Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.109, No.27 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1520-6106 (Print) 

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13043 - 13048 Competing thermal activation mechanisms in the meltinglike transition of Na-N (N=135-147) clusters
Aguado A
13049 - 13051 Probing electric fields at the ionic liquid-electrode interface using sum frequency generation spectroscopy and electrochemistry
Baldelli S
13052 - 13055 Heterogeneous activation of oxone using Co3O4
Anipsitakis GP, Stathatos E, Dionysiou DD
13056 - 13059 Fabrication of aligned TiO2 nanostructured arrays using a one-step templating solution approach
Lee JH, Leu IC, Hsu MC, Chung YW, Hon MH
13060 - 13062 From Al4B2O9 nanowires to BN-coated Al18B4O33 nanowires
Zhang J, Huang Y, Lin J, Ding XX, Huang ZX, Qi SR, Tang CC
13063 - 13066 Second harmonic generation-based coherent vibrational Spectroscopy for a liquid interface under the nonresonant pump condition
Hirose Y, Yui H, Sawada T
13067 - 13075 Structural and energetic characterization of a DNA nucleoside pair and its anion: Deoxyriboadenosine (dA) - Deoxyribothymidine (dT)
Gu JD, Xie YM, Schaefer HF
13076 - 13082 Helical superstructures of fullerene peapods and empty single-walled carbon nanotubes formed in water
Nakashima N, Tanaka Y, Tomonari Y, Murakami H, Kataura H, Sakaue T, Yoshikawa K
13083 - 13090 Structure and spectroscopy of Tb[Au(CN)(2)](3)center dot 3H(2)O
Tanner PA, Zhou XJ, Wong WT, Kratzer C, Yersin H
13091 - 13093 Synthesis of nano/micro zinc oxide rods and arrays by thermal evaporation approach on cylindrical shape substrate
Zhang YS, Wang LS, Liu XH, Yan YJ, Chen CQ, Zhu J
13094 - 13103 Adsorption of gases in metal organic materials: Comparison of simulations and experiments
Garberoglio G, Skoulidas AI, Johnson JK
13104 - 13111 Structure of aqueous glucose solutions as determined by neutron diffraction with isotopic substitution experiments and molecular dynamics calculations
Mason PE, Neilson GW, Enderby JE, Saboungi ML, Brady JW
13112 - 13118 Hydrophobic attraction as revealed by AFM force measurements and molecular dynamics simulation
Fa KQ, Nguyen AV, Miller JD
13119 - 13123 Langmuir monolayers of Co nanoparticles and their Patterning by microcontact printing
Park JI, Lee WR, Bae SS, Kim YJ, Yoo KH, Cheon J, Kim S
13124 - 13131 Bronsted and lewis acidity of the BF3/gamma-Al2O3 alkylation catalyst as revealed by solid-state NMR spectroscopy and DFT quantum chemical calculations
Yang J, Zheng AM, Zhang MJ, Luo Q, Yue Y, Ye CH, Lu X, Deng F
13132 - 13137 EXAFS and XANES investigation of the ETS-10 microporous titanosilicate
Prestipino C, Solari PL, Larnberti C
13138 - 13142 Optical properties of gold nanorods: DDA simulations supported by experiments
Brioude A, Jiang XC, Pileni MP
13143 - 13147 Catalyst-assisted vapor-liquid-solid growth of single-crystal Ga2O3 nanobelts
Zhang J, Jiang FH, Yang YD, Li JP
13148 - 13153 Floating-potential dielectrophoresis-controlled fabrication of single-carbon-nanotube transistors and their electrical properties
Dong LF, Chirayos V, Bush J, Jiao J, Dubin VM, Chebian RV, Ono Y, Conley JF, Ulrich BD
13154 - 13158 Effect of OH- on the luminescent efficiency and lifetime of Tb3+ doped yttrium orthophosphate synthesized by solution precipitation
Di WH, Wang XJ, Chen BJ, Lu SZ, Zhao XX
13159 - 13165 Charge-controlled permeability of polyelectrolyte microcapsules
Tong WJ, Doug WF, Gao CY, Mohwald H
13166 - 13174 Size-selective synthesis and stabilization of gold organosol in CnTAC: Enhanced molecular fluorescence from gold-bound fluorophores
Praharaj S, Ghosh SK, Nath S, Kundu S, Panigrahi S, Basu S, Pal T
13175 - 13179 Vacancy-induced chemisorption of NO2 on carbon nanotubes: A combined theoretical and experimental study
Mercuri F, Sgamellotti A, Valentini L, Armentano I, Kenny JM
13180 - 13185 Spin-probe ESR study on the dynamics of liquid molecules in the MCM-41 nanochannel: Temperature dependence on 2-propanol and water
Okazaki M, Toriyama K
13186 - 13194 Self-diffusion and collective diffusion of charged colloids studied by dynamic light scattering
Appell J, Porte G, Buhler E
13195 - 13199 Optical microscopy study for director patterns around disclinations in side-chain liquid crystalline polymer films
Zhang SJ, Terentjev EM, Donald AM
13200 - 13204 Crystalline silicon carbide nanoparticles encapsulated in branched wavelike carbon nanotubes: Synthesis and optical properties
Xi GC, Yu SJ, Zhang R, Zhang M, Ma DK, Qian YT
13205 - 13209 Microscopy and spectroscopy of interactions between metallopolymers and carbon nanotubes
Frehill F, Panhuis MIH, Young NA, Henry W, Hjelm J, Vos JG
13210 - 13213 Photoassisted charge behavior of hydrogen storage Alloy-TiO2/Pt electrodes
Wang GT, Tu JP, Zhang WK, Wang XL, Huang H, Gan XP
13214 - 13220 Near-field two-photon-induced photoluminescence from single gold nanorods and imaging of plasmon modes
Imura K, Nagahara T, Okamoto H
13221 - 13227 First-principle DFT and MP2 modeling of infrared reflection -Absorption spectra of oriented helical ethylene glycol oligomers
Malysheva L, Onipko A, Valiokas R, Liedberg B
13228 - 13236 Comparative study of the thermodynamics and kinetics of the ion transfer across the liquid vertical bar liquid interface by means of three-phase electrodes
Quentel F, Mirceski V, L'Her M, Mladenov M, Scholz F, Elleouet C
13237 - 13246 Synthesis and characterization of highly ordered Ni-MCM-41 mesoporous molecular sieves
Yang YH, Lim S, Du GA, Chen Y, Ciuparu D, Haller GL
13247 - 13254 Electrochemistry of conductive polymers 37. Nanoscale monitoring of electrical properties during electrochemical growth of polypyrrole and its aging
Lee HJ, Park SM
13255 - 13262 Diffusion dynamics of the Li+ ion on a model surface of amorphous carbon: A direct molecular orbital dynamics study
Tachikawa H, Shimizu A
13263 - 13271 Thermal evolution of acetic acid nanodeposits over 123-180 K on noncrystalline ice and polycrystalline ice studied by FTIR reflection -Absorption spectroscopy: Hydrogen-bonding interactions in acetic acid and between acetic acid and ice
Gao Q, Leung KT
13272 - 13282 A molecular beam study of the NO plus CO reaction on Pd(111) surfaces
Thirunavukkarasu K, Thirumoorthy K, Libuda J, Gopinath CS
13283 - 13290 Isothermal kinetic study of nitric oxide adsorption and decomposition on Pd(111) surfaces: Molecular beam experiments
Thirunavukkarasu K, Thirumoorthy K, Libuda X, Gopinath CS
13291 - 13295 Density functional theory (DFT) and DRIFTS investigations of the formation and adsorption of enolic species on the Ag/Al2O3 surface
Gao HW, He H, Yu YB, Feng QC
13296 - 13300 Deposition of thermally unstable molecules with the spray-jet technique on Au(111) surface
Suzuki H, Yamada T, Kamikado T, Okuno Y, Mashiko S
13301 - 13306 Molecular simulation of the interlayer structure and the mobility of alkyl chains in HDTMA(+)/montmorillonite hybrids
He HP, Galy J, Gerard JF
13307 - 13311 Photoinduced hydrophilicity of heteroepitaxially grown ZnO thin films
Miyauchi M, Shimai A, Tsuru Y
13312 - 13321 Spectroscopic signatures of VOC physisorption on microporous solids. Application for trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene adsorption on MFI zeolites
Bertrand O, Weber G, Maure S, Bernardet V, Bellat JP, Paulin C
13322 - 13326 Lithium ion phase-transfer reaction at the interface between the lithium manganese oxide electrode and the nonaqueous electrolyte
Kobayashi S, Uchimoto Y
13327 - 13331 Surface dilational rheology of mixed beta-lactoglobulin/surfactant layers at the air/water interface
Miller R, Leser ME, Michel M, Fainerman VB
13332 - 13341 Effect of oil on emulsion characteristics: Manipulating the interfacial domain
Liu EH, Egger H, McGrath KM
13342 - 13351 Theoretical study of modes of adsorption of water dimer on H-ZSM-5 and H-Faujasite zeolites
Jungsuttiwong S, Limtrakul J, Truong TN
13352 - 13355 A polarizable model for ethylene oxide
Mountain RD
13356 - 13362 Experimental and computational investigation of the energetics of the three isomers of monochloroaniline
da Silva MAVR, Gomes JRB, Ferreira AIMCL
13363 - 13367 Enthalpy changes upon dilution and ionization of poly(L-glutamic acid) in aqueous solutions
Godec A, Skerjanc J
13368 - 13374 Reactivity of DNA guanyl radicals with phenolate anions
Ly A, Bandong SL, Tran NQ, Sullivan KJ, Milligan JR
13375 - 13382 Dielectric constant and density dependence of the structure of supercritical carbon dioxide using a new modified empirical potential model: A Monte Carlo simulation study
Zhang Y, Yang JC, Yu YX
13383 - 13391 Intermolecular proton transfer in anionic complexes of uracil with alcohols
Haranczyk M, Rak J, Gutowski M, Radisic D, Stokes ST, Bowen KH
13392 - 13396 Quantum chemical design of hydroxyurea derivatives for the treatment of sickle-cell anemia
Rohrman BA, Mazziotti DA
13397 - 13401 Investigation of micelle formation by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Zettl H, Portnoy Y, Gottlieb M, Krausch G