Journal of Membrane Science

Journal of Membrane Science, Vol.581 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0376-7388 (Print) 

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1 - 8 In situ preparation of COF-LZU1 in poly(ether-block-amide) membranes for efficient pervaporation of n-butanol/water mixture
Wu GR, Li YL, Geng YZ, Jia ZQ
9 - 17 An integrated system for CO2 capture and water treatment by forward osmosis driven by an amine-based draw solution
Gwak G, Kim DI, Kim J, Zhan M, Hong S
18 - 27 Polymer inclusion membrane (PIM) containing ionic liquid as a proton blocker to improve waste acid recovery efficiency in electrodialysis process
Zhang N, Liu Y, Liu R, She ZL, Tan M, Mao DB, Fu RQ, Zhang Y
28 - 37 PZT/Ti composite piezoceramic membranes for liquid filtration: Fabrication and self-cleaning properties
Mao HY, Bu JW, Qiu MH, Ding D, Chen XF, Verweij H, Fan YQ
38 - 49 3D printed spacers based on TPMS architectures for scaling control in membrane distillation
Thomas N, Sreedhar N, Al-Ketan O, Rowshan R, Abu Al-Rub RK, Arafat H
50 - 57 Electrochemically controlled transport of anions across polypyrrole-based membranes
Arroyo J, Akieh-Pirkanniemi M, Lisak G, Latonen RM, Bobacka J
58 - 71 Development of a novel perfluoropolyether (PFPE) hydrophobic/hydrophilic coated membranes for water treatment
Ursino C, Di Nicolo E, Gabriele B, Criscuoli A, Figoli A
72 - 81 A novel study of sulfur-resistance for CO2 separation through asymmetric ceramic-carbonate dual-phase membrane at high temperature
Chen TJ, Wang ZG, Das S, Liu LN, Li YD, Kawi S, Lin YS
82 - 92 Long-branched and densely functionalized anion exchange membranes for fuel cells
Liu JF, Yan XM, Gao L, Hu L, Wu XM, Dai Y, Ruan XH, He GH
93 - 104 Ionic liquid modified graphene oxide-PEBA mixed matrix membrane for pervaporation of butanol aqueous solutions
Tang WY, Lou H, Li YF, Kong XB, Wu YH, Gu XH
105 - 113 Sustaining fouling resistant membranes: Membrane fabrication, characterization and mechanism understanding of demulsification and fouling-resistance
He B, Ding YJ, Wang JQ, Yao ZK, Qing WH, Zhang YJ, Liu F, Tang CYY
114 - 122 Two-membrane air fresheners for continuous non-energized perfume delivery
Shi GM, Low BT, Anderson K, Chung TS
123 - 138 Simulation and characterization of novel reverse osmosis membrane prepared by blending polypyrrole coated multiwalled carbon nanotubes for brackish water desalination and antifouling properties using artificial neural networks
Farahbakhsh J, Delnavaz M, Vatanpour V
139 - 149 C2 and N3 substituted imidazolium functionalized poly(arylene ether ketone) anion exchange membrane for water electrolysis with improved chemical stability
Tham DD, Kim D
150 - 157 Cross-linked anion exchange membranes with hydrophobic side-chains for anion separation
Li CR, Wang GH, Yu DB, Sheng FM, Shehzad MA, He TY, Xu TT, Ren XM, Cao M, Wu B, Ge L
158 - 167 Linking solids retention time to the composition, structure, and hydraulic resistance of biofilms developed on support materials in dynamic membrane bioreactors
Huang J, Wu XW, Cai DL, Chen GF, Li DY, Yu Y, Petrik LF, Liu GQ
168 - 177 Amino-modified hollow mesoporous silica nanospheres-incorporated reverse osmosis membrane with high performance
Yan WT, Shi MQ, Wang Z, Zhou Y, Liu LF, Zhao S, Ji YL, Wang JX, Gao CJ
178 - 194 Adjusting the morphology of poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) membranes by the VIPS process for efficient oil-rich emulsion separation
Chang HY, Venault A
195 - 213 Post-combustion CO2 capture with membrane process: Practical membrane performance and appropriate pressure
Xu JY, Wang Z, Qiao ZH, Wu HY, Dong SL, Zhao S, Wang JX
214 - 223 A facile preparation of positively charged composite nanofiltration membrane with high selectivity and permeability
Gu KF, Wang SH, Li YH, Zhao XT, Zhou Y, Gao CJ
224 - 235 Facile preparation of isotactic polypropylene microporous membranes with bioinspired hierarchical morphology for nano-scale water-in-oil emulsion separation
Sun Y, Yang ZS, Li L, Wang ZY, Sun QC
236 - 242 All-silica DD3R zeolite membrane with hydrophilic-functionalized surface for efficient and highly-stable pervaporation dehydration of acetic acid
Zhang YT, Qiu XF, Hong Z, Du P, Song QN, Gu XH
243 - 251 Amide versus amine ratio in the discrimination layer of reverse osmosis membrane by solid state N-15 NMR and DNP NMR
Qiu XH, Redwine D, Beshah K, Livazovic S, Canlas CG, Guinov A, Emwas AHM
252 - 261 ZIF-8@SiO2 composite nanofiber membrane with bioinspired spider web-like structure for efficient air pollution control
Zhu QY, Tang X, Feng SS, Zhong ZX, Yao JF, Yao Z
262 - 269 Estimation of concentration polarization in a fluidized bed reactor with Pd-based membranes via CFD approach
Yang XS, Wang S, Hu B, Zhang K, He YR
270 - 282 Impact of sintering temperature on permeation and long-term development of support structure and stability for asymmetric oxygen transporting BSCF membranes
Hoffmann R, Pippardt U, Kriegel R
283 - 292 Novel piperidinium functionalized anionic membrane for alkaline polymer electrolysis with excellent electrochemical properties
Su XD, Gao L, Hu L, Qaisrani NA, Yan XM, Zhang WJ, Jiang XB, Ruan XH, He GH
293 - 302 Anion exchange membrane with a novel quaternized ammonium containing long ether substituent
Qaisrani NA, Ma LL, Liu JF, Hussain M, Li L, Li PY, Gong ST, Zhang FX, He GH
303 - 311 Poly (aryl ether ketone)/polymeric ionic liquid with anisotropic swelling behavior for anion exchange membranes
Li JS, Wang S, Liu FX, Wang X, Chen H, Mao TJ, Wang Z
312 - 320 Effects of packing carriers and ultrasonication on membrane fouling and sludge properties of anaerobic side-stream reactor coupled membrane reactors for sludge reduction
Zheng Y, Zhou Z, Cheng C, Wang ZW, Pang HJ, Jiang LY, Jiang LM
321 - 330 In-situ grown covalent organic framework nanosheets on graphene for membrane-based dye/salt separation
Zhang XK, Li H, Wang J, Peng DL, Liu JD, Zhang YT
331 - 343 3D printed spacers for organic fouling mitigation in membrane distillation
Castillo EHC, Thomas N, Al-Ketan O, Rowshan R, Abu Al-Rub RK, Nghiem LD, Vigneswaran S, Arafat HA, Naidu G
344 - 354 Green synthesis of ZIF-8 tubular membranes from a recyclable 2-methylimidazole water-solvent solution by ZnO nanorods self-converted strategy for gas separation
Li YJ, Ma CC, Nian P, Liu HO, Zhang XF
355 - 361 Poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) modified PE separators for lithium ion batteries
Zhang XK, Li N, Hu ZM, Yu JR, Wang Y, Zhu J
362 - 372 Cross-linking of dehydrofluorinated PVDF membranes with thiol modified polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) and pure water flux analysis
Sierke J, Ellis AV
373 - 382 Surface engineering of low-fouling and hemocompatible polyethersulfone membranes via in-situ ring-opening reaction
Ji HF, Xu H, Jin LQ, Song X, He C, Liu XL, Xiong L, Zhao WF, Zhao CS
383 - 392 Carbon nanotube arrays as multilayer transverse flow carbon nanotube membrane for efficient desalination
Ang EYM, Ng TY, Yeo JJ, Lin RM, Liu ZS, Geethalakshmi KR
393 - 400 Oxygen selective perovskite hollow fiber membrane bundles
Song J, Feng B, Tan XY, Han N, Sunarso J, Liu SM
401 - 412 A conductive PVDF-Ni membrane with superior rejection, permeance and antifouling ability via electric assisted in-situ aeration for dye separation
Yu WM, Liu Y, Xu YC, Li RJ, Chen JR, Liao BQ, Shen LG, Lin HJ
413 - 420 Controlling pore structure of polyelectrolyte multilayer nanofiltration membranes by tuning polyelectrolyte-salt interactions
DuChanois RM, Epsztein R, Trivedi JA, Elimelech M
421 - 429 Asymmetric mullite membranes manufactured by phase-inversion tape casting from polymethylsiloxane and aluminum diacetate
Nishihora RK, Rudolph E, Quadri MGN, Hotza D, Rezwan K, Wilhelm M
430 - 438 Fabrication and characterization of aging resistant carbon molecular sieve membranes for C-3 separation using high molecular weight crosslinkable polyimide, 6FDA-DABA
Karunaweera C, Musselman IH, Balkus KJ, Ferraris JP
439 - 452 Investigation of the reduced specific energy consumption of the RO-PRO hybrid system based on temperature-enhanced pressure retarded osmosis
Wang Q, Zhou ZY, Li JQ, Tang QC, Hu YX
453 - 461 Graphene oxides as nanofillers in polysulfone ultrafiltration membranes: Shape matters
Jiang Y, Zeng QQ, Biswas P, Fortner JD
462 - 471 Concentration polarization in membrane distillation: I. Development of a laser-based spectrophotometric method for in-situ characterization
Lokare OR, Ji P, Wadekar S, Dutt G, Vidic RD