Journal of Membrane Science

Journal of Membrane Science, Vol.493 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0376-7388 (Print) 

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1 - 7 The high performances of SiO2/Al2O3-coated electrospun polyimide fibrous separator for lithium-ion battery
Liang XX, Yang Y, Jin X, Huang ZH, Kang FY
8 - 18 Fouling analysis of a tertiary submerged membrane bioreactor operated in dead-end mode at high-fluxes
Vera L, Gonzalez E, Diaz O, Sanchez R, Bohorque R, Rodriguez-Sevilla J
19 - 27 A PVC-silica mixed-matrix membrane (MMM) as novel type of membrane bioreactor (MBR) membrane
Bilad MR, Marbelia L, Laine C, Vankelecom IFJ
28 - 36 Acid blue 9 desalting using electrodialysis
Xue C, Chen Q, Liu YY, Yang YL, Xu D, Xue LX, Zhang WM
37 - 45 Improved performance of PDMS/silicalite-1 pervaporation membranes via designing new silicalite-1 particles
Zhuang XJ, Chen XR, Su Y, Luo JQ, Cao WF, Wan YH
46 - 57 Water vapor transport properties of regenerated cellulose and nanofibrillated cellulose films
Bedane AH, Eic M, Farmahini-Farahani M, Xiao HN
58 - 65 Electrospun nanofiber enhanced sulfonated poly (phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone) composite proton exchange membranes
Zhang SK, He GH, Gong X, Zhu XP, Wu XM, Sun XY, Zhao XY, Li H
66 - 79 Fabrication and characterization of polyethersulfone nanocomposite membranes for the removal of endocrine disrupting micropollutants from wastewater. Mechanisms and performance
Kaminska G, Bohdziewicz J, Calvo JI, Pradanos P, Palacio L, Hernandez A
80 - 87 Influences of the structure of imidazolium pendants on the properties of polysulfone-based high temperature proton conducting membranes
Yang JS, Wang J, Liu C, Gao LP, Xu YX, Che QT, He RH
88 - 96 Improved ZIF-8 membrane: Effect of activation procedure and determination of diffusivities of light hydrocarbons
Pan YC, Liu W, Zhao YJ, Wang CQ, Lai ZP
97 - 105 Carbon nanotube hollow fiber membranes: High-throughput fabrication, structural control and electrochemically improved selectivity
Wei GL, Chen S, Fan XF, Quan X, Yu HT
106 - 119 Adiabatic modelling of CO2 capture by amine solvents using membrane contactors
Zaidiza DA, Belaissaoui B, Rode S, Neveux T, Makhloufi C, Castel C, Roizard D, Favre E
120 - 133 Adsorption of non-ionic surfactant from aqueous solution onto various ultrafiltration membranes
Nguyen LAT, Schwarze M, Schomacker R
134 - 146 Magnetic nanoparticles augmented composite membranes in removal of organic foulant through magnetic actuation
Ng QH, Lim JK, Ahmad AL, Ooi BS, Low SC
147 - 155 Towards enhanced CO2 selectivity of the PIM-1 membrane by blending with polyethylene glycol
Wu XM, Zhang QG, Lin PJ, Qu Y, Zhu AM, Liu QL
156 - 166 Nanofiltration membrane achieving dual resistance to fouling and chlorine for "green" separation of antibiotics
Cheng XQ, Liu YY, Guo ZH, Shao L
167 - 178 Sweep gas membrane distillation in a membrane contactor with metallic hollow-fibers
Shukla S, Benes NE, Vankelecom I, Mericq JP, Belleville MP, Hengl N, Marcano JS
179 - 187 Impact of biopolymer purification on the structural characteristics and transport performance of composite polysaccharide membranes for pervaporation
Meireles IT, Portugal C, Alves VD, Crespo JG, Coelhoso IM
188 - 199 Improving the water flux and bio-fouling resistance of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane through surface modification by zwitterionic polymer
Wang J, Wang Z, Wang JX, Wang SC
200 - 205 Improved organic acid purification through wafer enhanced electrodeionization utilizing ionic liquids
Lopez AM, Hestekin JA
206 - 211 Preparation of graded silicalite-1 substrates for all-zeolite membranes with excellent CO2/H-2 separation performance
Akhtar F, Sjoberg E, Korelskiy D, Rayson M, Hedlund J, Bergstrom L
212 - 223 Novel bilayer well-aligned Nafion/graphene oxide composite membranes prepared using spin coating method for direct liquid fuel cells
Lue SJ, Pai YL, Shih CM, Wu MC, Lai SM
224 - 231 Highly permeable and robust membranes assembled from block-copolymer-functionalized carbon nanotubes
Yao XP, Li J, Wang ZG, Kong L, Wang Y
232 - 242 Effect of citrate-based non-toxic solvents on poly(vinylidene fluoride) membrane preparation via thermally induced phase separation
Sawada S, Ursino C, Galiano F, Simone S, Drioli E, Figoli A
243 - 251 Antifouling PVDF membrane with hydrophilic surface of terry pile-like structure
Liu DP, Li D, Du D, Zhao XZ, Qin AW, Li X, He CJ
252 - 262 Thin-skinned intrinsically defect-free asymmetric mono-esterified hollow fiber precursors for crosslinkable polyimide gas separation membranes
Ma CH, Zhang C, Labreche Y, Fu SL, Liu L, Koros WJ
263 - 274 Improved performance of polyamide thin-film composite nanofiltration membrane by using polyetersulfone/polyaniline membrane as the substrate
Zhu S, Zhao S, Wang Z, Tian XX, Shi MQ, Wang JX, Wang SC
275 - 284 Polysulfone(PSF) composite membrane with micro-reaction locations (MRLs) made by doping sulfated TiO2 deposited on SiO2 nanotubes (STSNs) for cleaning wastewater
Zhang YQ, Liu PL
285 - 298 Efficient water management of composite membranes operated in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells under low relative humidity
Ketpang K, Shanmugam S, Suwanboon C, Chanunpanich N, Lee D
299 - 310 In situ regulation of micro-pore to design high performance polyimide membranes for pervaporation dehydration of isopropanol
Salehian P, Chua ML, Askari M, Shi GM, Chung TS
311 - 320 Correlation between macroscopic sugar transfer and interactions in cation exchange membranes
Fuoco A, Galier S, Roux-de Balmann H, De Luca G
321 - 328 Novel membrane contactor for CO2 removal from flue gas by temperature swing absorption
Mulukutla T, Chau J, Singh D, Obuskovic G, Sirkar KK
329 - 339 Thermally rearranged polybenzoxazoles and poly(benzoxazole-co-imide)s from ortho-hydroxyamine monomers for high performance gas separation membranes
Comesana-Gandara B, Hernandez A, de la Campa JG, de Abajo J, Lozano AE, Lee YM
340 - 348 Physicochemical properties of alkaline doped polybenzimidazole membranes for anion exchange membrane fuel cells
Zeng L, Zhao TS, An L, Zhao G, Yan XH
349 - 359 Preparation and characterization of anion exchange adsorptive nonwoven membranes with high protein binding capacity
Liu HY, Gurgel PV, Carbonell RG
360 - 372 Modeling of flat-sheet and spiral-wound nanofiltration configurations and its application in seawater nanofiltration
Roy Y, Sharqawy MH, Lienhard JH
373 - 381 Sustainable synthesis of a high performance inter-polymer anion exchange membrane employing concentrated solar radiation in a crucial functionalization step
Dinda M, Chatterjee U, Kulshrestha V, Sharma S, Ghosh S, Desale GR, Shahi VK, Makwana BS, Maru PD, Bhadja V, Maiti S, Ghosh PK
382 - 388 Influence of chromium in metallic components on oxygen permeability and microstructure of BaCo0.7Fe0.2Nb0.1O3-delta membrane
Zhang YW, Yu CC, Zhang LL, Su K, Wu CZ, Ding WZ, Lu XG
389 - 402 Cost assessment of membrane processes: A practical example in the dairy wastewater reclamation by reverse osmosis
Suarez A, Fernandez P, Iglesias JR, Iglesias E, Riera FA
403 - 413 Polybenzimidazole-based polymeric ionic liquids (PILs): Effects of'substitution asymmetry' on CO2 permeation properties
Shaligram SV, Wadgaonkar PP, Kharul UK
414 - 427 Transport properties of sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) membranes with counter-ion substitution
Perez-Perez M, Suleiman D
428 - 443 Layer-by-layer (LBL) assembly technology as promising strategy for tailoring pressure-driven desalination membranes
Xu GR, Wang SH, Zhao HL, Wu SB, Xu JM, Li L, Liu XY
444 - 451 Membrane gas dehydration in a pressure-electric coupled field
Du JR, Shi XY, Feng XS, Li YF, Zhang YF, Chen X
452 - 459 Effect of pH, transmembrane pressure and whey proteins on the properties of casein micelle deposit layers
Steinhauer T, Lonfat J, Hager I, Gebhardt R, Kulozik U
460 - 469 Anionic surfactant-doped Pebax membrane with optimal free volume characteristics for efficient CO2 separation
Li YF, Li XQ, Wu H, Xin QP, Wang SF, Liu Y, Tian ZZ, Zhou TT, Jiang ZY, Tian HW, Cao XZ, Wang BY
470 - 477 Binary gas mixture and hydrothermal stability investigation of cobalt silica membranes
Liu L, Wang DK, Martens DL, Smart S, da Costa JCD
478 - 485 Atomic-layer-deposition-enabled nonwoven membranes with hierarchical ZnO nanostructures for switchable water/oil separations
Xiong S, Kong L, Huang J, Chen XQ, Wang Y
486 - 495 Predicting optimal back-shock times in ultrafiltration hollow fiber modules II: Effect of inlet flow and concentration dependent viscosity
Vinther F, Pinelo M, Brons M, Jonsson G, Meyer AS
496 - 507 Graphene oxide incorporated polysulfone substrate for the fabrication of flat-sheet thin-film composite forward osmosis membranes
Park MJ, Phuntsho S, He T, Nisola GM, Tijing LD, Li XM, Chen G, Chung WJ, Shon HK
508 - 514 Ink-jet printing assisted fabrication of patterned thin film composite membranes
Badalov S, Oren Y, Arnusch CJ
515 - 523 Robust organosilica membranes for high temperature reverse osmosis (RO) application: Membrane preparation, separation characteristics of solutes and membrane regeneration
Ibrahim SM, Nagasawa H, Kanezashi M, Tsuru T
524 - 538 Controlling molecular weight cut-off of PEEK nanofiltration membranes using a drying method
Burgal JD, Peeva L, Marchetti P, Livingston A
539 - 548 Combined colloidal and organic fouling of FO membranes: The influence of foulant-foulant interactions and ionic strength
Motsa MM, Mamba BB, Verliefde ARD
549 - 556 The cleaner production of monosodium L-glutamate by resin-filled electro-membrane reactor
Chai P, Wang JY, Lu HX
557 - 567 Pressure enhanced fouling and adapted anti-fouling strategy in pressure assisted osmosis (PAO)
Blandin G, Verliefde ARD, Le-Clech P
568 - 579 Cross linked polybenzimidazole membranes for organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN): Analysis of crosslinking reaction mechanism and effects of reaction parameters
Valtcheva IB, Marchetti P, Livingston AG
580 - 588 Effects of thin film Pd deposition on the hydrogen permeability of Pd60Cu40 wt% alloy membranes
Al-Mufachi NA, Nayebossadri S, Speight JD, Bujalski W, Steinberger-Wilckens R, Book D
589 - 598 Porous poly(perfluorosulfonic acid) membranes for alkaline water electrolysis
Aili D, Hansen MK, Andreasen JW, Zhang JD, Jensen JO, Bjerrum NJ, Li QF
599 - 604 Insights into the ultrahigh gas separation efficiency of Lithium doped carbon nanotube membrane using carrier-facilitated transport mechanism
Zhou HJ, Xie J, Ban S
605 - 614 A new reverse electrodialysis design strategy which significantly reduces the levelized cost of electricity
Weiner AM, McGovern RK, Lienhard JH
615 - 621 Transport of phenol through polymer inclusion membrane with N,N-di(1-methylheptyl) acetamide as carriers from aqueous solution
Meng XR, Gao CG, Wang L, Wang XD, Tang WT, Chen HN
622 - 635 Thin film composite membranes comprising of polyamide and polydopamine for dehydration of ethylene glycol by pervaporation
Wu DH, Martin J, Du J, Zhang YF, Lawless D, Feng XS
636 - 644 Evaluation of apparent membrane performance parameters in pressure retarded osmosis processes under varying draw pressures and with draw solutions containing organics
Kim J, Kim B, Kim DI, Hong S
645 - 653 Diffusion dialysis membranes with semi-interpenetrating network for acid recovery
Cheng CL, Yang ZJ, He YB, Mondal AN, Bakangura E, Xu TW
654 - 663 Poly (vinyl alcohol)/carboxymethyl cellulose sodium blend composite nanofiltration membranes developed via interfacial polymerization
Miao J, Zhang R, Bai RB
664 - 672 Evaluating the gas permeation properties and hydrothermal stability of organosilica membranes under different hydrosilylation conditions
Kanezashi M, Sazaki H, Nagasawa H, Yoshioka T, Tsuru T
673 - 682 Scaling control during membrane distillation of coal seam gas reverse osmosis brine
Duong HC, Gray S, Duke M, Cath TY, Nghiem LD
683 - 689 Effect of feedwater pre-treatment using UV/H2O2 for mitigating the fouling of a ceramic MF membrane caused by soluble algal organic matter
Zhang XL, Fan LH, Roddick FA
690 - 702 Unraveling flux behavior of superhydrophilic loose nanofiltration membranes during textile wastewater treatment
Lin JY, Tang CYY, Ye WY, Sun SP, Hamdan SH, Volodin A, Van Haesendonck C, Sotto A, Luis P, Van der Bruggen B
703 - 708 Biofouling in forward osmosis and reverse osmosis: Measurements and mechanisms
Kwan SE, Bar-Zeev E, Elimelech M
709 - 722 Comparison between hydrophilic and hydrophobic metal nanoparticles on the phase separation phenomena during formation of asymmetric polyethersulphone membranes
Garcia-Ivars J, Iborra-Clar MI, Alcaina-Miranda MI, Van der Bruggen B
723 - 733 Hydraulic irreversibility of ultrafiltration membrane fouling by humic acid: Effects of membrane properties and backwash water composition
Chang HQ, Qu FS, Liu BC, Yu HR, Li K, Shao SL, Li GB, Liang H
734 - 747 A facile approach for the development of fine-tuned self-standing graphene oxide membranes and their gas and vapor separation performance
Romanos G, Pastrana-Martinez LM, Tsoufis T, Athanasekou C, Galata E, Katsaros F, Favvas E, Beltsios KG, Siranidi E, Falaras P, Psycharis V, Silva AMT
748 - 754 Role of pressure in organic fouling in forward osmosis and reverse osmosis
Xie M, Lee J, Nghiem LD, Elimelech M
755 - 765 Zwitterionic copolymer self-assembly for fouling resistant, high flux membranes with size-based small molecule selectivity
Bengani P, Kou YM, Asatekin A
766 - 781 Effect of polymer structure on gas transport properties of selected aromatic polyimides, polyamides and TR polymers
Smith ZP, Hernandez G, Gleason KL, Anand A, Doherty CM, Konstas K, Alvarez C, Hill AJ, Lozano AE, Paul DR, Freeman BD
782 - 793 Isotropic macroporous polyethersulfone membranes as competitive supports for high performance polyamide desalination membranes
ElSherbiny IMA, Ghannam R, Khalil ASG, Ulbricht M
794 - 806 CO2-selective membranes for hydrogen production and CO2 capture - Part II: Techno-economic analysis
Lin HQ, He ZJ, Sun Z, Kniep J, Ng A, Baker RW, Merkel TC
807 - 819 Layer-by-layer surface modification of polyethersulfone membranes using polyelectrolytes and AgCl/TiO2 xerogels
Kaner P, Johnson DJ, Seker E, Hilal N, Altinkaya SA