Liu MZ, Guyot-Sionnest P
22201 - 22204 Isolating single-wall carbon nanohorns as small aggregates through a dispersion method
Zhang M, Yudasaka M, Miyawaki J, Fan J, Iijima S
22205 - 22211 New insight into the solid electrolyte interphase with use of a focused ion beam
Zhang HL, Li F, Liu C, Tan J, Cheng HM
22212 - 22216 Controllable Pt nanoparticle deposition on carbon nanotubes as an anode catalyst for direct methanol fuel cells
Mu YY, Liang HP, Hu JS, Jiang L, Wan LJ
22217 - 22221 Effects of SWNT and metallic catalyst on hydrogen absorption/desorption performance of MgH2
Wu CZ, Wang P, Yao XD, Liu C, Chen DM, Lu GQ, Cheng HM
22222 - 22227 Synthesis and characterization of nanocapsules with shells made up of Al-13 tridecamers
Bokhimi X, Lima E, Valente J
22228 - 22236 Dodecanethiol-protected copper/silver bimetallic nanoclusters and their surface properties
Ang TP, Chin WS
22237 - 22243 Controlled functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with various molecular-weight poly(L-lactic acid)
Chen GX, Kim HS, Park BH, Yoon JS
22244 - 22249 Morphology-controlled synthesis of monodisperse ZnO troughs at the air-water interface under mild conditions
Tang J, Cui XQ, Liu Y, Yang XR
22250 - 22255 Novel approach to synthesizing hydrophobically associating copolymer using template copolymerization: The synthesis and behaviors of acrylamide and 4-((9-propenoyloxyethoxy) benzoic acid copolymer
Zhang YX, Wu FP, Li MZ, Wang EJ
22256 - 22263 Electronic and molecular surface structure of Ru(tcterpy)(NCS)(3) and Ru(dcbpy)(2)(NCS)(2) adsorbed from solution onto nanostructured TiO2: A photoelectron spectroscopy study
Johansson EMJ, Hedlund M, Siegbahn H, Rensmo H
22264 - 22272 Porphyrin effects on zwitterionic HPS micelles as investigated by small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR)
Gandini SCM, Itri R, Neto DD, Tabak M
22273 - 22284 Microviscosity in multiple regions of complex aqueous solutions of poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide)
Grant CD, Steege KE, Bunagan MR, Castner EW
22285 - 22289 Optical microscopy and in situ Raman scattering of single crystalline ethylene hydrate and binary methane-ethylene hydrate at high pressures
Shimizu H, Tada N, Ikawa R, Kume T, Sasaki S
22290 - 22295 Aggregation between xanthan and nonyphenyloxypropyl beta-hydroxyltrimethylammonium bromide in aqueous solution: MesoDyn simulation and binding isotherm measurement
Li YM, Xu GY, Chen AM, Yuan SL, Cao XR
22296 - 22300 Selective effect of guest molecule length and hydrogen bonding on the supramolecular host structure
Wu DX, Deng K, Zeng QD, Wang C
22301 - 22307 Strain-dependence of the electronic properties in periodic quadruple helical G4-wires
Di Felice R, Calzolari A, Garbesi A, Alexandre SS, Soler JM
22308 - 22318 Synthesis and characterization of a novel terthiophene-based quinodimethane bearing a 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene central unit
Berlin A, Grimoldi S, Zotti G, Osuna RM, Delgado MCR, Ortiz RP, Casado J, Hernandez V, Navarrete JTL
22319 - 22325 In situ studies of phase transitions in thin discotic films
Breiby DW, Hansteen F, Pisula W, Bunk O, Kolb U, Andreasen JW, Mullen K, Nielsen MM
22326 - 22331 Spectroscopic and excited-state properties of tri-9-anthrylborane III: Crystal and spectroscopic polymorphisms
Sakuda E, Tsuge K, Sasaki Y, Kitamura N
22332 - 22336 Density functional theory study on the first hyperpolarizabilities of organoimido derivatives of hexamolybdates
Yan LK, Yang GC, Guan W, Su ZM, Wang RS
22337 - 22340 Creation of cadmium sulfide nanostructures using AFM dip-pen nanolithography
Ding L, Li Y, Chu HB, Li XM, Liu J
22341 - 22350 DFT studies of Pt/Au bimetallic clusters and their interactions with the CO molecule
Song CR, Ge QF, Wang LC
22351 - 22358 Plasmonic properties of film over nanowell surfaces fabricated by nanosphere lithography
Hicks EM, Zhang XY, Zou SL, Lyandres O, Spears KG, Schatz GC, Van Duyne RP
22359 - 22365 Multinuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy studies of the structuration of the tunnels of sepiolite in the presence of intracrystalline pyridine molecules
Facey GA, Kuang WX, Detellier C
22366 - 22370 Effect of omega-hydrogenation on the adsorption of fluorononanols at the hexane/water interface: Miscibility in the adsorbed film of fluorononanols
Murakami D, Takata Y, Matsubara H, Aratono M, Takiue T
22371 - 22376 Electrochemical characterizations of nickel deposition on aromatic dithiol monolayers on gold electrodes
Noda H, Tai Y, Shaporenko A, Grunze M, Zharnikov M
22377 - 22385 Behavior of extraframework Fe sites in MFI and MCM-22 zeolites upon interaction with N2O and NO
Berlier G, Prestipino C, Rivallan M, Bordiga S, Lamberti C, Zecchina A
22386 - 22391 Influence of the environment on photoinduced electron transfer: Comparison between organized monolayers at the air-water interface and monolayer assemblies on glass
Sandez-Macho I, Gonzalez-Lopez J, Suarez-Varela A, Mobius A
22392 - 22406 Comparison of the catalytic activity of Au-3, Au-4(+), Au-5, and Au-5(-) in the gas-phase reaction of H-2 and O-2 to form hydrogen peroxide: A density functional theory investigation
Joshi AM, Delgass WN, Thomson KT
22407 - 22412 Functionalization of solid surfaces with thermoresponsive protein-resistant films
Teare DOH, Barwick DC, Schofield WCE, Garrod RP, Beeby A, Badyal JPS
22413 - 22419 Determination of the light-induced degradation rate of the solar cell sensitizer N719 on TiO2 nanocrystalline particles
Nour-Mohhamadi F, Nguyen SD, Boschloo G, Hagfeldt A, Lund T
22420 - 22425 Antimony dispersion and phase evolution in the Sb2O3-Fe2O3 system
Huang Y, Ruiz P
22426 - 22431 Electron-transfer doping on a (001) surface of diamond: Quantum mechanical study
Petrini D, Larsson K
22432 - 22439 Visible-light-induced degradation of rhodamine B by nanosized Bi2WO6
Fu HB, Pan CS, Yao WQ, Zhu YF
22440 - 22448 Viscoelastic properties of isomeric alkylglucoside surfactants studied by surface light scattering
Rojas OJ, Neuman RD, Claesson PM
22449 - 22455 Efficient eosin Y dye-sensitized solar cell containing Br-/Br-3(-) electrolyte
Wang ZS, Sayama K, Sugihara H
22456 - 22462 The structure of the chiral Pt{531} surface: A combined LEED and DFT study
Puisto SR, Held G, Ranea V, Jenkins SJ, Mola EE, King AA
22463 - 22468 Surface bonding and dynamical behavior of the CH3SH molecule on Au(111)
Maksymovych P, Sorescu DC, Dougherty D, Yates JT
22469 - 22475 DFT investigation of CO adsorption on Pt(211) and Pt(311) surfaces from low to high coverage
Orita H, Inada Y
22476 - 22485 Adsorption kinetics, orientation, and self-assembling of N-acetyl-L-cysteine on gold: A combined ATR-IR, PM-IRRAS, and QCM study
Bieri M, Burgi T
22486 - 22490 Thermochemical hole burning on a series of N-substituted morpholinium 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane charge-transfer complexes for data storage
Ran CB, Peng HL, Zhou W, Yu XC, Liu ZF
22491 - 22501 A density functional theory study of molecular and dissociative adsorption of H-2 on active sites in mordenite
Benco L, Bucko T, Hafner J, Toulhoat H
22502 - 22512 Photoinduced charge separation and charge recombination in the [60]fullerene-diphenylbenzothiadiazole-triphenylamine triad: Role of diphenylbenzothiadiazole as bridge
Sandanayaka ASD, Taguri Y, Araki Y, Ishi T, Mataka S, Ito O
22513 - 22522 A strategy to increase the efficiency of the dye-sensitized TiO2 solar cells operated by photoexcitation of dye-to-TiO2 charge-transfer bands
Tae EL, Lee SH, Lee JK, Yoo SS, Kang EJ, Yoon KB
22523 - 22529 Aromatic molecules in restricted geometries: Photophysics of naphthalene included in a cyclodextrin functionalized layered solid
Mohanambe L, Vasudevan S
22530 - 22535 Continuous hot electron generation in Pt/TiO2, Pd/TiO2, and Pt/GaN catalytic nanodiodes from oxidation of carbon monoxide
Ji XZ, Somorjai GA
22536 - 22544 Experimental and theoretical surface enhanced Raman scattering study of 2-amino-4-methylbenzothiazole adsorbed on colloidal silver particles
Sarkar J, Chowdhury J, Ghosh M, De R, Talapatra GB
22545 - 22552 Gas solubility in hydrophobic confinement
Luzar A, Bratko D
22553 - 22559 DFT and in situ EXAFS investigation of gold/ceria-zirconia low-temperature water gas shift catalysts: Identification of the nature of the active form of gold
Tibiletti D, Amieiro-Fonseca A, Burch R, Chen Y, Fisher JM, Goguet A, Hardacre C, Hu P, Thompsett A
22560 - 22569 Effective charges of polyelectrolytes in a salt-free solution based on counterion chemical potential
Wang TY, Lee TR, Sheng YJ, Tsao HK
22570 - 22580 Theoretical studies of the hydroxide-catalyzed P-O cleavage reactions of neutral phosphate triesters and diesters in aqueous solution: Examination of the changes induced by H/Me substitution
Iche-Tarrat N, Barthelat JC, Rinaldi D, Vigroux A
22581 - 22587 High-pressure-induced phase transitions in pentaerythritol: X-ray and Raman studies
Dreger ZA, Gupta YM, Yoo CS, Cynn H
22588 - 22602 Theoretical studies of the tautomeric equilibria for five-member N-heterocycles in the gas phase and in solution
Nagy PI, Tejada FR, Messer WS
22603 - 22607 Study of the kinetics of the pancake-to-brush transition of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) chains
Liu GM, Cheng H, Yan LF, Zhang GZ
22608 - 22613 Application of the hypernetted chain approximation to the electrical double layer for 2 : 1 and 1 : 2 electrolytes
Fawcett WR, Henderson DJ
22614 - 22622 Reactivity of benzoyl chlorides in nonionic microemulsions: Potential application as indicators of system properties
Cabaleiro-Lago C, Garcia-Rio L, Herves P, Perez-Juste J
22623 - 22628 Diffusion coefficient and the secondary structure of poly-L-glutamic acid in aqueous solution
Inoue K, Baden N, Terazima M
22629 - 22640 Acidity of a Cu-bound histidine in the binuclear center of cytochrome C oxidase
Fadda E, Chakrabarti N, Pomes R
22641 - 22648 Electric field effects on insulin chain-B conformation
Budi A, Legge FS, Treutlein H, Yarovsky I
22649 - 22654 The bilayer-vesicle transition is entropy driven
Markvoort AJ, Pieterse K, Steijaert MN, Spijker P, Hilbers PAJ
22655 - 22662 2,2,2-Trifluoroethanol-induced molten globule state of concanavalin A and energetics of 8-anilinonaphthalene sulfonate binding: Calorimetric and spectroscopic investigation
Banerjee T, Kishore N
22663 - 22666 Core/shell quantum-dot-photosensitized nano-TiO2 films: Fabrication and application to the damage of cells and DNA
Lu ZX, Zhang ZL, Zhang MX, Xie HY, Tian ZQ, Chen P, Huang H, Pang DW
22667 - 22673 A residue-pairwise generalized Born scheme suitable for protein design calculations
Archontis G, Simonson T
22674 - 22684 Corrosion inhibitors: Design, performance, and computer simulations
Duda Y, Govea-Rueda R, Galicia M, Beltran HI, Zamudio-Rivera LS
22685 - 22691 Spontaneous and self-assembled line formations on silicon substrates with vanadium pentoxide sol-gels
Calvert C, Burke KA, Suib SL
22692 - 22698 Thermodynamic study of the effect of ethanol on two amphiphilic penicillins
Barbosa S, Taboada P, Mosquera V
22699 - 22699 Comment on "Molecular dynamics simulation of the liquid/vapor interface of aqueous ethanol solutions as a function of concentration"
Wang TF, Wang JF
22700 - 22700 Reply to "Comment on'Molecular dynamics simulation of the liquid/vapor interface of aqueous ethanol solutions as a function of concentration'''
Taylor RS