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9083 - 9096 RAO,C.N.R. - Biographical Notes
Angell CA, Bagchi B, Buckingham AD, Thomas JM
9097 - 9101 Flat-Band Potential Measurements of Naked and Viologen-Modified N-Ws2 Electrodes in Aqueous Iodide and Triiodide Solutions
Huang J, Wrighton MS
9102 - 9105 The Role of Solute/Solvent Electronic Interaction in the Femtosecond Dynamics of the Bromide/Benzene Cation Contact Ion-Pair in Benzene Solution
Jarzeba W, Schlief RE, Barbara PF
9106 - 9114 Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy .25. Application to Investigation of the Kinetics of Heterogeneous Electron-Transfer at Semiconductor (WSe2 and Si) Electrodes
Horrocks BR, Mirkin MV, Bard AJ
9115 - 9118 Test of the Additivity Rule for the Estimation of Standard Partial Molar Heat-Capacities and Volumes of Some Nonionic Surfactants in Aqueous-Solutions
Jha R, Ahluwalia JC
9119 - 9125 Sequence Effects on DNA Stereodynamics - Conformational Behavior of D-Ggtagiactacc Containing Ia Mismatched Base-Pairs
Chary KV, Khan KK, Rastogi VK, Govil G, Howard FB, Miles HT
9126 - 9132 Excited-State Intramolecular Proton-Transfer in 2-(2’-Hydroxyphenyl)Benzimidazole and 2-(2’-Hydroxyphenyl)-Benzoxazole - Effect of Rotamerism and Hydrogen-Bonding
Das K, Sarkar N, Ghosh AK, Majumdar D, Nath DN, Bhattacharyya K
9133 - 9136 Excited-State Dipole-Moments from an Efficient Analysis of Solvatochromic Stokes Shift Data
Ravi M, Samanta A, Radhakrishnan TP
9137 - 9142 Photoinduced Charge-Transfer Between Carbon and Semiconductor Clusters - One-Electron Reduction of C-60 in Colloidal TiO2 Semiconductor Suspensions
Kamat PV, Bedja I, Hotchandani S
9143 - 9145 Hardness, Chemical-Potential, and Valency Profiles of Molecules Under Internal Rotations
Chattaraj PK, Nath S, Sannigrahi AB
9146 - 9152 Electronic-Structure of Liquid Charge-Transfer Alloys - A Numerical Study
Koslowski T, Logan DE
9153 - 9157 Computation of Collective Excitations and Acoustic and Elastic Properties of Liquid Selenium
Venkatesh R, Rao RV
9158 - 9164 Reactions of Oh and So(4)(Center-Dot-)with Some Halobenzenes and Halotoluenes - A Radiation-Chemical Study
Merga G, Rao BS, Mohan H, Mittal JP
9165 - 9169 Molecular Tailoring Approach for Simulation of Electrostatic Properties
Gadre SR, Shirsat RN, Limaye AC
9170 - 9174 Critical-Behavior of Ionic Fluids
Narayanan T, Pitzer KS
9175 - 9181 Activation of Carbon-Monoxide and Carbon-Dioxide at Cesium-Promoted Cu(110) and Cu(110)-O Surfaces
Carley AF, Roberts MW, Strutt AJ
9182 - 9186 Final-State Effects in the Angle-Resolved Photoemission Extended Fine-Structure of C(2X2)S/Ni(001)
Huff WR, Zheng Y, Hussain Z, Shirley DA
9187 - 9196 Electronic and Vibrational-Spectra of Matrix-Isolated Pyrene Radical Cations - Theoretical and Experimental Aspects
Vala M, Szczepanski J, Pauzat F, Parisel O, Talbi D, Ellinger Y
9197 - 9201 Simple Density-Functional Approach to Polarizability, Hardness, and Covalent Radius of Atomic Systems
Ghanty TK, Ghosh SK
9202 - 9206 Calculation of the Reduced Mass of Some 4-Membered Rings as a Function of Ring-Puckering Coordinate Based on Optimized Ab-Initio Structural Parameters
Durig JR, Zhao W
9207 - 9215 Effects of Ultrafast Solvation on the Rate of Adiabatic Outer-Sphere Electron-Transfer Reactions
Roy S, Bagchi B
9216 - 9221 A Molecular-Dynamics Study of Atomic Correlations in Glassy B2S3
Balasubramanian S, Rao KJ
9222 - 9226 Electronic-Structure and Stability of Closo-Heteroboranes, Xyb(N)H(N), (N=3-5, X, Y=n, CH, P, and Sih) - An Ab-Initio Mo Study
Jemmis ED, Subramanian G
9227 - 9232 Low-Frequency Vibrations in S-0 and S-1 States of 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydronaphthalene (Tetralin) from Fluorescence in a Seeded Jet
Guchhait N, Chakraborty T, Majumdar D, Chowdhury M
9233 - 9241 Geometries and Energy Separations of Electronic States of Gef2, Snf2, and PbF2 and Their Positive-Ions
Dai DG, Alzahrani MM, Balasubramanian K
9242 - 9246 A Comparative-Study of the Coadsorption of Co and No on Pd(100), Pd(111), and Silica-Supported Palladium Particles with Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy
Xu XP, Chen PJ, Goodman DW
9247 - 9251 Synthesis and Minimum Energy Structure of Novel Metal/Silica Clusters
Patil AN, Andres RP, Otsuka N
9252 - 9259 Dynamics of Zeolite Cage and Its Effect on the Diffusion Properties of Sorbate - Persistence of Diffusion Anomaly in NAA Zeolite
Santikary P, Yashonath S
9260 - 9264 Melting of (Ar-Xe)(13) Clusters - Surface-Core Effects
Nayak SK, Ramaswamy R
9265 - 9269 Rotational Relaxation of a Spherocylinder and a Semirigid Molecule in Concentrated-Solutions
Thirumalai D
9270 - 9278 Molten Globule-Like Conformation of Barstar - A Study by Fluorescence Dynamics
Swaminathan R, Periasamy N, Udgaonkar JB, Krishnamoorthy G
9279 - 9284 Structure and Electronic-Properties of Cesium-Loaded Zeolite-A
Armstrong AR, Anderson PA, Woodall LJ, Edwards PP
9285 - 9290 Infrared-Ultraviolet Double-Resonance Measurements on the Temperature-Dependence of Relaxation from Specific Rovibronic Levels in No(X(2)Pi, Nu=2, J) and (X(2)Pi, Nu=3, J)
Islam M, Smith IW, Wiebrecht JW
9291 - 9296 Photochemistry of Squaraine Dyes .8. Photophysical Properties of Crown-Ether Squaraine Fluoroionophores and Their Metal-Ion Complexes
Das S, Thomas KG, Thomas KJ, Kamat PV, George MV
9297 - 9300 Intermolecular Motion in Solid C-70 - A Molecular-Dynamics Simulation Study
Sprik M, Klein ML
9301 - 9311 Low-Energy Collisions of Group Iiia, IVA, VA, via, and VIIa Ions with Fluoroalkyl Sam Surfaces - Reactions, Chemical Sputtering, and Mechanistic Implications
Pradeep T, Ast T, Cooks RG, Feng B
9312 - 9317 Polymer-Molecules at Chemically Random Surfaces
Sumithra K, Sebastian KL
9318 - 9321 Multiple-Scattering of Light and Photon Diffusion in a Nematic Liquid-Crystal
Ramaswamy S
9322 - 9334 Side-Chain Motion with 2 Degrees of Freedom in Peptides - An NMR-Study of Phenylalanine Side-Chains in Antamanide
Bremi T, Ernst M, Ernst RR
9335 - 9338 Chemical-Reaction Processes in Copper-Ruthenium Catalysts
Smith BC, Gaiboyes PL
9339 - 9344 Binding of, and Energy-Transfer Studies from Retinal to, Organic Cations in Regenerated Reduced Bacteriorhodopsin
Wu SG, Elsayed MA
9345 - 9349 Glasses with Strong Calorimetric Beta-Glass Transitions and the Relation to the Protein Glass-Transition Problem
Fan J, Cooper EI, Angell CA
9350 - 9353 Gas-Phase Antimony/Magnesium/Oxygen Clusters
Deng HT, Okada Y, Foltin M, Castleman AW
9354 - 9359 Probing Potential-Energy Surfaces in Confined Systems - Behavior of Mean-Square Displacement in Zeolites
Ghosh M, Ananthakrishna G, Yashonath S, Demontis P, Suffritti G
9360 - 9364 Distortions of Gallium Octahedra in Ba5Ga6 and the Likelihood of the Reported Phase Being Ba5Ga6H2
Liu Q, Hoffmann R, Corbett JD
9365 - 9370 Excess Electron Surface-States on Clusters
Rosenblit M, Jortner J