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1 - 3 Editorial for January 2014 for JPC A/B/C
Schatz GC, Mccoy AB, Hammes-Schiffer S, Murphy CJ
4 - 12 Two Dimensional Imaging of the Virtual Source of a Supersonic Beam: Helium at 125 K
Eder SD, Bracco G, Kaltenbacher T, Holst B
13 - 20 Approaches to Measuring Entanglement in Chemical Magnetometers
Tiersch M, Guerreschi GG, Clausen J, Briegel HJ
21 - 37 Thermochemistry and Kinetics for 2-Butanone-1-yl Radical (CH2 center dot C(=O)CH2CH3) Reactions with O-2
Sebbar N, Bozzelli JW, Bockhorn H
38 - 54 Determination of the Rate Constant for the OH((XII)-I-2) + OH((XII)-I-2) -> H2O + O(P-3) Reaction Over the Temperature Range 295 to 701 K
Altinay G, Macdonald RG
55 - 61 State-Resolved Time-Dependent Wave Packet and Quasiclassical Trajectory Studies of the Adiabatic Reaction S(P-3) + HD on the (1(3)A'') State
Cheng DH, Yuan JC, Chen MD
62 - 69 Formation of Hydrogen Polyoxides As Constituents of Peroxy Radical Condensate upon Low-Temperature Interaction of Hydrogen Atoms with Liquid Ozone
Levanov AV, Isaykina OY, Antipenko EE, Lunin VV
70 - 77 High-Temperature Measurements of the Reactions of OH with Ethylamine and Dimethylamine
Li SJ, Dames E, Davidson DF, Hanson RK
78 - 82 Tunneling Above the Crossover Temperature
Alvarez-Barcia S, Flores JR, Kastner J
83 - 88 Analysis of the Hydration Water around Bovine Serum Albumin Using Terahertz Coherent Synchrotron Radiation
Bye JW, Meliga S, Ferachou D, Cinque G, Zeitler JA, Falconer RJ
89 - 93 Time-Resolved EPR Study on the Photoexcited Triplet State of the Electron-Donor-Acceptor Complex Formed in the System of fac-Tris[2-(4-octyl-phenyl) pyridine] Iridium(III) and Tetracene
Fu ZB, Shuhei Y, Hisao M
94 - 102 Substitutional Photoluminescence Modulation in Adducts of a Europium Chelate with a Range of Alkali Metal Cations: A Gas-Phase Study
Greisch JF, Harding ME, Schafer B, Rotter M, Ruben M, Klopper W, Kappes MM, Schooss D
103 - 109 Solvent Effect on Anthranilic Acid Spectroscopy
Abou-Zied OK, Al-Busaidi BY, Husband J
110 - 121 Nonlinear Optical Pulse Suppression via Ultrafast Photoinduced Electron Transfer in an Aggregated Perylene Diimide/Oligothiophene Molecular Triad
Sartin MM, Huang C, Marshall AS, Makarov N, Barlow S, Marder SR, Perry JW
122 - 127 Mechanisms of Ultrafast Excited-State Deactivation in Adenosine
Tuna D, Sobolewski AL, Domcke W
128 - 133 Scalar Relaxation of the Second Kind - A Potential Source of Information on the Dynamics of Molecular Movements. 2. Magnetic Dipole Moments and Magnetic Shielding of Bromine Nuclei
Gryff-Keller A, Molchanov S, Wodynski A
134 - 143 Multistate Photochromism of 1-Phenylnaphthalene-Bridged Imidazole Dimer That Has Three Colorless Isomers and Two Colored Isomers
Yamaguchi T, Hatano S, Abe J
144 - 151 Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer in pi-Expanded Phenazine-Derived Phenols
Piechowska J, Virkki K, Sadowski B, Lemmetyinen H, Tkachenko NV, Gryko DT
152 - 157 Nonequilibrium H/D Isotope Effects from Trajectory-Based Nonadiabatic Dynamics
Sporkel L, Cui GL, Koslowski A, Thiel W
158 - 166 Surface Photochemistry of Adsorbed Nitrate: The Role of Adsorbed Water in the Formation of Reduced Nitrogen Species on alpha-Fe2O3 Particle Surfaces
Nanayakkara CE, Jayaweera PM, Rubasinghege G, Baltrusaitis J, Grassian VH
167 - 177 Hygroscopic Particle Behavior Studied by Interdigitated Array Microelectrode Impedance Sensors
Schindelholz E, Tsui LK, Kelly RG
178 - 186 Atmospheric Chemistry of CF3CF2CHO: Absorption Cross Sections in the UV and IR Regions, Photolysis at 308 nm, and Gas-Phase Reaction with OH Radicals (T = 263-358 K)
Antinolo M, Jimenez E, Gonzalez S, Albaladejo J
187 - 196 On the Stability of Zwitterions of Pyridine Sulfonylureas: The Effect of lsosterism, Acidity, and Microsolvation
Dhaked DK, Bharatam PV
197 - 207 Theoretical Study of Novel Azo-Tetraphenylporphyrins: Potential Photovoltaic Materials
Hernandez-Marin E, Caicedo C, Rivera E, Martinez A
208 - 214 Global Optimization of 8-10 Atom Palladium-Iridium Nanoalloys at the DFT Level
Davis JBA, Horswell SL, Johnston RL
215 - 222 Storage Capacity and Vibration Frequencies of Guest Molecules in CH4 and CO2 Hydrates by First-Principles Calculations
Cao XX, Su Y, Liu Y, Zhao JJ, Liu CL
223 - 237 Description of Aromaticity with the Help of Vibrational Spectroscopy: Anthracene and Phenanthrene
Kalescky R, Kraka E, Cremer D
238 - 247 Quantum Chemistry Investigation of Fluorinated Polymer Systems of Industrial Interest
Mavroudakis E, Cuccato D, Dossi M, Comino G, Moscatelli D
248 - 259 Chain or Ring: Which One Is Favorable in Nitrogen-Rich Molecules N6XHm, N8XHm, and N10XHm (X = B, Al, Ga, m = 1 and X = C, Si, Ge, m = 2)?
Liang YH, Li N
260 - 274 Comparison of Unimolecular Decomposition Pathways for Carboxylic Acids of Relevance to Biofuels
Clark JM, Nimlos MR, Robichaud DJ
275 - 282 Reaction Analysis for Deprotonation of the Sulfonic Group of Perfluorosulfonic Acid Molecules at Low Hydration Levels
Sakai H, Tokumasu T
283 - 292 Chiroptical Inversion Induced by Rotation of a Carbon-Carbon Single Bond: An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Lu W, Du GH, Liu KY, Jiang LM, Ling J, Shen ZQ
293 - 303 Conformational Equilibria in Butane-1,4-diol: A Benchmark of a Prototypical System with Strong Intramolecular H-bonds
Kozuch S, Bachrach SM, Martin JML
304 - 307 Anisotropic Mo-2-Phthalocyanine Sheet: A New Member of the Organometallic Family
Zhu GZ, Kan M, Sun Q, Jena P
308 - 324 Comprehensive Analysis of Gly-Leu-Gly-Gly-Lys Peptide Dication Structures and Cation-Radical Dissociations Following Electron Transfer: From Electron Attachment to Backbone Cleavage, Ion-Molecule Complexes, and Fragment Separation
Pepin R, Laszlo KJ, Peng B, Marek A, Bush MF, Turecek F
325 - 330 Activation of Gas-Phase Uranyl: From an Oxo to a Nitrido Complex
Gong Y, Vallet V, Michelini MD, Rios D, Gibson JK
331 - 331 Theoretical and Kinetic Study of the Reactions of Ketones with H(O) over dot(2) Radicals. Part I: Abstraction Reaction Channels (vol 117, pg 4515, 2013)
Mendes J, Zhou CW, Curran HJ