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3411 - 3415 Oxygen Reduction on Platinum Low-Index Single-Crystal Surfaces in Sulfuric-Acid-Solution - Rotating Ring-Pt(Hkl) Disk Studies
Markovic NM, Gasteiger HA, Ross PN
3416 - 3418 Photodissociation Spectrum of Naphthalene Dimer Cation
Inokuchi Y, Ohashi K, Matsumoto M, Nishi N
3419 - 3422 Infrared Spectroscopic Detection of Co Formed at Step and Terrace Sites on a Corrugated Electrode Surface Plane During Methanol Oxidation
Shin JW, Korzeniewski C
3423 - 3429 Quantitative Study of Dual Fluorescence from S-Cis and S-Trans Conformers of Trans,Trans-2,4-Diphenyl-1,3-Butadiene
Sun YP, Bunker CE, Wickremesinghe PL, Rollins HW, Lawson GE
3430 - 3437 Electronic Spectroscopy and Excited-State Dynamics of the Kralh(X(1)Sigma(+),A(1)Pi) Van-der-Waals Complex
Hwang E, Dagdigian PJ
3438 - 3443 Ab-Initio Calculations of Vibrational Frequencies and Infrared Intensities for Global Warming Potential of CFC Substitutes - Cf3Ch2F (Hfc-134A)
Papasavva S, Tai S, Esslinger A, Illinger KH, Kenny JE
3444 - 3447 Structure of Co(H-2)N(+) Clusters, for N=1-6
Bauschlicher CW, Maitre P
3448 - 3454 Metastable Decomposition of (Roh)(N)(NH3)H-M(+) Heterocluster Ions
Xia P, Garvey JF
3455 - 3460 Thermodynamically Stable Dications - Alf2+ and Sif2+
Kolbuszewski M, Wright JS
3461 - 3464 Perturbation of Spin-Density Distribution Due to Deuterium Substitution
Zuilhof H, Lodder G, Vanmill RP, Mulder PP, Kage DE, Reiter RC, Stevenson CD
3465 - 3472 Theoretical-Study of the Chemical Bonding in Ni(C2H4) and Ferrocene
Pierloot K, Persson BJ, Roos BO
3473 - 3477 Molecular-Geometry and the Rotational Potential Surface in Perfluoro(Isopropyl Methyl-Ether)
Stanton CL, Berry RJ, Schwartz M
3478 - 3486 A Simple Functional Representation of Angular-Dependent Hydrogen-Bonded Systems .1. Amide, Carboxylic-Acid, and Amide-Carboxylic Acid Pairs
No KT, Kwon OY, Kim SY, Jhon MS, Scheraga HA
3487 - 3492 Theoretical-Study of the Diels-Alder Reactions of Zirconium Dimer with Ethylene and Butadiene
Roszak S, Balasubramanian K
3493 - 3502 Ab-Initio Calculations of Singlet and Triplet Excited-States of Chlorine Nitrate and Nitric-Acid
Grana AM, Lee TJ, Headgordon M
3503 - 3510 A Gaussian Description of Molecular Shape
Grant JA, Pickup BT
3511 - 3513 Photochemical Mechanism of the 1,3-Cycloaddition of Ethene to Benzene
Neumann F, Jug K
3514 - 3520 Mathematical-Model of the Bray-Liebhafsky Oscillations
Noyes RM, Kalachev LV, Field RJ
3521 - 3526 Effect of Solvent on the Radiative Decay of Singlet Molecular-Oxygen (A(1)Delta(G))
Scurlock RD, Nonell S, Braslavsky SE, Ogilby PR
3527 - 3531 The Neophyl-Like Rearrangement of Alkoxyl Radicals Revisited - Laser Flash and Laser Drop Photolysis Studies of 1,1-Diphenylethoxyl Radicals
Banks JT, Scaiano JC
3532 - 3539 Theoretical-Studies of the Photolytic Decomposition of Vinyl Bromide at 193 nm
Mains GJ, Raff LM, Abrash SA
3540 - 3547 Effects of Electric-Field-Induced Dipolar Orientation on First-Order and 2nd-Order Optical Susceptibilities in Organic Guest-Host Systems
Song OK, Wang CH, Guan HW
3548 - 3553 Photoisomerization Studied by Stepwise 2-Color 2-Photon Excitation .2. Alpha-(10"-Cyanoanthracen-9"-Yl)Ethyl Spiro(Cyclopropane-1,9’-Fluorene)-2-Carboxylates
Kawamata K, Kikuchi K, Okada K, Oda M
3554 - 3565 Dynamic Solvent Effect on Betaine-30 Electron-Transfer Kinetics in Alcohols
Reid PJ, Barbara PF
3566 - 3573 Photochemical Electron-Transfer Initiated Oxidative Fragmentation of Aminopinacols - Factors Governing Reaction-Rates and Quantum Efficiencies of C-C Bond-Cleavage
Gan H, Leinhos U, Gould IR, Whitten DG
3574 - 3582 Chemistry of Cadmium Telluride Organometallic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy
Mcdaniel AH, Wilkerson KJ, Hicks RF
3583 - 3591 CH(A(4)Sigma(-) and/or X(2)Pi) Formation in the Reaction Between Ketenyl Radicals and Oxygen-Atoms - Determination of the CH Yield Between 405 and 960 K
Peeters J, Boullart W, Devriendt K
3592 - 3597 Optical and Thermal Outer-Sphere Electron Self-Exchange Reaction of the Hexacyanoferrate(II/III) Couple - Comparative-Analysis of Band-Shape and Activation Parameters and Large Solvent Kinetic Isotope Effect
Khoshtariya DE, Meusinger R, Billing R
3598 - 3604 Kinetically Designed Conditions for the Catalytic Formation of Disfavored Products - The Reaction of (Eta(5)-C5H5)Mo(Co)(3)(Center-Dot) with N,N,N’,N’-Tetramethyl-1,4-Phenylenediamine
Balla J, Espenson JH, Bakac A
3605 - 3611 EPR Spin-Trapping Study of the Sonolysis of H2O/D2O Mixtures - Probing the Temperatures of Cavitation Regions
Misik V, Miyoshi N, Riesz P
3612 - 3617 (A,B,C) Triplet of Infrared Oh Bands of Zeolitic H-Complexes
Pelmenschikov AG, Vanwolput JH, Janchen J, Vansanten RA
3618 - 3628 Structure and Degree of Charge-Transfer of Simple and Complex Cyanine TCNQ Anion-Radical Salts Studied by Resonance Raman and Infrared-Spectroscopy
Terashita S, Nakatsu K, Ozaki Y, Takagi S
3629 - 3635 Electronic-Structure and Dynamics of Ionic Species in Thin PE Poly(N-Vinylcarbazole) Films Doped with Some Electron-Acceptors as Revealed by Transient Absorption-Spectroscopy
Ueda T, Fujisawa R, Fukumura H, Itaya A, Masuhara H
3636 - 3642 Subnanosecond Relaxation Dynamics of 2,2’-Azinobis(3-Ethylbenzothiazoline-6-Sulfonate) and Chlorpromazine - Assessment of Photosensitization of a Wide-Band Gap Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor TiO2
Maruthamuthu P, Sharma DK, Serpone N
3643 - 3647 Improved Efficiency and Stability of Silicon Photocathodes by Electrochemical Etching
Mao D, Kim KJ, Tsuo YS, Frank AJ
3648 - 3654 Determination of Decomposition Starting Temperature of Hydrocarbons Adsorbed on a Single-Crystal Surface - Representative Results for Cycloheptane on Ni(755)
Orita H, Kondoh H, Nozoye H
3655 - 3662 Effects of Nonradiative Energy-Transfer on Photodimerization of a Stilbazolium Cation on Ag and GaAs Substrates - Infrared Reflection-Absorption and Emission Spectroscopic Studies
Yamamoto M, Itoh K, Nishigaki A, Ohshima S
3663 - 3670 An Infrared Study of the Interaction of Dinitrogen with Dihydrogen over Supported Rhodium Films
Pei Z, Fang TH, Worley SD
3671 - 3677 Dynamic Aspects in Host-Guest Interactions .3. Kinetics and Mechanism for Molecular Recognition by Hexakis(2,6-di-O-Methyl)-Alpha-Cyclodextrin of Some Azo Guest Molecules
Yoshida N, Fujita Y
3678 - 3686 Reaction and Spectroscopic Study of Silica-Supported Molybdenum(IV) and Tungsten(IV) Dimers
Sullivan DL, Roark RD, Ekerdt JG, Deutsch SE, Gates BC
3687 - 3696 The Origin of Oscillations During Hydrogen-Peroxide Reduction on GaAs Semiconductor Electrodes
Koper MT, Vanmaekelbergh D
3697 - 3703 Characterization of Silica Catalyst Supports by Single and Multiple-Quantum Proton NMR-Spectroscopy
Hwang SJ, Uner DO, King TS, Pruski M, Gerstein BC
3704 - 3710 Interaction of CO2 with Magnesium-Oxide Surfaces - A TPD, FTIR, and Cluster-Model Calculation Study
Yanagisawa Y, Takaoka K, Yamabe S, Ito T
3711 - 3714 Influence of Water on Adsorption of Triethylsilanol Onto Silica
Denoyel R, Trens P
3715 - 3722 Investigation of Nitriding Mechanism at Transition-Metal Surfaces - NH3 Adsorption and Decomposition on Fe(100), Ni(100), and Cr(100)
Cheng HS, Reiser DB, Mathias PM, Baumert K, Dean SW
3723 - 3731 Solubilization of Homopolymers by Block-Copolymer Micelles in Dilute-Solutions - Laser-Light Scattering and Viscosity Studies on Micellar Solutions
Quintana JR, Salazar RA, Katime I
3732 - 3735 Electrochemical Insertion of Lithium into Pyrite from Nonaqueous Electrolytes at Room-Temperature - An in-Situ Fe K-Edge X-Ray-Absorption Fine-Structure Study
Tryk DA, Kim SH, Hu YN, Xing WN, Scherson DA, Antonio MR, Leger VZ, Blomgren GE
3736 - 3742 Formation of a Novel CdS Cluster in an Organic Multilayer Template - A Case of an Organic-Inorganic Superlattice
Ichinose I, Kimizuka N, Kunitake T
3743 - 3747 Behavior of Native Xanthan in the Biphasic Region - A Na-23(+) Counterion NMR-Study
Bezemer L, Leyte JC
3748 - 3751 Viscosity of Supercooled Sulfuric-Acid-Solutions
Williams LR, Long FS
3752 - 3764 Crystal Packing Without Symmetry Constraints .1. Tests of a New Algorithm for Determining Crystal-Structures by Energy Minimization
Gibson KD, Scheraga HA
3765 - 3773 Crystal Packing Without Symmetry Constraints .2. Possible Crystal Packings of Benzene Obtained by Energy Minimization from Multiple Starts
Gibson KD, Scheraga HA
3774 - 3780 Thermal-Conductivity of a Clathrate with Restrained Guests - The CCl4 Clathrate of Dianins Compound
Michalski D, White MA
3781 - 3792 A Lattice Model of Network-Forming Fluids with Orientation-Dependent Bonding - Equilibrium, Stability, and Implications for the Phase-Behavior of Supercooled Water
Borick SS, Debenedetti PG, Sastry S
3793 - 3797 Hydration of Lithium Ion in Aqueous-Solution
Rudolph W, Brooker MH, Pye CC
3798 - 3805 Hydroxide Ion in Liquid Water - Structure, Energetics, and Proton-Transfer Using a Mixed Discrete-Continuum Ab-Initio Model
Tunon I, Rinaldi D, Ruizlopez MF, Rivail JL
3806 - 3809 Determination of the Interaction Capacity of Silica-Gel by Gas-Solid Chromatography and Titration Calorimetry
Ho NT, Gander B, Nguyen VP, Gentili S, Sabra F
3810 - 3814 Fluorescence Behavior of Pyrenyl Groups Bound to Anti-Pyrenyl Antibody
Imaizumi M, Harada M, Sisido M
3815 - 3822 The Quest for a Metaphosphate Intermediate - The Mechanisms for Hydrolysis of Pyrophosphates with and Without Catalysis
Ma BY, Meredith C, Schaefer HF
3823 - 3831 Phase-Diagrams of Mixtures of a Nonionic Polymer, Hexanol, and Water - An Experimental and Theoretical-Study of the Effect of Hydrophobic Modification
Thuresson K, Karlstrom G, Lindman B
3832 - 3846 Molecular Mechanical and Molecular Dynamical Simulations of Glycoproteins and Oligosaccharides .1. Glycam-93 Parameter Development
Woods RJ, Dwek RA, Edge CJ, Fraserreid B
3847 - 3853 Time-Resolved Polarized Absorption-Spectroscopy with Isotropically Excited Oriented Purple Membranes - The Orientation of the Electronic-Transition Dipole-Moment of the Chromophore in the O-Intermediate of Bacteriorhodopsin
Otto H, Zscherp C, Borucki B, Heyn MP
3854 - 3866 Electron-Spin Polarization Model Applied to Sequential Electron-Transfer in Iron-Containing Photosynthetic Bacterial Reaction Centers with Different Quinones as Q(A)
Morris AL, Snyder SW, Zhang YN, Tang J, Thurnauer MC, Dutton PL, Robertson DE, Gunner MR
3867 - 3874 Structure and Relative Stability of Deoxyribose Radicals in a Model DNA Backbone - Ab-Initio Molecular-Orbital Calculations
Colson AO, Sevilla MD
3875 - 3880 Capillary Electrophoresis as a Method for Determining Binding Constants - Application to the Binding of Cyclodextrins and Nitrophenolates
Penn SG, Bergstrom ET, Knights I, Liu GY, Ruddick A, Goodall DM
3881 - 3882 Femtosecond vs Nanosecond Multiphoton Ionization and Dissociation of Large Molecules - Comments
Knochenmuss R