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1 - 3 Role of Ionic Head Groups in the Zero-Pressure Phase of Fatty-Acid Monolayers
Modak S, Datta A
4 - 7 Site Propensities for HCl and Dcl Formation in the Reaction of Cl with Selectively-Deuterated Propanes
Yen YF, Wang ZR, Xue B, Koplitz B
8 - 11 Elementary Reaction-Mechanism of Diamond Growth from Acetylene
Skokov S, Weiner B, Frenklach M
12 - 16 Ab-Initio Potential Surfaces for the O((1)D) Plus Methane Reaction
Arai H, Kato S, Koda S
17 - 22 Effects of Aging on the Dynamics of Rhodamine-6G in Tetramethyl Orthosilicate-Derived Sol-Gels
Narang U, Wang R, Prasad PN, Bright FV
23 - 27 A Novel Computational Mimetic of Biological-Membranes in Molecular-Dynamics Simulations
Guba W, Kessler H
28 - 34 Multiple-Field C-13 NMR Relaxation Study of Cyclodextrins
Kowalewski J, Widmalm G
35 - 46 Fluorescence, Fluorescence Excitation, and Ultraviolet-Absorption Spectra of Trans-1-(2-Naphthyl)-2-Phenylethene Conformers
Saltiel J, Sears DF, Choi JO, Sun YP, Eaker DW
47 - 52 High-Temperature Nonphotochemical Hole-Burning of Phthalocyanine Zinc Derivatives Embedded in a Hydrated ALPO4-5 Molecular-Sieve
Ehrl M, Deeg FW, Brauchle C, Franke O, Sobbi A, Schulzekloff G, Wohrle D
53 - 59 Water-Exchange, Electronic Relaxation, and Rotational-Dynamics of the MRI Contrast Agent (Gd(DTPA-BMA)(H2O)) in Aqueous-Solution - A Variable-Pressure, Temperature, and Magnetic-Field O-17 NMR-Study
Gonzalez G, Powell DH, Tissieres V, Merbach AE
60 - 67 Excited-State Spectra and Dynamics of Phenyl-Substituted Butadienes
Wallacewilliams SE, Schwartz BJ, Moller S, Goldbeck RA, Yee WA, Elbayoumi MA, Kliger DS
68 - 70 Surprisingly Low Reactivity of Bare Feo+ in Its Spin-Allowed, Highly Exothermic Reaction with Molecular-Hydrogen to Generate Fe+ and Water
Schroder D, Fiedler A, Ryan MF, Schwarz H
71 - 76 Magnetic Circular-Dichroism and Absorption-Spectra of Hexacyanoferrate(III) in a Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Film
Upton AH, Williamson BE
77 - 80 Matrix-Isolation Study of the Reaction of (CH3)3Al with Hydrogen-Sulfide and Mercaptans - Synthesis and Spectra of Molecular Al2S3
Ault BS
81 - 87 Ab-Initio Study of the Structures, Energetics, and Bonding of the Isomers Benh and Hben
Robertoneto O, Ornellas FR
88 - 94 Determination of the Electron-Affinities of Molecules Using Negative-Ion Mass-Spectrometry
Chen EC, Wiley JR, Batten CF, Wentworth WE
95 - 99 Ab-Initio Molecular-Orbital Study of the Strengths of the Gallium Carbon Bonds in Ga(CH3)N, N = 1-3
Bock CW, Trachtman M
100 - 110 Molecular-Structures and Normal Vibrations of Cf3So3- and Its Lithium Ion-Pairs and Aggregates
Huang WW, Frech R, Wheeler RA
111 - 115 Ab-Initio Characterization of Clno2, Cis-Clono, and Trans-Clono
Lee TJ
116 - 121 Calculation of the Energies of Pi-Asterisk Negative-Ion Resonance States by the Use of Koopman Theorem
Staley SW, Strnad JT
122 - 125 Photolysis of Phenylsilane at 193 nm - Energy-Distributions of the Fragments
Ishikawa H, Kajimoto O
126 - 131 Temperature-Dependence of the Reaction Between O(P(3)) and Oclo at Low-Pressure
Gleason JF, Nesbitt FL, Stief LJ
132 - 135 Emission-Spectra and Effect of Molecular-Orientation on Branching of Chemiluminescent Channels in the Cf3Cn+ar(P(3)) Reaction
Che DC, Kasai T, Ohoyama H, Kuwata K
136 - 140 Unimolecular Dissociation of Very Large Polyatomic-Molecules
Bernshtein V, Oref I
141 - 146 Protons in Acidic Ambient-Temperature Chloroaluminate Molten-Salts - Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Between the Imidazolium Cation and Hydrogen-Chloride
Trulove PC, Sukumaran DK, Osteryoung RA
147 - 154 Kinetics of Complexation of Li+ and Na+ with Cyclic and Acyclic Polyether Ligands in Nitromethane
Firman P, Eyring EM, Petrucci S
155 - 169 Kinetics and Mechanism of the Clo+clo Reaction - Pressure and Temperature Dependences of the Bimolecular and Termolecular Channels and Thermal-Decomposition of Chlorine Peroxide
Nickolaisen SL, Friedl RR, Sander SP
170 - 173 2-Photon Ionization Cross-Sections for the Free-Ion Production of Naphthacene and Fluoranthene in Hexane
Kawazumi H, Isoda Y, Ogawa T
174 - 183 Absolute Yields of Co, CO2, and H2CO from the Reaction CH2(X)over-Tilde (3)B(1)+o(2) by Ir Diode-Laser Flash Kinetic Spectroscopy
Alvarez RA, Moore CB
184 - 189 Chaotic Resonance of a Focus and Entrainment of a Limit-Cycle in the Periodically Driven Peroxidase Oxidase Reaction in a CSTR
Forster A, Hauck T, Schneider FW
190 - 192 Observation of ClO3 Radical in Aqueous Chlorate Solution by Pulse-Radiolysis
Domae M, Katsumara Y, Jiang PY, Nagaishi R, Hasegawa C, Ishigure K, Yoshida Y
193 - 198 Chemical Effects of the Cl-37(N,Gamma)Cl-38 Nuclear-Reaction in Mixed Potassium Cis/Trans-Hexa(Chloro/Fluoro)Osmates(IV), and Fac/Mer-Hexa(Chloro/Fluoro)Osmates(IV), K2Osclnf6-N (N=2-4)
Muller H, Obergfell P
199 - 205 Potential-Energy Surfaces for Electron-Transfer in a Supramolecular Triad System A(1)-D-A(2) in a Polar-Solvent
Najbar J, Tachiya M
206 - 210 Partial Oxidation of Methane to Methanol Through Microwave Plasmas - Reactor Design to Control Free-Radical Reactions
Huang J, Badani MV, Suib SL, Harrison JB, Kablauoi M
211 - 215 Thermal-Decomposition of CoCl2
Lim KP, Michael JV
216 - 221 Picosecond Investigations of the Excited-State Transition at 532 nm in Kings Complex ((C5H5)Fe(Co))4 and Synthesized Analogs
Allan GR, Rychnovsky SJ, Venzke CH, Boggess TF, Tutt L
222 - 227 Site Poisoning During Decomposition of Nitric-Oxide on Ni(110)
Vajo JJ, Campbell JH, Becker CH
228 - 232 Photochemical Generation of Radical Cations from Thiophene Oligomers
Wintgens V, Valat P, Garnier F
233 - 239 Hole Transport in 1-Phenyl-3-((Diethylamino)Styryl)-5-(P-(Diethylamino)Phenyl)Pyrazoline-Doped Polymers
Borsenberger PM, Schein LB
240 - 244 Desorption-Kinetics and Adlayer Structure of N-Pentane on Al2O3(0001)
Aubuchon CM, Davison BS, Nishimura AM, Tro NJ
245 - 251 Energy Disposal and Target Effects in Hyperthermal Collisions of Ferrocene Molecular-Ions at Surfaces
Miller SA, Riederer DE, Cooks RG, Cho WR, Lee HW, Kang H
252 - 258 Novel Redox Behavior of (5)Radialenes Substituted with 1,3-Dithiol Groups
Kano K, Sugimoto T, Misaki Y, Enoki T, Hatakeyama H, Oka H, Hosotani Y, Yoshida Z
259 - 263 IRAS Study of Co Adsorption on S-Modified Mo(110) Surfaces
Kuhn WK, He JW, Goodman DW
264 - 269 IRAS Study of Co Adsorption on Mixed Co and S-Overlayers on Mo(110)
Kuhn WK, He JW, Goodman DW
270 - 273 Spectrofluorometric Hydrodynamic Voltammetry - The Investigation of Electrode-Reaction Mechanisms
Compton RG, Wellington RG
274 - 278 Surface-Potential Measurements in Mixed Micelle Systems
Hobson RA, Grieser F, Healy TW
279 - 284 Molecular Modeling of the Enthalpies of Adsorption of Hydrocarbons on Smectite Clay
Keldsen GL, Nicholas JB, Carrado KA, Winans RE
285 - 290 Incorporation of Carbon into Palladium During Low-Temperature Disproportionation of Co over Pd/ZrO2 Prepared from Glassy Pd-Zr Alloys
Maciejewski M, Baiker A
291 - 296 Halogen Adlayers on Ag(111)
Schott JH, White HS
297 - 302 Tunneling Spectroscopy of Halogen Adlayers on Ag(111) Surfaces
Schott JH, White HS
303 - 312 Homolytic and Heterolytic X-C Bond-Energies .1. Homolytic Bond-Energies in Common Unsaturated Organic-Compounds
Luo YR, Holmes JL
313 - 320 Effects of Local Liquid Structure on Orientational Relaxation - 2-Ethylnaphthalene, Neat and in Solution
Greenfield SR, Sengupta A, Stankus JJ, Terazima M, Fayer MD
321 - 328 Partial Molar Characteristics of Glycine and Alanine in Aqueous-Solutions at High-Pressures Calculated from Ultrasonic Velocity Data
Chalikian TV, Sarvazyan AP, Funck T, Cain CA, Breslauer KJ
329 - 333 Solute Water Interactions in the Organic-Phase of a Biphasic System .2. Effects of Organic-Phase and Temperature on the Water-Dragging Effect
Fan WZ, Tsai RS, Eltayar N, Carrupt PA, Testa B
334 - 342 Light Quenching and Fluorescence Depolarization of Rhodamine-B and Applications of This Phenomenon to Biophysics
Lakowicz JR, Gryczynski I, Bogdanov V, Kusba J
343 - 353 Structure of Sodium and Rubidium Taurodeoxycholate Micellar Aggregates and Their Interaction Complexes with Bilirubin-IX-Alpha
Dalagni M, Darchivio AA, Giglio E, Scaramuzza L
354 - 363 EPR, ENDOR, and Triple-Resonance Studies of Modified Bacteriochlorophyll Cation Radicals
Kass H, Rautter J, Zweygart W, Struck A, Scheer H, Lubitz W
364 - 368 Electrokinetic Properties of Aqueous Suspensions of Interacting Rodlike Tobacco Mosaic-Viruses in the Gas-Like and Liquid-Like Phase
Deggelmann M, Graf C, Hagenbuchle M, Hoss U, Johner C, Kramer H, Martin C, Weber R
369 - 376 Characterization of a Nonionic Surfactant Reversed Micellar System for Enzyme Catalysis
Komives CF, Osborne DE, Russell AJ
376 - 376 Spontaneous Formation of Reverse Vesicles (Vol 97, Pg 9528, 1993)
Kunieda H, Nakamura K, Olsson U, Lindman B