Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.108, No.38 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1520-6106 (Print) 

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14183 - 14215 Foreword for the Gerhard Ertl Festschrift
Freund HJ, Knozinger H
14216 - 14222 Mechanism of stationary bulk CO oxidation on Pt(111) electrodes
Batista EA, Iwasita T, Vielstich W
14223 - 14231 Gas-phase transport during the spreading of MoO3 on Al2O3 support surfaces: Photoelectron spectromicroscopic study
Gunther S, Esch F, Gregoratti L, Barinov A, Kiskinova M, Taglauer E, Knozinger H
14232 - 14243 Removal pathways of surface nitrogen in a steady-state NO plus CO reaction on Pd(110) and Rh(110): Angular and velocity distribution studies
Rzeznicka II, Ma YS, Cao GY, Matsushima T
14244 - 14254 On the role of different adsorption and reaction sites on supported nanoparticles during a catalytic reaction: NO decomposition on a Pd/alumina model catalyst
Johanek V, Schauermann S, Laurin M, Gopinath CS, Libuda J, Freund HJ
14255 - 14264 Spatial bifurcations in the generic N-NDR electrochemical oscillator with negative global coupling: Theory and surface plasmon experiments
Plenge F, Li YJ, Krischer K
14265 - 14269 Enhanced vibrations at surfaces with back-bonds nearly parallel to the surface
Van Hove MA
14270 - 14275 A CO2 surface molecular precursor during CO oxidation over Pt{100}
Miners JH, Gardner P, Bradshaw AM, Woodruff DP
14276 - 14281 Photodissociation at 193 nm of tert-butyl nitrite on Ag(111)
Zhao W, Lee I, Kim SK, White JM
14282 - 14291 Laser-induced target patterns in the oscillatory CO oxidation on Pt(110)
Wolff J, Stich M, Beta C, Rotermund HH
14292 - 14297 Crystallization of antimony nanoparticles: Pattern formation and fractal growth
Stegemann B, Ritter C, Kaiser B, Rademann K
14298 - 14304 Electrochemical probes for metal/electrolyte system characterization during crevice corrosion
Wolfe RC, Weil KG, Pickering HW
14305 - 14310 State of aluminum in dealuminated, nonhydrated zeolites Y investigated by multinuclear solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Jiao J, Altwasser S, Wang W, Weitkamp J, Hunger M
14311 - 14315 Femtosecond pump/probe spectroscopy of CO on Ru{1010} from experimental and theoretical perspectives
Symonds JPR, Arnolds H, King DA
14316 - 14323 Structure determination of formic acid reaction products on TiO2(110)
Sayago DI, Polcik M, Lindsay R, Toomes RL, Hoeft JT, Kittel M, Woodruff DP
14324 - 14331 Vibrational properties and lateral interactions of the (2x2)-(O+CO) coadsorbate layer on Ru(001)
Kostov KL, Widdra W, Menzel D
14332 - 14339 Surface-defect-mediated channel for oxygen incorporation into Ru(0001)
Blume R, Niehus H, Conrad H, Bottcher A
14340 - 14347 Methanol oxidation on a copper catalyst investigated using in situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Bluhm H, Havecker M, Knop-Gericke A, Kleimenov E, Schlogl R, Teschner D, Bukhtiyarov VI, Ogletree DF, Salmeron M
14348 - 14355 Platinum/graphite nanofiber catalysts of various structure: Characterization and catalytic properties
Baker RTK, Rodriguez N, Mastalir A, Wild U, Schlogl R, Wootsch A, Paal Z
14356 - 14361 Surface structure of epitaxial magnetite Fe3O4(001) films: In situ STM and CEMS studies
Spiridis N, Handke B, Slezak T, Barbasz J, Zajac M, Haber J, Korecki J
14362 - 14367 Entropy of H2O wetting layers
Feibelman PJ, Alavi A
14368 - 14373 Electrogenerated chemiluminescence in poly(dibutoxyphenylenevinylene) coatings
Janakiraman U, Doblhofer K, Fischmeister C, Holmes AB
14374 - 14383 The role of surface deconstruction in the autocatalytic decomposition of formate and acetate on Ni(110)
Alemozafar AR, Madix RJ
14384 - 14391 The fate of ethyl pyruvate during adsorption on platinum chirally modified by cinchonidine studied by ATR-IR spectroscopy
Ferri D, Burgi T, Baiker A
14392 - 14397 Catalytic activity of the RuO2(100) surface in the oxidation of CO
Knapp M, Seitsonen AP, Kim YD, Over H
14398 - 14406 Adsorption of camphor on Au(111) and its effect on the electroreduction of periodate (IO4-)
Danckwerts M, Li YJ, Oslonovitch J, Pettinger B, Krischer K
14407 - 14416 Radical-like activation of Alkanes by the ligated copper oxide cation (Phenanthroline)CuO
Schroder D, Holthausen MC, Schwarz H
14417 - 14427 Alloy formation and CO adsorption on bimetallic Ca/Pd(111) surfaces
Jerdev DI, Prins R, Koel BE
14428 - 14433 Energetic parameters for atomic-scale processes on Ag(100)
Thiel PA, Evans JW
14434 - 14439 Electrochemical micromachining of p-type silicon
Allongue P, Jiang P, Kirchner V, Trimmer AL, Schuster R
14440 - 14445 High-temperature diffusion of lithium adsorbed on Ru(001)
Loser H, Fick A, Jansch HJ
14446 - 14451 First-principles theoretical study and scanning tunneling microscopic observation of dehydration process of formic acid on a TiO2(110) surface
Morikawa Y, Takahashi I, Aizawa M, Namai Y, Sasaki T, Iwasawa Y
14452 - 14461 Multiplicative temperature noise applied to a bistable surface reaction: Experiment and theory
Wehner S, Hayase Y, Brand HR, Kuppers J
14462 - 14469 Structural forces in self-assembled monolayers: Terphenyl-substituted alkanethiols on noble metal substrates
Shaporenko A, Brunnbauer M, Terfort A, Grunze M, Zharnikov M
14470 - 14476 Dynamics of transversal hot zones in shallow packed-bed reactors
Marwaha B, Sundarram S, Luss D
14477 - 14483 Oxygen overlayers on Pd(111) studied by density functional theory
Todorova M, Reuter K, Scheffler M
14484 - 14490 Stepped silicon surfaces as templates for one-dimensional nanostructures
Himpsel FJ, McChesney JL, Crain JN, Kirakosian A, Perez-Dieste V, Abbott NL, Luk YY, Nealey PF, Petrovykh DY
14491 - 14496 Broadband sum frequency generation spectroscopy to study surface reaction kinetics: A temperature-programmed study of CO oxidation on Pt(111)
Roeterdink WG, Aarts JFM, Kleyn AW, Bonn M
14497 - 14502 High-coverage structures of carbon monoxide adsorbed on Pt(111) studied by high-pressure scanning tunneling microscopy
Longwitz SR, Schnadt J, Vestergaard EK, Vang RT, Laegsgaard E, Stensgaard I, Brune H, Besenbacher F
14503 - 14510 Surface femtochemistry: Associative desorption of hydrogen from Ru(001) induced by electronic excitations
Denzler DN, Frischkorn C, Wolf M, Ertl G
14511 - 14517 On the dissociation of N2O after electron attaclnnent
Suter HU, Greber T
14518 - 14526 Reactivity and structural aspects of cesium and oxygen states at Cu(110) surfaces: An XPS and STM investigation
Carley AF, Davies PR, Harikumar KR, Jones RV, Roberts MW
14527 - 14534 Investigation of energy transfer between CdTe nanocrystals on polystyrene beads and dye molecules for FRET-SNOM applications
Muller F, Gotzinger S, Gaponik N, Weller H, Mlynek J, Benson O
14535 - 14540 DFT study of formaldehyde and methanol synthesis from CO and H-2 on Ni(111)
Remediakis IN, Abild-Pedersen F, Norskov JK
14541 - 14548 Ethylene decomposition on Rh(100): Theory and experiment
Nieskens DLS, van Bavel AP, Ferre DC, Niemantsverdriet JW
14549 - 14557 Inelastic atom-surface scattering by phonons: A comparison of different approaches
Brenig W, Gumhalter B
14558 - 14564 Molecular structure of surface-active salt solutions: Photoelectron spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations of aqueous tetrabutylammonium iodide
Winter B, Weber R, Schmidt PM, Hertel IV, Faubel M, Vrbka L, Jungwirth P
14565 - 14569 Atomic scale investigation of the oxidation of CO on RuO2(110) by scanning tunneling microscopy
Kim SH, Wintterlin J
14570 - 14574 Surface phonons of D : C(001)-(2x1)
Mazur A, Pollmann J
14575 - 14578 On the formation of silver carbonyl clusters in CO droplets
Rabin I, Schulze W
14579 - 14584 Combined application of LEED and STM in surface crystallography
Heinz K, Hammer L
14585 - 14590 STM study of terephthalic acid self-assembly on Au(III): Hydrogen-bonded sheets on an inhomogeneous substrate
Clair S, Pons S, Seitsonen AP, Brune H, Kern K, Barth JV
14591 - 14598 Size and charge effects on the binding of CO to small isolated rhodium clusters
Fielicke A, von Helden G, Meijer G, Pedersen DB, Simard B, Rayner DM
14599 - 14608 Nonuniform reaction rates during CO and CO/H-2 oxidation on coupled Pt electrodes
Kiss IZ, Brackett AW, Hudson JL
14609 - 14615 Synthesis of a sinter-resistant, mixed-oxide support for an nanoclusters
Min BK, Wallace WT, Goodman DW
14616 - 14619 Building alloys from single atoms: Au-Pd chains on NiAl(110)
Nilius N, Wallis TM, Ho W
14620 - 14626 Mathematical modeling of reactive phase separation in the system Rh(110)/K/O-2+H-2
Hinz M, Gunther S, Marbach H, Imbihl R
14627 - 14633 Calorimetric measurement of the heat of adsorption of benzene on Pt(111)
Ihm H, Ajo HM, Gottfried JM, Bera P, Campbell CT
14634 - 14642 On the nature of the active state of supported ruthenium catalysts used for the oxidation of carbon monoxide: Steady-state and transient kinetics combined with in situ infrared spectroscopy
Assmann J, Narkhede V, Khodeir L, Loffler E, Hinrichsen O, Birkner A, Over H, Muhler M
14643 - 14651 Methanol reactions over oxygen-modified re surfaces: Influence of surface structure and oxidation
Chan ASY, Chen WH, Wang H, Rowe JE, Madey TE
14652 - 14662 Surface structure of hydroxylated and sulfated zirconia. A periodic density-functional study
Hofmann A, Sauer J
14663 - 14670 Growth of copper on reconstructed Pt(100)
Schaefer B, Nohlen M, Wandelt K
14671 - 14676 Copper-phthalocyanine induced reconstruction of Au(110)
Cossaro A, Cvetko D, Bavdek G, Floreano L, Gotter R, Morgante A, Evangelista F, Ruocco A
14677 - 14684 Abstraction of oxygen from dioxygen on Al(111) revealed by resonant multiphoton ionization laser spectrometry
Binetti M, Hasselbrink E
14685 - 14691 Oxidation induced enhanced magnetic susceptibility of Co islands on Pt(111)
Cren T, Rusponi S, Weiss N, Epple M, Brune H
14692 - 14698 Rare gases on noble-metal surfaces: An angle-resolved photoemission study with high energy resolution
Forster F, Hufner S, Reinert F
14699 - 14709 Diffusion of single streptocyanine molecules in the nanoporous network of sol-gel glasses
Hellriegel C, Kirstein J, Brauchle C, Latour V, Pigot T, Olivier R, Lacombe S, Brown R, Guieu V, Payrastre C, Izquierdo A, Mocho P
14710 - 14725 Helium atom scattering studies of the structures and vibrations of the H-2, HD, and D-2 monolayers on NaCl(001)
Traeger F, Toennies JP
14726 - 14732 Adsorption and reaction of ammonia on the Ru(1120) surface
Wang Y, Jacobi K
14733 - 14740 Antispiral waves as sources in oscillatory reaction-diffusion media
Nicola EM, Brusch L, Bar M
14741 - 14748 High-resolution photoemission study of different NTCDA monolayers on Ag(111): Bonding and screening influences on the line shapes
Scholl A, Zou Y, Schmidt T, Fink R, Umbach E
14749 - 14758 Dissociation of carbon monoxide on the rhenium(10-10) surface
Pauls C, Przyrembel D, Christmann K
14759 - 14765 Promoter-induced nonlinear pattern formation in surface chemical reactions
De Decker Y, Mikhailov AS
14766 - 14779 The structures and reactions of linear and cyclic C-6 hydrocarbons adsorbed on the Pt(111) crystal surface by sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy pressure, temperature, and H-2 coadsorption effects
Yang MC, Chou KC, Somorjai GA
14780 - 14788 Catalytic influence of Pt monolayer islands on the hydrogen electrochemistry of Ru(0001) studied by ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy and cyclic voltammetry
Hoster H, Richter B, Behm RJ