Journal of Membrane Science

Journal of Membrane Science, Vol.360, No.1-2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0376-7388 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Analytic formulae for the design of reactive polymer blend barrier materials
Carranza S, Paul DR, Bonnecaze RT
9 - 16 Measurement of chemical diffusion coefficient and surface exchange on mixed ionic electronic conductors using periodical pO(2) oscillations
Kusnezoff M, Ziesche S, Elschner C
17 - 25 A random method for theoretical estimation of RBC osmotic damage in removing CPAs from cryopreserved blood with hollow fiber modules: Closed-loop blood flow mode
Ding WP, Sun SJ, Liu C, Heimfeld S, Gao DY
26 - 33 New highly phosphonated polysulfone membranes for PEM fuel cells
Abu-Thabit NY, Ali SA, Zaidi SMJ
34 - 39 Separation of lignosulfonate from its aqueous solution using emulsion liquid membrane
Chakrabarty K, Saha P, Ghoshal AK
40 - 47 Ultrafiltration of macromolecules using rotating disc membrane module (RDMM) equipped with vanes: Effects of turbulence promoter
Sen D, Roy W, Das L, Sadhu S, Bhattacharjee C
48 - 57 Evolution of ultra-thin dense-selective layer from single-layer to dual-layer hollow fibers using novel Extem (R) polyetherimide for gas separation
Peng N, Chung TS, Chng ML, Aw WQ
58 - 69 Influence of temperature on the upper bound: Theoretical considerations and comparison with experimental results
Rowe BW, Robeson LM, Freeman BD, Paul DR
70 - 76 Slow colloidal aggregation and membrane fouling
Aimar P, Bacchin P
77 - 83 Reaction integrated separation of homogenous catalysts in the hydroformylation of higher olefins by means of organophilic nanofiltration
Priske M, Wiese KD, Drews A, Kraume M, Baumgarten G
84 - 89 Free volume, oxygen permeability, and uniaxial compression storage modulus of hydrated biphenol-based sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone)
Mohamed HFM, Kobayashi Y, Kuroda CS, Takimoto N, Ohira A
90 - 101 Organic-inorganic hybrid alkaline membranes by epoxide ring opening for direct methanol fuel cell applications
Tripathi BP, Kumar M, Shahi VK
102 - 108 Evaluation of bubble flow properties between flat sheet membranes in membrane bioreactor
Yamanoi I, Kageyama K
109 - 122 Synthesis, characterization and reactive separation activity of acid-functionalized silicalite-1 catalytic membrane in m-xylene isomerization
Yeong YF, Abdullah AZ, Ahmad AL, Bhatia S
123 - 129 Towards high water retention of proton exchange membranes at elevated temperature via hollow nanospheres
Pu HT, Wang D, Yang ZL
130 - 141 Separation of propylene/propane mixtures using Ag+-RTIL solutions. Evaluation and comparison of the performance of gas-liquid contactors
Ortiz A, Gorri D, Irabien A, Ortiz I
142 - 148 A new helical membrane module for increasing permeate flux
Liu LF, Xu XJ, Zhao CQ, Yang FL
149 - 154 Paper-based composite lyotropic salt-responsive membranes for chromatographic separation of proteins
Mah KZ, Ghosh R
155 - 164 A green membrane functionalization method to decrease natural organic matter fouling
Gullinkala T, Escobar I
165 - 173 Biofouling formation and modeling in nanofiltration membranes applied to wastewater treatment
Ivnitsky H, Minz D, Kautsky L, Preis A, Ostfeld A, Semiat R, Dosoretz CG
174 - 184 Crossflow Sampler Modified Fouling Index Ultrafiltration (CFS-MFIUF)-An alternative Fouling Index
Sim LN, Ye Y, Chen V, Fane AG
185 - 189 Membrane with integrated spacer
Balster J, Stamatialis DF, Wessling M
190 - 201 Modeling of extraction of dyes and their mixtures from aqueous solution using emulsion liquid membrane
Agarwal AK, Das C, De S
202 - 209 How do polymerized room-temperature ionic liquid membranes plasticize during high pressure CO2 permeation?
Simons K, Nijmeijer K, Bara JE, Noble RD, Wessling M
210 - 216 In situ hybrid Nafion/SiO2-P2O5 proton conductors for high-temperature and low-humidity proton exchange membrane fuel cells
So SY, Kim SC, Lee SY
217 - 225 An analytical solution for heat mass transfer in a hollow fiber membrane based air-to-air heat mass exchanger
Zhang LZ
226 - 233 Membrane fouling in a fermentative hydrogen producing membrane bioreactor at different organic loading rates
Shen LH, Zhou YA, Mahendran B, Bagley DM, Liss SN
234 - 249 Use of ultrafiltration membranes and aluminosilicate minerals for nickel removal from industrial wastewater
Katsou E, Malamis S, Haralambous KJ, Loizidou M
250 - 258 Multilayered PEC nanofiltration membranes based on SPEEK/PDDA for anion separation
Ahmadiannamini P, Li XF, Goyens W, Meesschaert B, Vankelecom IFJ
259 - 264 Effect of micro-sized SiO2-particle on the performance of PVDF blend membranes via TIPS
Cui AH, Liu Z, Xiao CF, Zhang YF
265 - 275 Separation of methanol and ethanol from synthesis gas using MFI membranes
Sandstrom L, Lindmark J, Hedlund J
276 - 283 Amino-functionalized poly(vinyl alcohol) membranes for enhanced water permselectivity
Meng XJ, Liu QL, Zhu AM, Zhang QG
284 - 291 Carbon dioxide removal from synthesis gas using MFI membranes
Lindmark J, Hedlund J
292 - 302 AFM, SEM and EDS characterization of manganese oxide coated ceramic water filtration membranes
Corneal LM, Masten SJ, Davies SHR, Tarabara VV, Byun S, Baumann MJ
303 - 314 Asymmetric hollow fibers by polyimide and polybenzimidazole blends for toluene/iso-octane separation
Kung GY, Jiang LY, Wang Y, Chung TS
315 - 322 Preparation and characterization of PFSA-PVA-SiO2/PVA/PAN difunctional hollow fiber composite membranes
Ma XH, Xu ZL, Liu Y, Sun D
323 - 333 In silico screening of zeolite membranes for CO2 capture
Krishna R, van Baten JM
334 - 340 Liquid-liquid extraction and transport across supported liquid membrane of phenol using tributyl phosphate
Zidi C, Tayeb R, Ali MB, Dhahbi M
341 - 351 Preparation and characterization of vinyltriethoxysilane (VTES) modified silicalite-1/PDMS hybrid pervaporation membrane and its application in ethanol separation from dilute aqueous solution
Yi SL, Su Y, Wan YH
352 - 362 Permeability, diffusivity, and solubility of benzene vapor and water vapor in high free volume silicon- or fluorine-containing polymer membranes
Sato S, Suzuki M, Kanehashi S, Nagai K
363 - 370 Methanol and gas crossover through modified Nafion membranes by incorporation of ionic liquid cations
Neves LA, Coelhoso IM, Crespo JG
371 - 379 Improvement of performance and surface properties of nano-porous polyethersulfone (PES) membrane using hydrophilic monomers as additives in the casting solution
Rahimpour A, Madaeni SS
380 - 388 Synthesis and characterization of new meta connecting semifluorinated poly(ether amide)s and their pervaporation properties for benzene/cyclohexane mixtures
Maji S, Banerjee S
389 - 396 Phenomenological analysis of transport of mono- and divalent ions in nanofiltration
Bason S, Freger V
397 - 403 Ammonia synthesis at atmospheric pressure using a reactor with thin solid electrolyte BaCe0.85Y0.15O3-alpha membrane
Wang WB, Cao XB, Gao WJ, Zhang F, Wang HT, Ma GL
404 - 409 Mechanical influence of PAC particles on membrane processes
Meier J
410 - 417 Morphological studies of macrostructure of Ni-CGO anode hollow fibres for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Othman MHD, Wu ZT, Droushiotis N, Kelsall G, Li K
418 - 425 New N-substituted ABPBI: Synthesis and evaluation of gas permeation properties
Kumbharkar SC, Kharul UK
426 - 435 Large-scale production of alkali-resistant Shirasu porous glass (SPG) membranes: Influence of ZrO2 addition on crystallization and phase separation in Na2O-CaO-Al2O3-B2O3-SiO2 glasses; and alkali durability and pore morphology of the membranes
Kukizaki M
436 - 441 Removal of percentile level of H2S from pressurized H2S-CH4 gas mixture using hollow fiber membrane contactors and absorption solvents
Marzouk SAM, Al-Marzouqi MH, Abdullatif N, Ismail ZM
442 - 453 Effect of resistance to gas accumulation in multi-tank receivers on membrane characterization by the time lag method. Analytical approach for optimization of the receiver
Lashkari S, Kruczek B
454 - 460 Oxygen permeation and partial oxidation of methane in dual-phase membrane reactors
Zhu XF, Li QM, He YF, Cong Y, Yang WS
461 - 468 Fabrication and performance of anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells via slurry spin coating
Chen M, Kim BH, Xu Q, Ahn BG, Huang DP
469 - 475 Recovery of metal cations from lime softening sludge using Donnan dialysis
Wang QH, Lenhart JJ, Walker HW
476 - 482 Highlighting pitfalls in the Maxwell-Stefan modeling of water-alcohol mixture permeation across pervaporation membranes
Krishna R, van Baten JM
483 - 492 Optimizing the compacity of ceramic membranes
Ghidossi R, Carretier E, Veyret D, Dhaler D, Moulin P
493 - 498 Hybrid nanofiltration-membrane crystallization system for the treatment of sulfate wastes
Curcio E, Ji XS, Quazi AM, Barghi S, Di Profio G, Fontananova E, Macleod T, Drioli E
499 - 508 Limiting current density in the electrodialysis of multi-ionic solutions
Geraldes V, Afonso MD
509 - 521 Prediction of ternary gas permeation through synthesized PDMS membranes by using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and fuzzy logic (FL)
Ghadimi A, Sadrzadeh M, Mohammadi T
522 - 535 Well-constructed cellulose acetate membranes for forward osmosis: Minimized internal concentration polarization with an ultra-thin selective layer
Zhang S, Wang KY, Chung TS, Chen HM, Jean YC, Amy G