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Journal of Physical Chemistry, Vol.98, No.43 Entire volume, number list
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10997 - 11000 Defect-Enhanced Structural Relaxation Mechanism for the Evolution of Hot-Spots in Rapidly Compressed Crystals
Tsai DH, Armstrong RW
11001 - 11003 Permselectivity of Voltage-Gated Alamethicin Ion-Channel Studied by Microamperometry
Matsue T, Shiku H, Yamada H, Uchida I
11004 - 11006 Ab-Initio Hartree-Fock and Local-Density Functional Calculations on Prototype Halogenated Porphyrins - Do Electrochemically Measured Substituent Effects Reflect Gas-Phase Trends
Ghosh A
11007 - 11010 A Model for Oscillating Hydrogen Liberation at CuInSe2 in the Presence of H2O2
Pohlmann L, Neher G, Tributsch H
11011 - 11014 Hydrogen Adsorption on Platinum Particles Studied by Pt-195 NMR
Tong YY, Vanderklink JJ
11015 - 11017 Large-Dimension Limit Yields Generic Reduced Potential Curves for H2+, H-2, Hhe+, and He-2(2+)
Kais S, Germann TC, Herschbach DR
11018 - 11019 Octahedral C-48 and Uniform Strain
Dunlap BI, Taylor R
11020 - 11033 Ultrafast Nonlinear-Optical Studies of Surface-Reaction Dynamics - Mapping the Electron Trajectory
Lanzafame JM, Palese S, Wang D, Miller RJ, Muenter AA
11034 - 11039 A Molecular-Dynamics Study of the Benzene...Ar(N) (N=3-5) Complex Using the Ab-Initio Intermolecular Potential
Vacek J, Hobza P
11040 - 11045 Intramolecular Competition of Phenylic and Benzylic Cx Bond Breaking in Dissociative Electron-Attachment to Dihalotoluenes
Bulliard C, Allan M, Haselbach E
11046 - 11052 Molecular-Structure and Conformation of tert-Butylbenzene - A Concerted Study by Gas-Phase Electron-Diffraction and Theoretical Calculations
Campanelli AR, Ramondo F, Domenicano A, Hargittai I
11053 - 11058 Long-Range Interactions in a Series of Rigid Nonconjugated Polynorbornyl Dienes .2. Role of Electron Correlation in Determining the Distance Dependence of the Pi(+),Pi(-) and Pi(+)Asterisk,Pi(-)Asterisk Splittings
Kim K, Jordan KD, Paddonrow MN
11059 - 11068 Incorporating Solvation Effects into Density-Functional Electronic-Structure Calculations
Chen JL, Noodleman L, Case DA, Bashford D
11069 - 11074 A Theoretical Treatment of the Radiative Decay of the (A(3)Pi,Nu,N,F-I,ELF) Levels of BH
Pederson LA, Hettema H, Yarkony DR
11075 - 11088 Solvent Effects on Molecular and Ionic Spectra .4. Photochemistry of Fe2+(H2O)(6) in Water Revisited - Possible Mechanisms for the Primary Absorption Process Leading to Electron Ejection
Zeng J, Craw JS, Hush NS, Reimers JR
11089 - 11093 Photoinduced Isomerization of Alkyl Radicals Trapped in Solid Alkanes
Koizumi H, Kosugi S, Yoshida H
11094 - 11098 Pulse-Radiolysis Study of One-Electron Reduction Reaction of Fluoranil in Aqueous-Solution
Shoute LC, Mittal JP
11099 - 11108 Experimental and Theoretical-Study of the SEC-C4H9-Reversible-Arrow-Ch3+c3H6 Reaction
Knyazev VD, Dubinsky IA, Slagle IR, Gutman D
11109 - 11114 Aqueous-Medium Pulse and Steady-State Radiation-Chemical Studies on the Reduction of 3,5-Diiodotyrosine
Das TN
11115 - 11118 Volume Phase-Transition of Thermosensitive Polymer Gels and Mechanism for Miscibility
Katayama S, Akahori Y
11119 - 11125 Enhanced Absorption Within a Cavity - A Study of Thin Dye Layers with the Surface Forces Apparatus
Muller C, Machtle P, Helm CA
11126 - 11128 Light Scattering Study of the Effects of 1-Pentanol on Solutions of Sodium Dodecyl-Sulfate in NaCl-H2O Solutions
Stephany SM, Kole TM, Fisch MR
11129 - 11135 Permeability and Partitioning of Ferrocene Ethylene-Oxide and Propylene-Oxide Oligomers into Electropolymerized Films from Acetonitrile and Polyether Solutions
Pyati R, Murray RW
11136 - 11142 A New Mechanism for Surface-Diffusion - Motion of a Substrate-Adsorbate Complex
Stranick SJ, Parikh AN, Allara DL, Weiss PS
11143 - 11162 Micellar Behavior of Distearyldimethylammonium Hydroxide and Chloride in Aqueous Solutions
Clancy SF, Steiger PH, Tanner DA, Thies M, Paradies HH
11163 - 11168 Microstructural and Spectroscopic Studies of Metal Liquid-Like Films of Silver and Gold
Alobaidi AH, Rigby SJ, Mcgarvey JJ, Walmsley DG, Smith KW, Hellemans L, Snauwaert J
11169 - 11177 SERS Investigation of the Adsorption and Decomposition of Tetramethylammonium Ions on Silver Electrode Surfaces in Aqueous-Media
Deng ZY, Irish DE
11178 - 11180 Thermochemistry of Bhmcln Calculated at the G-2 Level of Theory
Schlegel HB, Harris SJ
11181 - 11192 Liquid-Vapor Equilibria of Polar Fluids from a Van der Waals-Like Theory
Vega C, Lago S, Garzon B
11193 - 11203 Solvation Thermodynamics of Simple Crown-Ethers by the Xrism Method
Ha YL, Chakraborty AK
11204 - 11212 Parametric and Molecular Structural Relationships of Dipeptides
Reisner BA, Fitzsimmons B, Rabitz H, Thacher T, Fisher JR, Wong C
11213 - 11219 Vibrational Dynamics of Carbon-Monoxide at the Active-Site of Myoglobin - Picosecond Infrared Free-Electron Laser Pump-Probe Experiments
Hill JR, Tokmakoff A, Peterson KA, Sauter B, Zimdars D, Dlott DD, Fayer MD
11220 - 11225 Rates of Primary Electron-Transfer Reactions in the Photosystem-I Reaction-Center Reconstituted with Different Quinones as the Secondary Acceptor
Kumazaki S, Iwaki M, Ikegami I, Kandori H, Yoshihara K, Itoh S
11226 - 11229 Time-Dependent Theoretical Treatment of Intervalence Absorption-Spectra - Exact Calculations in a One-Dimensional Model - Comment
Schatz PN, Piepho SB
11230 - 11232 Calculation of Absorption-Line Shapes for Mixed-Valence Dimers - Comment
Ondrechen MJ, Ferretti A, Lami A, Villani G
11233 - 11235 Time-Dependent Theoretical Treatment of Intervalence Absorption-Spectra - Exact Calculations in a One-Dimensional Model - Comments - Reply
Talaga DS, Reber C, Zink JI
11236 - 11236 In-Situ X-Ray Studies of the Underpotential Deposition of Copper on Platinum(111) - Comment
Lurio LB, Hayes TM