Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.83, March, 2020 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 13 Gold-graphene oxide nanohybrids: A review on their chemical catalysis
Amir MNI, Halilu A, Julkapli NM, Ma’amor A
14 - 19 Enhanced cycle stability of rechargeable Li-O2 batteries using immobilized redox mediator on air cathode
Baik JH, Lee SY, Kim KH, Bae SJ, Kim SW, Kwak SY, Hong DG, Nam IH, Yi JH, Lee JC
20 - 28 Polyethyleneimine-functionalized phenolphthalein-based cardo poly (ether ether ketone) membrane for CO2 separation
Yu YW, Wang JH, Wang Y, Pan W, Liu C, Liu P, Liang L, Xu C, Liu Y
29 - 34 Cytochrome C-decorated graphene field-effect transistor for highly sensitive hydrogen peroxide detection
Lee SH, Kim KH, Seo SE, Kim MI, Park SJ, Kwon OS
35 - 45 Impact of acid-base conditions on defluoridation by induced crystallization
Deng L, Wang Y, Zhou J, Huang T, Sun X
46 - 52 Development of silver/graphene oxide nanocomposites for antibacterial and antibiofilm applications
Jang JH, Choi YH, Tanaka M, Choi JH
53 - 63 Preparation of a fly ash-based geopolymer for removal of a cationic dye: Isothermal, kinetic and thermodynamic studies
Acisli O, Acar I, Khataee A
64 - 71 Reaction kinetics of mixture of nitromethane and detonator confined in carbon nanotube
Jeon WC, Lee JH, Kim JC, Kang SJ, Jung SH, Cho SG, Kwak SK
72 - 80 Solvent extraction, separation and recovery of thorium from Korean monazite leach liquors for nuclear industry applications
Chung KW, Yoon HS, Kim CJ, Lee JY, Jyothi RK
81 - 89 A surfactant-free microemulsion containing diethyl malonate, ethanol, and water: Microstructure, micropolarity and solubilizations
Song M, Liu W, Wang Q, Wang J, Chai J
90 - 99 Mutual intercropping-inspired co-silanization to graft well-oriented organosilane as adhesion promotion nanolayer for flexible conductors
Chen YH, Lai YH, Wu PH, Chen LS, Lin YS, Chen CM
100 - 110 Mesoporous copper zinc bimetallic imidazolate MOF as nanofiller to improve gas separation performance of PEBA-based membranes
Kardani R, Asghari M, Hamedani NF, Afsari M
111 - 122 Experimental and DFT study of selective adsorption mechanisms of Pb(II) by UiO-66-NH2 modified with 1,8-dihydroxyanthraquinone
Zhao J, Wang C, Wang S, Zhou Y
123 - 135 Adsorption and catalytic degradation of sulfamethazine by mesoporous carbon loaded nano zero valent iron
Zhang L, Shen S
136 - 144 Carbon electrodes with ionic functional groups for enhanced capacitive deionization performance
Haq OU, Choi DS, Choi JH, Lee YS
145 - 152 Photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B using CaCu3Ti4O12 embedded polyethersulfone hollow fiber membrane
Otitoju TA, Jiang D, Ouyang Y, Elamin MAM, Li S
153 - 163 Nanodiamond loaded with corrosion inhibitor as efficient nanocarrier to improve anticorrosion behavior of epoxy coating
Rahmani P, Shojaei A, Tavandashti NP
164 - 172 Removal of sulfide and recycling of recovered product from tannery lime wastewater using photoassisted-electrochemical oxidation process
Selvaraj H, Aravind P, George HS, Sundaram M
173 - 180 Green and direct functionalization of poly (ethylene glycol) grafted polymers onto single walled carbon nanotubes: Effective nanocarrier for doxorubicin delivery
Cao XT, Patil MP, Phan QT, Le CMQ, Ahn BH, Kim GD, Lim KT
181 - 188 Synthesis and cellular affinity of a water-soluble sulfated diselenide compound as a H2O2-responsive ionic cross-linker
Lee ES, Park HC, Lee DW, Park SJ, Kim YH, Kim CH
189 - 199 Comparison of activity and stability of supported Ni2P and Pt catalysts in the hydroprocessing of palm oil into normal paraffins
Jeong HR, Shin M, Jeong BH, Jang JH, Han GB, Suh YW
200 - 207 Synthesis and characterizations of BiOCl nanosheets with controlled particle growth for efficient organic dyes degradation
Ahmed KE, Kuo DH, Duresa LW
208 - 213 Sensitive and selective detection of 4-aminophenol in the presence of acetaminophen using gold.silver core.shell nanoparticles embedded in silica nanostructures
Pham XH, Hahm EI, Huynh KH, Kim HM, Son BS, Jeong DH, Jun BH
214 - 223 Multifunctional imaging of amyloid-beta peptides with a new gadolinium-based contrast agent in Alzheimer’s disease
Choi GR, Kim HK, Baek AR, Kim SY, Kim MJ, Kim MS, Cho AE, Lee GH, Jung HS, Yang JU, Lee TW, Chang YM
224 - 234 Microcapsules derived from Pickering emulsions as thermal latent curing accelerator for epoxy resins
Zhang B, Zhao Y, Sun X, Fei X, Wei W, Li X, Liu X
235 - 246 Preparation of polyaminated Fe3O4@chitosan core-shell magnetic nanoparticles for efficient adsorption of phosphate in aqueous solutions
Fu CC, Tran HN, Chen XH, Juang RS
247 - 251 Comparative study of thermal runaway and cell failure of lab-scale Li-ion batteries using accelerating rate calorimetry
Son KH, Hwang SM, Woo SG, Koo JK, Paik MS, Song EH, Kim YJ
252 - 259 Synergistic interaction of P and N co-doping EDTA with controllable active EDTA-cobalt sites as efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Kim KW, Wie JH, Kim JH
260 - 270 Effects of Zr doping to improve ionic conductivity and lithium-diffusion kinetics of β-LiVOPO4 cathode material
Park DJ, Rajagopal R, Ryu KS
271 - 278 A copper complex based catalytic conversion and isolation of carbonate from CO2 for the carbon sequestration process
Sivanesan D, Seo BK, Lim CS, Kim HG
279 - 284 Highly photo-stable CsPbI3 perovskite quantum dots via thiol ligand exchange and their polymer film application
Baek SM, Kim YJ, Kim SW
285 - 288 Rheological analysis of titanium dioxide nano-whisker based electrorheological fluids
Zhang K, Gao CY, Choi HJ, Yin JB, Zhao X
289 - 296 Selective CO adsorption using sulfur-doped Ni supported by petroleum-based activated carbon
Kwon SI, You YW, Lim HS, Lee JH, Chang TS, Kim YJ, Lee HJ, Kim BS
297 - 302 Chemical derivatization-based LC.MS/MS method for quantitation of gut microbial short-chain fatty acids
Song WS, Park HG, Kim SM, Jo SH, Kim BG, Theberge AB, Kim YG
303 - 314 Exploration of a novel Type II 1D-ZnO nanorods/BiVO4 heterojunction photocatalyst for water depollution
Chang JS, Phuan YW, Chong MN, Ocon JD
315 - 322 Zinc oxide nanoparticles promoting the formation of myogenic differentiation into myotubes in mouse myoblast C2C12 cells
Ramalingam V, Hwang IH
323 - 332 Biofabrication and application of decellularized bone extracellular matrix for effective bone regeneration
Lee MS, Lee DH, Jeon J, Tae GY, Shin YM, Yang HS
333 - 342 Surface modification of mild steel before acrylic resin coating by hybrid ZnO/GO nanostructures to improve the corrosion protection
Sharifalhoseini Z, Entezari MH, Davoodi A, Shahidi M
343 - 350 Bio-mimetically inspired 3D-printed honeycombed support (spacer) for the reduction of reverse solute flux and fouling of osmotic energy driven membranes
Yanar N, Son M, Park HS, Choi HC
351 - 358 Spray pyrolysis synthesis of bimetallic NiMo/Al2O3.TiO2 catalyst for hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol: Effects of bimetallic composition and reduction temperature
Phan DP, Vo TK, Le VN, Kim JS, Lee EY
359 - 365 Effect of ligand torsion number on the AutoDock mediated prediction of protein-ligand binding affinity
Sriramulu DK, Wu SW, Lee SG
366 - 374 Effect of silica supports on deoxygenation of methyl palmitate over mesoporous silica-supported Ni/Al catalysts
Lee SU, Kim ES, Kim TW, Kim JR, Jeong KE, Lee SJ, Kim CU
375 - 386 Activity, selectivity, and stability of vanadium catalysts in formaldehyde production from emissionsof volatile organic compounds
Laitinen T, Ojala S, Cousin R, Koivikko N, Poupin C, Assal ZE, Aho A, Keiski RL
387 - 400 In situ monitoring of pore structure of magnesium oxysulfate cement paste: Effect of MgSO4/H2O ratio
Tang SW, Wei C, Cai R, Huang J, Chen E, Yuan J
401 - 408 Improved antifouling and self-cleaning ability of PVDF ultrafiltration membrane grafted with polymer brushes for oily water treatment
Pourziad S, Omidkhah MR, Abdollahi M
409 - 420 Cationic surfactant modified cellulose nanocrystals for corrosion protective nanocomposite surface coatings
Ly M, Mekonnen TH
421 - 429 Treatment of monazite processed effluent to recover rare earth metals (REMs)
Kumari A, Singh S, Parmar K, Pathak DD, Jha MK
430 - 437 Functionalization of PET fabric via silicone based organic.inorganic hybrid coating
Kong Q, Li Z, Zhang Z, Ren X
438 - 448 Fibrous network of highly integrated carbon nanotubes/MoO3 composite bundles anchored with MoO3 nanoplates for superior lithium ion battery anodes
Oh SH, Park SM, Kang DW, Kang YC, Cho JS
449 - 458 Preparation of synthetic graphite from waste PET plastic
Ko SH, Kwon YJ, Lee JU, Jeon YP