Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.95, March, 2021 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (41 articles)

1 - 15 Recent advancements in enhancement of photocatalytic activity using bismuth-based metal oxides Bi2MO6 (M = W, Mo, Cr) for environmental remediation and clean energy production
Chawla H, Chandra A, Ingole PP, Garg S
16 - 27 Progress in Adsorption-Enhanced Hydrogenation of CO2 on Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) Derived Catalysts
Fang X, Chen C, Jia H, Li Y, Liu J, Wang Y, Song Y, Du T, Liu L
28 - 36 Inorganic-Polymer Core-Shell with Gadolinium Complex for Switching on/off CT/MRI Dual Detection System of Cancer Cells upon pH Change
Yun SY, Seo DJ, Kim HJ, Jeung DG, Jeong YK, Oh JM, Park JK
37 - 50 Morphological structure details, size distributions and magnetic properties of iron oxide nanoparticles
Ngoi KH, Wong JC, Chiu WS, Chia CH, Jin KS, Kim HJ, Kim HC, Ree MH
51 - 56 Biodegradability Evaluation of Hydroxyethylcellulose-based Microcapsules by 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Kim JW, Do UT, Kim JW, Jo DH, Luu QS, Jung JH, Lee YB
57 - 65 Oxalated blast-furnace slag for the removal of Cobalt(II) ions from aqueous solutions
Le QTN, Vivas EL, Cho K
66 - 72 2D to 3D transformation of gold nanosheets on human adipose-derived α-elastin nanotemplates
Kim JD, Han HS, Kim HI, Choi JS, Park JH, Kim JH, Choi KY, Cho YW
73 - 82 Synthesis of copper (I, II) oxides/hydrochar nanocomposites for the efficient sonocatalytic degradation of organic contaminants
Khataee A, Kalderis D, Motlagh PY, Binas V, Stefa S, Konsolakis M
83 - 91 Rose bengal conjugated gadolinium complex as a new multimodal imaging agent targeting presynaptic vesicular glutamate transporters
Kim SY, KiM HK, Baek AR, Sung BK, Yang BW, Kim YH, Lee JJ, Yang JU, Shin CH, Jung HS, Kim MS, Cho AE, Lee TW, Chang YM
92 - 100 Anisotropic phase transition via high temperature thin-layer evaporation of a petroleum-based isotropic pitch
Ko SH, Kang DH, Jo MS, Ha SJ, Jeon YP
101 - 108 Efficient and selective cancer therapy using pro-oxidant drug-loaded reactive oxygen species (ROS)-responsive polypeptide micelles
Hoang QT, Lee DY, Choi DG, Kim YC, Shim MS
109 - 119 Rapid fabrication of high-performance transparent electrodes by electrospinning of reactive silver ink containing nanofibers
Kiremitler NB, Esidir A, Gozutok Z, Ozdemir AT, Onses MS
120 - 125 Photothermal sterilization cellulose patch with hollow gold nanoparticles
Choi WH, Park JY, Kim YH
126 - 133 Silk fibroin microneedles fabricated by digital light processing 3D printing
Shin DH, Hyun JH
134 - 147 Chemical modification of LDH conversion coating with diethyldithiocarbamate as a novel anti-corrosive film for AA2024-T3
Mohammadi I, Shahrabi T, Mahdavian M, Izadi M
148 - 155 Preparation of alginate hydrogel with human-derived adipose tissue to improve fat graft survival and adipogenesis
Yoo BY, Kim SJ, Shin BH, Lee MH, Choy YB, Lee KW, Heo CY, Koh WG
156 - 169 Effect of surface acidity-basicity balance in modified ZnxZryOz catalyst on its performance in the conversion of hydrous ethanol to hydrocarbons
Dahan HO, Landau MV, Herskowitz M
170 - 181 Evaporation driven synthesis of supraparticles on liquid repellent surfaces
Kim JH, Shim WM, Jo SM, Wooh SH
182 - 189 New MoO3-CeO2-ZrO2 and WO3-CeO2-ZrO2 nanostructured mesoporous aerogel catalysts for the NH3-SCR of NO from diesel engine exhaust
Arfaoui J, Ghorbel A, Petitto C, Delahay G
190 - 202 Commercial catalysts screening for the direct amination of cyclohexanol
Churro R, Mendes F, Araujo P, Madeira LM, Ribeiro F
203 - 214 Industrial and environmental significance of photonic zirconia nanoflakes: Influence of boron doping on structure and band states
Ratnayake SP, Sandaruwan C, Mantilaka MMMGPG, de Silva N, Dahanayake D, Wanninayake UK, Bandara WRLN, Santhoshkumar S, Murugan E, Amaratunga GAJ, Nalin de Silva KM
215 - 223 Two-component zeolite-alumina system for toluene trapping with subsequent nonthermal plasma mineralization
Qin C, Guo M, Zheng Y, Yu R, Huang J, Dang X, Yan D
224 - 234 Facile synthesis of graphite oxide/MIL-101(Cr) hybrid composites for enhanced adsorption performance towards industrial toxic dyes
Vo TK, Trinh TP, Nguyen VC, Kim JS
235 - 243 NaHCO3/Na2CO3 as an inhibitor of chloride-induced mild steel corrosion in cooling water: Electrochemical evaluation
Li S, Zhang X, Zheng S, Duan S, Cui J, Zhang H
244 - 251 Injection of hot urea solutions as a novel process for heavy oil recovery A proof-of-concept experimental study
BinDahbag M, Zirrahi M, Hassanzadeh H
252 - 259 A one-pot synthesis of Cu-modified Mn-rich MnSAPO-34 catalyst with excellent low temperature NH3-selective catalytic reduction performance and H2O resistance
Huang B, Fang H, Huang H, Lu M, Yu C
260 - 266 Decoration of 1,3,5-triazine backbone structure with dibenzofuran and triphenylsilyl blocking groups for high stability n-type host in deep blue phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes
Lee EG, Yang CY, Chung WJ, Lee JY
267 - 276 Selective separation of various heavy metals from synthesized phosphoric acid solutions
Kim YG, Kim KT
277 - 285 Particulate matters removal by using cotton coated with isomeric metal-organic frameworks (MOFs): Effect of voidage of MOFs on removal
Woo HC, Yoo DK, Jhung SH
286 - 291 Demonstration of the one-step continuous fabrication of flexible polymer ridge waveguides via nanochannel-guided lithography
PArk JG, Lee KT, Yeon GB, Choi JM, Kim MG, Han B, Baac HW, Guo LJ, Ok JG
292 - 304 A highly-effective/durable metal-organic anti-corrosion film deposition on mild steel utilizing Malva sylvestris (M.S) phytoextract-divalent zinc cations
Tehrani MEHN, Ramezanzadeh M, Ramezanzadeh B
305 - 311 Biofuel upgrade reactions via phase-transfer catalysis of methanotrophs
Park YR, Kim DH, Choi KH, Kim YW, Lee EY, Park BJ
312 - 324 Fine particle flow pattern and region delimitation in fountain confined conical spouted beds
Tellabide M, Estiati I, Atxutegi A, Altzibar H, Aguado R, Olazar M
325 - 332 Core and dopant effects toward hydrogen gas sensing activity using Pd@N-CeO2 core.shell nanoflatforms
Dao DV, Nguyen TTD, Kim DS, Yoon JW, Yu YT, Lee IH
333 - 339 Suppression of volume expansion by graphene encapsulated Co3O4 quantum dots for boosting lithium storage
Park YJ, Lee KS, Shim JH, Lee JH, Kim YH, Son DI
340 - 349 Titanium-modified MCM-41 molecular sieves as efficient supports to increase the hydrogenation abilities of NiMoS and CoMoS catalysts
Mendez FJ, Vargas R, Blanco J, Rojas-Challa Y, Bastardo-Gonzalez E, Garcia-Macedo JA, Puello-Polo E, Brito JL
350 - 356 Synthesis and electrochemical performance of (100-x)Li7P3S11-xLi3SI composite solid electrolyte for all-solid-state lithium batteries
Jung SY, Rajagopal R, Ryu KS
357 - 366 Electrodeposited rhenium.cobalt alloy with high activity for acidic hydrogen evolution reaction
Kim HK, Kim JH, Han GH, Guo WW, Hong SJ, Park JH, Ahn SH
367 - 375 Mn-doped ZnS synthesis in DABCO based ionic liquid: Morphology and electrochemical sensing performance for isoprenaline analysis
Sabbaghan M, Ghalkhani M, Hosseini M, Ghanbari M
376 - 387 Highly dispersed Ni2P clusters inlaid in micropore openings on mesoporous ZSM-5 zeolite and its catalytic performance in the phenylacetylene semi-hydrogenation
Fu W, Zhang L, Tao TY, Tang T
388 - 396 Facile single-step synthesis of Cu-rGO nanocomposite through simultaneous reduction process and its peroxidase mimic activity
Kim KJ, Chaudhari KN, Kim SI, Kim YH, Shin KS