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1 - 16 Evaluating the intensification potential of membrane contactors for gas absorption in a chemical solvent: A generic one-dimensional methodology and its application to CO2 absorption in monoethanolamine
Rode S, Nguyen PT, Roizard D, Bounaceur R, Castel C, Favre E
17 - 24 Concentration of aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution by pervaporation
Roy S, Thongsukmak A, Tang J, Sirkar KK
25 - 33 Thin-film composite hollow fiber membranes for pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) process with high power density
Chou SR, Wang R, Shi L, She QH, Tang CY, Fane AG
34 - 42 High performance ZIF-8/6FDA-DAM mixed matrix membrane for propylene/propane separations
Zhang C, Dai Y, Johnson JR, Karvan O, Koros WJ
43 - 56 Characterization of polymer electrolyte Nafion membranes: Influence of temperature, heat treatment and drying protocol on sorption and transport properties
Maldonado L, Perrin JC, Dillet J, Lottin O
57 - 66 Fluorohexane network and sulfonated PEEK based semi-IPNs for fuel cell membranes
Delhorbe V, Thiry X, Cailleteau C, Mourier E, Bathfield M, Chikh L, Fichet O, Ameduri B, Mercier R, Vidal S, Augier L, Espuche E, Gouanve F, Gebel G, Morin A
67 - 75 Application of a GAC-coated hollow fiber module to couple enzymatic degradation of dye on membrane to whole cell biodegradation within a membrane bioreactor
Hai FI, Yamamoto K, Nakajima F, Fukushi K
76 - 82 A facile zwitterionization in the interfacial modification of low bio-fouling nanofiltration membranes
Chiang YC, Chang Y, Chuang CJ, Ruaan RC
83 - 90 Rapid atmospheric plasma spray coating preparation and photocatalytic activity of macroporous titania nanocrystalline membranes
Lin YF, Tung KL, Tzeng YS, Chen JH, Chang KS
91 - 98 Preparation, structural and functional characterization of modified porous PVDF membranes by gamma-irradiation
Masuelli MA, Grasselli M, Marchese J, Ochoa NA
99 - 109 Sensitivity and uncertainty analyses of an extended ASM3-SMP model describing membrane bioreactor operation
Chen L, Tian Y, Cao CQ, Zhang S, Zhang SA
110 - 116 Effect of modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes on release characteristics of indomethacin from symmetric membrane coated tablets
Madaeni SS, Derakhshandeh K, Ahmadi S, Vatanpour V, Zinadini S
117 - 125 An all-aqueous route to polymer brush-modified membranes with remarkable permeabilites and protein capture rates
Anuraj N, Bhattacharjee S, Geiger JH, Baker GL, Bruening ML
126 - 136 Modeling the effect of packing density on filtration performances in hollow fiber microfiltration module: A spatial study of cake growth
Gunther J, Hobbs D, Albasi C, Lafforgue C, Cockx A, Schmitz P
137 - 147 The development of novel micro-capillary film membranes
Bonyadi S, Mackley M
148 - 154 Photopolymerizable sulfonated poly(ethylene glycol) proton exchange membranes for microfluidic and fuel cell applications
Nearingburg B, Elias AL
155 - 161 A new outlook on membrane enhancement with nanoparticles: The alternative of ZnO
Balta S, Sotto A, Luis P, Benea L, Van der Bruggen B, Kim J
162 - 172 Water sorption in semicrystalline poly(vinyl alcohol) membranes: In situ characterisation of solvent-induced structural rearrangements
Jeck S, Scharfer P, Schabel W, Kind M
173 - 181 La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta microtubular membranes for hydrogen production from water splitting
Franca RV, Thursfield A, Metcalfe IS
182 - 187 Removal of boron and arsenic by forward osmosis membrane: Influence of membrane orientation and organic fouling
Jin X, She QH, Ang XL, Tang CYY
188 - 196 An analytical solution of Sherwood number in a stirred continuous cell during steady state ultrafiltration
Banerjee S, De S
197 - 204 Influences of a bipolar membrane and an ultrasonic field on alkaline water electrolysis
Hung CY, Li SD, Wang CC, Chen CY
205 - 215 Ca-containing CO2-tolerant perovskite materials for oxygen separation
Efimov K, Klande T, Juditzki N, Feldhoff A
216 - 222 Oxygen permeation behavior of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.8Fe0.2O3 hollow fibre membranes with highly concentrated CO2 exposure
Tan XY, Liu N, Meng B, Sunarso J, Zhang K, Liu SM
223 - 233 Modification of carbon molecular sieve membrane structure by self-assisted deposition carbon segment for gas separation
Tseng HH, Itta AK
234 - 244 Mechanisms of antibiotic removal by nanofiltration membranes: Model development and application
Shah AD, Huang CH, Kim JH
245 - 256 A feasibility investigation on ultrafiltration of palm oil and oleic acid removal from glycerin solutions: Flux decline, fouling pattern, rejection and membrane characterizations
Mah SK, Leo CP, Wu TY, Chai SP
257 - 264 COD and nitrogen removal in facilitated transfer membrane-aerated biofilm reactor (FT-MABR)
Wei X, Li BA, Zhao S, Qiang CC, Zhang HY, Wang SC
265 - 271 Preparation and benchmarking of thin film supported PTMSP-silica pervaporation membranes
Claes S, Vandezande P, Mullens S, De Sitter K, Peeters R, Van Bael MK
272 - 279 Seeding-free synthesis of dense zeolite FAU membranes on 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane-functionalized alumina supports
Huang AS, Wang NY, Caro J
280 - 286 Novel modified PVDF ultrafiltration flat-sheet membranes
Pezeshk N, Rana D, Narbaitz RM, Matsuura T
287 - 293 Transport of Ag+ through tri-n-dodecylamine supported liquid membranes
Rehman SU, Akhtar G, Chaudry MA, Ali K, Ullah N
294 - 304 Investigation of ionomer structure through its dependence on ion exchange capacity (IEC)
Moukheiber E, De Moor G, Flandin L, Bas C
305 - 315 Polymeric ionic liquids (PILs): Effect of anion variation on their CO2 sorption
Bhavsar RS, Kumbharkar SC, Kharul UK
316 - 323 Effect of peptizer on the properties of Nafion-Laponite clay nanocomposite membranes for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Mishra AK, Kuila T, Kim NH, Lee JH
324 - 333 Feasibility of osmotic power from a hydrodynamic analysis at module and plant scale
van der Zwan S, Pothof IWM, Blankert B, Bara JI
334 - 342 Thermodynamic investigation and mathematical modeling of ion-imprinted membrane adsorption
Salehi E, Madaeni SS, Vatanpour V
343 - 348 Gas permeation measurement under defined humidity via constant volume/variable pressure method
Roman PJ, Detlev F, Thomas K, Klaus-Viktor P
349 - 354 Fabrication of electrospun PVDF nanofiber membrane for Western blot with high sensitivity
Cho E, Kim C, Kook JK, Il Jeong Y, Kim JH, Kim YA, Endo M, Hwang CH
355 - 362 Direct production of L (+) lactic acid in a continuous and fully membrane-integrated hybrid reactor system under non-neutralizing conditions
Dey P, Pal P
363 - 371 Disulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone) random copolymer thin film composite membrane fabricated using a benign solvent for reverse osmosis applications
Lee CH, McCloskey BD, Cook J, Lane O, Xie W, Freeman BD, Lee YM, McGrath JE
372 - 379 The exploration of the reversed enantioselectivity of a chitosan functionalized cellulose acetate membranes in an electric field driven process
Zhou ZZ, Cheng JH, Chung TS, Hatton TA
380 - 388 Desalination of brine and produced water by direct contact membrane distillation at high temperatures and pressures
Singh D, Sirkar KK
389 - 398 Nanofiltration as key technology for the separation of LA and AA
Ecker J, Raab T, Harasek M
399 - 406 Polybenzimidazole and butylsulfonate grafted polybenzimidazole blends for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Lin HL, Hu CR, Lai SW, Yu TL
407 - 415 Sulfonated poly(arylene ether)s with high content of phosphine oxide moieties for proton exchange membranes
Fu LC, Liao HY, Xiao GY, Yan DY
416 - 423 Formation kinetics and characterization of polyphthalazinone ether ketone hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes
Yun YB, Le-Clech P, Dong GX, Sun DZ, Wang YL, Qin PY, Chen Z, Li JD, Chen CX
424 - 434 Liquid membrane-based CO2 reduction in a breathing apparatus
Obuskovic G, Sirkar KK
435 - 440 Zr0.84Y0.16O1.92-La0.8Sr0.2Cr0.5Fe0.5O3-delta dual-phase composite hollow fiber membrane targeting chemical reactor applications
Liu JJ, Liu T, Wang WD, Gao JF, Chen CS
441 - 450 Carbon dioxide capture with membranes at an IGCC power plant
Merkel TC, Zhou MJ, Baker RW
451 - 458 Catalytic MFI zeolite membranes supported on alpha-Al2O3 substrates for m-xylene isomerization
Zhang C, Hong Z, Chen JX, Gu XH, Jin WQ, Xu NP
459 - 469 Crosslinked poly[1-(trimethylsilyl)-1-propyne] membranes: Characterization and pervaporation of aqueous tetrahydrofuran mixtures
Claes S, Vandezande P, Mullens S, Adriaensens P, Peeters R, Maurer FHJ, Van Bael MK
470 - 477 Pilot plant performance of rubbery polymeric membranes for carbon dioxide separation from syngas
Scholes CA, Bacus J, Chen GQ, Tao WX, Li G, Qader A, Stevens GW, Kentish SE
478 - 485 Mechanical properties and ionic conductivity of electrospun quaternary ammonium ionomers
Roddecha S, Dong ZX, Wu YQ, Anthamatten M
486 - 498 Atomic force microscopy of nanofiltration membranes: Effect of imaging mode and environment
Johnson DJ, Al Malek SA, Al-Rashdi BAM, Hilal N
499 - 508 Direct quantification of negatively charged functional groups on membrane surfaces
Tiraferri A, Elimelech M
509 - 521 Separation of silkworm proteins in cocoon cooking wastewaters via nanofiltration: Effect of solution pH on enrichment of sericin
Capar G
522 - 531 Preparation and characterization of PVDF/TiO2 hybrid membranes with different dosage of nano-TiO2
Shi FM, Ma YX, Ma J, Wang PP, Sun WX
532 - 543 Fouling mechanism of low-pressure hollow fiber membranes used in separating nanosized photocatalysts
Zhang GL, Zhang JW, Wang L, Meng Q, Wang JH
544 - 544 The role of sulphonated polymer and macrovoid-free structure in the support layer for thin-film composite (TFC) forward osmosis (FO) membranes (vol 383, pg 214, 2011)
Widjojo N, Chung TS, Weber M, Maletzko C, Warzelhan V