Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.90, October, 2020 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 16 Column bioleaching applications, process development, mechanism, parametric effect and modelling: A review
Srichandan H, Mohapatra RK, Singh PK, Mishra S, Parhi PK, Naik K
17 - 35 Magnetic nanoparticles for the recovery of uranium from sea water: Challenges involved from research to development
Singhal P, Vats BG, Pulhani V
36 - 46 Fabrication of pH responsive coacervates using a polycation-b-polypropylene glycol diblock copolymer for versatile delivery platforms
Gajendiran M, Kim SJ, Jo HJ, Kim KB
47 - 57 Prevention of irradiation-induced damage to salivary glands by local delivery of adipose-derived stem cells via hyaluronic acid-based hydrogels
Chung EJ, Choi JS, Shin JS, Cho HN, Kim SY, Park JY, Lee YS, Kim YI, Wu HG, Cho SW, Kwon SK
58 - 75 Optimal synthesis, characterization and antifouling performance of Pluronic F127/bentonite-based super-hydrophilic polyvinyl chloride ultrafiltration membrane for enhanced oilfield produced water treatment
Ahmad T, Guria C, Mandal A
76 - 84 Co-solvent concentration influence of two- and three-component systems on the high pressure cloud-point behavior for the poly(vinyl stearate) under supercritical CO2
Byun HS
85 - 94 Improved mechanical and biological properties of biodegradable thinner poly(L-lactic acid) tubes by bi-directional drawing
Han GN, Bedair TM, Kim DH, Park KH, Park WR, Han DK
95 - 104 Novel mono-and bi-functional phosphonium salts deriving from toxic phosphine off-gas as efficient catalysts for chemical fixation of CO2
Dong JP, Zhao C, Qiu JJ, Liu CM
105 - 116 Effect of particle size and concentration on bubble size distribution and aspect ratio in a counter-current microstructured bubble column
Prakash R, Majumder SK
117 - 121 Improved performance of flexible perovskite light-emitting diodes with modified PEDOT:PSS hole transport layer
Kim HS, Ra HN, Kim JS, Paek SH, Park JW, Kim YC
122 - 131 Mechanical and thermal properties of carboxymethyl fibers (CMF)/PVA based nanocomposite membranes
Niazi MBK, Jahan Z, Ahmed A, Uzair B, Mukhtar A, Gregersen OW
132 - 144 Effects of SiO2/Al2O3 ratio, reaction atmosphere and metal additive on de-NOx performance of HC-SCR over Cu-based ZSM-5
Lee KS, Choi BC, Lee CB, Oh KC
145 - 151 Fluorometric determination of Fe3+ and polychlorinated benzenes based on Tb3+-pyromellitic acid coordination polymer
Hou L, Song Y, Lang F, Wang Z, Wang L
152 - 158 One-pot fabrication of uniform half-moon-shaped biodegradable microparticles via microfluidic approach
Im JS, Jang EK, Yim DB, Kim JH, Cho KY
159 - 165 The influence of water-induced crystallization on the photoelectrochemical properties of porous anodic tin oxide films
Gurgul M, Gawlak K, Syrek K, Kozieł M, Sulka GD, Zaraska L
166 - 177 Effect of molar ration of Ti/Ligand on the synthesis of MIL-125(Ti) and its adsorption and photocatalytic properties
Fatima R, Park SJ, Kim JO
178 - 189 Preparation of magnetic metal-organic frameworks with high binding capacity for removal of two fungicides from aqueous environments
Ma J, Li S, Wu G, Arabi M, Tan F, Guan Y, Li J, Chen L
190 - 202 Optimization of feed and extractant concentration for the liquid.liquid extraction of volatile fatty acids from synthetic solution and landfill leachate
Begum S, Arelli V, Anupoju GR, Sridhar S, Bhargava SK, Eshtiaghi N
203 - 213 Syntheses and characterization of new photoresponsive surfactants, N-(azobenzene-4-oxy-2-hydroxypropyl)-N-(alkyloxy-2-hydroxypropyl) aminopropyl sulfonic acid sodium salt
Nam Sh, Choi YJ, Kim YW, Jun K, Jeong NH, Oh SG, Kang HC
214 - 223 Micro-grooved nerve guidance conduits combined with microfiber for rat sciatic nerve regeneration
Jeon J, Lee MS, Lim JH, Park SY, Kim SM, Kim DI, Tae GY, Yang HS
224 - 231 Multifunctional aminoethylpiperazine-modified graphene oxide with high dispersion stability in polar solvents for mercury ion adsorption
Jin JU, Yeo HU, Hahn JR, Yu JS, Ku BC, You NH
232 - 243 Comprehensive modeling of CO2 Huff-n-Puff in asphaltene-damaged shale reservoir with aqueous solubility and nano-confinement
Lee JH, Jeong MS, Lee KS
244 - 250 Thermal stability study of HFO-1234ze(E) for supercritical organic Rankine cycle: Chemical kinetic model approach through decomposition experiments
Irriyanto MZ, Lim HS, Choi BS, Lee MS, Myint AA, Kim JH
251 - 259 Strong correlation between Dy3+ concentration, structure, magnetic and microwave properties of the [Ni0.5Co0.5](DyxFe2-x)O4 nanosized ferrites
Almessiere MA, Slimani Y, Trukhanov AV, Baykal A, Gungunes H, Trukhanova EL, Trukhanovc SV, Kostishin VG
260 - 265 Static and dynamic comfort properties of polyurethane foams including a flexible amine crosslinker
Choi HJ, Kim JH
266 - 273 An elaborate sensor system based on conducting polymer-oligosaccharides in hydrogel and the formation of inclusion complexes
Bae JW, Hwang YJ, Park SH, Park SJ, Lee JY, Kim HJ, Jang AY, Park SY, Kwon OS
274 - 280 Fabrication of attractive hectorite nanoplatelets by high-pressure homogenization for shear-responsive reversible rheology modification of organogels
Kim DY, Lee SH, Park DH, Cho YS, Choi SY, Nam YS, Kim JW
281 - 286 Effect of embedded chalcogenide quantum dots in PbBr2 film on CsPbBr3 inorganic perovskite solar cells
Lee EJ, Kim DH, Hwang DK
287 - 299 Encapsulation of health-monitoring agent in poly-methyl-methacrylate microcapsules using supercritical emulsion extraction
Palazzo I, Raimondo M, Porta GD, Guadagno L, Reverchon E
300 - 304 Experimental verification of the theoretical aging of vacuum insulated panels
Berardi U, Nikafkar M, Wi SH, Kim SM
305 - 311 Textural analysis of aluminum hydride
Park MJ, Kim WR, Kwon YJ, Kim JH, Paik JG, Jo YM
312 - 318 Facile separation of optically transparent adhesive films by heat-triggered gas generation of vaporizable core.shell nanocapsules embedded with benzenesulfonyl hydrazide
Park YG, Lee JH
319 - 326 Sensitive detection of virus with broad dynamic range based on highly bright quantum dot-embedded nanoprobe and magnetic beads
Jo AL, Kim TH, Kim DM, Kim HM, Seong BM, Kim JH, Pham XH, Jung HS, Lee SH, Hwang DW, Jeong DH, Lee YS, Kim DE, Jun BH
327 - 332 Prism patterned TiO2 layers/Nafion1 composite membrane for elevated temperature/low relative humidity fuel cell operation
Jang SG, Kang YS, Choi JW, Yeon JH, Seol CW, Nam LV, Choi MS, Kim SM, Yoo SJ
333 - 340 Black phosphorus-based smart electrorheological fluid with tailored phase transition and exfoliation
Kim YK, Lee YR, Shin KY
341 - 350 Impact of chain flexibility of copolymer gelators on performance of ion gel electrolytes for functional electrochemical devices
Kim YM, Lee WY, Choi WY, Moon HC
351 - 357 Enhancements in catalytic activity and duration of PdFe bimetallic catalysts and their use in direct formic acid fuel cells
Yang SW, Chung YJ, Lee KS, Kwon YC
358 - 370 Highly efficient photocatalytic oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene with sunlight irradiation using green catalyst of Ag@AgBr/Al-SBA-15 derived from natural halloysite
Pham XN, Nguyen MB, Ngo HS, Doan HV
371 - 378 Enhancing antibacterial activity of geminized cationic amphiphilic polymer via structure control and self-assembly regulation
Chen T, Zhao L, Wang Z, Zhao J, Li Y, Long H, Yang M
379 - 388 Palladium nanoparticles anchored polydopamine-coated graphene oxide/Fe3O4 nanoparticles (GO/Fe3O4@PDA/Pd) as a novel recyclable heterogeneous catalyst in the facile cyanation of haloarenes using K4[Fe(CN)6] as cyanide source
Veisi H, Tamoradi T, Rashtiani A, Hemmati S, Karmakar B
389 - 398 Handy Soft Jet Plasma as an Effective Technique for Tailored Preparation of ZnS Nanomaterials and Shape Dependent Antibacterial Performance of ZnS
Ananth A, Han I, Akter M, Boo JH, Choi EH
399 - 406 Strain induced structural transformation, mechanical and phonon stability in silicene derived 2D-SiB
Manju MS, Thomas S, Anees P, Lee SU, Ajith KM
407 - 418 Optimization of acridine orange loading on 1:1 layered clay minerals for fluorescence enhancement
Jiang WT, Tsai Y, Wang X, Li Z
419 - 426 Rapid identification and quantification of bioactive metabolites in processed Camellia sinensis samples by UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS and evaluation of their antioxidant activity
Akhtar N, Thadhani VM, Haq FU, Khan MN, Ali S, Musharraf SG