Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.92, December, 2020 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 17 Super-hydrophobicity: Mechanism, fabrication and its application in medical implants to prevent biomaterial associated infections
Kavitha SA, Deeksha P, Deepika G, Nishanthini J, Hikku GS, Antinate SS, Jeyasubramanian K, Murugesan R
18 - 40 Microfluidic step emulsification techniques based on spontaneous transformation mechanism: A review
Liu Z, Duan C, Jiang S, Zhu C, Ma Y, Fu T
41 - 55 Influence of Operation Conditions on the Performance of Non-thermal Plasma Technology for VOC Pollution Control
Adelodun AA
56 - 61 Correlation between fixation of high-concentration CO2 and glutamate accumulation in Sulfurovum lithotrophicum 42BKTT
Park SW, Kwon HS, Lee CH, Ahn IS
62 - 76 Product quality control in hydropurification process by monitoring reactor feed impurities: Dynamic mathematical modeling
Azarpour A, Rezaei N, Zendehboudi S
77 - 87 Simultaneous deSOx and deNOx of marine vessels flue gas on ZnO-CuO/rGO: Photocatalytic oxidation kinetics
Man H, Wen C, Luo W, Bian J, Wang W, Li C
88 - 95 The intrinsic relationship between color variation and performances of the deteriorated aviation lubrication oil
Ma J, Ruan S, Hu J, Sun Y, Fei Y, Jiang X, Dong S, Chen T, Wu N
96 - 100 Ready and selective access to 2-arylquinazolines from α-amino acids via a new solvent-free domino transformation under synergistic nano Fe-Mo-Se catalyst
Nguyen KX, Pham PH, Nguyen AC, Nguyen CT, Nguyen TT, Tran PD, Phan NTS
101 - 108 Evaluation and comparison of Fenton-like oxidation with Fenton’s oxidation for hazardous methoxyanilines in aqueous solution
Chaturvedi NK, Katoch SS
109 - 119 Kinetics for the biodiesel production from lauric acid over Keggin heteropolyacid loaded in silica framework
Gallego-Villada LA, Alarcon EA, Palermo V, Vazquez PG, Romanelli GP
120 - 130 An alternative to cyanide leaching of waste activated carbon ash for gold and silver recovery via synergistic dual-lixiviant treatment
Adams CR, Porter CP, Robshaw TJ, Bezzina JP, Shields VR, Hides A, Bruce R, Ogden MD
131 - 144 Understanding porous structure of SBA-15 upon pseudomorphic transformation into MCM-41: Non-direct investigation by carbon replication
Janus R, Wadrzyk N, Lewandowsk M, Natkanski P, Latka P, Kustrowski P
145 - 157 Defects and dopant alliance towards bound magnetic polarons formation and mixed magnetic characteristics in Fe doped ZnO nanoparticles
Kunj S
158 - 166 In vivo imaging of reactive oxygen species (ROS)-producing pro-inflammatory macrophages in murine carotid atheromas using a CD44-targetable and ROS-responsive nanosensor
Park EJ, Song JW, Kim HJ, Kim CS, Song YJ, Yang DH, YooHK, Kim JW, Park KS
167 - 173 Synthesis of post-processable metal halide perovskite nanocrystals via modified ligand-assisted re-precipitation method and their applications to self-powered panchromatic photodetectors
Park JK, Heo JH, Kim BW, Im SH
174 - 183 Dynamics of interfacial layers for sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate solutions at different salinities
Amani P, Miller R, Ata S, Hurter S, Rudolph V, Firouzi M
184 - 190 Renewable epoxy thermosets with extremely high biomass content from furan derivatives and their flame retardancy
Park HW, Toan M, Kim HJ, Lee JH, Shin SH
191 - 199 Design of isosorbide crystallization process as recovery system for poly (ethylene-co-isosorbide) terephthalate production via solubility measurements and crystallization kinetic parameter estimation
Lee SY, Yang DR, Chang JW
200 - 209 Developing Brønsted.Lewis acids bifunctionalized ionic liquids based heteropolyacid hybrid as high-efficient solid acids in esterification and biomass conversion
Liu Y, Wu Y, Su M, Liu W, Li X, Liu F
210 - 217 Separation of chalcopyrite from galena with 3-amyl-4-amino-1, 2, 4-triazole-5-thione collector: Flotation behavior and mechanism
Zhang Z, Wang Y, Liu G, Liu S, Liu J, Yang X
218 - 225 Synthesis and luminescence properties of β-NaRE0.95Eu0.05F4 (RE¼Y, Lu)
Razumkova IA, Sedykh AE, Denisenko YG, Muller-Buschbaum K
226 - 235 Increased neuritogenesis on ternary nanofiber matrices of PLCL and laminin decorated with black phosphorus
Kang MS, Song SJ, Cha JH, Cho YO, Lee HU, Hyon SH, Lee JH, Han DW
236 - 242 Reactivation of spent FCC catalyst by mixed acid leaching for efficient catalytic cracking
Lu G, Lu X, Liu P
243 - 251 Hydrodeoxygenation of a bio-oil model compound derived from woody biomass using spray-pyrolysis-derived spherical γ-Al2O3-SiO2 catalysts
Trna QK, Han SJ, Ly HV, KimSS, Kim JS
252 - 262 Effect of VOx surface density and structure on VOx/TiO2 catalysts for H2S selective oxidation reaction
Eom HK, Lee SM, Kang HR, Lee YH, Chang SW, Kim SS
263 - 277 Microwave-assisted acid functionalized carbon nanofibers decorated with Mn doped TNTs nanocomposites: Efficient contenders for lithium adsorption and recovery from aqueous media
Kamran U, Park SJ
278 - 286 Fabricated smart sponge with switchable wettability and photocatalytic response for controllable oil-water separation and pollutants removal
Xu X, Li M, Li X, Zhang L
287 - 296 Solvent-free and anticounterfeiting fluorescent inks based on epoxy-functionalized polyacrylic nanoparticles modified with Rhodamine B for cellulosic substrates
Hajiali M, Rad JK, Ghezelsefloo S, Mahdavian AR
297 - 302 Solubility determination of surface-active components from dynamic surface tension data
Hussain S, Le TTY, Tsay RY, Lin SY
303 - 308 Solid cross linked-poly(ethylene oxide) electrolyte gate dielectrics for organic thin-film transistors
Cho SM, Kim DK, Yun YK, Lee JY, Earmme T, Seo SY, Kim CG