Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.81, January, 2020 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 6 Treatment of ethanolamine and electricity generation using a scaled-up single-chamber microbial fuel cell
An BM, Seo SJ, Hidayat S, Park JY
7 - 23 Membrane technologies for Li+/Mg2+ separation from salt-lake brines and seawater: A comprehensive review
Zhang Y, Wang L, Sun W, Hu Y, Tang H
24 - 40 Feasibility of membrane processes for the recovery and purification of bio-based volatile fatty acids: A comprehensive review
Aktij SA, Zirehpour A, Mollahosseini A, Taherzadeh MJ, Tiraferri A, Rahimpour A
41 - 60 Biodiesel synthesis using natural solid catalyst derived from biomass waste - A review
Chua SY, Periasamy LAP, Goh CMH, Tan YH, Mubarak NM, Kansedo J, Khalid M, Walvekar R, Abdullah EC
61 - 66 High-performance nanohybrid anode based on FeS2 nanocubes and nitrogen-rich graphene oxide nanoribbons for sodium ion batteries
Choi JW, Yoon SU, Lee ME, Park SI, Myung Y, Jin HJ, Lee JB, Yun YS
67 - 70 Effect of the working and counter/quasi-reference electrode relative area ratio of silver sensor electrodes on voltammetric detection of Pb(II)
Lee YG, Jang A
71 - 80 Calcium-doped mesoporous silica nanoparticles as a lysosomolytic nanocarrier for amine-free loading and cytosolic delivery of siRNA
Choi ES, Lim DK, Kim SH
81 - 87 Repeated geometrical T-junction breakup microfluidic filter device by injection of premixed emulsion for microdroplet production
Kim CM, Choi HJ, Park EJ, Kim GM
88 - 92 Eco-friendly process for facile pore control in thermally stable cellulose acetate utilizing zinc(II) nitrate for water-treatment
Lee WG, Kang SW
93 - 98 Synthesis of renewable monomer 2, 5-bishydroxymethylfuran from highly concentrated 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in deep eutectic solvents
Wang T, Wei J, Liu H, Feng Y, Tang X, Zeng X, Sun Y, Lei T, Lin L
99 - 107 Superparamagnetic NiO-doped mesoporous silica flower-like microspheres with high nickel content
Pal N, Im SH, Cho EB, Kim HH, Park JN
108 - 114 Improvement of power generation of enzyme fuel cell by novel GO/Co/chitosan electrodeposition
Kim DS, Choi HS, Yang X, Yang JH, Lee JH, Yoo HY, Lee JY, Park CH, Kim SW
115 - 123 Electrospun hydrogen manganese oxide nanofibers as effective adsorbents for Li+ recovery from seawater
Han YS, Kim SM, Yu SY, Myung NV, Kim HJ
124 - 134 Effect of increasing hydrophilic.hydrophobic block length in quaternary ammonium-functionalized poly(ether sulfone) block copolymer for anion exchange membrane fuel cells
Sung SH, Mayadevi TS, Chae JE, Kim HJ, Kim TH
135 - 143 Synthesis of ordered mesoporous silica with various pore structures using high-purity silica extracted from rice husk
Chun JY, Gu YM, Hwang JK, Oh KK, Lee JH
144 - 152 SOHIO process legacy waste treatment: Uranium recovery using ion exchange
Foster RI, Amphlett JTM, Kim KW, Kerry T, Lee KY, Sharrad CA
153 - 160 Adsorbent minimisation in a two-stage batch adsorber for cadmium removal
Alyasi H, Mackey HR, Loganathan K, McKaya G
161 - 166 Aggregate removal of particulate matter by selective protein-rich fraction of Moringa oleifera extract
Cho YW, Yun JH, Kwon SH, Eom YJ, Kim WJ
167 - 177 Development and optimization of solvothermal liquefaction of marine macroalgae Saccharina japonica biomass for biopolyol and biopolyurethane production
Tran MH, Lee EY
178 - 184 Optimization of cRGDfK ligand concentration on polymeric nanoparticles to maximize cancer targeting
Hyun H, Yoo YB, Kim SY, Ko HS, Chun HJ, Yang DH
185 - 195 Surface-modified polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) membranes for pervaporation dehydration of epichlorohydrin (ECH), isopropanol (IPA), and water ternary feed mixtures
Chaudhari S, Kwon YS, Shon MY, Nam SE, Park YI
196 - 205 In situ green synthesis of Au/Ag nanostructures on a metal-organic framework surface for photocatalytic reduction of p-nitrophenol
Singh K, Kukkar D, Singh R, Kukkar P, Bajaj N, Singh J, Rawat M, Kumar A, Kim KH
206 - 218 Preparation of Pd/SAPO-34/PSS composite membranes for hydrogen separation: Effect of crystallization time on the zeolite growth on PSS support
Kiadehi AD, Taghizadeh M, Rami MD
219 - 227 Enrichmnent of patchoulol extracted from patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) oil by molecular distillation using response surface and artificial neural network models
Dantas TNC, Cabral TJO, Neto AAD, Moura MCPA
228 - 236 Synthesis of PANi nanoarrays anchored on 2D BiOCl nanoplates for photodegradation of Congo Red in visible light region
Namdarian A, Tabrizi AG, Arsalani N, Khataee A, Mohammadi A
237 - 268 Recent progress on bismuth oxyiodide (BiOI) photocatalyst for environmental remediation
Arumugam M, Choi MY
269 - 277 Effect of nitrogen doping on the catalytic activity of carbon nano-onions for the oxygen reduction reaction in microbial fuel cells
Han TH, Mohapatra D, Mahato N, Parida S, Shim JH, Nguyen ATN, Nguyen VQ, Cho MH, Shim JJ
278 - 286 Effect of nanoparticles in cathode materials for flexible Li-ion batteries
Heo KJ, Im JH, Kim SH, Lee CK, Chang DR, Kim JK, Lee JW, Lim JS
287 - 293 Temperature-dependent lithium diffusion in phographene: Insights from molecular dynamics simulation
Thomas S, Jana S, Jun BS, Lee CH, Lee SU
294 - 302 Exploration of Ni-X (O, S, Se) for high performance supercapacitor with long-term stability via solution phase synthesis
Thulasi-Varma CV, Balakrishnan B, Kim HJ
303 - 308 Supramolecular protection-mediated one-pot synthesis of cationic gold nanoparticles
Jana B, Kim SC, Choi HY, Jin SE, Kim KB,Kim MS, Lee HJ, Lee KH, Lee JM, Park MH, Jeong YD, Ryu JH, Kim CK
309 - 316 A symmetric benzoselenadiazole based D.A.D small molecule for solution processed bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells
Abdullah, Akhtar MS, Kim EB, Fijahi L, Shin HS, Ameen S
317 - 322 Energy storage and generation through desalination using flow-electrodes capacitive deionization
Lim HS, Ha YC, Jung HB, Jo PS, Yoon HN, Quyen D, Cho NC, Yoo CY, Cho YH
323 - 331 Synergistic catalysis of bifunctional polyacrylonitrile fiber for the synthesis of (E)-α,β-unsaturated esters from aldehydes by decarboxylative Doebner.Knoevenagel reaction
Li P, Mi L, Liu Y, Zhang W, Shi XL
332 - 339 Biofunctional properties of bacterial collagenolytic protease-extracted collagen hydrolysates obtained using catalysts-assisted subcritical water hydrolysis
Haq M, Ho TC, Ahmed R, Getachew AT, Cho YJ, Park JS, Chun BS
340 - 351 Pursuit of optimal synthetic conditions for obtaining colloidal zero-valent iron nanoparticles by scanning pulsed laser ablation in liquids
Lahoz R, Natividad E, Mayoral A, Rentenberger C, Diaz-Fernandez D, Felix EJ, Soriano L, Kautek W, Bomati-Miguel O
352 - 359 Paper-based colorimetric probe for highly sensitive detection of folic acid based on open-ring form amplification of rhodamine B derivative
Nghia NN, Huy BT, Lee YI
360 - 366 Interfacial tension between decane saturated with methane and water from 283.2 K to 298.2 K under pressures upto 10 MPa
Kodera M, Watanabe K, Lassiege M, Alavi S, Ohmura R
367 - 374 Compartment-restricted and rate-controlled dual drug delivery system using a biosilica-enveloped ferritin cage
Ki MR, Kim JK, Kim SH, Nguyen TKM, Kim KH, Pack SP
375 - 384 Pd nanoparticles on a dual acid-functionalized porous polymer for direct synthesis of H2O2: Contribution by enhanced H2 storage capacity
Puthiaraj P, Yu KS, Ahn WS, Chung YM
385 - 392 Fabrication of arrangement-controlled and vertically grown ZnO nanorods by metal nanotransfer printing
Cheon SH, Lee WW, Park WI, Jung JY, Choi JH, Choi DG, Jeon SH, Jeong JH, Lee JH
393 - 404 Removal of naphthalene from simulated wastewater through adsorption-photodegradation by ZnO/Ag/GO nanocomposite
Mukwevho N, Gusain R, Fosso-Kankeu E, Kumar N, Waanders F, Ray SS
405 - 414 Nanoporous composites of activated carbon-metal organic frameworks for organic dye adsorption: Synthesis, adsorption mechanism and kinetics studies
Hasanzadeh M, Simchi A, Far HS
415 - 426 Synthesis and application of novel hydroxylated thia-crown ethers as composite ionophores for selective recovery of Ag+ from aqueous sources
Fissaha HT, Nisola GM, Burnea FK, Lee JY, Koo SH, Lee SP, Hern K, Chung WJ
427 - 439 Effective charge separation in rGO/NiWO4@Au photocatalyst for efficient CO2 reduction under visible light
Shin JM, Heo JN, Do JY, Kim YI, Yoon SJ, Kim YS, Kang MS
440 - 450 Effect of vanadia loading on acidic and redox properties of VOx/TiO2 for the simultaneous abatement of PCDD/Fs and NOx
Gallastegi-Villa M, Aranzabal A, Gonzalez-Marcos MP, Markaide-Aiastui BA, Gonzalez-Marcos JA, Gonzalez-Velasco JR
451 - 463 Different 2D materials based polyetherimide mixed matrix membranes for CO2/N2 separation
Kamble AR, Patel CM, Murthy ZVP
464 - 474 Synthesis of sulfonated polyketone membranes by a direct sulfonation reaction and their properties
Hwang SY, An JB, Park BC, Kim TK, Hwang TS
475 - 487 Assessment of green approaches for the synthesis of physically crosslinked lignin hydrogels
Morales A, Labidi J, Gullon P
488 - 495 Improved electrical performance and transparency of bottom-gate, bottom-contact single-walled carbon nanotube transistors using graphene source/drain electrodes
Shin HW, Oh JW, Kim YJ, Song JG, Lee CH, Shin KY