Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.80, December, 2019 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 10 Water as DES-cosolvent on the morphology tuning and photochromic enhancement of tungsten oxide-molybdenum oxide nanocomposite
Oderinde O, Hussain I, Kang M, Wu Y, Mulenga K, Adebayo I, Yao F, Fu G
11 - 16 Preparation of NH4 +-loaded merlinoite for extracting potassium continuously at room temperature
Tong C, Hou J, Yang C
17 - 22 Application of iron-modified biochar for arsenite removal and toxicity reduction
Kim JW, Song JY, Lee SM, Jung JH
23 - 32 Photocatalytic removal of chromium(VI) and sulfite using transition metal (Cu, Fe, Zn) doped TiO2 driven by visible light: Feasibility, mechanism and kinetics
Zhang J, Fu D, Wang S, Hao R, Xie Y
33 - 42 Ni(2,2′-bipy)3]Cl2 activated sepiolite clay with high photocatalytic and oil?water separation abilities
Chen S, Li W, Li F, Li T, Cao W
43 - 52 Microwave-assisted combustion design of magnetic Mg?Fe spinel for MgO-based nanocatalyst used in biodiesel production: Influence of heating-approach and fuel ratio
Amani T, Haghighi M, Rahmanivahid B
53 - 64 Carbon-coated Mg-Al layered double oxide nanosheets with enhanced removal of hexavalent chromium
Zheng X, Kang F, Liu X, Peng H, Zhang JY
65 - 73 Generation of carbon nano-onions by laser irradiation of gaseous hydrocarbons for high durability catalyst support in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Yeon JH, Park SJ, Choi ID, Choi MS
74 - 82 Microwave heating assisted synthesis of novel SnSe/g-C3N4 composites for effective photocatalytic H2 production
Chen P, Dai X, Xing P, Zhao X, Zhang Q, Ge S, Si J, Zhao L, He Y
83 - 92 A comparative study of adsorption and removal of organophosphorus insecticides from aqueous solution by Zr-based MOFs
Jamali A, Shemirani F, Morsali A
93 - 97 Synthesis and electrochromic properties of a carbazole and diketopyrrolopyrrole-based small molecule semiconductor
Lim BG, Han SY, Jung SH, Jung YJ, Park JM, Lee WJ, Shim HS, Nah YC
98 - 105 Urea/nitric acid co-impregnated pitch-based activated carbon fiber for the effective removal of formaldehyde
Ryu DY, Shimohara T, Nakabayashi K, Miyawaki J, Park JI, Yoon SH
106 - 111 Transparent 3 nm-thick MoS2 counter electrodes for bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells
Jeong TH, Ham SY, Koo BK, Lee P, Min YS, Kim JY, Ko MJ
112 - 121 Synthesis of poly[2-(3-butenyl)-2-oxazoline] with abundant carboxylic acid functional groups as a fiber-based sol-gel reaction supporter for catalytic applications
Ying WB, Bae KH, Ko NY, Kim SH, Ryu SG, Zhu J, Zhang R, Lee BJ, Lee KJ
122 - 129 Optimization of Cd2+ partial electrolyte treatment on the absorber layer for high-efficiency Cu2ZnSnSe4 solar cells
Kim OS, Kwon JB, Kim SW, Xu B, Bae JH, Son DH, Kim YI, Kim SY, Kim DH, Kang JK, Kang SW
130 - 135 Facile synthesis of macroporus SnS microspheres as a potential anode material for enhanced sodium ion batteries
Choi SH, Jang YJ, Choi YJ, Ko YN
136 - 151 Theoretical prediction of thermal and electronic properties of metal-organic frameworks
Kaur H, Sundriyal S, Kumar V, Sharma AL, Kim KH, Wang B, Deep A
152 - 159 Correlation verification of process factors and harmful gas adsorption properties for optimization of physical activation parameters of PAN-based carbon fibers
Choi YJ, Kim JH, Lee KB, Lee YS, Im JS
160 - 170 Complementary effects between NO oxidation of DPF and NO2 decomposition of SCR in light-duty diesel engine
Ko AH, Woo YM, Jang JY, Jung YJ, Pyo YD, Jo H, Lim OT, Lee YJ
171 - 181 Doped porous carbon nanostructure materials as non-precious metal catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline and acid media
Kwon SH, Han SB, Kwak DH, Song JH, Park KW
182 - 189 Rare earth metal functionalized electrospun nanofiber catalyst for effective photo-decontamination of profenofos toxin
Lakshmi K, Kadirvelu K, Mohan PS
190 - 196 Well-dispersed carbon nanotube/polymer composite films and application to electromagnetic interference shielding
Mo JH, Kim KC, Jang KS
197 - 204 Effect of medium viscosity on rheological characteristics of magnetite-based magnetorheological fluids
Esmaeilnezhad E, Hajiabadi SH, Choi HJ
205 - 216 Keggin-type polyoxometalates supported on PANI-coated CuS: Synthesis, characterization and application as the efficient adsorbents for selective dye removal
Siadatnasab F, Karami K, Khataee A
217 - 226 Effect of oxygen addition, reaction temperature and thermal treatments on syngas production from biogas combined reforming using Rh/alumina catalysts
Navarro-Puyuelo A, Reyero I, Moral A, Bimbela F, Banares MA, Gandia LM
227 - 238 Graphene oxide-silver nanosheet-incorporated polyamide thin-film composite membranes for antifouling and antibacterial action against Escherichia coli and bovine serum albumin
Ali FAA, Alam J, Shukla AK, Alhoshan M, Khaled JM, Al-Masry WAA, Alharbi NS, Alam M
239 - 246 Highly photostable rylene-encapsulated polymeric nanoparticles for fluorescent labeling in biological system
Kang MY, Kim HS, Lee TH, Huh YH, KimYS, Park SJ, Jin JO, Lee PCW, Kwak MS
247 - 257 Biogenic synthesis of silver nanoparticles and its photocatalytic applications for removal of organic pollutants in water
Singh J, Kumar V, Jolly SS, Kim KH, Rawat M, Kukkar D, Tsang YF
258 - 264 Biopolymer phytagel-derived porous nanocarbon as efficient electrode material for high-performance symmetric solid-state supercapacitors
Karuppasamy K, Prasanna K, Ilango PR, Vikraman D, Bose R, Alfantazi A, Kim HS
265 - 272 High-performance CH3NH3PbI3 inverted planar perovskite solar cells via ammonium halide additives
Jahandar M, Khan N, Jahankhan M, Song CE, Lee HK, Lee SK, Shin WS, Lee JC, Im SH, Moon SJ
273 - 282 Valorization of rice bran: Modified supercritical CO2 extraction of bioactive compounds
Benito-Roman O, Varona S, Sanz MT, Beltran S
283 - 291 Study for an effect of LiNO3 on polysulfide multistep reaction in Li/S battery
Shim JS, Ko TJ, Yoo KS
292 - 300 High photocatalytic activity of light-driven Fe2TiO5 nanoheterostructure toward degradation of antibiotic metronidazole
Karimi B, Habibi MH
301 - 310 Design of highly capacitive and durable supercapacitors using activated carbons with different pore structures: Petroleum coke and oil palm
Park HB, Chung JW, Lim BI, Jung CS
311 - 317 Plasmonic and charging effects in dye-sensitized solar cells with Au nanoparticles incorporated into the channels of freestanding TiO2 nanotube arrays by an electrodeposition method
Yang HY, Lee SH, Kim HM, Pham XH, Hahm EI, Kang EJ, Kim TH, Ha YN, Jung BH, Rho WY
318 - 324 Biosorption of Tm(III) by free and polysulfone-immobilized Turbinaria conoides biomass
Rangabhashiyam S, Vijayaraghavan K
325 - 334 Tuning the band energetics of size dependent titania nanostructures for improved photo-reductive efficiency of aromatic aldehydes
Aulakh MK, Pal B
335 - 344 Fiber aspect ratio effect on mechanical and thermal properties of carbon fiber/ABS composites via extrusion and long fiber thermoplastic processes
Hwang DK, Cho DH
345 - 351 Cost-effective and eco-friendly synthesis of MIL-101(Cr) from waste hexavalent chromium and its application for carbon monoxide separation
Vo TK, Kim JH, Kwon HT, Kim JS
352 - 360 Highly efficient and selective extraction of minor bioactive natural products using pure ionic liquids: Application to prenylated flavonoids in licorice
Ji S, Wang Y, Gao S, Shao X, Cui W, Du Y, Guo M, Tang D
361 - 369 Adsorption and recycling of Cd(II) from wastewater using straw cellulose hydrogel beads
Wang F, Li J, Su Y, Li Q, Gao B, Yue Q, Zhou W
370 - 375 Designing an effective mitigation system based on the physical barrier for hazardous chemical leakage accidents
Yoo BT, Lee YS
376 - 384 Synthesis, characterization, and visible light induced photoactivity of tourmaline-N-TiO2 composite for photooxidation of ethylene
Tzeng JH, Weng CH, Lim YH, Huang SM, Yen LT, Anotai J, Lin YT
385 - 391 Highly aligned and porous reduced graphene oxide structures and their application for stretchable conductors
Kim TA, Pyo JB, Lee SS, Park M
392 - 400 Hydrodeoxygenation of raw bio-oil towards platform chemicals over FeMoP/zeolite catalysts
Hita I, Cordero-Lanzac T, Bonura G, Cannilla C, Arandes JM, Frusteri F, Bilbao J
401 - 410 Microcellular SiC foams containing in situ grown nanowires for electromagnetic interference shielding
Wilson P, Vijayan S, Prabhakaran K
411 - 424 Preparation and properties of polymeric surfactants: A potential corrosion inhibitor of carbon steel in acidic medium
Lyu B, Liu H, Li P, Gao D, Ma J
425 - 430 Catalytic properties of barium modified Ru/MgZrO2 for the isomerization linoleic acid to conjugated linoleic acid
Chen J, Wang L, Wang P, Cai J
431 - 443 Tri-stimuli responsive carbon nanotubes covered by mesoporous silica graft copolymer multifunctional materials for intracellular drug delivery
Zhang RQ, Liu ZQ, Luo YL, Xu F, Chen YS
444 - 449 Adsorption properties of arsenic on sulfated TiO2 adsorbents
Lee SH, Jang YH, Nguyen DD, Chang SW, Kim SC, Lee SM, Kim SS