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ISSN: 0376-7388 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Molecular engineering of organic-inorganic interface towards high-performance polyelectrolyte membrane via amphiphilic block copolymer
He GW, Zhao J, Chang CY, Xu MZ, Wang SF, Jiang ST, Li Z, He XY, Wu XY, Jiang ZY
10 - 21 Fabrication of bilayer catalytic composite membrane PVA-SA/SPVA and application for ethyl acetate synthesis
Bo ST, Zhang L, Han S, Li YW, Li WX, Xing WH
22 - 30 Segregation-induced in situ hydrophilic modification of poly (vinylidene fluoride) ultrafiltration membranes via sticky poly (ethylene glycol) blending
Sun HG, Yang XB, Zhang YQ, Cheng XQ, Xu YC, Bai YP, Shao L
31 - 42 Polyvinylidene fluoride membrane modification via oxidant-induced dopamine polymerization for sustainable direct-contact membrane distillation
Chew NGP, Zhao SS, Malde C, Wang R
43 - 53 A comprehensive description of the threshold flux during oil/water emulsion filtration to identify sustainable flux regimes for tannic acid (TA) dip-coated poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) membranes
Xu LH, He Y, Feng X, Dai FY, Yang N, Zhao YP, Chen L
54 - 64 Surface zwitterionization of PVDF VIPS membranes for oil and water separation
Venault A, Chang CY, Tsai TC, Chang HY, Bouyer D, Lee KR, Chang Y
65 - 74 Uncovering Nafion-multiwalled carbon nanotube hybrid membrane for prospective polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell under low humidity
Steffy NJ, Parthiban V, Sahu AK
75 - 82 Hydrogen production by steam methane reforming in membrane reactor equipped with Pd membrane deposited on NiO/YSZ/NiO multilayer-treated porous stainless steel
Kim CH, Han JY, Lim H, Lee KY, Ryi SK
83 - 92 An optimization model for assessment of membrane-based post-combustion gas upcycling into hydrogen or syngas
Zarca G, Urtiaga A, Biegler LT, Ortiz I
93 - 106 High-performance multiple-layer PIM composite hollow fiber membranes for gas separation
Liang CZ, Liu JT, Lai JY, Chung TS
A1 - A1 In memory of S. Alexander Stern
Noble R
107 - 114 Water transport mechanisms for salt-rejecting membranes driven by soil-water potentials
Henry CJ, Brant JA, Kelleners TJ
115 - 125 Preparation and evaluation of a self-anticlotting dialyzer via an interface crosslinking approach
Wang H, Hou WJ, Liu F, Han Q, Li TT, Lin HB, Deng G, He JD
126 - 133 The effect of membrane surface charges on demulsification and fouling resistance during emulsion separation
Wu JD, Wei W, Li SH, Zhong Q, Liu F, Zheng JH, Wang JP
134 - 141 Highly permeable polyimide membranes with a structural pyrene containing tert-butyl groups: Synthesis, characterization and gas transport
Sulub-Sulub R, Loria-Bastarrachea MI, Vazquez-Torres H, Santiago-Garcia JL, Aguilar-Vega M
142 - 148 Significantly enhanced dehalogenation selectivity in near-neutral zinc sulfate electrolytes by diffusion dialysis
Cheng H, Xiao HF, Chen Q, Li XM, Qin WM, Chen BS, Xiao D, Zhang WM
149 - 161 Influence of controlled functionalization of mesoporous silica nanoparticles as tailored fillers for thin-film nanocomposite membranes on desalination performance
Abdelsamad AMA, Khalil ASG, Ulbricht M
162 - 174 Preparation, characterizations and performance evaluations of alumina hollow fiber membrane incorporated with UiO-66 particles for humic acid removal
Abdullah N, Rahman MA, Othman MHD, Jaafar J, Abd Aziz A
175 - 182 Flashed-feed VMD configuration as a novel method for eliminating temperature polarization effect and enhancing water vapor flux
Alsaadi AS, Alpatova A, Lee JG, Francis L, Ghaffour N
183 - 190 Simulation of osmotic pressure across an amorphous semipermeable membrane
Raim V, Srebnik S
191 - 198 A versatile porous 3D polyurethane/polyacrylic acid (PU-PAA) membrane for one-step multiple contaminants water purification
Li DK, Mao DY, Li Q, Chen YS, Chen XH, Xu X
199 - 209 Membrane modeling using CFD: Combined evaluation of mass transfer and geometrical influences in 1D and 3D
Haddadi B, Jordan C, Miltner M, Harasek M
210 - 220 Porous medium model of a hollow-fiber water filtration system
Taherinejad M, Gorman J, Sparrow E, Derakhshan S
221 - 228 Synthesis of titania nanoparticle-dispersed hybrid membranes from allyloxytitanium and phosphonic acid derivatives for fuel cell
Ozawa N, Hayashi K, Sakamoto W, Yogo T
229 - 237 Constructing robust and highly-selective hydrogel membranes by bioadhesion-inspired method for CO2 separation
Wu YZ, Zhou TT, Wu H, Fu WX, Wang XR, Wang SF, Yang LX, Wu XY, Ren YX, Jiang ZY, Wang B
238 - 246 The role of pre-evaporation in the preparation process of EVOH ultrafiltration membranes via TIPS
Sun Z, Yang ZS, Wang ZY, Li CL
247 - 258 Separation of oil-in-water emulsions stabilized by different types of surfactants using electrospun fiber membranes
Lin YM, Rutledge GC
259 - 269 Magnetic field-assisted alignment of graphene oxide nanosheets in a polymer matrix to enhance ionic conduction
Ma WT, Kumar SR, Hsu CT, Shih CM, Tsai SW, Yang CC, Liu YL, Lue SJ
270 - 276 Exploration of anion transport in a composite membrane via experimental and theoretical methods
Dettori R, Yang Q, Whiting WI
277 - 283 A new polysulfide blocker - poly(acrylic acid) modified separator for improved performance of lithium-sulfur battery
Song SL, Shi L, Lu SY, Pang YC, Wang YK, Zhu M, Ding DW, Ding SJ
284 - 297 High-performance thin-film composite membranes with surface functionalization by organic phosphonic acids
Shen L, Wang FQ, Tian L, Zhang X, Ding C, Wang Y
298 - 308 Fabrication of novel Janus membrane by nonsolvent thermally induced phase separation (NTIPS) for enhanced performance in membrane distillation
Liu YF, Xiao TH, Bao CH, Fu YH, Yang X
309 - 319 Effects of internal concentration polarization and membrane roughness on phenol removal in extractive membrane bioreactor
Liao Y, Tian M, Goh SW, Wang R, Fane AG
320 - 325 Monovalent cations permselective membranes with zwitterionic side chains
He YB, Ge L, Ge ZJ, Zhao Z, Sheng FM, Liu XH, Ge XL, Yang ZJ, Fu RQ, Liu ZM, Wu L, Xu TW
326 - 335 A study on the manufacture of Kevlar membrane modified by inorganic nanoparticles with universal applicability in separating diffident types of emulsions
Yang J, Wen G, Gou XL, Song HJ, Guo ZG
336 - 344 Reduced wrinkling in GO membrane by grafting basal-plane groups for improved gas and liquid separations
Lin H, Dangwal S, Liu RC, Kim SJ, Li YF, Zhu JH
345 - 350 Application of silylated ionic liquid-derived organosilica membranes to simultaneous separation of methanol and H2O from H-2 and CO2 at high temperature
Hirota Y, Yamamoto Y, Nakai T, Hayami S, Nishiyama N
351 - 359 Hydrogen permeation and surface properties of PdAu and PdAgAu membranes in the presence of CO, CO2 and H2S
Fontana AD, Sirini N, Cornaglia LM, Tarditi AM
360 - 370 Enhanced CO2/CH4 separation performance of mixed-matrix membranes through dispersion of sorption-selective MOF nanocrystals
Chen K, Xu K, Xiang L, Dong X, Han Y, Wang CQ, Sun LB, Pan YC
371 - 379 In situ crosslinking and micro-cavity generation in fabrication of polymeric membranes for pervaporation dehydration on methanol aqueous solutions
Lin CY, Hu CC, Chiu YT, Lai JY, Liu YL
380 - 387 Interfacing soluble polysulfides with a SnO2 functionalized separator: An efficient approach for improving performance of Li-S battery
Xiang YY, Wang Z, Qiu WJ, Guo ZR, Liu D, Qu DY, Xie ZZ, Tang HL, Li JS
388 - 397 Duplex Pd/ceramic/Pd composite membrane for sweep gas-enhanced CO2 capture
Zhao CY, Xu HY, Goldbach A
398 - 404 Leakage evolution and atomic-scale changes in Pd-based membranes induced by long-term hydrogen permeation
Peters TA, Carvalho PA, van Wees JF, Overbeek JP, Sagvolden E, van Berkel FPF, Lovvik OM, Bredesen R
405 - 418 Effect of salinity and nanoparticle polydispersity on UF membrane retention fouling
Le Hir M, Wyart Y, Georges G, Lamoine LS, Sauvade P, Moulin P
419 - 426 Attrition-resistant membranes for fluidized-bed membrane reactors: Double-skin membranes
Arratibel A, Medrano JA, Melendez J, Tanaka DAP, Annaland MV, Gallucci F
427 - 434 Asymmetric polybenzimidazole membranes with thin selective skin layer containing ZIF-8 for H-2/CO2 separation at pre-combustion capture conditions
Sanchez-Lainez J, Zornoza B, Tellez C, Coronas J
435 - 446 Metal-polyphenol coordination networks: Towards engineering of antifouling hybrid membranes via in situ assembly
Zhao XT, Jia N, Cheng LJ, Liu LF, Gao CJ
447 - 459 Fabrication and characterization of micro-patterned PDMS composite membranes for enhanced ethanol recovery
He XP, Wang T, Li YW, Chen JX, Li JD
460 - 469 An ensemble synthesis strategy for fabrication of hollow fiber T-type zeolite membrane modules
Ji MM, Gao XC, Wang XR, Zhang YT, Jiang J, Gu XH
470 - 480 Improvement of stability and performance of functionalized halloysite nano tubes-based thin film nanocomposite membranes
Asempour F, Akbari S, Bai D, Emadzadeh D, Matsuura T, Kruczek B
481 - 491 Polymer membranes for active degradation of complex fouling mixtures
Schmidt M, Breite D, Thomas I, Went M, Prager A, Schulze A
492 - 504 Specific co-ion sorption and diffusion properties influence membrane permselectivity
Ji YY, Luo HX, Geise GM
505 - 512 Novel insights into the role of Pseudomonas quinolone signal in the control of reverse osmosis membrane biofouling
Li C, Liang J, Yang Y, Pu J, Hou LA
513 - 520 Impeded physical aging in PIM-1 membranes containing graphene-like fillers
Alberto M, Bhavsar R, Luque-Alled JM, Vijayaraghavan A, Budd PM, Gorgojo P
521 - 530 Sulfonated hyperbranched polyglycerol grafted membranes with antifouling properties for sustainable osmotic power generation using municipal wastewater
Zhang Y, Li JL, Cai T, Cheng ZL, Li X, Chung TS
531 - 540 Mechanism of humic acid fouling in a photocatalytic membrane system
Zhu RC, Diaz AJ, Shen Y, Qi F, Chang XM, Durkin DP, Sun YX, Solares SD, Shuai DM
541 - 551 Reverse osmosis separation of particular organic solvent mixtures by a perfluorodioxole copolymer membrane
Chau J, Basak P, Sirkar KK
552 - 560 Highly ion selective hydrocarbon-based membranes containing sulfonated hypercrosslinked polystyrene nanoparticles for vanadium redox flow batteries
Branchi M, Gigli M, Mecheri B, Zurlo F, Licoccia S, D'Epifanio A
561 - 570 Acid resistant PVDF based copolymer alkaline anion exchange membrane for acid recovery and electrodialytic water desalination
Sharma PP, Yadav V, Rajput A, Kulshrestha V
571 - 583 Water/salt transport properties of organic/inorganic hybrid films based on cellulose triacetate
You M, Yin J, Sun RB, Cao XZ, Meng JQ
584 - 591 Study of the bubble membrane crystallization process for zero-brine discharge
Liu ZY, Zhang YW, Lu XL, Wang X, Zhao XD
592 - 601 Role of ionic strength on protein fouling during ultrafiltration by synchronized UV-vis spectroscopy and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Gao F, Wang J, Zhang HW, Jia H, Cui Z, Yang G
602 - 609 Breathable and asymmetrically superwettable Janus membrane with robust oil-fouling resistance for durable membrane distillation
Zhu ZG, Liu ZQ, Zhong LL, Song CJ, Shi WX, Cui FY, Wang W
610 - 616 The critical pressure for microfiltration of oil-in-water emulsions using slotted-pore membranes
Darvishzadeh T, Bhattarai B, Priezjev NV
617 - 624 Silver-doped strontium niobium cobaltite as a new perovskite-type ceramic membrane for oxygen separation
Zhang ZB, Xu XM, Zhang JX, Chen DJ, Zeng DH, Liu SM, Zhou W, Shao ZP
625 - 632 Two-dimensional MXene incorporated chitosan mixed-matrix membranes for efficient solvent dehydration
Xu Z, Liu GZ, Ye H, Jin WQ, Cui ZF
633 - 642 Nanopore charge inversion and current-voltage curves in mixtures of asymmetric electrolytes
Ramirez P, Manzanares JA, Cervera J, Gomez V, Ali M, Pause I, Ensinger W, Mafe S
643 - 654 Geometric restriction of microporous supports on gas permeance efficiency of thin film composite membranes
Ghadimi A, Norouzbahari S, Lin HQ, Rabiee H, Sadatnia B
655 - 663 Hydrophilic nanofiltration membranes with reduced humic acid fouling fabricated from copolymers designed by introducing carboxyl groups in the pendant benzene ring
Yuan SS, Li J, Zhu JY, Volodine A, Li JS, Zhang G, Van Puyvelde P, Van der Bruggen B
664 - 675 Synthesis of polyamide thin-film nanocomposite membranes using surface modified imogolite nanotubes
Li M, Brant JA
676 - 683 Thermal rearranged poly(imide-co-ethyleneglycol) membranes for gas separation
Scholes CA, Freeman BD
684 - 693 Thin porphyrin composite membranes with enhanced organic solvent transport
Duong PHH, Anjum DH, Peinemann KV, Nunes SP
694 - 707 Gas permeable membrane bioreactor for the co-culture of human skin derived mesenchymal stem cells with hepatocytes and endothelial cells
Salerno S, Curcio E, Bader A, Giorno L, Drioli E, De Bartolo L
708 - 717 Redundancy analysis for determination of the main physicochemical characteristics of filtration membranes explaining their fouling by peptides
Persico M, Dhulster P, Bazinet L
718 - 725 Graphene oxide composite membranes cross-linked with urea for enhanced desalting properties
Zhang YZ, Su KM, Li ZH
726 - 733 Molecular design of double crosslinked sulfonated polyphenylsulfone /polybenzimidazole blend membranes for an efficient hydrogen purification
Naderi A, Tashvigh AA, Chung TS, Weber M, Maletzko C
734 - 742 Effects of organic fouling and cleaning on the retention of pharmaceutically active compounds by ceramic nanofiltration membranes
Zhao YY, Wang XM, Yang HW, Xie YFF
743 - 751 Solvent and pH-stable poly(2,5-benzimidazole) (ABPBI) based UF membranes: Preparation and characterizations
Lohokare HR, Chaudhari HD, Kharul UK
752 - 761 Negatively charged polyimide nanofiltration membranes with high selectivity and performance stability by optimization of synergistic imidization
Wei CJ, He ZF, Lin LG, Cheng Q, Huang K, Ma SS, Chen L
762 - 767 Gravity-driven ultrafast separation of water-in-oil emulsion by hierarchically porous electrospun Poly(L-lactide) fabrics
Zhao JX, Wang W, Ye CC, Li YJ, You JC
768 - 776 Geometric heterogeneity of homogeneous ion-exchange Neosepta membranes
Mareev SA, Butylskii DY, Pismenskaya ND, Larchet C, Dammak L, Nikonenko VV
777 - 784 An approach to increase the permselectivity and mono-valent ion selectivity of cation-exchange membranes by introduction of amorphous zirconium phosphate nanoparticles
Golubenko DV, Karavanova YA, Melnikov SS, Achoh AR, Pourcelly G, Yaroslavtsev AB
785 - 793 Water and salt dynamics in multilayer graphene oxide (GO) membrane: Role of lateral sheet dimensions
Gogoi A, Konch TJ, Raidongia K, Reddy KA
794 - 803 Model-guided design of high-performance membrane distillation modules for water desalination
Ghaleni MM, Bavarian M, Nejati S
804 - 812 Optimizing electrospinning parameters for piezoelectric PVDF nanofiber membranes
Gee S, Johnson B, Smith AL
813 - 819 Gas-liquid membrane contactors: Effects of polymer concentration and solvent type on pore size distribution
Zolfaghari A, Mousavi SA, Bozarjomehri RB, Bakhtiari F
820 - 834 Automated process design and optimization of membrane-based CO2 capture for a coal-based power plant
Lee S, Binns M, Kim JK
835 - 842 Synthesis of a polyacrylonitrile/tetrachloro-1,4-benzoquinone gel polymer electrolyte for high-performance Li-air batteries
Kim YB, Kim IT, Song MJ, Shin MW
843 - 856 Characteristics and formation mechanism of membrane fouling in a full-scale RO wastewater reclamation process: Membrane autopsy and fouling characterization
Zheng LB, Yu DW, Wang G, Yue ZG, Zhang C, Wang YW, Zhang JY, Wang J, Liang GL, Wei YS
857 - 863 Ceramic-supported thin film composite membrane for organic solvent nanofiltration
Xia LL, Ren J, Weyd M, McCutcheon JR
864 - 872 Catalytic palladium membrane reactors for one-step benzene hydroxylation to phenol
Wang XB, Zou YM, Meng B, Tan XY, Wang SB, Liu SM
873 - 881 Integrated Fe-based floc-membrane process for alleviating ultrafiltration membrane fouling by humic acid and reservoir water
Ma BW, Xue WJ, Li WJ, Hu CZ, Liu HJ, Qu JH
882 - 887 Quaternary Ti3C2Tx enhanced ionic conduction in quaternized polysulfone membrane for alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells
Zhang XL, Fan CC, Yao NY, Zhang P, Hong T, Xu CX, Cheng JG
888 - 895 Single-nanoparticle tracking reveals mechanisms of membrane fouling
Cai Y, Schwartz DK
896 - 902 One-step fabrication and characterization of reinforced microcomposite membranes for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Jang S, Yoon YG, Lee YS, Choi YW
903 - 913 Graphene oxide quantum dots incorporated nanocomposite membranes with high water flux for pervaporative dehydration
Wang MR, Pan FS, Yang LX, Song YM, Wu H, Cheng XX, Liu GH, Yang H, Wang HJ, Jiang ZY, Cao XZ
914 - 925 Nucleophilic-functionalized beta-cyclodextrin-polyethersulfone structures from facile lamination process as nanoporous membrane active layers for wastewater post-treatment: Molecular implications
Giwa A, Hasan SW
926 - 937 Performance of a polypropylene membrane contactor for the recovery of dissolved methane from anaerobic effluents: Mass transfer evaluation, long-term operation and cleaning strategies
Henares M, Ferrero P, San-Valero P, Martinez-Soria V, Izquierdo M
938 - 948 The role of MOFs in Thin-Film Nanocomposite (TFN) membranes
Van Goethem C, Verbeke R, Pfanmoller M, Koschine T, Dickmann M, Timpel-Lindner T, Egger W, Bals S, Vankelecom IFJ
949 - 956 Fouling resistant 2D boron nitride nanosheet - PES nanofiltration membranes
Low ZX, Ji J, Blumenstock D, Chew YM, Wolverson D, Mattia D
957 - 968 Synthesis of cation exchange membranes based on sulfonated polyether sulfone with different sulfonation degrees
Zhao JL, Guo L, Wang JY
969 - 969 Surfactant-Stabilized Oil Separation from Water using Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration (vol 529, pg 159, 2017)
Zhu XB, Dudchenko A, Gu XT, Jassby D