Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.93, January, 2021 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (42 articles)

1 - 27 An overview of converting reductive photocatalyst into all solid-state and direct Z-scheme system for water splitting and CO2 reduction
Raizada P, Kumar A, Hasija V, Singh P, Thakur VK, Khan AAP
28 - 56 Progress in fabrication of one-dimensional catalytic materials by electrospinning technology
Zhu S, Nie L
57 - 77 Adsorption of ciprofloxacin from water: A comprehensive review
Igwegbe CA, Oba SN, Aniagor CO, Adeniyi AG, Ighalo JO
78 - 100 Advanced nanomaterials for catalysis: Current progress in fine chemical synthesis, hydrocarbon processing, and renewable energy
Khalil M, Kadja GTM, Ilmi MM
101 - 116 Photocatalytic-membrane technology: a critical review for membrane fouling mitigation
Nasrollahi N, Ghalamchi L, Vatanpour V, Khataee A
117 - 137 Recent advances on the adsorption of herbicides and pesticides from polluted waters: Performance evaluation via physical attributes
Ighalo JO, Adeniyi AG, Adelodun AA
138 - 162 Current developments and future outlook in nanofluid flooding: A comprehensive review of various parameters influencing oil recovery mechanisms
Yakasai F, Jaafar MZ, Bandyopadhyay S, Agi A
163 - 169 Catalytic combustion of sulfur-containing liquid fuels in the fluidized bed: Experiment and modeling
Dubinin YV, Yazykov NA, Reshetnikov SI, Yakovlev VA
170 - 175 Removal of chloride ions from acidic solution with antimony oxides
Wang X, Du Y, Yang H, Tian S, Ge Q, Huang S, Wang M
176 - 185 Wide interlayer spacing ammonium vanadate (NH4)0.37V2O5.0.15(H2O) cathode for rechargeable aqueous zinc-ion batteries
Tamilselvan M, Sreekanth TVM, Yoo K, Kim JH
186 - 195 Highly sensitive electrochemical biosensor based on naturally reduced rGO/Au nanocomposite for the detection of miRNA-122 biomarker
Kasturi S, Eom YJ, Torati SR, Kim CG
196 - 209 The advancement of bis(2-hydroxyethyl)terephthalate recovered from post-consumer poly(ethylene terephthalate) bottles compared to commercial polyol for preparation of high performance polyurethane
Pham CT, Nguyen BT, Nguyen MT, Nguyen TH, Hoang CN, Nguyen NN, Lee PC, Kim JH, Hoang DQ
210 - 215 Additive effect of rod-like magnetite/sepiolite composite particles on magnetorheology
Dong YZ, Han WJ, Choi HJ
216 - 227 A review on one-pot synthesis of acrylic acid from glycerol on bi-functional catalysts
Ahmad MY, Basir NI, Abdullah AZ
228 - 236 Fortifying the angiogenic efficacy of adipose derived stem cell spheroids using spheroid compaction
Im GB, Kim SW, Bhang SH
237 - 244 A Systematic Study of the Interactions in the Top Electrode/Capping Layer/Thin Film Encapsulation of Transparent OLEDs
Kwon BH, Lee HK, Kim MH, Joo CW, Cho HS, Lim JT, Jung YS
245 - 252 Flexible Nanoporous Silver Membranes with Unprecedented High Effectiveness for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
Lim GH, Kwon NY, Han EJ, Bok SG, Lee SE, Lim BK
253 - 258 Pretreatment for capacitive deionization: Feasibility tests using activated filter media and granule activated carbon filtration
Kim HG, Choi YS, Lee SJ, Lee KB, Jung KW, Choi JW
259 - 266 Electrochemical determination of semicarbazide on cobalt oxide nanoparticles: Implication towards environmental monitoring
Mulik BB, Munde AV, Dighole RP, Sathe BR
267 - 278 Hydrodynamic effects on the overall adsorption rate of phenol on activated carbon cloth through the advection-diffusion model application
Garcia-Hernandez E, Aguilar-Madera CG, Herrera-Hernandez EC, Ocampo-Perez R, Bailon-Garcia E, Cortes FB
279 - 289 An investigation on the N2O decomposition activity of MnxCo1xCo2O4 nanorods prepared by the thermal decomposition of their oxalate precursors
Abu-Zied BM, Obalova L, Pacultova K, Klegova A, Asiri AM
290 - 301 On the attributes of invert-emulsion drilling fluids modified with graphene oxide/inorganic complexes
Hajiabadi SH, Aghaei H, Ghabdian M, Kalateh-Aghamohammadi M, Esmaeilnezhad E, Choi HJ
302 - 314 Kinetics and column adsorption study of diclofenac and heavy-metal ions removal by amino-functionalized lignin microspheres
Popovic AL, Rusmirovic JD, Velickovic Z, Kovacevic T, Jovanovic A, Cvijetic I, Marinkovic AD
315 - 321 Hydrometallurgical processing of waste integrated circuits (ICs) to recover Ag and generate mix concentrate of Au, Pd and Pt
Panda R, Dinkar OS, Kumari A, Gupta R, Jha MK, Pathak DD
322 - 332 A porous multifunctional and magnetic layered graphene oxide/3D mesoporous MOF nanocomposite for rapid adsorption of uranium(VI) from aqueous solutions
Amini A, Khajeh M, Oveisi AR, Daliran S, Ghaffari-Moghaddam M, Delarami HS
333 - 338 Enhanced thermoelectric properties of flexible N-type Ag2Se nanowire/polyvinylidene fluoride composite films synthesized via solution mixing
Park DB, Ju H, Kim JH
339 - 350 Preparation and modification of an embossed nanofibrous materials for robust filtration performance of PM0.2 removal
Koh EJ, Park HM, Lee YT
351 - 360 (Zn/Co)-zeolitic imidazolate frameworks: Room temperature synthesis and application as promising U(VI) scavengers - A comparative study
Singh S, Bajwa BS, Kaur I
361 - 374 Production of elastin-like recombinamer-based nanoparticles for docetaxel encapsulation and use as smart drug-delivery systems using a supercritical anti-solvent process
Vallejo R, Gonzalez-Valdivieso J, Santos M, Rodriguez-Rojo S, Arias FJ
375 - 382 Fabrication of a water-retaining, slow-release fertilizer based on nanocomposite double-network hydrogels via ion-crosslinking and free radical polymerization
Shen Y, Wang H, Liu Z, Li W, Liu Y, Li J, Wei H, Han H
383 - 387 A study on the stability and sensitivity of mediator-based enzymatic glucose sensor measured by catalyst consisting of multilayer stacked via layer-by-layer
Lee JY, Hyun KH, Kwon YC
388 - 393 Lifetime enhancement of exciplex based organic light-emitting diodes by triplet exciton engineering
Jang HJ, Lee JY
394 - 406 Exergy analysis and multi-objective optimisation for energy system: a case study of a separation process in ethylene manufacturing
Shen F, Wang M, Huang L, Qian F
407 - 414 A novel method for synthesizing manganese dioxide nanoparticles using diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid as a metal ion chelator
Lim YG, Kim HJ, Park KS
415 - 422 Coalescence behavior of aqueous drops in water-in-oil emulsions under high-frequency pulsed AC fields
Kang W, Li M, Yang H, Kang X, Wang F, Jiang H, Zhang M, Zhu T, Sarsenbekuly B
423 - 429 Impact of low temperature plasma annealing for flexible, transparent and conductive ITO/PEDOT:PSS composite electrode
Raman V, Cho YH, Park JH, Chinnadurai D, Kim HK
430 - 435 Novel and highly efficient lipase-catalyzed esterification of formic acid with hexanol for waste gas reutilization
Seo JB, Shin MG, Lee JH, Lee T, Oh JM, Park CH
436 - 447 Tailoring poly(ether-imide) films features towards high performance flexible substrates
Butnaru I, Chiriac AP, Asandulesa M, Sava I, Lisa G, Damaceanu MD
448 - 460 Synergy of ionic liquid and confinement in the design of supported palladium catalyst for efficient selective hydrogenation of acetylene
Wang Q, Xu Y, Zhou J, Xu L, Yu L, Jiang D, Lu C, Pan Z, Zhang Q, Li X
461 - 475 De-NOx characteristics of HC-SCR system employing combined Ag/Al2O3 and CuSn/ZSM-5 catalyst
Lee KS, Choi BC, Kim CH, Lee CB, Oh KC
476 - 481 Acceleration of petroleum based mesophase pitch formation by PET (polyethylene terephthalate) additive
Kim JH, Choi YJ, Lee SE, Im JS, Lee KB, Bai BC
482 - 494 Functionalized filler/synthesized 6FDA-Durene high performance mixed matrix membrane for CO2 separation
Mashhadikhan S, Amooghin AE, Moghadassi A, Sanaeepur H