Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.91, November, 2020 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (34 articles)

1 - 14 A New era of water treatment technologies: 3D printing for membranes
Yanar N, Kallem P, Son M, Park HS, Kang S, Choi HC
15 - 36 Biomimetic hydrophobic membrane: A review of anti-wetting properties as a potential factor in membrane development for membrane distillation (MD)
AbdulKadir WAFW, Ahmad AL, Seng OB, Lah NFC
37 - 53 Cell death in culture: Molecular mechanisms, detections, and inhibition strategies
Patil AA, Bhor SA, Rhee WJ
54 - 68 A review on influence of reactor technologies and kinetic studies for biodiesel application
Raheem I, Mohiddin MNB, Tan YH, Kansedo J, Mubarak NM, Abdullah MO, Ibrahim ML
69 - 78 Characterization of intermediate wetting states on micro-grooves by water droplet contact line
Cheng CT, To S, Zhang G
79 - 84 Highly porous and thermally stable cellulose acetate to utilize hydrated glycerin
Hong SH, Cho YH, Kang SW
85 - 92 Chain end-termination of p-polybenzimidazole by bulk segment for efficient electrochemical power generation and hydrogen separation
Seo KW, Nam KH, Han HS
93 - 101 Polyaniline intercalated with Ag1.2V3O8 nanorods based electrochemical sensor
Saravanakumar K, Balakumar V, Govindan K, Jang A, Lee GH, Muthuraj V
102 - 109 Novel copolymers with intrinsic microporosity containing tetraphenyl-bipyrimidine for enhanced gas separation
Han X, zhang J, Yue C, Pan J, Zhang H, Jiang Z
110 - 120 Bidisperse magneto-rheological fluids consisting of functional SPIONs added to commercial MRF
Nejatpour M, Unal U, Acar HY
121 - 128 Single-dose intraperitoneal delivery of FK506-encapsulated polymeric microspheres for the alleviation of murine colitis
Pathak S, Regmi S, Nepal MR, Shrestha P, Choi JU, Yook SM, Jeong JH
129 - 138 Effect of pore texture property of mesoporous alumina on adsorption performance of ammonia gas
Vo HT, Kim JY, Kim NY, Lee JK, Joo JB
139 - 148 Chemical, optical and transport characterization of ALD modified nanoporous alumina based structures
Cuevas AL, Yuso VMD, Gelde L, Gonzalez AS, Vega V, Prida VM, Benavente J
149 - 166 Effective charge separation through the sulfur vacancy interfacial in n-CdO/p-CdS bulk heterojunction particle and its solar-induced hydrogen production
Park BH, Lee JH, Park HR, Do JY, Kim YS, Chava RK, Kang MS
167 - 181 Catalytic steam reforming of biomass fast pyrolysis volatiles over Ni-Co bimetallic catalysts
Santamaria L, Lopez G, Arregi A, Artetxe M, amutio M, Buibao J, Olazar
182 - 190 High Performance Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers Based on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance
Ly TN, Park SW
191 - 200 Acid-free epoxidation of soybean oil with hydrogen peroxide to epoxidized soybean oil over titanium silicalite-1 zeolite supported cadmium catalysts
Cai L, Chen C, Wang W, Gao X, Kuang X, Jiang Y, Li L, Wu G
201 - 212 Utilization of CO2 arising from methane steam reforming reaction: Use of CO2 membrane and heterotic reactors
Lee SG, Lim HK
213 - 222 Titanium oxide/graphitic carbon nitride nanocomposites as fillers for enhancing the performance of SPAES membranes for fuel cells
Ingabire PB, Haragirimana A, Liu Y, Li N, Hu Z, Chen S
223 - 230 Affinity characteristics of neutral and anion exchange polymer resin adsorbents for main components in a simulated biomass hydrolysate
Lee SC, Kim EH
231 - 239 Programmable droplet-based microfluidic serial dilutor
Rho HS, Yang YS, Terstappen LWMM, Gardeniers H, Gac SL, Habibovic P
240 - 251 Activation of peroxymonosulfate using carbon black nano-spheres/calcium alginate hydrogel matrix for degradation of acetaminophen: Fe3O4 co-immobilization and microbial community response
Soltani RDC, Mahmoudi M, Boczkaj G, Khataee A
252 - 262 Room temperature electroless Ni-coating on boron particles: Physicochemical and oxidation-resistance properties
Deshmukh PR, Sohn YK, Shin WG
263 - 272 Photo-immobilization of pseudozwitterionic polymers with balanced electrical charge for developing anti-coagulation surfaces
Yi SJ, Seo JA, Lee JB, Park JS, Kang YC, Seo JH
273 - 284 Experimental perspective for reactive separation of malonic acid using TBP in natural non-toxic solvents
Dhongde VR, De BS, Wasewar KL, Gupta P, Kumar S
285 - 295 Highly Regioselective Preparation and Characterization of New 6-O-Substituted Dieckol Derivatives
Kim YK, Shin JS, Kang SM, Song JY, Shin HC, Keum YS, Hwang HJ, Park KY
296 - 310 Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell spheroid sheet accelerates regeneration of ulcerated oral mucosa by enhancing inherent therapeutic properties
Lee JSJ, Kim SJ, Choi JS, Eom MR, Shin HS, Kwon SK
311 - 316 Impact of cracked gas diffusion layer on performance of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Kim GH, Kim DS, Kim JY, Kim HO, Park TH
317 - 329 Toward high-performance hard carbon as an anode for sodium-ion batteries: Demineralization of biomass as a critical step
Susanti RF, Alvin S, Kimi JH
330 - 339 Wettability control of modified stainless steel surfaces for oxide catalyst carrier slurry coating
Abbas M, Mehran MT, Moon MW, Byun JY, Kim SH
340 - 346 Improvement of the rheological properties of rosemary oil nanoemulsions prepared by microfluidization and vacuum evaporation
Martin-Pinero MJ, Munoz J, Alfaro-Rodriguez MC
347 - 354 The effect of viscosity ratio on drop pinch-off dynamics in two-fluid flow
Jiang X, Xu E, Meng X, Li HZ
355 - 361 Zinc imidazolate framework-8 as a promising nitric oxide carrier
Tanum J, Jeong HJ, Choi MH, Choi DH, Park KT, Lee JB, Hong JK
362 - 371 Batch adsorption of methylene blue dye using Enterolobium contortisiliquum as bioadsorbent: Experimental, mathematical modeling and simulation
Lima JP, Alvarenga G, Goszczynski ACF, Rosa GR, Lopes TJ