Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.82, February, 2020 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 16 Review on oxidative desulfurization of fuel by supported heteropolyacid catalysts
Li J, Yanag Z, Li S, Jin Q, Zhao J
17 - 30 Recent advances in ionic liquids as alternative to surfactants/chemicals for application in upstream oil industry
Bera A, Agarwal J, Shah M, Shah S, Vij RK
31 - 41 A review on two-dimensional metal oxide and metal hydroxide nanosheets for modification of polymeric membranes
Safarpour M, Arefi-Oskoui S, Khataee A
42 - 49 Control of selectivity in the reduction of nitrate by shielding of Pd.Cu/C catalysts with AOT
Perez-Coronado AM, Calvo L, Baeza JA, Rodriguez JJ, Gilarranz MA
50 - 56 Fabrication and remote laser ignition of Al/CuO energetic nanocomposites incorporated with functional dyes for enhanced light absorption
Kim HS, Cha JK, Kim JH, Kim SH
57 - 62 Wireless simultaneous measurement system for liquid level and density using dynamic bubbler technique: Application to KNO3 molten salts
Kim JY, Bae SE, Park TH, Paek SW, Kim TJ, Lee SJ
63 - 70 Improvement of an Al2O3/CuO heterostructure photoelectrode by controlling the Al2O3 precursor concentration
Lee SH, Ryu HH, Lee WJ, Bae JS
71 - 80 Side-effect test of sorafenib using 3-D skin equivalent based on microfluidic skin-on-a-chip
Jeon HM, Kim KH, Choi KC, Sung GY
81 - 88 Tranilast-loaded tubular scaffold and surgical suture for suppression of stenosis after tracheal prosthesis transplantation
Choi JS, Huh BK, Lee SJ, Han MJ, Eom MR, Ahn HJ, Jin YJ, Park SA, Choy YB, Kwon SK
89 - 97 Injectable thermoresponsive hydrogel/nanofiber hybrid scaffolds inducing human adipose-derived stem cell chemotaxis
Choi JYJ, Park MH, Lee KW
98 - 104 Selective extraction of glutaric acid from biological production systems using η-butanol
Han YH, Park YL, Yang SY, Jung HR, Joo JC, Song BK, Lee SH, Park KM, Ahn JO, Yang YH
105 - 112 Removal of nitrates from water by electrocoagulation using a cell with horizontally oriented Al serpentine tube anode
Abdel-Aziz MH, El-Ashtoukhy ESZ, Zoromba MS, Bassyouni M, Sedahmed GH
113 - 121 Microfluidic continuous flow synthesis of 1,5-ditosyl-1,5-diazocane-3,7-dione using response surface methodology
Zou Y, Zhang T, WanG G, Zhou M, Xiong Y, Huang S, Li H, Liu X
122 - 129 Wearable strain sensor for human motion detection based on ligand-exchanged gold nanoparticles
Ly TN, Park SK
130 - 137 Studies on the extraction of polyphenolic compounds from pre-consumer organic solid waste
Selvakumar P, Sivashanmugam P
138 - 143 Functionalization of linen fabric using layer by layer treatment with chitosan and green tea extract
Saini S, Gupta A, Singh N, Sheikh J
144 - 152 A kirigami concept for transparent and stretchable nanofiber networks-based conductors and UV photodetectors
Kim JH, Park HJ, Jeong SH
153 - 163 Facile synthesis and characterization of nanocomposite Au0(NPs)/titanium dioxide: Photocatalytic degradation of Alizarin Yellow
Lalliansanga, Tiwari D, Tiwari A, Shukla A, Kim DJ, Yoon YY, Lee SM
164 - 172 Preparation, characterization, and performance evaluation of sepiolite-based nanocomposite membrane for desalination
Khodami S, Mehdipour-Ataei S, Babanzadeh S
173 - 179 Porous boron nitride/polyimide composite films with high thermal diffusivity and low dielectric properties via high internal phase Pickering emulsion method
Yang KS, Kang YY, Ahn HJ, Kim DG, Park NK, Choi SQ, Won JC, Kim YH
180 - 189 Sonochemical synthesis of flower-like ZnO assembled by hollow cones toward water vapor permeability and water resistance enhancement of waterborne film
Bao Y, Gao L, Feng C, Ma J, Zhang W, Liu C, Simion D
190 - 196 Emulsions stabilized by fine dust particles
Kim YW, Lim DH, Han HR, Lee SH, Choi KH, Park BJ
197 - 204 Engineering of alkyl-terminated silicon nanoparticles for the selective filtration of copper ions
Hwang JS, Woo HY, Lee TM, Hong JH, Kim NY, Choi YH, Kwon YJ, Jang JH, Yoon SM, Paik TJ, Choi JH
205 - 210 Effects of electromagnetic irradiation on low-molecular-weight fraction of fluidized catalytic cracking decant oil for synthesis of pitch precursor
Kim DW, Im KK, Kim HJ, Lee DH, Kim YA, Choi JS, Yang KS
211 - 219 Fabrication of multifunctional wax infused porous PVDF film with switchable temperature response surface and anti corrosion property
Pornea AM, Puguan JMC, Deonikar VG, Kim H
220 - 227 Influences of aggregation behavior of lignin on the microstructure and adsorptive properties of lignin-derived porous carbons by potassium compound activation
Zhang B, Yang D, Qiu X, Qian Y, Yan M, Li Q
228 - 233 Ultralow fouling of fibrinogen and human platelets on ulvan multilayer-coated solid surfaces
Lee A, Kang SM
234 - 242 Influence of PEG chain length on colloidal stability of mPEGylated polycation based coacersomes for therapeutic protein delivery
Jo HJ, Gajendiran M, Kim KB
243 - 253 Gallic acid-functionalized silver nanoparticles as colorimetric and spectrophotometric probe for detection of Al3+ in aqueous medium
Ghodake G, Shinde S, Kadam A, Saratale RG, Saratale GD, Syed A, Shair O, Alsaedi M, Kim DY
254 - 260 Studies on the effect of acetate ions on the optical properties of InP/ZnSeS core/shell quantum dots
Min CH, Joo J
261 - 268 Impact of copper(II) on activation product removal from reactor decommissioning effluents in South Korea
Amphlett JTM, Pepper SE, Riley AL, Harwood LM, Cowell J, Whittle KR, Lee TS, Ogden MD
269 - 277 Separation of lithium, cobalt and nickel from spent lithium-ion batteries using TBP and imidazolium-based ionic liquids
Zante G, Masmoudi A, Barillon R, Trebouet D, Boltoeva M
278 - 289 Effect of impurities on ultra-pure hydrogen production by pressure vacuum swing adsorption
Golmakani A, Nabavi SA, Manovic V
290 - 302 Corrosion resistance of epoxy coating on mild steel through polyamidoamine dendrimer-covalently functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets
Ramezanzadeh M, Ramezanzadeh B, Sari MG, Saeb MR
303 - 308 Oily collector pre-dispersion for enhanced surface adsorption during fine low-rank coal flotation
Xia Y, Xing Y, Gui X
309 - 316 3D hierarchical transition-metal sulfides deposited on MXene as binder-free electrode for high-performance supercapacitors
Li h, Chen X, Zalnezhad E, Hui KN, Hui KS, Ko MJ
317 - 323 Application of a novel approach to modelling the supercritical extraction kinetics of oil from two sets of chia seeds
Villanueva-Bermejo D, Fornari T, Calvo MV, Fontecha J, Coelho JAP, Filipe RM, Stateva RP
324 - 332 Characterizations of absorption, scattering, and transmission of typical nanoparticles and their suspensions
Wang X, Cao Y
333 - 340 Tunable stability of oil-containing foam systems with different concentrations of SDS and hydrophobic silica nanoparticles
Sun S, Wang Y, Yuan C, Wang H, Wang W, Luo J, Li C, Hu S
341 - 348 Highly-sensitive SERS-based immunoassay platform prepared on silver nanoparticle-decorated electrospun polymeric fibers
Yun BJ, Koh WG
349 - 358 Prevention of hydrate plugging by kinetic inhibitor in subsea flowline considering the system availability of offshore gas platform
Kim YM, Afonso IIQ, Jang HC, Lee JH
359 - 366 Gold nanodots-decorated nickel hydroxide nanoflowers for enhanced electrochemical oxygen evolution activity
Mai HD, Kim SC, Yoo HJ
367 - 373 Eco-friendly fabrication of porous carbon monoliths from water-soluble carboxymethyl cellulose for supercapacitor applications
Lee BM, Jeong CU, Hong SK, Yun JM, Choi JH
374 - 382 Ag-deposited Ti gas diffusion electrode in proton exchange membrane CO2 electrolyzer for CO production
Oh SH, Park YS, Park HJ, Kim HY, Jang JH, Choi IS, Kim SK
383 - 389 Preparation of activated carbon decorated with carbon dots and its electrochemical performance
Jang SJ, Kang YC, Roh KC
406 - 412 Effects of the annealing temperature on the properties of sulfur-graded Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin films grown by a modified two-step process
Ko BS, Kim DH, Hwang DK, Lee SJ, Kim JS
413 - 423 Numerical analysis of phase change materials/wood.plastic composite roof module system for improving thermal performance
Chang SJ, Wi SH, Cho HM, Jeong SG, Kim SM
424 - 432 Monitoring the photoinduced surface catalytic coupling reaction and environmental exhaust fumes with an Ag/PDA/CuO modified 3D glass microfiber platform
Lin PY, He G, Chen J, Dwivedi AK, Hsieh S
433 - 438 Fe-Ga alloy based magnetorheological fluid and its viscoelastic characteristics
Kwon SH, Na SM, Flatau AB, Choi HJ
439 - 447 Polymer particles with controllable and complex structures for high immobilization of noble-metal nanoparticles
Kim DI, Park JH, Seo HJ, Hong SG, Kim HJ, Ahn HJ, Kim JB, Moon GD, Hyun DC