Journal of Membrane Science

Journal of Membrane Science, Vol.444 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0376-7388 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Characterization of sulfonated polystyrene-block-poly(ethyl-ran-propylene)-block-polystyrene copolymer for proton exchange membranes (PEMs)
Jang SY, Han SH
9 - 15 Pervaporation recovery of [AMIM]Cl during wood dissolution; effect of [AMIM]Cl properties on the membrane performance
Garcia V, Valkama H, Sliz R, King AWT, Myllyla R, Kilpelainen I, Keiski RL
16 - 21 Integrated utilization of seawater using a five-chamber bioelectrochemical system
Chen S, Luo HP, Liu GL, Zhang RD, Wang HH, Qin BY, Hou YP
22 - 31 Improving the stability of layer-by-layer self-assembled membranes for dehydration of alcohol and diol
Zhang Y, Rhim JW, Feng XS
32 - 40 Product recovery in surfactant-based separation processes: Pervaporation of toluene from concentrated surfactant solutions
Topf M, Ingram T, Mehling T, Brinkmann T, Smirnova I
41 - 49 Novel polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposites containing carbon nano-tubes with Fe3O4 pendants for alkaline fuel cell applications
Lo CF, Wu JF, Li HY, Hung WS, Shih CM, Hu CC, Liu YL, Lue SJ
50 - 59 Synthesis of hydrophilic polysulfone membranes having antifouling and boron adsorption properties via blending with an amphiphilic graft glycopolymer
Shi Q, Meng JQ, Xu RS, Du XL, Zhang YF
60 - 69 Preparation of zeolite MFI membranes on defective macroporous alumina supports by a novel wetting-rubbing seeding method: Role of wetting agent
Peng Y, Zhan ZY, Shan LJ, Li XM, Wang ZB, Yan YS
70 - 76 Combinatorial method for direct measurements of the intrinsic hydrogen permeability of separation membrane materials
de Man S, Gonzalez-Silveira M, Visser D, Bakker R, Schreuders H, Baldi A, Dam B, Griessen R
77 - 86 (3-glycidoxypropyl) Trimethoxy silane induced switchable zwitterionic membrane with high protein capture and separation properties
Chakrabarty T, Shahi VK
87 - 95 Optimal balancing of temporal and buffer costs for ultrafiltration/diafiltration processes under limiting flux conditions
Paulen R, Jelemensky M, Fikar M, Kovacs Z
96 - 100 A CO2-selective molecular gate of poly(amidoamine) dendrimer immobilized in a poly(ethylene glycol) network
Taniguchi I, Urai H, Kai T, Duan SH, Kazama S
101 - 115 NF in organic solvent/water mixtures: Role of preferential solvation
Marchetti P, Butte A, Livingston AG
116 - 126 Functionalized silica-chitosan hybrid membrane for dehydration of ethanol/water azeotrope: Effect of cross-linking on structure and performance
Pandey RP, Shahi VK
127 - 138 Conductometric and computational study of cationic polymer membranes in H+ and Na+-forms at various hydration levels
Karpenko-Jereb LV, Kelterer AM, Berezina NP, Pimenov AV
139 - 147 A filtration model applied to submerged anaerobic MBRs (SAnMBRs)
Robles A, Ruano MV, Ribes J, Seco A, Ferrer J
148 - 156 Fouling control in a forward osmosis process integrating seawater desalination and wastewater reclamation
Boo C, Elimelech M, Hong S
157 - 163 Mixed matrix membrane chromatography based on hydrophobic interaction for whey protein fractionation
Saufi SM, Fee CJ
164 - 172 Polymer-ionic liquid composite membranes for propane/propylene separation by facilitated transport
Fallanza M, Ortiz A, Gorri D, Ortiz I
173 - 183 Natural gas purification and olefin/paraffin separation using thermal cross-linkable co-polyimide/ZIF-8 mixed matrix membranes
Askari M, Chung TS
184 - 191 Enhancing antifouling capability of PES membrane via mixing with various types of polymer modified multi-walled carbon nanotube
Daraei P, Madaeni SS, Ghaemi N, Khadivi MA, Astinchap B, Moradian R
192 - 200 Surface modification of thin film composite RO membrane for enhanced anti-biofouling performance
Nikkola J, Liu X, Li Y, Raulio M, Alakomi HL, Wei J, Tang CY
201 - 212 Separation of butanol from ABE mixtures by sweep gas pervaporation using a supported gelled ionic liquid membrane: Analysis of transport phenomena and selectivity
Plaza A, Merlet G, Hasanoglu A, Isaacs M, Sanchez J, Romero J
213 - 222 Preparation of PVDF based blend microporous membranes for lithium ion batteries by thermally induced phase separation: I. Effect of PMMA on the membrane formation process and the properties
Ma T, Cui ZY, Wu Y, Qin SH, Wang H, Yan F, Han N, Li JX
223 - 236 Poly(vinylidene fluoride) membrane preparation with an environmental diluent via thermally induced phase separation
Cui Z, Hassankiadeh NT, Lee SY, Lee JM, Woo KT, Sanguineti A, Arcella V, Lee YM, Drioli E
237 - 251 Polysulfone filtration membranes with isoporous structures prepared by a combination of dip-coating and breath figure approach
Mansouri J, Yapit E, Chen V
252 - 258 Investigation of reinforcement of porous alumina by nickel aluminate spinel for its use as ceramic membrane
Fung YLE, Wang HT
259 - 267 Synthesis of branched sulfonated poly(aryl ether ketone) copolymers and their proton exchange membrane properties
Guo WC, Li XJ, Wang H, Pang JH, Wang GB, Jiang ZH, Zhang SL
268 - 275 A comparative evaluation of the liquid-liquid extraction and pertraction efficiency of a both-side diglycolamide-functionalized calix[4]arene with analogous upper and lower-rim calixarenes for actinide separations
Mohapatra PK, Rout DR, Iqbal M, Huskens J, Verboom W
276 - 284 Hydrogen separation in La5.5WO11.25-delta membranes
Escolastico S, Solis C, Scherb T, Schumacher G, Serra JM
285 - 317 Membrane processes in biorefinery applications
Abels C, Carstensen F, Wessling M
318 - 326 Fabrication and properties of ultrafiltration membranes composed of polysulfone and poly(1-vinylpyrrolidone) grafted silica nanoparticles
Song HJ, Kim CK
327 - 331 Molecular simulation of carbon nanotube membrane for Li+ and Mg2+ separation
Yang DF, Liu QZ, Li HM, Gao CJ
332 - 344 The fouling phenomenon in membrane bioreactors: Assessment of different strategies for energy saving
Mannina G, Cosenza A
345 - 358 Emulsification with microfiltration ceramic membranes: A different approach to droplet formation mechanism
Matos M, Suarez MA, Gutierrez G, Coca J, Pazos C
359 - 364 One-step-purification of penicillin G amidase from cell lysate using ion-exchange membrane adsorbers
Monster A, Villain L, Scheper T, Beutel S
365 - 377 Effect of the chemical structure of various diamines on the gas separation of thermally rearranged poly(benzoxazole-co-imide) (TR-PBO-co-I) membranes
Soo CY, Jo HJ, Lee YM, Quay JR, Murphy MK
378 - 383 Testing of dense Pd-Ag tubes: Effect of pressure and membrane thickness on the hydrogen permeability
Santucci A, Borgognoni F, Vadrucci M, Tosti S
384 - 393 Improving SAPO-34 membrane synthesis
Zhou RF, Ping EW, Funke HH, Falconer JL, Noble RD
394 - 401 Ultrasonic visualization of sub-critical flux fouling in the double-end submerged hollow fiber membrane module
Li XH, Li JX, Wang J, Wang H, He BQ, Zhang HW
402 - 411 Synthesis and characterization of thin ceramic-carbonate dual-phase membranes for carbon dioxide separation
Lu B, Lin YS
412 - 419 Chronoamperometric response of ion-exchange membrane systems
Moya AA, Sistat P
420 - 428 Influence of sub-micron surface patterns on the deposition of model proteins during active filtration
Maruf SH, Rickman M, Wang L, Mersch J, Greenberg AR, Pellegrino J, Ding YF
429 - 439 Permeability and solubility of carbon dioxide in different glassy polymer systems with and without plasticization
Minelli M, Sarti GC
440 - 448 Theoretical analysis of a seawater desalination process integrating forward osmosis, crystallization, and reverse osmosis
Kim DY, Gu B, Kim JH, Yang DR
449 - 460 Fabrication of porous polymeric nanocomposite membranes with enhanced anti-fouling properties: Effect of casting composition
Alpatova A, Kim ES, Sun XH, Hwang G, Liu Y, El-Din MG
461 - 468 Understanding the structure and performance of self-assembled triblock terpolymer membranes
Pendergast MM, Dorin RM, Phillip WA, Wiesner U, Hoek EMV
469 - 481 On the selective separation of metal ions from hydrochloride aqueous solution by pertraction through supported ionic liquid membranes
de los Rios AP, Hernandez-Fernandez FJ, Lozano LJ, Sanchez-Segado S, Ginesta-Anzola A, Godinez C, Tomas-Alonso F, Quesada-Medina J
482 - 492 Interfacial morphology between the two layers of the dual-layer asymmetric hollow fiber membranes fabricated by co-extrusion and dry-jet wet-spinning phase-inversion techniques
Ding XL, Cao YM, Zhao HY, Wang LN
493 - 512 Optimal SWRO desalination network synthesis using multiple water quality parameters
Alnouri SY, Linke P
513 - 522 Synthesis of zeolite NaA membranes with high performance and high reproducibility on coarse macroporous supports
Li HZ, Wang JQ, Xu J, Meng XD, Xu B, Yang JH, Li SY, Lu JM, Zhang Y, He XL, Yin DH
523 - 538 A method for the simultaneous determination of transport and structural parameters of forward osmosis membranes
Tiraferri A, Yip NY, Straub AP, Castrillon SRV, Elimelech M