Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.99, July, 2021 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 18 Recent advances in the synthesis and applications of magnetic polymer nanocomposites
Jazzar A, Alamri H, Malajati Y, Mahfouz R, Bouhrara M, Fihri A
19 - 47 Influence of various operational parameters in enhancing photocatalytic reduction efficiency of carbon dioxide in a photoreactor: A review
Variar AG, Ramyashree MS, Ail VU, Shanmuga PS, Sudhakar K, Tahir M
48 - 54 A key strategy to form a LiF-based SEI layer for a lithium-ion battery anode with enhanced cycling stability by introducing a semi-ionic C-F bond
Kim KH, Cho JH, Hwang JU, Im JS, Lee YS
55 - 67 Cerium phosphate polypyrrole flower like nanocomposite: A recyclable adsorbent for removal of Cr(VI) by adsorption combined with in-situ chemical reduction
Sahu S, Bishoyi N, Patel RK
68 - 73 Occurrence of bisphenols and phthalates in indoor dust collected from Korean homes
Lee BC, Yoon HJ, Lee BW, Kim PJ, Moon HB, Kim YH
74 - 80 A comparative method for estimating the membrane mass transfer resistance of a ceramic hollow fiber membrane contactor using a Wetted-Wall Column
Magnone E, Lee HJ, Kim MK, Park JH
81 - 89 Piperidinium functionalized poly(2,6 dimethyl 1,4 phenylene oxide) based polyionic liquid/ionic liquid (PIL/IL) composites for CO2 separation
Vijayakumar V, Kim JH, Nam SY
90 - 97 Pd/SiO2 as an active and durable CH4 oxidation catalyst for vehicle applications
Oh DG, Lee JK, Kim ES, Jang EJ, Kim JM, Kwak JH
98 - 106 Mitochondria-targeted ROS- and GSH-responsive diselenide-crosslinked polymer dots for programmable paclitaxel release
Kim SG, Robby AI, Lee BC, Lee GB, Park SY
107 - 116 Enhanced cycling stability performance for supercapacitor application of NiCoAl-LDH nanofoam on modified graphite substrate
Polat S, Atun G
117 - 125 Towards achieving improved efficiency using newly designed dye-sensitized solar cell devices engineered with dye-anchored counter electrodes
Cha HL, Seok SY, Kim HJ, Thogiti S, Goud BS, Hin GH, Lee JE, Koyyada G, Kim JH
126 - 133 A theoretical investigation on ESIPT process of a red-emitting ratiometric fluorescent probe and its fluorescent detection mechanism for cyanide anion
Jia X, Liu Y
134 - 144 Enhanced bone regeneration using poly(trimethylene carbonate)/ vancomycin hydrochloride porous microsphere scaffolds in presence of the silane coupling agent modified hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
He J, Hu X, Xing L, Chen D, Peng L, Liang G, Xiong C, Zhang X, Zhang L
145 - 157 Carbon dioxide storage in Dead Sea water
Al-Harahsheh M, Al-Khatib R, Al-Rawajfeh A
158 - 171 Phase separation of two- and three-component solution for the poly (pentyl acrylate-co-methyl methacrylate) + compressed solvents and copolymer preparation by supercritical dispersion polymerization
Byun HS
172 - 178 Phase separation phenomena and thermodynamics of octylphenol polyoxyethylene ether in micellar solutions: Effect of high concentration of inorganic salts and linear correlation
Li DN, Huang J, Ren ZH, Sheng R, Qian ZB, Li BB, Quan XF, Zhang YX, Wang JR, Tian H
179 - 186 Elevated surface plasmon resonance sensing sensitivity of Au-covered silica sphere monolayer prepared by Langmuir.Blodgett coating
Choi BB, Kim B, Chen Y, Yoo SJ, Cho YH, Jiang P
187 - 195 An efficient hydration of nitriles with ruthenium-supported heterogeneous catalyst in water under moderate conditions
Hussain MA, Choi EJ, Maqbool A, Atif M, Zeb H, Yeo JG, Yu JA, Cho YH, Noh N, Kim JW
196 - 203 Multi-targeting siRNA nanoparticles for simultaneous inhibition of PI3K and Rac1 in PTEN-deficient prostate cancer
Kim MJ, Kim HS, Gao X, Ryu JH, Yang YS, Kwon IC, Toberts TM, Kim SH
204 - 213 Cyclic RGDfK- and Sulfo-Cy5.5-functionalized mPEG-PCL theranostic nanosystems for hepatocellular carcinoma
Park JY, You SJ, Park KS, Song YJ, Park JS, Yang DH, Kim JK, Chun HJ, Khang GS
214 - 223 A sustainable way for surface functionalisation of PET nonwoven with novel chitosan-cinnamaldehyde cross-linked nanoparticles
Gadkari RR, Gupta A, Teke U, Awadhiya A, Shahadat M, Ali W, Das A, Alagirusamy R
224 - 234 Facile green silver nanoparticles synthesis to promote the antibacterial activity of cellulosic fabric
abdelghaffar F, Mahmoud MG, Asker MS, Mohamed SS
235 - 245 Preparation of uniformly sized interpenetrating polymer network polyelectrolyte hydrogel droplets from a solid-state liquid crystal shell
Gwon SJ, Park SY
246 - 255 Polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel-supported forward osmosis membranes with high performance and excellent pH stability
Kim DY, Park HS, Park YI, Lee JH
256 - 263 Experimental research and molecular dynamics simulation on thermal properties of capric acid/ethylene-vinyl/graphene composite phase change materials
Gu Y, Jiang L, Jin W, Wei Z, Liu X, Guo M, Xia K, Chen L
264 - 270 Highly bioactive and low cytotoxic Si-based NiOOH nanoflowers targeted against various bacteria, including MRSA, and their potential antibacterial mechanism
Gwon KH, Park JD, Lee SH, Han I, Yu JS, Lee DN
271 - 281 Optimization of sorbitan monooleate and γ-Al2O3 nanoparticles as cold-flow improver in B30 biodiesel blend using response surface methodology (RSM)
Fathurrahman NA, Wibowo CS, Nasikin M, Khalil M
282 - 291 Uniaxial stretching device for studying maturity-dependent morphological response of epithelial cell monolayers to tensile strain
Kim JW, Tamura A, Tsukita S, Park SS
292 - 298 Developed a high-performance sensor based on cumarin derivative for rapid and sensitive detection of palladium ion in organic wastewater
Ren A, Zhang Y, Yu W, Zhao K, Hu Z, ZhanG Z, Feng G, Song Z
299 - 308 Dual-ligand modulation approach for improving supercapacitive performance of hierarchical zinc.nickel.iron phosphide nanosheet-based electrode
Baasanjav E, Bandyopadhyay P, Saeed G, Lim SM, Jeong SM
309 - 316 Synthesis of pompon-like ZnO microspheres as host materials and the catalytic effects of nonconductive metal oxides for lithium-sulfur batteries
Song HG, Suh SH, Park HH, Jang DE, Kim JH, Kim HJ
317 - 325 Core-shell structure γ-MnO2-PANI carbon fiber paper-based flexible electrode material for high-performance supercapacitors
Ling X, Zhang G, Long Z, Lu X, He Z, Li J, Wang Y, Zhang D
326 - 333 Effects of methanesulfonic acid on electrolyte for vanadium redox flow batteries
Kim GH, Kim YK, Yim TE, Kwon KJ
334 - 343 Atriplex leucoclada extract: A promising eco-friendly anticorrosive agent for copper in aqueous media
Ahmed RK, Zhang S
344 - 351 Enhanced and stabilized charge transport boosting by Fe-doping effect of V2O5 nanorod for rechargeable Zn-ion battery
Yoo G, Koo BR, An HR, Huang C, An GH
352 - 363 Cu-doped TiO2 hollow nanostructures for the enhanced photocatalysis under visible light conditions
Lee HK, Jang HS, Kim NY, Joo JB
364 - 379 Fe/olivine as primary catalyst in the biomass steam gasification in a fountain confined spouted bed reactor
Cortazar M, Santamaria L, Lopez G, Alvarez J, Amutio M, Bilbao J, Olazar M
380 - 387 One-pot synthesis of 3D-ZIF-7 supported on 2D-Zn-Benzimidazole-Acetate and its catalytic activity in the methoxycarbonylation of aniline with dimethyl carbonate
Dahnum D, Dang HT, Tran NT, Ha JM, Lee HJ
388 - 395 Continuous synthesis of nickel/cobalt/manganese hydroxide microparticles in Taylor.Couette reactors
Lim JG, Yoon SH, Hong JP, Choi JB, Kim MK, Lee TR
396 - 406 Hydrophobic modification of silica/exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets aerogel and its application as supporting material for form-stable phase change materials
Tan N, Feng Y, Hu P, Li Q, Lim CH, Ning YH, Zhou HN, Yu LP, Cao Z, Zeng JL
407 - 421 Optimized hybrid PVDF/graphene membranes for enhancing performance of AGMD process in water desalination
Mortaheb HR, Salehi MB, Rajabzadeh M
422 - 430 Insights into high molecular weight poly(ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) with satisfactory appearance: Roles of in-situ catalysis of metal zinc
Qu X, Zhou G, Wang R, Zhang H, Wang Z, Jiang M, Tang J
431 - 442 An adequate avenue towards well-designed PBDT-DTNT:PCBM active layers via quantum dot/conductive polymer configurations
Liu C, Agbolaghi S
443 - 448 Processing of agricultural apple fruit waste into sugar rich feedstocks for the catalytic production of 5-HMF over a Sn Amberlyst-15 resin catalyst
Tempelman CHL, Jacobs JF, Ramkhelawan S, Mok A, van der Zalm W, Degirmenci V
449 - 449 Corrigendum to “A biorefinery approach to obtain antioxidants, lignin and sugars from exhausted olive pomace”[J. Ind. Eng. Chem. 96 (2021) 356.363]
Gomez-Cruza I, Contreras MDM, Romero I, Castro E