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ISSN: 0376-7388 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Promising transport and high-selective separation of Li(I) from Na(I) and K(I) by a functional polymer inclusion membrane (PIM) system
Cai CQ, Yang F, Zhao ZG, Liao QX, Bai RX, Guo WH, Chen P, Zhang Y, Zhang H
11 - 21 Exploiting the electrical conductivity of poly-acid doped polyaniline membranes with enhanced durability for organic solvent nanofiltration
Sarihan A, Shahid S, Shen JJ, Amura I, Patterson DA, Emanuelsson EAC
22 - 32 Characteristics and performance of PVDF membrane prepared by using NaCl coagulation bath: Relationship between membrane polymorphous structure and organic fouling
Zhang Y, Ye L, Zhang BP, Chen YS, Zhao WG, Yang G, Wang J, Zhang HW
33 - 39 Hydrogen permeability through Nd5.5W0.35Mo0.5Nb0.15O11.25-delta mixed protonic-electronic conducting membrane
Chen Y, Liu H, Zhuang LB, Wei YY, Wang HH
40 - 51 Enhanced desalination performance of poly (vinyl alcohol)/carbon nanotube composite pervaporation membranes via interfacial engineering
Yang G, Xie ZL, Gran M, Ng D, Gray S
52 - 69 Mineral scaling in membrane desalination: Mechanisms, mitigation strategies, and feasibility of scaling-resistant membranes
Tong TZ, Wallace AF, Zhao S, Wang Z
70 - 78 Cross-linked highly sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone) membranes prepared by in-situ casting and thiol-ene click reaction for fuel cell application
Han J, Kim K, Kim J, Kim S, Choi SW, Lee H, Kim JJ, Kim TH, Sung YE, Lee JC
79 - 89 A facile and versatile strategy for fabricating thin-film nanocomposite membranes with polydopamine-piperazine nanoparticles generated in situ
Ang MBMY, Ji YL, Huang SH, Lee KR, Lai JY
90 - 101 Pressure-retarded membrane distillation for low-grade heat recovery: The critical roles of pressure-induced membrane deformation
Yuan ZW, Wei L, Afroze JD, Goh K, Chen YM, Yu YX, She QH, Chen Y
102 - 110 Poly(ionic liquid) augmented membranes for pi electron induced separation/fractionation of aromatics
Kamaz M, Sengupta A, DePaz SS, Chiao YH, Wickramasinghe SR
111 - 119 Polymer-derived porous SiOC ceramic membranes for efficient oil-water separation and membrane distillation
Dong BB, Wang FH, Yang MY, Yu JL, Hao LY, Xu X, Wang G, Agathopoulos S
120 - 130 Fabrication and modeling of catalytic membrane for removing water in esterification
Li YW, Han S, Zhang L, Li WX, Xing WH
131 - 140 A novel membrane biofouling mitigation strategy of D-amino acid supported by polydopamine and halloysite nanotube
Guo XY, Fan SG, Hu YD, Fu XL, Shao HQ, Zhou QX
141 - 150 Boosting pervaporation performance by promoting organic permeability and simultaneously inhibiting water transport via blending PDMS with COF-300
Li SF, Li P, Cai D, Shan HC, Zhao J, Wang Z, Qin PY, Tan TW
151 - 161 Scalable fabrication of anti-biofouling membranes through 2-aminoimidazole incorporation during polyamide casting
Atkinson AJ, Wang JB, Grzebyk K, Zhang ZF, Jung D, Zeng DN, Pollard A, Gold A, Coronell O
162 - 171 Biofouling-resistant nanocellulose layer in hierarchical polymeric membranes: Synthesis, characterization and performance
Hadi P, Yang MY, Ma HY, Huang XY, Walker H, Hsiao BS
172 - 179 Impact of the ethylene content on poly (ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) membrane morphology and performance via immersion precipitation for lithium extraction
Huang T, Song JF, Xing LX, Li XM, He T
180 - 189 Porous morphology and mechanical properties of poly(lactide-co-glycolide) hollow fiber membranes governed by ternary-phase inversion
Wang ZH, Lin J, Zhang DM, Xun B, Yin J, Qian J, Dai GL, Zhang N, Weng XJ, Huang Y, Fu JZ
190 - 198 Polymeric ultrafiltration membrane with in situ formed nano-silver within the inner pores for simultaneous separation and catalysis
Fang XF, Li JS, Ren BX, Huang Y, Wang DP, Liao ZP, Li Q, Wang LJ, Dionysiou DD
199 - 209 Microfiltration of oil emulsions stabilized by different surfactants
Trinh TA, Han Q, Ma YQ, Chew JW
210 - 218 Optimizing separation performance and interfacial adhesion of PDMS/PVDF composite membranes for butanol recovery from aqueous solution
Pan Y, Hang YT, Zhao XH, Liu GP, Jin WQ
219 - 229 Side-chain-type imidazolium-functionalized anion exchange membranes: The effects of additional hydrophobic side chains and their hydrophobicity
Wei HB, Li Y, Wang S, Tao GQ, Wang T, Cheng S, Yang SZ, Ding YS
230 - 239 Fabricating a pH-responsive membrane through interfacial in-situ assembly of microgels for water gating and self-cleaning
Liu HW, Yang SS, Liu YW, Miao MJ, Zhao Y, Sotto A, Gao CJ, Shen JN
240 - 252 Superhydrophobic polypropylene membrane with fabricated antifouling interface for vacuum membrane distillation treating high concentration sodium/magnesium saline water
Shao YS, Han MG, Wang YQ, Li GN, Xiao W, Li XC, Wu XM, Ruan XH, Yan XM, He GH, Jiang XB
253 - 265 A new concept of MOF-based PMM by modification of conventional dense film casting method: Significant impact on the performance of FO process
Arjmandi M, Peyravi M, Chenar MP, Jahanshahi M
266 - 282 Technical economic analysis of an intensified Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant featuring a sequence of membrane reactors
Pichardo PA, Karagoz S, Tsotsis T, Ciora R, Manousiouthakis VI
283 - 293 Experimental investigation and techno-economic analysis of tetramethylammonium hydroxide removal from wastewater in nano-electronics manufacturing via membrane distillation
Imtisal-e-Noor, Coenen J, Martin A, Dahl O, Aslin M
294 - 301 Ceramic nanofiltration and membrane distillation hybrid membrane processes for the purification and recycling of boric acid from simulative radioactive waste water
Chen XF, Chen T, Li J, Qiu MH, Fu KY, Cui ZL, Fan YQ, Drioli E
302 - 308 Prototype membrane electrolysis using a MFI-zeolite-coated ceramic tubular membrane provides in-line generation of two active electron mediators by eliminating active species crossover
Govindan M, Gopal RA, Zhu B, Duke M, Gray S, Moon IS
309 - 317 Carbonized ZIF-8 incorporated mixed matrix membrane for stable ABE recovery from fermentation broth
Si ZH, Cai D, Li SF, Zhang CW, Qin PY, Tan TW
318 - 328 Methodology for design of vapor permeation membrane-assisted distillation processes for aqueous azeotrope dehydration
Li H, Guo CK, Guo HC, Yu CL, Li XG, Gao X
329 - 341 Tailoring the porous structure of hollow fiber membranes for osmotic power generation applications via thermally assisted nonsolvent induced phase separation
Cho YH, Kim SD, Kim JF, Choi HG, Kim Y, Nam SE, Park YI, Park H
342 - 350 Effect of Bi doping on the performance of dual-phase oxygen-permeable membranes
Huang S, Li WP, Cao ZW, Li HB, Ma HC, Zhu XF, Yang WS
351 - 358 Purification of therapeutic adenoviruses using laterally-fed membrane chromatography
Kawka K, Madadkar P, Umatheva U, Shoaebargh S, Medina MFC, Lichty BD, Ghosh R, Latulippe DR