Journal of Membrane Science

Journal of Membrane Science, Vol.554 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0376-7388 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Morin-based nanofiltration membranes for organic solvent separation processes
Perez-Manriquez L, Neelakanda P, Peinemann KV
6 - 15 Enhancing the hydroxide conductivity of imidazolium-functionalized polysulfone by incorporating organic microsphere with ionic brushes
Li Z, He GW, Li ZY, Zhang Y, Zhao J, Xu MZ, Xu SM, Jiang ZY
16 - 25 TiO2/sulfonated graphene oxide/Ag nanoparticle membrane: In situ separation and photodegradation of oil/water emulsions
Qian DL, Chen DY, Li NJ, Xu QF, Li H, He JH, Lu JM
26 - 38 Relating transport modeling to nanofiltration membrane fabrication: Navigating the permeability-selectivity trade-off in desalination pretreatment
Labban O, Liu C, Chong TH, Lienhard JH
39 - 47 Impact of solution composition on the resistance of ion exchange membranes
Zhu S, Kingsbury RS, Call DF, Coronell O
48 - 58 Chemistry in a spinneret - Composite hollow fiber membranes in a single step process
Roth H, Luelf T, Koppelmann A, Abel M, Wessling M
59 - 70 Insights on pulsed bubble control of membrane fouling: Effect of bubble size and frequency
Radaei E, Liu XF, Tng KH, Wang Y, Trujillo FJ, Leslie G
71 - 82 Fabrication and characterization of polysulfone/modified nanocarbon black composite antifouling ultrafiltration membranes
Khan A, Sherazi TA, Khan Y, Li SH, Naqvi SAR, Cui ZL
83 - 89 Surface water biopolymer fractionation for fouling mitigation in low-pressure membranes
Kimura K, Shikato K, Oki Y, Kume K, Huber SA
90 - 96 Incorporation of benzimidazole linked polymers into Matrimid to yield mixed matrix membranes with enhanced CO2/N-2 selectivity
Tessema TDM, Venna SR, Dahe G, Hopkinson DP, El-Kaderi HM, Sekizkardes AK
97 - 108 High-flux thin film composite membranes for nanofiltration mediated by a rapid co-deposition of polydopamine/piperazine
Zhu JY, Yuan SS, Uliana A, Hou JW, Li J, Li X, Tian MM, Chen Y, Volodin A, Van der Bruggen B
109 - 116 Controlling external versus internal pore modification of ultrafiltration membranes using surface-initiated AGET-ATRP
Carter BM, Sengupta A, Qian X, Ulbricht M, Wickramasinghe SR
117 - 124 Two-step thermoresponsive membrane with tunable separation properties and improved cleaning efficiency
Choi JY, Yun T, Kwak SY
125 - 133 Towards improved antifouling ability and separation performance of polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membranes through poly(ethylenimine) grafting
Lin Z, Hu C, Wu XD, Zhong WZ, Chen MM, Zhang QG, Zhu AM, Liu QL
134 - 139 Intensification of hollow fiber membrane cross-flow filtration by the combination of helical baffle and oscillatory flow
Horie T, Shiota S, Akagi T, Ohmura N, Wang S, Eze V, Harvey A, Hirata Y
140 - 155 Performance evaluation of mass transfer correlations in the GFMA process: A review with perspectives to the design
Estay H, Troncoso E, Ruby-Figueroa R, Romero J
156 - 163 Fouling mitigation in tubular membranes by 3D-printed turbulence promoters
Armbruster S, Cheong O, Lolsberg J, Popovic S, Yuce S, Wessling M
164 - 174 Self-cleaning membranes for water purification by co-deposition of photo-mobile 4,4 '-azodianiline and bio-adhesive polydopamine
Ramanan SN, Shahkaramipour N, Tran T, Zhu LX, Venna SR, Lim CK, Singh A, Prasad PN, Lin HQ
175 - 183 Atmospheric plasma coatings for membrane distillation
Eykens L, De Sitter K, Paulussen S, Dubreuil M, Dotremont C, Pinoy L, Van der Bruggen B
184 - 194 Energy analysis and optimization of hollow fiber membrane contactors for recovery of dissolve methane from anaerobic membrane bioreactor effluent
Rongwong W, Goh K, Bae TH
195 - 210 Antifouling properties of Cu(tpa)@GO/PES composite membranes and selective dye rejection
Makhetha TA, Moutloali RM
211 - 220 Aging of thin-film composite membranes based on PTMSP loaded with porous aromatic frameworks
Bakhtin DS, Kulikov LA, Legkov SA, Khotimskiy VS, Levin IS, Borisov IL, Maksimov AL, Volkov VV, Karakhanov EA, Volkov AV
221 - 231 Lab-scale and pilot-scale fabrication of amine-functional reverse osmosis membrane with improved chlorine resistance and antimicrobial property
Wang Y, Wang Z, Wang JX
232 - 243 Comb-shaped polysulfones containing sulfonated polytriazole side chains for proton exchange membranes
Kim K, Jung BK, Ko T, Kim TH, Lee JC
244 - 252 Novel high boron removal polyamide reverse osmosis membranes
Wang SH, Zhou Y, Gao CJ
253 - 263 Graphene oxide-cation interaction: Inter-layer spacing and zeta potential changes in response to various salt solutions
Baskoro F, Wong CB, Kumar SR, Chang CW, Chen CH, Chen DW, Lue SJ
264 - 273 Novel anion exchange membranes based on quaternized diblock copolystyrene containing a fluorinated hydrophobic block
Zhu M, Zhang XJ, Wang YG, Wu YB, Wang H, Zhang M, Chen Q, Shen ZC, Li NW
274 - 274 Enhanced H-2/CH4 and H-2/CO2 separation by carbon molecular sieve membrane coated on titania modified alumina support: Effects of TiO2 intermediate layer preparation variables on interfacial adhesion (vol 510, pg 391, 2016)
Tseng HH, Wang CT, Zhuang GL, Uchytil P, Reznickova J, Setnickova K
275 - 281 Cellulose nanocrystal/PVA nanocomposite membranes for CO2/CH4 separation at high pressure
Jahan Z, Niazi MBK, Hagg MB, Gregersen OW
282 - 290 Osmotically enhanced dewatering-reverse osmosis (OED-RO) hybrid system: Implications for shale gas produced water treatment
Kim J, Kim J, Kim J, Hong S
291 - 299 Facile fabrication of reinforced homoporous MF membranes by in situ breath figure and thermal adhesion method on substrates
Ruan XH, Zhang KM, Jiang XB, Zhang XJ, Yan XM, Zhang N, He GH
300 - 300 Effect of MFI zeolite intermediate layers on gas separation performance of carbon molecular sieve (CMS) membranes (vol 446, pg 220, 2013)
Wey MY, Tseng HH, Chiang CK
301 - 308 Transport of small and neutral solutes through reverse osmosis membranes: Role of skin layer conformation of the polyamide film
Fujioka T, O'Rourke BE, Michishio K, Kobayashi Y, Oshima N, Kodamatani H, Shintani T, Nghiem LD
309 - 323 Flux-enhanced PVDF mixed matrix membranes incorporating APTS-functionalized graphene oxide for membrane distillation
Leaper S, Abdel-Karim A, Faki B, Luque-Alled JM, Alberto M, Vijayaraghavan A, Holmes SM, Szekely G, Badawy MI, Shokri N, Gorgojo P
324 - 330 A novel Nafion-g-PSBMA membrane prepared by grafting zwitterionic SBMA onto Nafion via SI-ATRP for vanadium redox flow battery application
Dai JC, Dong YC, Yu C, Liu YX, Teng XG
331 - 345 Origin and evolution of quorum quenching technology for biofouling control in MBRs for wastewater treatment
Oh HS, Lee CH
346 - 356 Evaluation of liquid transport properties of hydrophobic polymers of intrinsic microporosity by electrical resistance measurement
Yushkin A, Vasilevsky V, Khotimskiy V, Szymczyk A, Volkov A
357 - 365 Biocatalytic membrane with acylase stabilized on intact carbon nanotubes for effective antifouling via quorum quenching
Kim TH, Lee I, Yeon KM, Kim J
366 - 377 Prevention and management of silica scaling in membrane distillation using pH adjustment
Bush JA, Vanneste J, Gustafson EM, Waechter CA, Jassby D, Turchi CS, Cath TY
378 - 384 New types of graphene-based membranes with molecular sieve properties for He, H-2 and H2O
Van Gestel T, Barthel J
385 - 394 Bio-inspired loose nanofiltration membranes with optimized separation performance for antibiotics removals
Cheng XQ, Wang ZX, Zhang YQ, Zhang YJ, Ma J, Shao L