Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.97, May, 2021 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 78 Boehmite nanoparticles as versatile support for organic.inorganic hybrid materials: Synthesis, functionalization, and applications in eco-friendly catalysis
Mohammadi M, Khodamorady M, Tahmasbi B, Bahrami K, Ghorbani-Choghamarani A
79 - 94 Polyaniline-based nanocomposites for direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs) - A Recent Review
Madaswamy SL, Alothman AA, AL-Anazy MM, Ifseisi AA, Alqahtani KN, Natarajan SK, Angaiah S, Ragupathy D
95 - 110 Antibacterial ferroelectric materials: Advancements and future directions
Kumar S, Sharma M, Fromling T, Vaish R
111 - 128 Photocatalytic degradation of dyes using semiconductor photocatalysts to clean industrial water pollution
Rafiq A, Ikram M, Ali S, Niaz F, Khan M, Khan Q, Maqbool M
129 - 141 A recent review of developmental trends in fabricating pervaporation membranes through interfacial polymerization and future prospects
Ang MBM, Marquez JAD, Huang SH, Lee KR
142 - 162 Hydrophobic deep eutectic solvents: Current progress and future directions
Zainal-Abidin MH, Hayyan M, Wong WF
163 - 172 Electrokinetic techniques, their enhancement techniques and composite techniques with other processes for persistent organic pollutants remediation in soil: A review
Chen Y, Zhi D, Zhou Y, Huang A, Wu S, Yao B, Tang Y, Sun C
173 - 179 Nanosheets of copolymerized ionic liquid-based polyelectrolyte complexes regulated at oil.water interface and their emulsification capability
Zhang H, Zhang JB, Meng QB, Guo W, Yang M, Wu S, Wu Q, Liu D, Song XM
180 - 187 A water-stable europium-MOF as a multifunctional luminescent sensor for some inorganic ions and dichloromethane molecule
Li Z, Zhan Z, Jia Y, Li Z, Hu M
188 - 199 Terminalia catappa shell as low-cost biosorbent for the removal of methylene blue from aqueous solutions
Hevira L, Zilfa, Rahmayeni, Ighalo JO, Aziz H, Zein R
200 - 215 MIL-88A (Fe) filler with duplicate corrosion inhibitive/barrier effect for epoxy coatings: Electrochemical, molecular simulation, and cathodic delamination studies
Alipanah N, Yari H, Mahdavian M, Ramezanzadeh B, Bahlakeh G
216 - 225 In situ synthesis of “brick and mortar”-type lignin-derived carbon/TiO2 composite with a remarkable photocatalytic performance
Zhang B, Yang D, Lin W, Wang H, Qian Y, Qiu X
226 - 238 Optimization of oxygen plasma treatment of silicone implant surface for inhibition of capsular contracture
Kang SH, Sutthiwanjampa C, Kim HS, Heo CY, Kim MK, KIm HK, Bae TH, Chang SH, Kim WS, Park HS
239 - 249 Carbon Nanotube.Manganese oxide nanorods hybrid composites for high-performance supercapacitor materials
Singu BS, Goda ES, Yoon KR
250 - 255 Novel structure of bacteria doped ZnO particles: Facile and green synthesis route to prepare hybrid material for supercapacitor electrodes
Lee KS, Phiri I, Park JH, Ko JM, Kim SH
256 - 266 Renal-targeting peptide-microRNA nanocomplex for near IR imaging and therapy of renal ischemia/reperfusion injury
Lin Y, Zhao M, Bai L, Li H, Xu Y, Li X, Xie J, Zhang Y, Zheng D
267 - 279 Form-stabled phase change material loaded with Ag NPs onto encapsulated n-tertracosane@SiO2, and thermal energy storage behavior
Shin JM, Lee JH, Joo SW, Son NG, Kang MS
280 - 286 Elucidation of durability of carbon-supported PdIr alloy catalyst by experimental and theoretical approaches in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Kwon KJ, Lee KH, Um DH, Jin SA, Park HS, Cho JW, Hyun JH, Ham HC, Pak CH
287 - 298 Synthesis of eco-friendly fatty acid based zwitterionic biosurfactants from coconut oil sources and characterization of their interfacial properties
Yea DN, Lee YJ, Park KH, Lim JC
299 - 306 Large-scale fabrication of a highly flexible and transparent adhesive film embedded with elastic hybrid nanoparticles
Park YG, Byun HY, An JG, Kim SY, Lee JH
307 - 315 Polystyrene nanoparticles prepared by nanoprecipitation: A recyclable template for fabricating hollow silica
Vu KB, Phung TK, Tran TTT, Mugemana C, Giang HN, Nhi TLP
316 - 325 One-Pot electrochemical fabrication of high performance amperometric enzymatic biosensors using polypyrrole and polydopamine
Lee MY, Kim SM, Jang MS, Park HS, Lee JY
326 - 336 A novel synthesis of hexagonal cylinder-like ZnO with an excellent performance by a surfactant-free microemulsion-hydrothermal method
Zhang X, Han Y, Liu W, Pan N, Li D, Chi J
337 - 348 Comparison of two adsorbents for simulated-moving-bed separation of galactose and levulinic acid in terms of throughput and desorbent usage
Park HG, Kim JW, Lee KB, Mun SY
349 - 355 Microvalve-controlled miniaturized electrochemical lab-on-a-chip based biosensor for the detection of β-amyloid biomarker
Kasturi S, Torati SR, Eom YJ, Kim CG
356 - 367 Separation and recognition characteristics by MIP manufacture using supercritical CO2 technology
Byun HS, Chun DB, Shim WG
368 - 382 Pectin-based biohydrogels reinforced with eucalyptus sawdust: Synthesis, characterization, β-D-Galactosidase immobilization and activity
Hanauer DC, Souza AGD, Cargnin MA, Gasparin BC, Rosa DDS, Paulino AT
383 - 389 An eco-friendly route to develop cellulose-based multifunctional finished linen fabric using ZnO NPs and CS network
Gupta M, Sheikh J, Annu, Singh A
390 - 401 Analysis of the influence of moisture and temperature control according to the combination of porous sediment and MPCM
Yuk HS, Yang SW, Kim YU, Yun BY, Wi SH, Kim SM
402 - 410 Behavior of fluorine coatings on steel bridges at different temperatures upon exposure to a direct heat source
Shin A, Bhang SJ, Kim HJ, Han TH, Lee HS, Jeong GH, Park JH
411 - 416 High-speed continuous production of polymeric nanoparticles with improved stability using a self-aligned coaxial turbulent jet mixer
Han HW, Yoon JH, Yi GR, Choi WI, Lim JM
417 - 425 Morphology controlled nanocrystalline CsPbBr3 thin-film for metal halide perovskite light emitting diodes
Kim BW, Heo JH, Park JK, Lee DSH, Park HI, Kim SY, Kim JH, Im SH
426 - 433 Fischer.Tropsch synthesis: The effect of hydrophobicity on silica-supported iron catalysts
Okoye-Chine CG, Moyo M, Hildebrandt D
434 - 440 Continuous synthesis of stable ferrocene nanoparticles using a self-aligned coaxial turbulent jet mixer
Na YH, Jeong SH, Woo JS, Han HW, Choi WI, Lim JM, Sung DK
441 - 451 Pd on nitrogen rich polymer.halloysite nanocomposite as an environmentally benign and sustainable catalyst for hydrogenation of polyalfaolefin based lubricants
arimi S, Bahri-Laleh N, Pareras G, Sadjadi S, Nekoomanesh-Haghighi M, Poater A
452 - 459 Gas-sensing properties of Ptn-doped WSe2 to SF6 decomposition products
Xu L, Gui Y, Liu W, Li Q, Chen X
460 - 465 Enhancement of heavy metals recovery from aqueous solutions by cementation on a rotating cylinder using a stationary wiper
Ahmed MS, Zewail TM, El-Ashtoukhy ESZ, Farag HA, Azab IHE, Albatati FA, Al-Hossainy AF, Zoromba MS, Abdel-Aziz MH
466 - 475 Bimetallic ZIFs derived nitrogen-doped hollow carbon with carbon nanotube bridges as a superior oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalyst
Lee JH, Jang JH, Kim JS, Yoo SJ
476 - 484 Drug-dye-apoptosis inducing micelles for enhancing host immunity against advanced metastatic breast cancer by the combination of low dose chemotherapy and photothermal therapy
Uthaman S, Pillarisetti S, Huh KM, Cho CS, Park IK
485 - 491 Experimental measurement and correlation of phase equilibria of palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acids in supercritical carbon dioxide
Yeo JYJ, Soetaredjo FE, Ismadji S, Sunarso J
492 - 499 CO2-responsive Pickering emulsion stablized by modified silica nanoparticles: A dissipative particle dynamics simulation study
Wang Y, Wang H, Li C, Sun S, Hu S
500 - 505 Coatings with green corrosion-responsive conjugates
Mantala K, Phakkeeree T, Crespy D
506 - 514 Study of nano-SiO2 reinforced CO2 foam for anti-gas channeling with a high temperature and high salinity reservoir
Kang W, Jiang H, Yang H, Li Z, Zhou B, He Y, Sarsenbekuly B, Gabdullin M
515 - 522 Visual colorimetric detection of ammonia under gaseous and aqueous state: Approach on cesium lead bromide perovskite-loaded porous electrospun nanofibers
Park BJ, Kim SH, Kwak CH, Shanmugam KR, Han YK, Cho YJ, Huh YS
523 - 538 Corrosion inhibition performance and computational studies of pyridine and pyran derivatives for API X-65 steel in 6 M H2SO4
Anwer KE, Farag AA, Mohamed EA, Azmy EM, Sayed GH
539 - 548 Catalytic hydrothermal conversion of CO2 captured by ammonia into formate using aluminum-sourced hydrogen at mild reaction conditions
Rio JID, Perez E, Leon D, Martin A, Bermejo MD
549 - 559 New insights into separating wolframite from calcium bearing minerals by flotation
Lu Y, Wang S, Zhong H
560 - 573 Preparation of highly efficient self-healing anticorrosion epoxy coating by integration of benzotriazole corrosion inhibitor loaded 2D-COF
Liu T, Li W, Zhang C, Wang W, Dou W, Chen S
574 - 583 Simulation and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of dye-sensitized solar cells
Rudra S, Seo HW, Sarker S, Kim DM
584 - 596 Development of silk fibers decorated with the in situ synthesized silver and gold nanoparticles: antimicrobial activity and creatinine adsorption capacity
Rehan M, El-Naggar ME, Al-Enizi AM, Alothman AA, Nafady A, Abdelhameed RM