Journal of Membrane Science

Journal of Membrane Science, Vol.582 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0376-7388 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Novel mussel-inspired zwitterionic hydrophilic polymer to boost membrane water-treatment performance
Sun HG, Zhang YQ, Sadam H, Ma J, Bai YP, Shen X, Kim JK, Shao L
9 - 19 Effect of inorganic and organic compounds on the performance of fractional-submerged membrane distillation-crystallizer
Choi Y, Naidu G, Lee S, Vigneswaran S
20 - 29 Metals removal from acid mine drainage (Tinto River, SW Spain) by water gap and air gap membrane distillation
Amaya-Vias D, Tataru L, Herce-Sesa B, Lopez-Lopez JA, Lopez-Ramirez JA
30 - 36 Two-dimensional MOF-derived nanoporous Cu/Cu2O networks as catalytic membrane reactor for the continuous reduction of p-nitrophenol
Bai XJ, Chen D, Li YN, Yang XM, Zhang MY, Wang TQ, Zhang XM, Zhang LY, Fu Y, Qi X, Qi W
37 - 47 A polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based double-layer multifunctional gel polymer electrolyte for lithium-sulfur batteries
Wang XL, Hao XJ, Xia Y, Liang YF, Xia XH, Tu JP
48 - 58 A comprehensively fouling- and solvent-resistant aliphatic polyketone membrane for high-flux filtration of difficult oil-in-water micro- and nanoemulsions
Zhang L, Lin YQ, Cheng L, Yang Z, Matsuyama H
59 - 69 Tailoring the molecular sieving properties and thermal stability of carbonized membranes containing polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS)-polyimide via the introduction of norbornene
Kanezashi M, Tomarino Y, Nagasawa H, Tsuru T
70 - 82 Plasma-induced PAA-ZnO coated PVDF membrane for oily wastewater treatment: Preparation, optimization, and characterization through Taguchi OA design and synchrotron-based X-ray analysis
Chen XJ, Huan G, An CJ, Feng RF, Wu YH, Huang C
83 - 90 Controlling covalent functionalization of graphene oxide membranes to improve enantioseparation performances
Meng CC, Chen QB, Li XX, Liu HL
91 - 102 A relation between membrane permeability and flow rate at low Reynolds number in circular pipe
Takeuchi S, Tazaki A, Miyauchi S, Kajishima T
103 - 110 Plasticization resistance-enhanced CO2 separation at elevated pressures by mixed matrix membranes containing flexible metal-organic framework fillers
Ying YP, Cheng YD, Peh SB, Liu GL, Shah BB, Zhai LZ, Zhao D
111 - 119 Effect of polymer structure modified on RO membrane surfaces via surface-initiated ATRP on dynamic biofouling behavior
Yang Z, Saeki D, Wu HC, Yoshioka T, Matsuyama H
120 - 131 Nanoarchitectured design of porous ZnO@copper membranes enabled by atomic-layer-deposition for oil/water separation
Huang A, Kan CC, Lo SC, Chen LH, Su DY, Soesanto JF, Hsu CC, Tsai FY, Tung KL
132 - 139 Ultrahigh-strength, nonflammable and high-wettability separators based on novel polyimide-core@polybenzimidazole-sheath nanofibers for advanced and safe lithium-ion batteries
Sun GH, Kong LS, Liu BX, Niu HQ, Zhang MY, Tian GF, Qi SL, Wu DZ
140 - 150 Fabrication of mullite ceramic-supported carbon nanotube composite membranes with enhanced performance in direct separation of high-temperature emulsified oil droplets
Zhu L, Dong XF, Xu M, Yang FL, Guiver MD, Dong YC
151 - 163 Novel thin-film nanofibrous composite membranes containing directional toxin transport nanochannels for efficient and safe hemodialysis application
Yu XF, Zhu YD, Cheng C, Zhang TH, Wang XF, Hsiao BS
164 - 171 Forward osmosis concentration of a vanadium leaching solution
Dou PJ, Zhao SW, Song JF, He HL, She QH, Li XM, Zhang YB, He T
172 - 181 Perfluorinated hybrid membranes modified by metal decorated clay nanotubes
Petrova DA, Filippov AN, Kononenko NA, Shkirskaya SA, Timchenko MO, Ivanov EV, Vinokurov VA, Lvo YM
182 - 193 Gas separation properties of polybenzimidazole/thermally-rearranged polymer blends
Moon JD, Bridge AT, D'Ambra C, Freeman BD, Paul DR
194 - 202 Realizing fourfold enhancement in conductivity of perovskite Li0.33La0.557TiO3 electrolyte membrane via a Sr and Ta co-doping strategy
Li RX, Liao KM, Zhou W, Li X, Meng DM, Cai R, Shao ZP
203 - 210 Study on photothermal PVDF/ATO nanofiber membrane and its membrane distillation performance
Huang QL, Gao SP, Huang Y, Zhang MY, Xiao CF
211 - 223 Modification of cation exchange membranes with conductive polyaniline for electrodialysis applications
Zhao JL, Sun LQ, Chen QB, Lu HX, Wang JY
224 - 235 Performance evaluation on regeneration of high-salt solutions used in air conditioning systems by electrodialysis
Sun B, Zhang MX, Huang SF, Su W, Zhou JM, Zhang XS
236 - 245 Evaluation of the ideal selectivity and the performance of selectrodialysis by using TFC ion exchange membranes
Wang WG, Liu R, Tan M, Sun HX, Niu QJ, Xu TW, Nikonenko V, Zhang Y
246 - 253 Unidirectional liquid transportation and selective permeation for oil/water separation on a gradient nanowire structured surface
Yan YF, He LL, Li Y, Tian DL, Zhan XF, Liu KS, Jiang L
254 - 263 Phosphorus recovery in an acidic environment using layer-by-layer modified membranes
Remmen K, Muller B, Koser J, Wessling M, Wintgens T
264 - 273 Removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by nanofiltration membranes: Rejection and fouling mechanisms
Li SS, Luo JQ, Hang XF, Zhao SG, Wan YH
274 - 283 Effect of varying piperazine concentration and post-modification on prepared nanofiltration membranes in selectively rejecting organic micropollutants and salts
Liu YL, Zhao YY, Wang XM, Wen XH, Huang X, Xie YFF
284 - 288 Systematic insight into the short-term and long-term effects of magnetic microparticles and nanoparticles on critical flux in membrane bioreactors
Guo HC, Hu JJ, Li JX, Gao MT, Wang QY, Guo WS, Ngo HH
289 - 297 Thin-film nanocomposite membranes incorporated with water stable metal-organic framework CuBTTri for mitigating biofouling
Wen Y, Chen YQ, Wu ZC, Liu MX, Wang ZW
298 - 306 Molecular separation using poly (styrene-co-maleic anhydride) grafted to gamma-alumina: Surface versus pore modification
Amirilargani M, Merlet RB, Chu LY, Nijmeijer A, Winnubst L, de Smet LCPM, Sudholter EJR
307 - 321 Highly selective and robust PDMS mixed matrix membranes by embedding two-dimensional ZIF-L for alcohol permselective pervaporation
Mao H, Zhen HG, Ahmad A, Li SH, Liang Y, Ding JF, Wu Y, Li LZ, Zhao ZP
322 - 334 Deposition and reentrainment of colloidal particles in disordered fibrous filters under chemically and physically unfavorable conditions
Lee H, Kang S, Kim SC, Pui DYH
335 - 341 Enhanced permeability, contaminants removal and antifouling ability of CNTs-based hollow fiber membranes under electrochemical assistance
Yang Y, Qiao S, Zheng MM, Zhou JT, Quan X
342 - 349 Confined nanobubbles shape the surface roughness structures of thin film composite polyamide desalination membranes
Song XX, Gan BW, Yang Z, Tang CYY, Gao CJ
350 - 357 Porous nanofibrous superhydrophobic membrane with embedded Au nanoparticles for the integration of oil/water separation and catalytic degradation
Zhang ZJ, Yang Y, Li CL, Liu R
358 - 366 Characterization and molecular simulation of Pebax-1657-based mixed matrix membranes incorporating MoS2 nanosheets for carbon dioxide capture enhancement
Liu YC, Chen CY, Lin GS, Chen CH, Wu KCW, Lin CH, Tung KL
367 - 380 Fabrication and analysis of a highly hydrophobic and permeable block GO-PVP/PVDF membrane for membrane humidification-dehumidification desalination
Su QW, Lu H, Zhang JY, Zhang LZ
381 - 390 Mixed matrix membranes with a thermally rearranged polymer and ZIF-8 for hydrogen separation
Kim JS, Moon SJ, Wang HH, Kim S, Lee YM
391 - 401 Organic acids interacting with block copolymers have broadened the window that retains isoporous structures
Zhu GD, Yin YR, Li ZN, Qiu YY, Yi Z, Gao CJ
402 - 413 Preparation, characterization and fouling analysis of in-air hydrophilic/underwater oleophobic bio-inspired polydopamine coated PES membranes for oily wastewater treatment
Zarghami S, Mohammadi T, Sadrzadeh M
414 - 422 Two-dimensional graphene Oxide/MXene composite lamellar membranes for efficient solvent permeation and molecular separation
Wei SC, Xie Y, Xing YD, Wang LC, Ye HQ, Xiong X, Wang S, Han K
423 - 434 Towards the dehydration of ethanol using pervaporation cross-linked poly (vinyl alcohol)/graphene oxide membranes
Castro-Munoz R, Buera-Gonzalez J, de la Iglesia O, Galiano F, Fila V, Malankowska M, Rubio C, Figoli A, Tellez C, Coronas J
435 - 441 Poly(ionic liquid) iongel membranes for all solid-state rechargeable sodium battery
de Anastro AF, Lago N, Berlanga C, Galceran M, Hilder M, Forsyth M, Mecerreyes D
442 - 453 Transferring bulk chemistry to interfacial synthesis of TFC-membranes to create chemically robust poly(epoxyether) films
Verbeke R, Arts W, Dom E, Dickmann M, Egger W, Koeckelberghs G, Szymczyk A, Vankelecom IFJ
454 - 455 In memory of professor Jean-Neel (1925-2019)
Aptel P, Drioli E, Favre E