Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.96, April, 2021 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (39 articles)

1 - 33 The universal usefulness of stearic acid as surface modifier: applications to the polymer formulations and composite processing
Patti A, Lecocq H, Serghei A, Acierno D, Cassagnau P
34 - 58 Research status and development trend of three-dimensional colloidal crystals
Guo S, Yu B, Gao F, Wang S, Shen Y, Cong H
59 - 75 Efficient synthesis of bio-based activated carbon (AC) for catalytic systems: A green and sustainable approach
Adeleye AT, Akande AA, Odoh CK, Philip M, Fidelis TT, Amos PI, Banjoko OO
76 - 81 Oxidative chemical depolymerization of thermoset epoxy resin for green recycling
Kim DH, Yu AY, Goh MJ
82 - 97 Promotional effects of CO2 on the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over mesoporous VOX/γAl2O3 catalysts
Balogun ML, Adamu S, Ba-Shammakh MS, Hossain MM
98 - 108 Glutathione-responsive hydrogel and molecularly imprinted polymer nanospheres: New aspect on cisplatin delivery
Loghmani MH, Shojaie AF, Hosseini SA
109 - 120 Insights into the major phenolic acids in Perilla frutescens obtained by a sustainable procedure
Yang YC, Wang CS, Wei MC
121 - 129 Preparation and property evaluation of a temperature-resistant Zr-crosslinked fracturing fluid
Zhou M, Zhang J, Zuo Z, Liao M, Peng P
130 - 143 Catalytic hydrocracking reactions of tetralin as aromatic biomass tar model compound to benzene/toluene/xylenes (BTX) over zeolites under ambient pressure conditions
Kostyniuk A, Bajec D, Likozar B
144 - 155 Facile hydrophilic modification of polydimethylsiloxane-based sponges for efficient oil.water separation
Wang CJ, Kuan WF, Lin HP, Shchipunov YA, Chen LJ
156 - 162 Novel electroless plating of silver nanoparticles on graphene nanoplatelets and its application for highly conductive epoxy composites
Qian Y, Hwang S, Lee JW, Seo JS, Baeck SH, Shim SE
163 - 168 Extracting internal modes of top emission organic light emitting diodes by using internal random mesoscopic wrinkles
Jeong JC, Woo KY, Cho HS, Cho YH, Cho NS, Yang SY, Moon JH
169 - 182 Material stability assessment of R-1234ze(E) as a working fluid for supercritical organic Rankine cycle
Irriyanto MZ, Li HS, Choi BS, Myint AA, Kim JH
183 - 193 Inhibition effects of poly(N-vinylcaprolactam)/poly(e-caprolactone) amphiphilic block copolymers on methane hydrate formation
Wan L, Liang DQ
194 - 201 Ionic polymer.metal composite actuators driven by methylammonium formate for high-voltage and long-term operation
Wang HS, Cho JH, Park HW, Jho JY, Park JH
202 - 212 Reduced cytotoxicity of CTAB-templated silica layer on gold nanorod using fluorescence dyes and its application in cancer theranostics
Han HW, Joe AR, Jang ES
213 - 218 Catalytic syngas production from carbon dioxide of two emission source scenarios: techno-economic assessment
Han JH
219 - 225 ZnO nanoparticles-laden cellulose nanofibers-armored Pickering emulsions with improved UV protection and water resistance
Lee DH, Park DH, Shin KH, Seo HM, Lee HS, Choi YJ, Kim JW
226 - 235 Ferric methanesulfonate as an effective and environmentally sustainable lixiviant for Zn extraction from sphalerite (ZnS)
Nikkhou F, Kartal M, Xia F
236 - 242 Intermediates for catalytic reduction of CO2 on p-block element surfaces
Ansari AS, Han JW, Shong BG
243 - 253 Theoretical and experimental investigations of Co-Cu bimetallic alloys-incorporated carbon nanowires as an efficient bi-functional electrocatalyst for water splitting
Ghouri ZK, Badreldin A, Elsaid K, Kumar D, Youssef K, Abdel-Wahab A
254 - 268 Introducing an effective iron-based catalyst for heterogeneous electro-Fenton removal of Gemcitabine using three-dimensional graphene as cathode
Hajiahmadi M, Zarei M, Khataee A
269 - 276 Fabrication of tubular porous titanium membrane electrode and application in electrochemical membrane reactor for treatment of wastewater
Tong H, Yang C, Lv Y, Wang L, Chen K, Zhou X
277 - 283 Enhanced SO2 tolerance of V2O5-Sb2O3/TiO2 catalyst for NO reduction with co-use of ammonia and liquid ammonium nitrate
Bae YK, Kim TW, Kim JR, Kim YM, Ha KS, Chae HJ
284 - 293 Copolymerization of zwitterionic carboxybetaine and various hydrophobic groups to optimize antifouling and biocompatible properties
Lee JB, Yi SJ, Hong KD, Seo JH
294 - 306 Hybrid nanocomposites of a molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) based hydrophobic filler for a robust self-cleaning effect
Koh EJ, Lee YT
307 - 314 Facile and scalable functionalization of carbon nanofibers for oxygen reduction reaction: Role of nitrogen precursor and non-ionic dispersant
Kaur P, Kim DE, Verma G, Park JS, Sekhon SS
315 - 321 Physico-electrochemical properties and long-term stability of Mn1.45-0.5xCo1.45-0.5xCuxY0.1O4 spinel protective coatings on commercial metallic interconnects for solid oxide fuel cells
Thaheem I, Joh DW, Noh TM, Im HN, Lee KT
322 - 329 Potential release of nano-carbon black from tire-wear particles through the weathering effect
Kim JS, Yang SI, Moon HJ, Hong JH, Hong JH, Choi WH, Son HJ, Lee BC, Kim GB, Kim YH
330 - 338 Enhanced anti-wetting, slippery-surface membranes engineered for long-term operation with hypersaline synthetic and seawater feeds in membrane distillation
Khan AA, Kim JO
339 - 344 In situ Raman investigation of resting thermal effects on gas emission in charged commercial 18650 lithium ion batteries
Gerelt-Od B, Kim JK, Shin ES, Kang HC, Kim NY, Jo CS, Son HB, Yoon SH
345 - 355 Development of bioresorbable smart injectable hydrogels based on thermo-responsive copolymer integrated bovine serum albumin bioconjugates for accelerated healing of excisional wounds
Phan VHG, Le TMD, Janarthanan G, Ngo PKT, Lee DS, Thambi T
356 - 363 A biorefinery approach to obtain antioxidants, lignin and sugars from exhausted olive pomace
Gomez-Cruz I, Contreras MDM, Romero I, Castro E
364 - 370 10 μm-thick MoO3-coated TiO2 nanotubes as a volume expansion regulated binder-free anode for lithium ion batteries
Heo BG, Ha JY, Kim YT, Choi JS
371 - 375 Mesoporous Rh nanoparticles as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Kim JY, Kani KY, KimJH, Yeon JS, Song MK, Jiang B, Na JB, Yamauchi Y, Park HS
376 - 381 The effects of polyvinylpyrrolidone molecular weight on defect-free filling of through-glass vias (TGVs)
Jin SH, Yoon Y, Jo YG, Lee SY, Moon HS, Seok SH, Kim MJ, Kim JJ, Lee MH
382 - 389 Molecularly imprinted electrospun nanofibre membrane assisted stir, bar sorptive extraction for trace analysis of sulfonamides from animal feeds
Cui Y, Jinag L, Li H, Meng D, Chen Y, Ding L, Xu Y
390 - 396 Synthesis of amine modified ZnO nanoparticles and their photocatalytic activities in micellar solutions under UV irradiation
Yoon JS, Oh SG
397 - 403 Ultra-fast and efficient calcium co-intercalation host enabled by hierarchically 3D porous carbon nanotemplates
Kwak JH, Hyun JC, Park JH, Chung KY, Yu SH, Yun YS, Lim HD