Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.79, November, 2019 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 18 Progress in the development of sour corrosion inhibitors: Past, present, and future perspectives
Obot IB, Solomon MM, Umoren SA, Suleiman R, Elanany M, Alanazi NM, Sorour AA
19 - 28 A succinct review of refined chemical sensor systems based on conducting polymer.cyclodextrin hybrids
Bae JW, Shin KS, Kwon OS, Hwang YJ, An JE, Jang AY, Kim HJ, Lee CS
29 - 40 Progress in polymeric nanocomposite membranes for wastewater treatment: Preparation, properties and applications
Nasir A, Masood F, Yasin T, Hameed A
41 - 51 Proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in PCL/silanated silica composite scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration
Jeon HJ, Yun SH, Choi EJ, Kang DG, Park KH, Kim DY, Jin SW, Shim JH, Yun WS, Park JB
52 - 61 Manufacturing design to improve the attainment of functional ingredients from Aloysia citriodora leaves by advanced microwave technology
Leyva-Jimenez FJ, Lozano-Sanchez J, Borras-Linares I, Arraez-Roman D, Segura-Carretero A
62 - 70 High-temperature oxidation of europium (II) sulfide
Denisenko YG, Molokeev MS, Krylov AS, Aleksandrovsky AS, Oreshonkov AS, Atuchin VV, Azarapin NO, Plyusnin PE, Sal’nikova EI, Andreev OV
71 - 78 ZnS nanoparticles as new additive for polyethersulfone membrane in humic acid filtration
Guo J, Khan S, Cho SH, Kim JH
79 - 86 Separation of Dicyclopentaidene in a C5 stream using a tetraethoxydimethyl disiloxane-derived silica composite membrane
Kim HG, Lee HR, Lim CS, Seo BK
87 - 96 Influence of synthesis method and melamine content of urea-melamine-formaldehyde resins to their features in cohesion, interphase, and adhesion performance
Jeong BR, Park BD, Causin V
97 - 105 Promotional role of Ceria in CeO2/MgAl2O4 spinel catalysts in CO2 assisted selective oxidative dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene
Prathap C, Kumar VVR, Rao MV, Nagaiah P, Rao SRK, Raju BD
106 - 114 Microalgae-derived hollow carbon-MoS2 composite as anode for hollow carbon-MoS2 composite as anode for
Seo JC, Umirov N, Park SB, Lee KB, Kim SS
115 - 123 α-MnO2 nanorod/boron nitride nanoplatelet composites for high-performance nanoscale dielectric pseudocapacitor applications
Barai HR, Rahman MM, Rahim A, Joo SW
124 - 130 Effect of a polymer binder on the extraction and crystallization-based recovery of HMX from polymer-bonded explosives
Kim DW, Kim HJ, Huh EN, Park SW, Lee CH, Ahn IS, Koo KK, Lee KD
131 - 145 Thermodynamic and kinetic effect of biodegradable polymers on carbondioxide hydrates
Yaqub S, lal B, Keong LK
146 - 153 Purification of 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene containing in light cycle oil by distillation-solvent extraction-solute crystallization combination
Kim SJ
154 - 162 Effective leaching and extraction of valuable metals from electrode material of spent lithium-ion batteries using mixed organic acids leachant
Fu Y, He Y, Chen HC, Ye C, Lu Q, Li R, Xie W, Wang J
163 - 171 3D-printed PCL/bioglass (BGS-7) composite scaffolds with high toughness and cell-responses for bone tissue regeneration
Kim YB, Lim JY, Yang GH, Seo JH, Ryu HS, Kim GH
172 - 180 Study on the removal of chromium(III) from leather waste by a two-step method
Wang L, Li J, Jin Y, Chen M, Luo J, Zhu X, Zhang Y
181 - 193 Hydrocarbon contaminated soil remediation: A comparison between Fenton, sono-Fenton, photo-Fenton and sono-photo-Fenton processes
Gharaee A, Khosravi-Nikou MR, Anvaripour B
194 - 203 Investigating the solubility of petroleum asphaltene in ionic liquids and their interaction using COSMO-RS
Rashid Z, Wilfred CD, Iyyaswami R, Appusamy A, Thanabalan M
204 - 209 Microporous waste charcoals for redox-mediated supercapacitors
Hyun JC, Kwak JH, Yun YS
210 - 216 Preparation of porous PtAuCu@Pt core-shell catalyst for application to oxygen reduction
Sohn YS, Jung NG, Lee MJ, Lee SH, Nahm KS, Kim P, Yoo SJ
217 - 225 Facile synthesis of hierarchically structured flower-like Fe3O4 microspheres for high-performance magnetorheological fluids
Wang G, Zhao D, Li N, Zeng Y, Han S, Ma Y, Dong X, Yu R
226 - 235 Total-recycling partial-discard strategy for improved performance of simulated moving-bed chromatography
Han HS, Kim KM, Han KW, Kim SI, Bae YS
236 - 244 Influence of fiber architecture and growth factor formulation on osteoblastic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells in coacervate-coated electrospun fibrous scaffolds
Kim SJ, Lee JK, Hwang MP, Wang YD, Kim KB
245 - 254 A novel morphology of 3D graphene hydrogel nanotubes for high-performance nonenzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor
Yassin MA, Shrestha BK, Lee J, Kim JY, Park CH, Kim CS
255 - 260 Facile fabrication of nanostructured NiMo cathode for high-performance proton exchange membrane water electrolyzer
Kim JH, Kim JY, Kim HK, Kim JY, Ahn SH
261 - 273 Polymeric and lipid-based drug delivery systems for treatment of glioblastoma multiforme
Duwa R, Emami F, Lee SY, Jeong JH, Yook SM
274 - 278 New optimized triazene radical initiators for thermal polymerization
Kang SW, Jeong JW, Kim BJ, Park YI, Noh SM, Park JW
279 - 287 Novel continuous ultrasonic contactor system for CO2 absorption: Parametric and optimization study
Yusof SMM, Lau KK, Shariff AM, Tay WH, Mustafa NFA, Lock SSM
288 - 294 In vitro antiproliferative study of curcumin loaded nano zeolitic imidazolate framework hybrid biomaterials on HeLa cells
Pillai NG, Archana K, Rhee KY, Park SJ, Asif A
295 - 306 Shear resistance performance of low elastic polymer microspheres used for conformance control treatment
Yang HB, Shao S,Zhu T, Chen C, Liu S, Zhou B, Hou X, Zhang Y, Kang W
307 - 313 Application of carbon nanotube coated aluminosilicate beads as “support on support” catalyst for hydrogenation of nitrobenzene
Vanyorek L, Prekob A, Sikora E, Reizer E, Muranszky G, Kristaly F, Viskolcz B, Fiser B
314 - 325 Bimetallic Cu(core)@Zn(shell) co-catalyst impregnated TiO2 nanosheets (001 faceted) for the selective hydrogenation of quinoline under visible light irradiation
Bathla A, Pal B
326 - 337 Hybrid hydrogels containing one-step biosynthesized silver nanoparticles: Preparation, characterization and catalytic application
Quadrado RFN, Gohlke G, Oliboni RS, Smaniotto A, Fajardo AR
338 - 344 Nafion-stabilized two-dimensional transition metal carbide (Ti3C2Tx MXene) as a high-performance electrochemical sensor for neurotransmitter
Shahzad F, Iqbal A, Zaidi SA, Hwang SW, Koo CM
345 - 352 Removal of selected endocrine-disrupting compounds using Al-based metal organic framework: Performance and mechanism of competitive adsorption
Jun BM, Hwang HS, Heo JY, Han JH, Jang M, Sohn JS, Park CM, Yoon YM
353 - 363 Utilizing imidazole based ionic liquid as an environmentally friendly process for enhancement of the epoxy coating/graphene oxide composite corrosion resistance
Dermani AK, Kowsari E, Ramezanzadeh B, Amini R
364 - 369 Hydrogen generation using Pt/Ni bimetallic nanoparticles supported on Fe3O4@SiO2@TiO2 multi-shell microspheres
Ro GM, Hwang DK, Kim YH
370 - 382 Bifunctional NiCo2Se4 and CoNi2Se4 nanostructures: Efficient electrodes for battery-type supercapacitors and electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction
Rajesh JA, Lee YH, Yun YH, Quy VHV, Kang SH, Kim HS, Ahn KS10.1016/j.jiec.2019.07.013
383 - 408 Graphitic carbon nitride based Z scheme photocatalysts: Design considerations, synthesis, characterization and applications
Ghosh U, Pal A
409 - 417 Lead ruthenate nanocrystals on reduced graphene oxides as an efficient bifunctional catalyst for metal.air batteries
Na SB, Lee BE, Yoon WY, Yim TE, Oh SH
418 - 424 Copper(II) oxide powder manufacture for via-filling plating from H2O2 type etching wastes
Lee SB, Jung RY, Kim SH
425 - 430 Effect of charge on in vivo adhesion stability of catechol-conjugated polysaccharides
Hong SH, Ryu JH, Lee HS
431 - 436 Carbon-caged palladium catalysts supported on carbon nanofibers for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Bae HE, Park YD, Kim TH, Lim TH, Kwon OJ
437 - 442 Thermal performance enhancement of a phase change material with expanded graphite via ultrasonication
Jeon JS, Park JH, Wi SH, Kim KH, Kim SM
443 - 451 Cobalt-isomorphous substituted SAPO-34 via milling and recrystallization for enhanced catalytic lifetime toward methanol-to-olefin reaction
Lee SU, Lee YJ, Kim JR, Jeong KE, Jeong SY
452 - 464 Hierarchical faujasite zeolite-supported heteropoly acid catalyst for acetalization of crude-glycerol to fuel additives
Talebian-Kiakalaieh A, Tarighi S
465 - 472 The textural and chemical changes in ACFs with E-beam and their influence on the detection of nerve agent simulant gases
Kim MJ, Song EJ, Kim KH, Choi SS, Lee YS
473 - 481 Facile synthesis of Br-doped g-C3N4 nanosheets via one-step exfoliation using ammonium bromide for photodegradation of oxytetracycline antibiotics
Hong JH, Hwang DK, Selvaraj R, Kim YH