Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.98, June, 2021 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (41 articles)

1 - 16 Recent development in the green synthesis of titanium dioxide nanoparticles using plant-based biomolecules for environmental and antimicrobial applications
Aslam M, Abdullah AZ, Rafatullah M
17 - 41 Zeolitic imidazolate framework membranes for gas separations: Current state-of-the-art, challenges, and opportunities
Hamid MRA, Yaw TCS, Tohir MZM, Ghani WAWAK, Sutrisna PD, Jeong HK
42 - 59 A review of the current in-situ fouling control strategies in MBR: Biological versus physicochemical
Liu Q, Ren J, Lu Y, Zhang X, Roddick FA, Fan L, Wang Y, Yu H, Yao P
60 - 81 Evaluation on feedstock, technologies, catalyst and reactor for sustainable biodiesel production: A review
Mohiddin MNB, Tan YH, Seow YX, Kansedo J, Mubarak NM, Abdullah MO, Chan YS, Khalid M
82 - 102 Formulation of bionanomaterials: A review of particle design towards oil recovery applications
Agi A, Junin R, Jaafar MZ, Sidek MA, Yakasai F, Gbadamosi A, Oseh J
103 - 129 Current and future trends in polymer membrane-based gas separation technology: A comprehensive review
Valappil RSK, Ghasem N, Al-Marzouqi M
130 - 139 Low-temperature strategy for vapor phase hydrothermal synthesis of C/N/S-doped TiO2 nanorod arrays with enhanced photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic activity
Yu H, Zhang M, Wang Y, Lv J, Liu Y, He G, Sun Z
140 - 147 Effect of reduced graphene oxide and MnFe2O4 nanoparticles on carbonyl iron for magnetorheological fluids
Choi HY, Choi JY, Park HH, Kim TH, Choi HJ, Lee CS
148 - 160 Converting Ag3PO4/CdS/Fe doped C3N4 based dual Z-scheme photocatalyst into photo- Fenton system for efficient photocatalytic phenol removal
Khan AAP, Singh P, Raizada P, Asiri AM
161 - 167 A theoretical study on screening ionic liquids for SO2 capture under low SO2 partial pressure and high temperature
Li C, Lu D, Wu C
168 - 179 Fast pyrolysis of pitch pine biomass in a bubbling fluidized-bed reactor for bio-oil production
Tran QK, Le ML, Ly HV, Woo HC, Kim JS, Kim SS
180 - 188 Hierarchical Lamellar Aluminophosphate Inorganic Materials for Medium Density Fiberboard with Good Fire Performance
Wu Z, Chen T, Aladejana JT, Guelifack K, Li D, Hou X, Wang X, Niu M, Xie Y
189 - 199 Hierarchical composite catalysts of MCM-41 on zeolite Beta for conversion of heavy reformate to xylenes
Ali SA, Almulla FM, Jermy BR, Aitani AM, Abudawoud RH, AlAmer M, Qureshi ZS, Mohammad T, Alasiri HS
200 - 210 The dye adsorption and antibacterial properties of composite polyacrylamide cryogels modified with ZnO
Inal M, Erduran N, Gokgoz M
211 - 216 Gold nanorods-encapsulated thermosensitive drug carriers for NIR light-responsive anticancer therapy
Roh YH, Eom JY, Choi DG, Moon JY, Shim MS, Bong KW
217 - 230 Nano surface modification of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fabrics for enhanced comfort properties for activewear
Agarwal R, Jassal M, Agrawal AK
231 - 236 Facile preparation of an oxygen-functionalized carbon felt electrode to improve VO2+/VO2 + redox chemistry in vanadium redox flow batteries
Kwon SY, Suharto Y, Kim KJ
237 - 246 Insight into fouling potential analysis of a pilot-scale pressure-assisted forward osmosis plant for diluted seawater reverse osmosis desalination
Kim DH, Lee CI, Nguyen TT, Adha RS, Kim CY, Ahn SJ, Son HJ, Kim IS
247 - 261 Pore-scale study of in-situ surfactant flooding with strong oil emulsification in sandstone based on X-ray microtomography
She Y, Zhang C, Mahardika MA, Patmonoaji A, Hu Y, Matsushita S, Suekane T
262 - 269 COD removal from gasfield produced water using photoelectrocatalysis process on coil type microreactor
Ebadi S, Ghasemipanah K, Alaie E, Rashidi A, Khataee A
270 - 274 Emission color management of dual emitting organic light-emitting diodes by selective switching of phosphorescence through host engineering
Jang HJ, Kim CR, Lee JY
275 - 282 Simple design of a Si.Sn.C ternary composite anode for Li-ion batteries
Yang HS, Lee BS, Yu WR
283 - 288 Oxidative desulfurization of refinery diesel pool fractions using LaVO4 photocatalyst
Shafiq I, Hussain M, Shafique S, Rashid R, Akhter P, Ahmed A, Jeon JK, Park YK
289 - 297 Asterias pectinifera derived collagen peptide-encapsulating elastic nanoliposomes for the cosmetic application
Han SB, Won BD, Yang SC, Kim DH
298 - 307 Innovative utilization of red mud through co-roasting with coal gangue for separation of iron and aluminum minerals
Jin J, Liu X, Yuan S, Gao P, Li Y, Zhang H, Meng X
308 - 317 Biowaste-originated heteroatom-doped porous carbonaceous material for electrochemical energy storage application
Atchudan R, Edison TNJI, Shanmugam M, Perumal S, Vinodh R, Somanathan T, Lee YR
318 - 326 Microphysiological system with continuous analysis of albumin for hepatotoxicity modeling and drug screening
Asif A, Park SH, Soomro AM, Khalid MAU, Salih ARC, Kang BH, Ahmed F, Kim KH, Choi KH
327 - 339 Bayesian optimization of industrial-scale toluene diisocyanate liquid-phase jet reactor with 3-D computational fluid dynamics model
Park SH, Atwair M, Kim K, Lee U, Na JG, Zahid UM, Lee CJ
340 - 349 CO2 laser machining for microfluidics mold fabrication from PMMA with applications on viscoelastic focusing, electrospun nanofiber production, and droplet generation
Guler MT, Inal M, Billican I
350 - 357 Optimization of phenolics and flavonoids extraction from the fruit of Empetrum nigrum var. japonicum from Jeju Island in South Korea
Zhang J, Lee TG
358 - 365 A multi-enzyme cascade reaction for the production of α,ω-dicarboxylic acids from free fatty acids
Lim SY, Yoo HW, Sarak S, Kim BG, Yun HD
366 - 374 Hollow N-TiO2/MnO2 nanocomposite based yeast biomass for gaseous formaldehyde degradation under visible light
Mohamed EF, Awad G
375 - 382 Morphology controlled facile synthesis of MnO2 adsorbents for rapid strontium removal
Asim U, Husnain SM, Abbas N, Shazad F, Khan AR, Ali T
383 - 388 Iron-impregnated spent coffee ground biochar for enhanced degradation of methylene blue during cold plasma application
Lee JC, Kim HJ, Kim HW, Lim HW
389 - 396 Effect of the mixing ratio of methylcyclohexane and n-dodecane on the product composition and coke formation in the catalytic decomposition reaction of blended fuels
Lee TH, Mun SY, Kim SH, Lee KB
397 - 412 PEM fuel cell cathode-side flow field design optimization based on multi-criteria analysis of liquid-slug dynamics
Cao Y, Ayed H, Jafarmadar S, Abdollahi MAA, Farag A, Wae-hayee M, Hashemian M
413 - 424 Techno-economic feasibility of industrial production of biofuels by glycerol etherification reaction with isobutene or tert-butyl alcohol assisted by vapor-permeation membrane
Cannilla C, Giacoppo G, Frusteri L, Todaro S, Bonura G, Frusteri F
425 - 434 Change of physical properties with the slurry-phase hydrocracking reaction of vacuum residue
Lim SH, Go KS, Kwon EH, Pham HH, Nho NS, Kim KH, Lee JG, Park SY
435 - 443 Three-dimensional hybrid carbon nanocomposite-based intelligent composite phase change material with leakage resistance, low electrical resistivity, and high latent heat
Atinafu DG, Yun BY, Kang YJ, Wi SH, Kim SM
444 - 457 Estimation of calcite wettability using surface forces
Taheriotaghsara M, Bonto M, Nick HM, Eftekhari AA
458 - 464 Effects of NaCl and temperature on rheological characteristics and structures of CTAB/NaSal wormlike micellar solutions
Nodoushan EJ, Lee YJ, Na HJ, You BH, Lee MY, Kim NW