Journal of Membrane Science

Journal of Membrane Science, Vol.473 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0376-7388 (Print) 

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1 - 7 A hybrid catalytic membrane reactor for destruction of a chemical warfare simulant
Motamedhashemi MMY, Monji M, Egolfopoulos F, Tsotsis T
8 - 15 Effect of operating conditions on the performance of solid electrolyte membrane reactor for steam and CO2 electrolysis
Mahmood A, Bano S, Yu JH, Lee KH
16 - 27 Nanofiltration separation of polyvalent and monovalent anions in desalination brines
Perez-Gonzalez A, Ibanez R, Gomez P, Urtiaga AM, Ortiz I, Irabien JA
28 - 35 Fabrication and characterization of non-linear parabolic microporous membranes
Rajasekaran PR, Sharifi P, Wolff J, Kohli P
36 - 44 Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy monitoring the development of dual-species biofouling on membrane surfaces
Chen PY, Cui L, Zhang KS
45 - 53 Preparation of dense gelatin membranes by combining temperature induced gelation and dry-casting
Biscarat J, Charmette C, Sanchez J, Pochat-Bohatier C
54 - 62 Preparation of poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes with graphene oxide addition for natural organic matter removal
Xia SJ, Ni MZ
63 - 71 Novel cellulose ester substrates for high performance flat-sheet thin-film composite (TFC) forward osmosis (FO) membranes
Ong RC, Chung TS, de Wit JS, Helmer BJ
72 - 84 Developing nanocomposite PI membranes: Morphology and performance to glycerol removal at the downstream processing of biodiesel production
Peyravi M, Rahimpour A, Jahanshahi M
85 - 93 Toward a process-based molecular model of SiC membranes: III. Prediction of transport and separation of binary gaseous mixtures based on the atomistic reactive force field
Naserifar S, Tsotsis TT, Goddard WA, Sahimi M
94 - 101 Partially sulfonated polyaniline induced high ion-exchange capacity and selectivity of Nafion membrane for application in direct methanol fuel cells
Dutta K, Das S, Kundu PP
102 - 108 Application of periodic backpulsing to reduce membrane fouling during ultrafiltration of plasmid DNA
Borujeni EE, Li Y, Zydney AL
109 - 117 Macroencapsulation of quorum quenching bacteria by polymeric membrane layer and its application to MBR for biofouling control
Kim SR, Lee KB, Kim JE, Won YJ, Yeon KM, Lee CH, Lim DJ
118 - 127 Simultaneous regeneration of inorganic acid and base from a metal washing step wastewater by bipolar membrane electrodialysis after pretreatment by crystallization in a fluidized pellet reactor
Tran ATK, Mondal P, Lin JY, Meesschaert B, Pinoy L, Van der Bruggen B
128 - 136 Tailoring novel fibrillar morphologies in poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes using a low toxic triethylene glycol diacetate (TEGDA) diluent
Cui Z, Hassankiadeh NT, Lee SY, Woo KT, Lee JM, Sanguineti A, Arcella V, Lee YM, Drioli E
137 - 145 Thermodynamic basis for vapor permeability in Ethyl Cellulose
Minelli M, Sarti GC
146 - 156 Controlling shell-side crystal nucleation in a gas-liquid membrane contactor for simultaneous ammonium bicarbonate recovery and biogas upgrading
McLeod A, Buzatu P, Autin O, Jefferson B, McAdam E
157 - 164 Preparation and water desalination properties of POSS-polyamide nanocomposite reverse osmosis membranes
Duan JT, Litwiller E, Pinnau I
165 - 176 Crystallization behavior of salts during membrane distillation with hydrophobic and superhydrophobic capillary membranes
Meng SW, Ye Y, Mansouri J, Chen VK
177 - 188 Energy-efficient reverse osmosis desalination process
Chong TH, Loo SL, Krantz WB
189 - 200 Simulation and analysis of the performance of tubular enzymatic membrane reactors under different configurations, kinetics and mass transport conditions
Abejon R, Gijiu CL, Belleville MP, Paolucci-Jeanjean D, Sanchez-Marcano J
201 - 209 Influence of propane on CO2/CH4 and N-2/CH4 separations in CHA zeolite membranes
Wu T, Diaz MC, Zheng YH, Zhou RF, Funke HH, Falconer JL, Noble RD
210 - 217 Evaluation of electrochemical properties and reverse electrodialysis performance for porous cation exchange membranes with sulfate-functionalized iron oxide
Hong JG, Chen YS
218 - 225 Mechanical properties and influence of straining on ion conductivity of perfluorosulfonic acid Nafion (R)-type membranes depending on water uptake
Safronova E, Golubenko D, Pourcelly G, Yaroslavtsev A
226 - 236 Synthesis and properties of highly branched star-shaped sulfonated block poly(arylene ether)s as proton exchange membranes
Xie HX, Tao D, Xiang XZ, Ou YX, Bai XJ, Wang L
237 - 244 Transport properties of electrospun fibrous membranes with controlled anisotropy
Kok MDR, Gostick JT
245 - 255 Numerical investigation of the performance and hydrodynamics of a rotating tubular membrane used for liquid-liquid separation
Motin A, Tarabara VV, Benard A
256 - 266 Preparation, characterization and performance study of cellulose acetate membranes modified by aliphatic hyperbranched polyester
Mahdavi H, Shahalizade T
267 - 273 Anionic catalyst binders based on trimethylamine-quaternized poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) for alkaline electrolyzers
Schauer J, Hnat J, Brozova L, Zitka J, Bouzek K
274 - 282 Membrane evaporation of amine solution for energy saving in post-combustion carbon capture: Performance evaluation
Zhao SF, Cao CC, Wardhaugh L, Feron PHM
283 - 291 Application of Fe(II)/K2MnO4 as a pre-treatment for controlling UF membrane fouling in drinking water treatment
Yu WZ, Grahamn NJD
292 - 301 The effect of permeation flux on the specific resistance of polysaccharide fouling layers developing during dead-end ultrafiltration
Sioutopoulos DC, Karabelas AJ
302 - 309 Performance evaluation of trimethylamine-carbon dioxide thermolytic draw solution for engineered osmosis
Boo C, Khalil YF, Elimelech M
310 - 317 Enhanced CO2 separation properties by incorporating poly(ethylene glycol)-containing polymeric submicrospheres into polyimide membrane
Wang SF, Tian ZZ, Feng JY, Wu H, Li YF, Liu Y, Li XQ, Xin QP, Jiang ZY
318 - 326 Characterization of hollow fiber membranes by impedance spectroscopy
Bannwarth S, Darestani M, Coster H, Wessling M
327 - 332 Hydrogen permeability of SrCe(0.7)Zr(0.25)Ln(0.05)O(3-delta) membranes (Ln=Tm and Yb)
Xing W, Dahl PI, Roaas LV, Fontaine ML, Larring Y, Henriksen PP, Bredesen R
333 - 333 Silica and silicate precipitation as limiting factors in high-recovery reverse osmosis operations (vol 423, pg 1, 2012)
Cob SS, Beaupin C, Hofs B, Nederlof MM, Harmsen DJH, Cornelissen ER, Zwijnenburg A, Guner FEG, Witkamp GJ