Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.88, August, 2020 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (38 articles)

1 - 28 Wettability of rock/CO2/brine systems: A critical review of influencing parameters and recent advances
Yekeen N, Padmanabhan E, Sevoo T, Kanesen K, Okunade OA
29 - 57 Polymer/Inorganic nanocomposite coatings with superior corrosion protection performance: A review
Pourhashem S, Saba F, Duan J, Rashidi A, Guan F, Nezhad EG, Hou B
58 - 77 An overview on the recent advancements of sustainable heterogeneous catalysts and prominent continuous reactor for biodiesel production
Gupta J, Agarwal M, Dalai AK
78 - 83 Highly selective detection of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) using a dumbbell DNA probe with a gap-filling approach
Kim JY, Ahn JK, Kim JS, Choi BR, Cho JY, Lee HJ
84 - 89 Enhanced photoluminescence quantum efficiency and stability of water assisted CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystals
Kim MJ, Kim JH, Kim MS, Kim CS, Choi JW, Choi KS, Lee JH, Park JY, Kang YC, Jin SH, Song MK
90 - 98 Enhanced chitin gel with magnetic nanofiller for lysozyme purification
Tovar GI, de Luis RF, Arriortua MI, Wolman FJ, Copello GJ
99 - 105 NIR dye-loaded mesoporous silica nanoparticles for a multifunctional theranostic platform: Visualization of tumor and ischemic lesions, and performance of photothermal therapy
Lee SB, Lee HW, Darmawan BA, Lee IK, Cho SJ, Chin JW, Kim SK, Park JO, Kim KS, Lee SW, Lee JT, Jeon YH
106 - 110 Synthesis and characterization of In1-xGaxP@ZnS alloy core-shell type colloidal quantum dots
Joo JW, Choi YH, Suh YH, Lee CL, Bae JW, Park JN
111 - 116 Highly aligned indium zinc oxide nanowire-based artificial synapses with low-energy consumption
Liu L, Cui B, Xu W, Ni Y, Zhang S, Xu W
117 - 126 Electrochromic inverse opal photonic gel containing charged hydrogel in aqueous media for full color reflective display
Park JH, Yoon SH, Heo NY, Lee WM
127 - 136 Controlling the selectivity and deactivation of H-ZSM-5 by tuning b-axis channel length for glycerol dehydration to acrolein
Ali B, Lan X, Arslan MT, Gilani SZA, Wang H, Wang T
137 - 147 Enhanced colloidal stability of perovskite quantum dots via split-ligand re-precipitation for efficient bi-functional interlayer in photovoltaic application
Kim MS, Kim BG, Kim JY, Jang WS, Wang DH
148 - 158 Renewable malic acid-based plasticizers for both PVC and PLA polymers
Park MS, Choi IW, Lee SJ, Hong SJ, Kim AY, Shin JH, Kang HC, Kim YW
159 - 166 On-chip electroporation system of Polyimide film with sheath flow design for efficient delivery of molecules into microalgae
Kang SS, Kim BL, Yim SJ, Kim JO, Kim DP, Kim YC
167 - 177 Synthesis of hierarchical Y and ZSM-5 zeolites using post-treatment approach to maximize catalytic cracking performance
Talebian-Kiakalaieh A, Tarighi S
178 - 185 Gas phase dehydration of 3-hydroxybutanone on orthophosphate catalysts for bio-based production of butenone for a sustainable industrial route to vitamin A
Huchede M, Lorentz C, Cardenas L, Morvan D, Belliere-Baca V, Millet JMM
186 - 195 Enhanced photocatalytic capacity of ZnS-ZnO-Sm2O3 composites for the removal of dyes and antibiotics in visible light region
Zheng X, Kang F, Huang C, Lv S, Zhang J, Peng H
196 - 206 Nickel electrodeposited textiles as wearable radar invisible fabrics
Dijith KS, Aiswarya R, Sruthi CV, Pillai S, Surendran KP
207 - 214 Highly efficient carbon dioxide capture in diethylenetriamine-appended porous organic polymers: Investigation of structural variations of chloromethyl monomers
Yang Y, Chuah CY, Bae TH
215 - 223 Relationship between oil production and CO2 storage during low-salinity carbonate water injection in acid carbonate reservoirs
Lee YK, Kim SY, Wang JH, Sung WM
224 - 232 Fluorocarbon versus hydrocarbon organosilicon surfactants for wettability alteration: A molecular dynamics approach
Moncayo-Riascos I, Hoyos BA
233 - 240 Mechanically robust and thermally stable electrochemical devices based on star-shaped random copolymer gel-electrolytes
Hwang HD, Lee JY, Park SY, Seo YS, Kim YM, Kim JK, Moon HC
241 - 250 Codelivery of hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs in a microneedle patch for the treatment of skin pigmentation
Zhang LQ, Zhang XP, Hao YY, Zhang BL, Guo XD
251 - 259 Study of activation mechanism for dual model pore structured carbon based on effects of molecular weight of petroleum pitch
Kim JH, Choi YJ, Im JS, Jo AY, Lee KB, Bai BC
260 - 267 Non-ionic polysorbate-based nanoparticles for efficient combination chemo/photothermal/photodynamic therapy
Ravichandran V, Cao TGN, Choi DG, Kang HC, Shim MS
268 - 277 Tetragonal zirconia based ternary ZnO-ZrO2-MOx solid solution catalysts for highly selective conversion of CO2 to methanol at High reaction temperature
Fang X, Xi Y, Jia H, Chen C, Wang Y, Song Y, Du T
278 - 284 Thermolytic dehydrogenation of cotton-structured SiO2-Ammonia borane nanocomposite
Shin SH, Jin JH, Jung JH
285 - 291 Optimal formation of uniform-phase supported lipid bilayers from phospholipid.monoglyceride bicellar mixtures
Sut TN, Park SH, Yoon BK, Jackman JA, Cho NJ
292 - 311 Preparation and optimization of antifouling PPSU/PES/SiO2 nanocomposite ultrafiltration membranes by VIPS-NIPS technique
Dehban A, Kargari A, Ashtiani FZ
312 - 318 Controlling physicochemical properties of graphene oxide for efficient cellular delivery
Heo JW, Tanum J, Park SY, Choi DE, Jeong HJ, Han UY, Hong JK
319 - 327 Flow synthesis of polycrystalline ZIF-8 membranes on polyvinylidene fluoride hollow fibers for recovery of hydrogen and propylene
Hamid MRA, Jeong HK
328 - 338 Simulated moving bed with a product column for improving the separation performance
Kim KM, Han KW, Kim SI, Bae YS
339 - 347 Precipitation of La and dissolution enhancement of Ni by a one pot oxidative leaching process from mixed batteries
Joo SH, Shin DJ, Lee DS, Kim MS, Shin SM
348 - 355 Development of highly efficient blue-emitting ZnSexTe1-x/ZnSe/ZnS quantum dots and their electroluminescence application
Park SW, Son CY, Kang SW, Baek SM, Kim YJ, Kwon OP, Park JW, Kim SW
356 - 365 Impingement of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) solution drops on wood: Wetting and splash
Hussain S, Lin SY
366 - 372 Effect of axial ligand on the performance of hemin based catalysts and their use for fuel cells
Ji JY, Chung YJ, Hyun KH, Chung KY, Kwon YC
373 - 381 Enzyme free cell detachment using pH-responsive poly(amino ester) for tissue regeneration
Lee TJ, Wu TP, Park JH, Song JH, Jeong GJ, Hyun JY, Lee JY, Lee SH, Lee DS, Bhang SH
382 - 395 Construction of a zinc-centered metal-organic film with high anti-corrosion potency through covalent-bonding between the natural flavonoid-based molecules (Quercetin)/divalent-zinc: Computer modeling (integrated-DFT&MC/MD)/electrochemical-surface assessments
Dehghani A, Bahlakeh G, Ramezanzadeh B, Mostafatabar AH