Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.87, July, 2020 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 17 Enhancing gas.liquid volumetric mass transfer coefficient
Ho DG, Kim KM, Earmme T, Kim CG
18 - 39 Service life and stability of electrodes applied in electrochemical advanced oxidation processes: A comprehensive review
Moradi M, Vasseghian Y, Khataee A, Kobya M, Arabzade H, Dragoi EN
40 - 45 Sorbent steam reactivation and methane-concentrated calcination for calcium-looping carbon capture: Compatibilities and limitations
Ebneyamini A, Kim JY, Li ZJ, Grace JR, Lim J, Ellis N
46 - 53 Measurement of the electrolyte flow velocity and bubbles characterization during electrochemical reactions in lead-acid batteries using the PIV system
Nahidi S, Gavzan IJ, Saedodin S, Salari M
54 - 59 Characterization of surface modification by laser cladding using low melting point metal
Kim CK, Choi SG, Kim JH, Jo HJ, Jo YC, Choi SP, Cho YT
60 - 67 Effect of culture condition on cell viability and gel contraction in a skin chip
Lee HR, Sung JH
68 - 77 Leakage and swell in emulsion liquid membrane systems: Comparing continuous stirred-tank reactor and batch experiments
Pfeiffer RM, Bunge AL
78 - 89 Converting crystalline thermosetting urea.formaldehyde resins to amorphous polymer using modified nanoclay
Wibowo ES, Lubis MAR, Park BD, Kim JS, Causin V
90 - 99 Non-symmetric 9,10-Di(2-naphthyl)anthracene derivatives as hosts and emitters for solution-processed blue fluorescent organic light emitting diodes
Ha HI, Cho JH, Lee JY, Yun BY, Lee JH, Suh MC
100 - 101 Corrigendum to “Fiber-polyquaterniums@Cu(I) as recyclable polymer-supported copper complex catalysts for alkyne coupling and cycloaddition reactions” [J. Ind. Eng. Chem. 69 (2019) 387.396]
Hu Q, Shi XL, Chen Y, Wang F, Duan P
102 - 109 Cu-impregnated metal.organic frameworks for separation and recovery of CO from blast furnace gas
Yoon TU, Kim MJ, Kim AR, Kang JH, Ji DS, Bae YS
110 - 119 The effect of changing the number of membranes in methane carbon dioxide reforming: A CFD study
Lee SG, Lim HW
120 - 129 An experimental study on retention characteristics under two-phase flow considering oil saturation in polymer flooding
Yoo HS, Kim HS, Sung WM, Lee JH
130 - 135 Polyacetylene polyelectrolyte via the non-catalyst polymerization of 2-ethynylpyridine using heptafluorobenzyl iodide
Kim TY, Jin SH, Park JW, Lim KT, Kim YS, Gal YS
136 - 144 Surface structure-dependent hydrophobicity/oleophilicity of pyrite and its influence on coal flotation
Qi X, Li X, LianG Y, Wang H, Guo W, Cong X, Lv F, Zhang H
145 - 151 Selective molecularly imprinted polymer for the analysis of chlorpyrifos in water samples
Urucu OA, Cigil AB, Birtance H, Yetimoglu EK, Kahraman MV
152 - 161 New metal-free nanolubricants based on carbon-dots with outstanding antiwear performance
Chimeno-Trinchet C, Pacheco ME, Fernandez-Gonzalez A, Diaz-Garcia ME, Badia-Laino R
162 - 172 Synthesis of heterogenized polyoxometalate-based ionic liquids with Bronsted-Lewis acid sites: A magnetically recyclable catalyst for biodiesel production from low-quality oils
Xie W, Wang H
173 - 179 Infilling of highly ion-conducting gel polymer electrolytes into electrodes with high mass loading for high-performance energy storage
Song ES, Shin JB, Lee SH, Kim SK
180 - 186 Poly(propylene glycol) stabilized gold nanoparticles: An efficient colorimetric assay for ceftriaxone
Raja DA, Musharral SG, Shah MR, Jabbar A, Bhanger MI, Malik MI
187 - 197 Fluorescence color-changeable branched-form heptamethine cyanine dye as a redox-responsive multi-functional drug delivery system for enhanced cancer diagnosis and chemophototherapy
Jeong CU, Kim JH, Kim YC
198 - 212 Electroactive P-Ani/core-shell/TiO2/TiO2-WO3 employed surface engineering of Ni-P electrodes for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction
Krishnan A, Bhibli SMA
213 - 221 High electroluminescence efficiency and long device lifetime of a fluorescent green-light emitter using aggregation-induced emission
Jung HC, Shin HY, Kim S, Kim JH, An BK, Lee JH, Ihee H, Park JW
222 - 233 Removal of beta blockers using polyelectrolyte monolayered membrane and its antifouling performance
Thomas JM, Aravindakumar CT, Aravind UK
234 - 241 Low-pressure oligomerization of 1-butene to liquid fuels on HZSM-5 zeolite catalysts: Effect of operating conditions
Diaz M, Epelde E, Aguayo AT, Bilbao J
242 - 249 Membraneless biofuel cells using new cathodic catalyst including hemin bonded with amine functionalized carbon nanotube and glucose oxidase sandwiched by poly(dimethyl-diallylammonium chloride)
Ji JY, Ro SI, Kwon YC
250 - 263 Novel metal.organic framework of UTSA-16 (Zn) synthesized by a microwave method: Outstanding performance for CO2 capture with improved stability to acid gases
Gaikwad S, Kim SJ, Han SI
264 - 264 Retraction notice to “Experimental design and kinetic study of ultrasonic assisted transesterification of waste cooking oil over sulfonated carbon catalyst derived from cyclodextrin”[Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 32 (2015) 128 - 136]
Maneechakr P, Samerjit J, Uppakarnrod S, Kamjanakom S