Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.89, September, 2020 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (49 articles)

1 - 12 Tailored hydrogels for biosensor applications
Bae JW, Park JN, Kim SS, Cho HN, Kim HJ, Park SY, Shin DS
13 - 27 Synergistic effects of silica aerogels/xerogels on properties of polymer composites: A review
Kaya GG, Deveci H
28 - 46 State of the art two-dimensional materials-based photodetectors: Prospects, challenges and future outlook
Rehman A, Park SJ
47 - 57 Removal and potential recovery of rare earth elements from mine water
Royer-Lavallee A, Neculita CM, Coudert L
58 - 82 A comprehensive review on polymeric hydrogel and its composite: Matrices of choice for bone and cartilage tissue engineering
Tran HDN, Park KD, Ching YC, Huynh C, Nguyen DH
83 - 103 Synthesis and performance evaluation of hydrocracking catalysts: A review
Saab R, Polychronopoulou K, Zheng L, Kumar S, Schiffer A
104 - 110 Allyl functionalized UiO-66 metal-organic framework as a catalyst for the synthesis of cyclic carbonates by CO2 cycloaddition
Helal A, Usman M, Arafat ME, Abdelnaby MM
111 - 114 Development of novel cascade type crystallizer for continuous production of crystalline particles
Koyama M, Kudo S, Amari S, Takiyama H
115 - 118 Correlating thermal conductivity of carbon fibers with mechanical and structural properties
Jang DW, Lee SH
119 - 127 Effect of gelatin on dimensional stability of silk fibroin hydrogel structures fabricated by digital light processing 3D printing
Lee HJ, Shin DH, Shin SC, Hyun JH
128 - 138 Inhibition of Capsular Contracture of Poly (Dimethyl Siloxane) Medical Implants by Surface Modification with Itaconic Acid Conjugated Gelatin
Birajdar MS, Kim BH, Sutthiwanjampa C, Kang SH, Heo CY, Park HS
139 - 146 Behavior and Adhesion Performance of Acrylic PSAs using Semi-IPN Structure and UV/UV Stepwise Curing
Shim GS, KIm JS, Kim HJ
147 - 155 Reinforced gelatin-methacrylate hydrogels containing poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanofiber fragments for 3D bioprinting
Ko YG, Kwon OH
156 - 165 Sea-urchin-like mesoporous copper-manganese oxide catalysts:Influence of copper on benzene oxidation
Lee HJ, Yang JH, You JH, Yoon BY
166 - 174 Roles of zwitterionic charges in polymers on synthesis of Ag seeds with anisotropic growth properties
Cho HI, Yi SJ, Hwang JS, Seo JH, Lee JS
175 - 182 Anion exchange membrane using poly(ether ether ketone) containing imidazolium for anion exchange membrane fuel cell (AEMFC)
Son TY, Kim DJ, Vijayakumar V, Kim KH, Kim DS, Nam SY
183 - 193 Experimental investigation of the effects of surfactant on the dynamics of formation process of liquid drops
Dastyar P, Salehi MS, Firoozabadi B, Afshin H
194 - 203 Functionalization of 3D printed ABS filters with MOF for toxic gas removal
Pellejero I, Almazan F, Lafuente M, Urbiztondo MA, Drobek M, Bechelany M, Julbe A, Julbe LM
204 - 211 A recyclable catalyst made of two-dimensional gold-loaded cellulose paper for reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Jeong EJ, Im EM, Hyun DC, Lee JW, Moon GD
212 - 221 Morphology details and size distribution characteristics of single-pot-synthesized silica nanoparticles
Ngoi KH, Xiang L, Wong JC, Chia CH, Jin KS, Ree MH
222 - 232 Assessing the effect of surface hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity on pollutant leaching potential of biochar in water treatment
Hong N, Cheng Q, Goonetilleke A, Bandala ER, Liu A
233 - 238 Schottky junction photodiode based on graphene-organic semiconductor heterostructure
Choi YJ, Woo HJ, Kim SC, Sun J, Kang MS, Song YJ, Cho JH
239 - 249 In-situ encapsulation of flaky aluminum pigment with poly (methylhydrosiloxane) anti-corrosion film for high-performance waterborne coatings
Zhang C, Huo R, Wang X, Zhang J, Cheng J, Shi L
250 - 256 Silver nanoplate-pillared mesoporous nano-clays for surface enhanced raman scattering
Gwak GH, Yamaguchi T, Kim MK, Park JK, Oh JM
257 - 272 Sustainable short-chain olefin production through simultaneous dehydration of mixtures of 1-butanol and ethanol over HZSM-5 and γ-Al2O3
de Reviere A, Gunst D, Sabbe M, Verberckmoes A
273 - 279 Study on an emulsion-type blockage removal agent for heavy oil recovery enhanced by polymer
Zhu T, Yang H, Jiang H, Kang X, Li M, Zhang M, Kang W, Sarsenbekuly B, Aidarova S, Gabdullin M
280 - 287 Numerical simulation of ammonium perchlorate particles based on a population balance equation model in Taylor-Couette flow
Yoon SH, Lim JG, Hong JP, Han SK, Kim MK, Choi JB, Lee TR
288 - 300 Synthesis of highly stable and dispersed silver nanoparticles/poly (vinyl alcohol-co-ethylene glycol)/poly(3-aminophenyl boronic acid) nanocomposite: Characterization and antibacterial, hemolytic and cytotoxicity studies
Jayeoye TJ, Nwabor OF, Rujiralai T
301 - 315 Synthesis of a high-performance Z-scheme 2D/2D WO3@CoFe-LDH nanocomposite for the synchronic degradation of the mixture azo dyes by sonocatalytic ozonation process
Khataee A, Fazli A, Zakeri F, Joo SW
316 - 333 Experimental investigation on the complex chemical reactions between clay minerals and brine in low salinity water-flooding
Kim YM, Kim CK, Kim JW, Kim YD, Lee JH
334 - 338 Consistent room temperature electrochemical reduction of gaseous chlorobenzene to value-added intermediates by electroscrubbing
Ramu AG, Muthuraman G, Moon IS
339 - 350 High-performance VOx on SrO-γAl2O3 catalyst for oxidative cracking of n-hexane to light olefins under anaerobic environment
Amusa HK, Adamu S, Bakare IA, Arjah AS, Al-Bogami SA, Al-Ghamdi S, Razzak SA, Hossain MM
351 - 360 Electro-enhanced removal of perchlorate ions from aqueous solution using capacitive deionization process
Divyapriya G, kumar KV, Rajesh L, Nambi IM
361 - 367 Relationship between hydrogen binding energy and activity for hydrogen evolution reaction by palladium supported on sulfur-doped ordered mesoporous carbon
Kim JG, Lee BH, Pham NNT, Lee SG, Pak CH
368 - 374 Calcination of layered double hydroxide membrane with enhanced nanofiltration performance
Huang Z, Wang N, Li X, An QF
375 - 382 Hydrogen halide-free synthesis of organohalides for organometal trihalide perovskite solar cells
Min GG, Yun YH, Choi HJ, Lee SW, Joo J
383 - 391 Green preparation of lipase@Ca3(PO4)2 hybrid nanoflowers using bone waste from food production for efficient synthesis of clindamycin palmitate
Wang A, Chen X, Yu J, Li N, Li H, Yin Y, Xie T, Wu SG
392 - 399 Surface modification of bundle-type polyamide fiber nonwoven with collagen to improve its hydrophilicity
Ren L, Ma X, Wang S, Qiang T
400 - 408 Sequential improvement of activated carbon fiber properties for enhanced removal efficiency of indoor CO2
Wang J, Park YK, Jo YM
409 - 415 A self-assembly and stimuli-responsive fusion gelonin delivery system for tumor treatment
Liu Q, Zhang L, Ji X, Shin MC, Xie S, Pan B, Yu F, Zhao J, Yang VC
416 - 427 β-cyclodextrin based hydrophilic thin layer molecularly imprinted membrane with di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate selective removal ability
Ahmadi H, Javanbakht M, Akbari-adergani B, Shabanian M
428 - 435 Highly selective extraction of palladium from spent automotive catalyst acid leachate using novel alkylated dioxa-dithiacrown ether derivatives
Torrejos REC, Nisola GM, Min SH, Han JW, Lee SP, Chung WJ
436 - 441 A thiourea-based fluorescent chemosensor for bioimaging hypochlorite
So HR, Lee HY, Lee GD, Kim MG, Lim MH, Kim KT, Kim C
442 - 447 Calcium-binding near-infrared fluorescent nanoprobe for bone tissue imaging
Lim YG, Kim HJ, Kim JW, Park KS
448 - 457 Novel porous SiO2@SiC core-shell nanospheres functionalized with an amino hybrid of WO3 as an oxidative desulfurization catalyst
Gomi LS, Afsharpour M, Lianos P
458 - 469 Design and synthesis of CuO@SiO2 multi-yolk@shell and its application as a new catalyst for CO2 fixation reaction under solventless condition
Rajabzadeh M, Khalifeh R, Eshghi H, Hafizi A
470 - 475 Preparation of a photocured GelMA hydrogel co-cultured with HOKs and HGFs for an artificial oral mucosal tissue model
Kim SY, Hwang YS, Chun HJ, Yang DH
476 - 484 Photo-induced antifouling polyvinylidene fluoride ultrafiltration membrane driven by weak visible light
Wang T, Jiang LL, Huang LL, Wu LG, Li CJ, Cai J
485 - 493 Highly sensitive non-enzymatic wireless glucose sensor based on Ni.Co oxide nanoneedle-anchored polymer dots
Jo HJ, Shit A, Jhon HS, Park SY